That sounds genius and delicious! The homemade dressing that we also use in our regular Broccoli Salad is what takes it to the next level. Thank you & hope you find some recipes to try! Add salt. We hope you really enjoy this salad as much as we do! This is classic side dish recipe that is loved at family functions and picnics. This dressing is great to make ahead of time – just prepare the dressing and keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to use it. I sub in some yogurt for a mayo/yogurt coMbo sometimes. 3 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil. Not only is the salad bright, fresh and crunchy but the combination of the broccoli, cauliflower, cheese, bacon and sunflower seeds is delicious. Broccoli-cauliflower cashew salad red wine vinegar recipe. Chop cauliflower, broccoli and red onion and toss together. white vinegar. fresh thyme leaves, bay leaves, kosher salt, garlic cloves, tomato paste and 8 more. This is one of my favorite recipes. Just saw your site for first time!! My name is Kristyn and I’m the mom of SIX stinkin’ cute kids and the wife to my smokin’ hot hubby, Lo. It is best if made a day ahead. In a small bowl, whisk together the mayo, sugar, vinegar and salt. Your email address will not be published. 1 head cauliflower, cut into medium florets. Put the mustard and vinegar in a bowl and whisk in the oil. In a large bowl, combine the crumbled bacon, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, cheese and sunflower seeds. Ingredient Checklist. Mix Miracle Whip, sugar and vinegar. This salad iS full of veggies with a creamy dressing. Drain, crumble … * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Very Delicious. 4 cups small broccoli florets, sliced in half if too big 1/4 cup thinly vertically sliced red onion 1/4 cup thinly sliced red bell pepper 1/4 cup raisins (golden or regular) 2 1/2 Tablespoons sliced almonds, toasted salt & pepper to taste 1 slice bacon, cooked, drained & crumbled 2 Tablespoons white wine vinegar 2 Tablespoons granulated sugar Once it’s all mixed, pour it over the salad and toss to coat each piece. Yay!! Thanks for Sharing! Thank you so much for sharing! Add the cauliflower and simmer 6 minutes, then add the broccoli pieces. Creamy Broccoli Salad McCormick. STORING. ADD DRESSING. Cook and crumble up the bacon (Have you ever cooked bacon in the oven? Not only is this broccoli cauliflower bacon salad incredibly tasty, it’s probably the easiest salad you’ll ever make! Now that everything is prepped and ready, let’s make the salad. My mom’s maiden name is Luna, and I’m one of the many crafty “Lil’ Lunas” in the fam. Loved this! It’s light, refreshing, & so tasty!! Best broccoli salad … 1/4 cup red wine vinegar. It has a crunch and sweet taste in every bite. Broccoli Cauliflower Salad is easy to throw together and so delicious. Pour over salad and toss to coat. Mix broccoli, cauliflower, red onion, bacon and cheddar cheese. 1/2 cup sugar. Used small container of plain Greek yogurt instead of all the mayo (only used about 2 Tbsp mayo), red wine vinegar, & about 1/4c spicy brown mustard, with a scant 1/2c white sugar. In a large bowl, add the broccoli, cauliflower, onion, craisins and dressing and toss … Combine broccoli, bacon, toasted almonds, green onions, celery and grapes in a large serving dish. Pour over salad, mix well and serve. Making this for a party this weekend. … My mom’s maiden name is Luna, and I’m one of the many crafty “Lil’ Lunas” in the fam. Live it ❤️. Just finished making this w/o cauliflower. COMBINE. Stir in the ginger and parsley or coriander. Glad you found it! The Craisins add the perfect pop of sweetness, yum! There is a little bit of prep involved in the ingredients that you’ll need to do first. Combine the dressing in a smaller bowl by whisking together the mayo, sugar, vinegar, and salt. If making the dressing in advance, just store in the fridge until ready to add to the salad. You are welcome! The carrots are high in vitamin A, and the Sounds delicious! Thank you for sharing that! Thank you for sharing what you did! Set that aside while you prepare the dressing. 1 cup thinly sliced celery. INGREDIENTS. Broccoli Salad – made with tiny cut, crisp fresh broccoli florets, crunchy toasted slivered almonds, sweet and chewy dried cranberries, bright red onion, salty hearty bacon and it’s all tossed and coated with a rich and creamy honey sweetened dressing. Season with salt and freshly ground pepper and stir well. This simple recipe is filled with so many great ingredients and is a twist on our classic broccoli salad, and we know you’ll love it. This in the other hand has me grabbing cauliflower in the market weekly! Make sure to let us know how much you love it in the comments below! 3/4 cup raisins. Get Broccoli and Cauliflower Salad Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. In another bowl mix Miracle Whip, sugar and red wine vinegar. I try to watch calories so I usually use Splenda, fat-free Miracle Whip and fat-free cheese. Get New Recipes and Creative Ideas Delivered Right to Your Inbox! It is always requested at family get togethers, even by people who don't like broccoli or cauliflower. Broccoli Salad with Bacon and Cheddar | Healthy Recipes Blog Pour over cauliflower, broccoli and red onion, add cheese and toss. Kosher salt and ground pepper. Pour over cauliflower, broccoli and red onion, add … To make the dressing, combine the mayo together with a little sugar, salt, and red wine vinegar and it’s done. Cut and chop all the ingredients ahead of time too! Your email address will not be published. Love to hear that! Learn how to cook great Broccoli-cauliflower cashew salad red wine vinegar . Refrigerate before serving. 1/2 lb. 3 heads broccoli, cut into serving pieces and blanched. Make sure to store this salad in an airtight container in the fridge. Make the salad: In a large bowl combine broccoli florets, diced red onion, cooked bacon and shredded cheddar cheese. Pour that creamy dressing over the top and toss to evenly coat. This salad dressing calls for ¾ cup of light mayo which might scare you a little, but I PROMISE it’s worth every single calorie. 5 %, (I try to get about the same amount of broccoli and cauliflower). Filled with veggies, onions, bacon, sunflower seeds and cheese, this salad is sure to be a hit at any BBQ or get together. 1/2 cup red onion, chopped. This is the perfect summer salad. 12 Days of Easy Christmas Recipes: On the eleventh day of Christmas, instead of “eleven-pipers-piping,” I’m bringing you this delicious recipe for Broccoli-Cauliflower Salad with Cranberries as part of my special 12 Days of Easy Christmas Recipes! Feel free to add or omit any ingredients you want or don’t want, but we loved the combination of ingredients. I hope my recipes & ideas can help . Cook over medium high heat until evenly brown. Love, love, love it! I’m the mom of six stinkin’ cute kids and the wife to my smokin’ hot hubby, Lo. Thank you! One of our go-to salads during the summer. 1/2 thinly sliced small red onion. Flavorful and simple cauliflower salad with a creamy crunch! Welcome! Total Carbohydrate Neither my husband nor myself like cooked cauliflower much. So good! Share it with us on Instagram using the hashtag #lilluna, so we can see what you’re creating in the kitchen! Pour dressing over veggies and stir until the veggies are evenly coated in dressing. When the water returns to a boil, lower the heat and let simmer about 3 minutes. bacon, crisp-cooked and crumbled. Check it out!). The dressing is the perfect consistency for coating each individual piece of this salad for the perfect yummy bite! Red Wine Vinegar Salad Dressing Budget Savvy Diva. With festive colors of red and green, this nutritious powerhouse salad is quick and easy to prepare. Substitute with full fat mayo and a SWEETER and I’ve got MYSELF a yummy Keto side dish! Place broccoli pieces in a large bowl. CHOP INGREDIENTS. In another bowl mix Miracle Whip, sugar and red wine vinegar. On this site I like to share all things creative - from recipes to home decor to gifts and home decor ideas. 17.6 g In a large bowl, combine the broccoli, cauliflower, bacon, sunflower seeds, cheese, and red onion. Broccoli Cauliflower Salad with Homemade Dressing | Lil' Luna It looses nothing with these substitutions. Change up the ingredients to your liking! I am glad to share! Easy as that! It’s a little sweet and super creamy. 2 Tbsp. shredded cheddar cheese or Monterrey jack cheese. Drain well. Let cool. mayonnaise, raisins, topping mix, sugar, diced red onion, red wine vinegar and 1 more. Fairly versatile recipe. I love having a salad all ready to go when I need it. Will try it out this weekend! DIRECTIONS Chop cauliflower, broccoli and red onion and toss together. Refrigerate the salad before serving so it’s nice and chilled. This flavorful recipe provides 1 cup of vegetables per serving of the recommended 2-1/2 cups per day. LOOKs amazing! This broccoli and cauliflower salad is SO refreshing, simple and quick. You can even toss them together in a bowl and keep it in the fridge until ready to serve with the dressing. … 1 … 1 cup Hellmann's® or Best Foods® Real Mayonnaise. What a great & delicious salad, especially for summer! Add chopped red onion, crumbled bacon, craisins, and sunflower seeds In a small bowl, mix mayo, red wine vinegar, and sugar (or sweetener). Dice the fresh broccoli and chop up the head of cauliflower. Each ingredient in this salad has it’s own tasty texture and flavor that makes this salad perfect for your next get together. Pour the dressing over the other ingredients and toss to combine. It’s a … And watch videos demonstrating recipe prep and cooking techniques. Veggies are a favorite for me. Pinch of sugar. 1/4 cup currants. Combine the broccoli salad dressing: In a small bowl whisk together mayonnaise, red wine vinegar, garlic powder and onion powder.Pour the dressing on top of the salad … In a bowl add the broccoli, cauliflower, cheese, sunflower seeds, cranberries, bacon and red onion. deliver fine selection of quality Broccoli-cauliflower cashew salad red wine vinegar recipes equipped with ratings, reviews and mixing tips. I’ve never thought about including cauliflower in broccoli salad. Whisk together the yogurt, mayonnaise, honey, vinegar, sugar, and salt in a large bowl. It should last up to 3-4 days! This turned out amazing!!!! You’ll also need to dice ½ red onion. Yes, you can use full fat mayo if you want, but light works perfectly! I will now be making this salad for the rest of my life as my hUsband is obsessed with it. How to make broccoli salad. We are often on the look out for simple salads, especially for BBQs, family functions and holidays. Would love to learn more of your recipes and home decorating ideas. Try different cheeses or nuts to add different flavors, including: MAKING AHEAD. Directions 1. Add the remaining salad ingredients (broccoli, cauliflower, red onion, cheddar) and cooled bacon to a salad bowl. This salad is perfect for the occasion. Place bacon in a large, deep skillet. In a small bowl, whisk together the mayonnaise, red wine vinegar, sugar, and salt until fully combined. This salad was amazing! Required fields are marked *. Stir in the broccoli, cauliflower, bacon, shallots, cranberries, and pecans, tossing to coat.