Best Portuguese Textbooks. Portuguese Texts for Beginners. What do you suggest to learn verbs in Portuguese? It has dialogues and texts from the textbook. The workbook accompanies Book 2. Is there any order in studying these books? This way, you can decide what is best for your learning. Univ. Make […] but when it comes to an article for example, is it very obvious which portugese it is? Oi, estou aprendendo ao falar portuguese brasileiro e eu gostaria ao encontrar um livro ao ajudar me, aguela tem um interessante mas facil estoria ao ler……eu encontrar os portuguese livros sobre verbs um pouco chato, desculpe! In each grammar topic and exercise, the book explains the difference between the two versions of Portuguese. If you are a beginner or low intermediate, you might consider reading in Portuguese a book that you have read in English. A Portuguese learning program is currently in development, so stay tuned for an immersive, authentic way to learn Portuguese coming soon! That is the trick. Ela fala e compreende bem o Português. But it’s a very dense book and probably not appropriate for a 13-year-old. More Buying Choices $3.90 (86 used & new offers) Portuguese For Dummies. If possible, get the book that says on the cover: “Com a nova ortografia”, which means it has been reviewed according to the new Portuguese spelling rules from 2009. Márcia Matos; Sara Neto-Kalife. Luciana Lage founded Street Smart Brazil drawing on her passion for Brazilian Portuguese language and culture. This book teaches the basics of Brazilian Portuguese and contains multiple exercises for each chapter. POIS NÃO teaches the “tu” conjugation throughout the text. Alguma sugestão? thanks in advance. I highly recommend it. Podcasts for learning Brazilian Portuguese. Os livros só sobre verbos são chatos, sim. Muito obrigada for your comment. You can also go on multiple Spanish-Portuguese lists for the learner and a huge Appendix with extensive grammar information and an index. I recommend the first two workbooks no matter where you come from. with this new edition. course, and have been assigned an ACCESS CODE by the professor! The answer was NO. Come up for air and supplement your learning with one of these learner-friendly Portuguese books. Oi! They’ll give you some useful phrases that you can use at the supermarket, when asking for directions, etc. The CDs will be a wonderful tool to develop your listening comprehension skills. Isso depende do estilo de aprender de cada um. Os livros que ensinam português para estrangeiros são esses que estão neste artigo. Get specific with your goals. Unfortunately I don’t have recommendations for kids books. Voce teria um email de contato? I have not worked with the new edition, so I do not know if my review will apply to the new edition. Follow Us. The book is all in Portuguese. Call us at 800-609-6211. For even more practice, there is the Caderno de Exercícios. The book has three versions of its excellent workbook: 1) for native speakers of English (green cover); 2) for Latin-American students (blue cover); 3) for Asian students (sorry about the generic term here, but that is how they have it in the book). POIS NÃO: Brazilian Portuguese Course for Spanish Speakers. You need to consider what book may be a better fit for you. If you are a Spanish speaker, you can use Bem-Vindo. The book has a good website with additional exercises and all the audio tracks. don’t even use formal textbooks. Lists are re-scored approximately every 5 minutes. The book has accompanying CDs that you need to purchase separately. The language in the texts is not exactly direct and objective. Procuro um livro que tenha explicações principalmente gramaticais em inglês. It is a fast-paced book. O link para o livro está no artigo. This book also has a Top 10 Best Books To Learn Portuguese Language PDF Portuguese language is an official language in Portugal and it is also co-official language in East Timor, Equatorial Guinea and Macau in China. However, I do not see the supplemental Good book for any level, but very dense. I’d say anything that you like. Speaking of books, there is a NEW, Third Edition of the textbook: FALAR, LER, ESCREVER. Fun, effective, and 100% free. I like Bem-Vindo. Which of these books are the best for people which beginers with brazilian portugese. Do you have any recommendation on books? Crônicas Brasileiras brings 35 chronicles by Brazilian writers. Mas é um livro grande, caro e denso. There is another book by the same author for Spanish speakers: Pois Não. by. Portuguese Pod 101 – A paid resource with some free podcasts available. 0.00 avg rating — 0 ratings. When I want to tackle all the little parts of the European Portuguese grammar and I want to give different exercises and explanations to my students, I use “Gramática Aplicada – Níveis A1, A2 e B1” e “Gramática Aplicada – Níveis B2 e C1“. Obrigado. The same book is used in China, Russia, Spain, Portugal and Brazil etc. Required fields are marked *. In this book you can find the explanation for all the verb tenses in the indicative mode, the direct and indirect discourses, the passive voice, determinants and s… Some great Brazilian writers are represented here, such as Fernando Sabino (one of my favorites), Rubem Braga, Paulo Mendes Campo, Rachel de Queiroz e Paulo Rónai. ISBN 13–978-8521632382 You must have a goodreads account to vote. If the book has a CD for audio, the better. Infelizmente eu não tenho experiência com ensino de crianças. That is so wonderful that your niece is growing up bilingual. Espero que esteja bem. Não são livros para ensinar português, mas você pode aprender muito lendo em português. So I would learn from both forms of the language and then at some point decide which accent you want to focus on. Truth be told, most of the online sources for studying Portuguese as a foreign language (see answer to Where can I learn on-line Portuguese language?) I also like Viajando Através do Alfabeto, but it has no audio. The Everything Learning Brazilian Portuguese Book: Speak, Write, and Understand Basic Portuguese in No Time. Especially if you enjoy a good read, it is worth using these books. It is a good book, yes. It has interesting texts and good exercises. I cannot emphasize enough how important the audio exercises are for your learning. The dialogues and accompanying CDs are the main strength of this book. Falar Ler Escrever Português has lots of practice exercises. In my opinion, no book is perfect and the best learning happens when you learn from different sources. It also does not explain grammar. You need repetition to learn a language. Date of publication: February 15, 2017. Just a question, I notice you reccomend the Bem-Vindo book for spanish speakers, but I was wondering if you have nay thoughts on the "Com Licenca" book, as it is actually geared toward spanish speakers. To speak with ease and confidence, you need to speak with other people. Tarcisio Buriti.. Buriti, Inc., 2007 ISBN -10 0979613302 164 William Street But you are right, we do not have many options for intermediate and advanced learners. The best one for you will depend on your goals and learning style, and these may change along your language journey. It is good for those who want repetition. As I have the used the book to teach Brazilian Portuguese,  my feeling is that is focuses primarily on Portuguese from Brazil. Oi, Aline. It was created with college students in mind, which means that most of the practice exercises, dialogues, and texts target that young population. Pode escrever para info(at) Ela prepara o material dela para as aulas. Do you have any recommendations? There are grammar and vocabulary differences between Portuguese spoken in Portugal and Portuguese spoken in Brazil, although these are note enough to stop you from learning the language. Você pode fazer uma aula experimental com a Street Smart Brazil para ver como podemos ajudar você a aprender português. When they say “Livro do Aluno”, it is the textbook. Whether you’re just starting out, or if you’re looking for more challenging material, we have a recommendation appropriate for you. Start with an easy and free online course! A third option is to try Pimsleur instead of getting a book. Se você tiver uma amostra em PDF, por favor, envie por email. Learn how your comment data is processed. Grupo Editorial Nacional, 2017. Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 8. It brings 26 chronicles by Brazilian writer Moacyr Scliar. These are our top picks for learning Portuguese. But you need to get the workbook in addition to the textbook to have enough exercises. This book comes with a CD in the back; there are Hi. Have you redditors found any good books for learning Portuguese? including new exercises and new reading material. But notice, for example, that I mention that Bem-Vindo is all in Portuguese, does not offer grammar explanations, and progresses fast through grammar. The hardback books have beautiful color photography, useful charts Book 1 concentrates on Portugal, and Book 2 focuses upon the Azores and Madeira, Angola, Cabo Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Moçambique, São Tomé & Príncipe. Ponto de Encontro is the only book that has explanations and they are in English up to about the middle of the book. Por acaso vi essa postagem aqui no seu site. they have that precious ACCESS CODE given them by a professor. Meu nome eh Tarcisio Buriti, autor do livro “Aquarela Portuguese for Foreigners”. DISCLAIMER: The review below is for an older edition. Would it hurt to use pourtgal portugese material like Cidades do Mar. Most of the chapters use Brazilian Portuguese; a few chapters bring Portuguese from Portugal. I cannot emphasize this enough: we only learn to speak a language by speaking it. ISBN- 10 1589016386 It is a very practical approach which assumes the learner is Spanish speaker; it scaffolds off the Spanish language and compares and contrasts the similarities and essential differences of Spanish and Portuguese. I use articles from news websites and magazines, videos from YouTube, audio from online radios, and create conversation, grammar, and vocabulary practice with that content. Parabens, muito pratico e informativo. Congratulations on your website! You can find the new one here. This is why I create the Street Smart Brazil materials. In my opinion it is useful to use various sources of information, as they have different strengths and may offer complementary perspectives. Lessons with a trained instructor make all the difference because the teacher can give you timely feedback to improve your Portuguese. It is an ideal textbook for for complete beginners and English speakers. This textbook in published and distributed in the United States through my website and Amazon. 29 $19.95 $19.95. ISBN 10–852163238X In my experience, books, audio, videos, and software can only do so much for you. This is a good book for exercises that use repetition. These are great to listen to while you’re in line at the supermarket in Brazil, or while commuting to your job in the US. This book was published in 2008, so it has up to date language. Hi. There’s only so much that software and books can do for you. The best European Portuguese learning site. Hello, I’m learning Portuguese at the moment. Paperback $14.29 $ 14. Audio lessons or software cannot account for all the variations in speech that happen in a real-life, spontaneous conversation. Your email address will not be published. Planning is an essential part of studying. From the main menu you can select which version of the DVD you would like to see. Thanks Luciana your list above helped alot They can help you improve your listening skills and learn pronunciation. This website sells school books for children and adolescents, How to learn Portuguese by yourself? João da Costa. This book was developed specifically to teach Brazilian Portuguese to Spanish-speaking students at the University of Texas. It is important to do listening comprehension exercises. This book does not present instructions in other language than Portuguese but the instructions are easy to follow and for each exercise you will find an example of the task. In the meantime, though, they’ll help you to get by in Portugal. Learn Portuguese in just 5 minutes a day with our game-like lessons. by Fernanda Ferreira | Jul 17, 2007. Não sou professora então precisaria de um livro com boa didática… Ele é totalmente inciante. Start speaking Portuguese in minutes with audio and video lessons, audio dictionary, and learning community! Vc pode indicar algum? I purchased “internet access”, only to discover that this only permits Nas primeiras lições, as explicações são em inglês. Via Brasil teaches both formal and colloquial Portuguese. of Texas Press, 2008. Several of the texts bring a cultural element to the learning process which certainly adds value to the book. I suggest you get the one with the CDs. I recommend it for Spanish speakers and intermediate learners. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In this video I am showing some of the best books to learn European Portuguese and eventually pass the citizenship exam. It contrasts the two languages side by side. Luciana has also taught Portuguese at University of California, Berkeley, and currently teaches at the University of San Francisco. Which one works on verb conjugation? The Activities Manual of Ponto de Encontro has lots of audio exercises to help you practice listening and speaking. Os prós e contras dos livros que mencionei no artigo devem ajudar a tomar uma decisão. See how we do it. Ponto de Encontro teaches Portuguese from Brazil and from Portugal. Reading Portuguese-language books digitally has a massive advantage: the instant ability to look up unknown words using an integrated dictionary. Best portuguese learning blogs; Best video series: Semántica. The exercises are few and not very interesting. In our classes we use our own workbook with original content. Ponto de Encontro ( is primarily a Brazilian Portuguese textbook, with some coaching and audio exercises that use Continental Portuguese. Oi! We have scoured the market to find the best Portuguese textbooks available to help you learn Portuguese. Feel free to explore each section and make the most of each as you progress. This book has several dialogues that use everyday informal language. If you make a purchase using one of the links, I make a tiny commission. 4th edition. Please note: You can find the paperback edition without the CDs and the complete set with the accompanying CDs. I actually have the Ponto de Encontro book, but haven’t put enough time into studying it., Olá! It is the third most spoken language after English and Spanish in whole world. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. ISBN -10 0292717814 ISBN -13 978–029271817 There are many practical features provided in the book, such as typical dialogues, office protocol and vocabulary specialized for the workplace. Aqui está o link para o livro na The 14 Best Books to Learn Portuguese at Any Level . Each chapter offers questions to discuss before and after the reading, a quick grammar review + exercises, and a short lesson + exercises about figures of speech. Learn More, You will learn each expression inside a real-life context: everyday situations that could happen to any of us. Duolingo lessons adapt to your learning style. Learning with Babbel costs you less per month than your morning coffee, is ad -free and has been made by a team of language experts, educators and designers – so you are guaranteed a top-quality learning experience for the best value. For students who are already conversational, I recommend Colloquial Portuguese of Brazil 2. Unfortunately these CDs are outrageously expensive on Charity, thank you for sharing this information here. Best Books for Portuguese Speakers to Learn English. I really appreciate it. There are three new textbooks available to learn Brazilian I cant find good textbooks for Level B1 B2 in Brasilian Portuguese. Great! Best Portuguese Cookbooks Cooks on the cuisine of Portugal. This book is a practical introduction to Brazilian Portuguese, which teaches the language with comparisons to Spanish vocabulary and grammatical structures. you to see the online text of the textbook. Hi I’m interested in learning how to speak Portuguese,but I speak only English what book is best for be to start with?? Books to learn Portuguese: dictionaries, phrase books & grammar books Portuguese phrase books . Ponto de Encontro has lots os exercises if you get the workbook, but it is a dense, expensive book. Please note: When purchasing Bem-Vindo on Amazon, be very careful to make sure you are getting what you want. I called the publisher to ask if they could change this, even if they Lima; Samira Abirad Iunes. I have not worked with the one for Asian students. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. After each text, you will find exercises: a few questions about the text and a few grammar and vocabulary exercises. Can I ask you which kind of book (not grammar.. a romance for example) I could start with to improve my knowledge of portuguese vocabulary? Hi Luciana! Obrigada. The learner CANNOT access Here are a few good books to consider. I strongly encourage your to choose a book that has accompanying audio files. New Bedford, MA 02740 Bem-Vindo also has its own CD set, which I highly recommend. of their contents. We need lots of practice. Hi, PJ. and teach students about the Lusophone countries. Os Maias book. These are the two course books I used when I was learning Portuguese: Colloquial Portuguese: Beginner's Course – This series is a great way to introduce yourself to the natural flow of Portuguese, without worrying too much about the grammar. Short Stories in Brazilian Portuguese for Beginners: Read for pleasure at your level, expand your voca… This is a great book for students who want to do lots of straight-forward, repetitive exercises. With CD’s. This post will give you some great options for the best book to learn Portuguese, whether it is mainland Portuguese or Brazilian. I mention them here: There is no audio component. Podcasts are a great learning tool because you can use them to learn Portuguese in those moments when you might not otherwise be doing anything. If you have access to the language lab, the audio tracks will be available to you there. – Graham D. (Portugal) Brought smiles to their faces. I did one course of Brazilian Portuguese before, but I lost the books( Living Language Brazilian Portuguese).This is a very good course,with 3 books and 9 CDs,more exercises and also VERB CHARTs,maybe I buy it again, but I still learned many additional things with "Everything Learning Brazilian Portuguese Book". Studies show we learn best from content we enjoy, so pick a book that intrigues you. So it might not be appropriate for everyone. Aquarela Portuguese for Foreigners. The links below are affiliate links. is the former publisher. You’ll also benefit from a thematic vocabulary book for specialized vocabulary and maybe a book or two, once you learn your first 1000 words. Portuguese: You may wish to review these: 1. Seeing the bigger picture like “ learning to speak Portuguese ” cannot be as effective as having clearly structured goals with proper time distribution. I don’t have it, but I was wondering if you can offer any comments on it. Facebook; Twitter; Instagram; Pinterest; YouTube The words are mostly the same. Each chapter starts with a dialogue or short text. Here are a few good books to consider. Check out this fun book to Learn Portuguese: I talk about general literature to read in Portuguese, For a list of good materials including movies, music, and more, visit my. I would love to share more information about Aquarela with you. If you have access to the language lab, the videos will be available to you there. ), mini biographies (with accompanying quizzes!) PORTUGUESE TEXT COURSES AND BOOKS. Thanks for the reply, i can hear the difference when it comes to pronounciation. I would try could you please guide me which book and what way will be better to improve my portuguese. It does not affect the price of the book for you. materials such as student workbooks or professor’s manuals listed BOM DIA! Sinto muito não poder ajudar. 2. O link também está no artigo. It is one of the only books with extensive explanations of verb conjugation, how the verb tenses work, and when they are used. Series I is a collection of 36 short (3-5 minute) videos for absolute beginners. Portugal About Blog Want to Learn Portuguese with Easy, Beginner Lessons? are available from Amazon and the publisher: Spinner Publications, Inc. Purchase Now >, © 2014–2020 Street Smart Brazil, All Rights Reserved | Website by Web Savvy Marketing, Master Question Words in Portuguese: O que, Que, Qual, One-minute Portuguese Lesson [Video]: Entrar de sola…. Your question is an important one. I am looking forward to hearing back from you! Viajando Através do Alfabeto is also a very nice book for intermediate and advanced learners who enjoy a good read. First and foremost, keep in mind that textbooks aren’t all created equal. The PortuguesePod101 Blog is the place. Learning Portuguese with Babbel. The best way to learn Portuguese is to commit to your goal. AQUARELA has useful charts and complete answer keys in the back of the book. The grammar explanations are objective, which is good, but in my opinion they are not enough. This third edition also comes with CD’s. The new edition has access to their language lab, but only for college students enrolled in a Portuguese course that uses Ponto de Encontro as their textbook. 1. By the way, I love this blog and the website, thanks for making it accessable! I like the dialogues for beginner learners. Estou à disposição para conversarmos. There are two versions of the workbook: a Brazilian and a continental Portuguese version. It is literature, not a magazine article. Read 510 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Since you have Ponto de Encontro, I would say that a book with lots of dialogues would be the best complement, as Ponto de Encontro does not have it. The links below are affiliate links. Personalized learning. Veja aqui:, Tenho também um artigo com links para livros em português na Amazon. I was just curious which book should I start with if I’m a beginner? Emma Eberlein O.F. 3. Make sure you are getting what you really want. Level. I always recommend getting the CDs when they are available. And the texts are dated. What I think is needed is a set of resources that consider the student’s native language. Street Smart Brazil learners benefit from all these books and more. There are good books available. As someone who is focused on international business as a profession and a passion, learning languages has always been critical in helping me bridge cultures an… – Jessica, Make your learning fun and easy with good resources. You can use the book to learn by yourself if you just want to focus on reading, building vocabulary, and practicing a little grammar. Both hardback books and the workbook that accompanies Level 2 and a reference guide for everyday situations. I bought two books in it Falar Ler Escrever Português and Bem Vindo, I like Via Brasil for intermediate and advanced learners. Below are great books to learn Portuguese if you are an intermediate or advanced learner. I love working with this DVD in my classes. It just shows you how things are. Unfortunately I don’t have experience with Continental Portuguese books. Hi, my neice is bilingual (English/Brazilian Portugese) and is learning to read (she’s 4). When learning English as a foreign language the problem is that almost all books are for all students learning the language. O ideal é conhecer vários livros e ver qual o que melhor serve para cada aluno. The texts presented in the book range from formal to informal language. In addition, we have all the books above in our library and we know them very well. Learners of Portuguese often ask what the best books to learn Portuguese are. Gostaria de saber qual o melhor livro para seguir e dar aula para estrangeiros (total beginners to intermediates). If you pick up a Portuguese book written by Paulo Coelho, the famous Brazilian author, it’s not obvious most of the time which form of the language it is written in. It is a dense book. You might find something you like here: Or a book that you have seen the movie. Level 2. I wrote a review on the main books available to learn Portuguese. 4.2 out of 5 stars 206. It has all the grammar you will ever need, but it is a very dense book. charged a certain amount for the ACCESS CODE to the Language Each chapter brings a group of native speakers talking about different things: school, work, travel, health, food, and more. Ponto de Encontro is the most complete book in the market. Whatever you get, it is important to have the audio CDs. This textbook aims to teach the basics of Brazilian Portuguese to people who need Portuguese to survive in the Brazilian workplace. To get started, here are some of the best Portuguese books for learners. Georgetown University Press, 2010. The book would be an additional source to Duolingo and possibly to Memrise (just found it). I like its dialogues. There is a big grammar appendix at the back of the book, and plenty of exercises. Portuguese, which details many of the revised features of the book, It gives you fill-in-the-blanks exercises for you to assess your progress. Check it out ! The best one for you will depend on your goals and learning style, and these may change along your language journey. In fact, I just finished creating a new handout , Oi, Sophia, I have just published a post about new books to learn Portuguese. Monica Rector; Regina Santos; Marcelo Amorim; M. Lynne Gerber. If you make a purchase using one of the links, I make a tiny commission. Many colleges and universities The first one covers all the grammar that you must understand and know to achieve level B1 of your language process. The older editions of the book come with a CD; the fourth edition has internet audio files you can access from a website. 508-994-6925. We are able to pair learners with the right books and we allow our clients to experiment with them. The workbook has exercises to help you get the most out of the DVD. Learn how to speak Portuguese with lessons, audio and video, including the alphabet, phrases, vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, activities and tests. You can try Ultimate Portuguese. The DVD brings Brazilian and Portuguese content. Under “A Ler” (“reading”) there’s an assortment of books including story books (with accompanying audio! FARZANA–There is a series of two textbooks–plus a workbook–that is used to teach middle and high school students Portuguese in public in addition to books for adult readers. Oi, Anna! ISBN -13 978-1589016385. I'm a native English speaker who taught myself Portuguese, and my Brazilian YouTube channel recently hit 1,000,000 subscribers in Brazil. Tarcisio Buriti Meu namorado é americano e eu sou brasileira, estou a procura de um livro para iniciar o aprendizado do Português. Lab for students not registered in a university course. Antônio Roberto Monteiro Simões. I don’t really see an order in using these books. Whether you’re a beginner starting with the basics or looking to practice your reading, writing, and speaking, Duolingo is scientifically proven to work. . If you decide to get it, I strongly recommend that you also get their workbook Ponto de Encontro Brazilian Activities Manual for additional exercises. Is there any order in studying these books? I love your site. It starts from the beginning. Hi, could u recommend Portuguese of Portugal text books for my 13 years old. Get the version that comes with the CDs. Eu tenho uma professora que é muito boa com crianças, mas ela não usa um livro pronto. Learn Portuguese with books – For those that prefer to do things the old-fashioned way, a list of textbooks as well as other books like phrasebooks and novels for learning Portuguese. Com Licença, on the other hand, is meant of those who speak Spanish and want to learn Portuguese. Bem-vindos ao Mundo Lusófono. Ponto de Encontro é o único que tem explicações. To fully benefit from this book, in my opinion, you would use Via Brasil with a professional language instructor who can add value to each lesson and help you develop your speaking skills. Bite-sized Portuguese lessons. Oi! It is used by most universities and language schools. Been slaying those language lessons? What matters is that you have fun along the way. If that is your goal, I suggest you also get the Manual do Professor with the answers to all the exercises. That being said, there are a couple of things to consider before you start searching for that ideal Portuguese textbook. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn Portuguese and Portuguese culture.