OTC Cam Tools 5 GM NorthStar V8 Cam Tool Application Chart for 6686 Note: Some applications require more than one tool to accomplish the task. I honestly think that you don't need the tool. High quality, 24 Month Warranty. $50.00. 5.4L 3V Cam Phaser Holding Tool Timing Chain Locking Tool 567614 567617 303-1046 303-1175 2005-2009 F-Super Duty 250-550 6.8L 3V Timing Chain Locking Tool 567617 303-1175 2011-2014 Fiesta 1.6L VCT Alignment Tool Camshaft Holding Timing Tool … Our cam locking tool holds the camshafts in place during timing belt replacement to prevent unexpected movement and ensure proper cam shaft alignment. Camshaft Retainer Tools (2 pieces), for M137 and M275 Engines $253.95: Camshaft Seal Guide Sleeve $88.95: Camshaft Seal Guide Sleeve -20mm ... Ignition Switch Lock Cover Tool, For W126, R129, W140, W163, R170, W202, W210, W414 Chassis $97.95: Impact Extractor for Diesel Pre-Combustion Chamber 303-530 - CAMSHAFT LOCK TOOL V8 XJ8 XK8 S-TYPE. $149.95. Tier 4 Equipment Advanced emission control technology for fuel efficiency and a better environment. This includes all of the tools that you need to set the timing on a 1.5L or 1.6L Ford Ecoboost, Duratech engine. 715.57. GAS Cam Locking Block Set for the BMW/Land Rover M62-M62tu Engine. Manufacturers #: VWA1430. 303-530. Write a review. Shopping Cart: 0 item(s) $0.00 HOME; LOGIN/REGISTER; Online Catalog Applications: Ecotec/2010 Buick LaCrosse, 2010 Chevrolet Equinox, 2010 GMC Terrain, 2.0L, 2.4L ECOTEC engines The camshafts on the ECOTEC engines must be held when removing or installing the cam phaser bolts, or the timing chain may slip and not keep its relationship to the phasers. Based on OE design. While our camshaft gear locking tool works great for timing belt jobs on pre-1999 engines it becomes irrelevant when working on 1999+ models equipped with CVVT (constant variable valve timing). Manufacturers #: BMA1451. 1 product rating. Catalogue: AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE TOOLS: Engine Service Tools: Timing Tools & Camshaft Service Tools: GM Timing Tools Shopping Cart 0 Items=$0 View Cart ATET4371 Holden Timing Kit 2.5D | … In stock. As a leading importer, manufacturer and distributor of European automotive special tools, Baum Tools has imported and distributed Stahlwille, Deutronic, Hazet, Matra, Peisler, Matador,Geodore, Belzer, Wiha, Wera and Kukko as well as most of the small contract OEM tool companies that have been building special tools for the German car manufacturers for years. For M42, M44, M50, M52. Tools Suitable for popular Ford and Mazda 1.4L – 2.5L DOHC petrol and 1.6L – 2.0L diesel engine applications For the locking of the camshaft, crankshaft and tensioners during the removal and installation of the engine timing belt or chain along with other engine servicing and repairs Original new old stock item (SOLD OUT) TL002 Special tool, A 40129, camshaft reference mark ... TL016 Special tool, A 20246, diff pinion lock for all 105 + Montreal 328.00 . Price: $51.13. This is the tool required to properly service various aspects of the timing system by locking cams, crank, and tensioner in order to service the engine. Crank Gear Installer/Seal Driver J-5590 Tool Number: J-5590 Tool Name: Crank Gear Installer/Seal Driver Applications: 2.8,3.1,3.4L F, L, U Van, W, S/T Truck, 2.8, 3.1, 3.4L This tool is used to install the lower timing sprocket to the crank shaft. BMW N63 Master Camshaft Tool Kit V8 engines 119890, 118090, 118570 and 119190. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. $51.50. Ratings and Reviews. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . This alignment locking tools are compatible with a large range of engines including Chevrolet, Fiats, and Alfa Romeo 2003 – 2012 16V 1.6 1.8 engine. Audi Camshaft Timing Locking Fixtures T40047. Laser 3096 Camshaft Setting/Locking Tool - Ford 040813096 Laser Tools specialise in innovative products, which assist with day to day servicing of most of the popular vehicles used in the UK. CAMSHAFT LOCK TOOL V8 XJ8 XK8 S-TYPE. Flywheel Lock (Only for use with P201) $45.50: Heavy Duty Engine Fixture Clamp (Only for use with P201) $239.00: Engine Stand Adapter Ring ... Camshaft Tools, 356/911/912/914/930 $51.50: Camshaft Securing Tool, 996 C2/C4 (99-01)/Boxster (97-04) $255.75: Stomski Racing Camshaft Sprocket Alignment Tool, 911 Audi Crankshaft Turning Socket T40058. BACKORDER NOW CHECKOUT NOW. Includes high-quality aftermarket alternatives to: 303-376B Camshaft Holding Timing Tool 9997151; 303-393A Flywheel Locking Tool; 303-393-01 (Not used) 303-393-02 Flywheel Locking Tool Adapter; 303-748 Crankshaft TDC Pin 9997406 ... Sir Tools P232 9200: Sir Tools Locking Bar is needed to properly secure the balance shaft sprocket from rotating during R&R of retaining bolt. See all 8 - All listings for this product. SR9653 GT3 Cam Sprocket Tool. SKU. I just did TB on my 850r, and I didn't use the cam locking tool. AUDI S5 Brake Caliper Socket 20MM, 7 Point. Following requests from customers who have had repairs carried out at H T Howard we have now purchased these specialist tools and are able to offer them for hire to our customers. Fitment . $ 120.99. The kit comprises of crankshaft locking pin (11 9 190), timing chain pre-tensioner (11 9 340), camshaft locking plates (11 0 491 & 11 0 492), variable valve unit locking plate and all necessary fixing bolts. Our rear camshaft locking tool turns what used to be a daunting DIY job into a smooth, trouble free task. EN-48953 Cam Phaser Retainer / Camshaft Actuator Locking Tool Alt. More Information $ 19.99. Shop the latest auto tools. ADD TO CART CHECKOUT NOW. Like other members said, they don't easily move unless you force to move them. Applicable: Porsche 944. ... Camshaft Alignment Timing Tool VW/Audi V6 A4, A6 (94-97) (V6 2-valves) 3243 3242. Harley Cam Crank Locking Tool TC88. Add To Cart. 63.91. KL-0580-832A Locking tool for camshaft KL-0580-833A Locking tool for camshaft KL-0580-834A Locking tool for camshaft KL-0580-8113B Pre-tensioning tool for timing chain KL-0580-8390A Storage case: $780.44 (Picture) Sir Tools BMW3017: Camshaft locating fixture. Part Number: OTC-6472 Not Yet Reviewed item 7 Kent-Moore GM Ecotec Cam Phaser Retainer / Camshaft Actuator Locking Tool OEM 7 - Kent-Moore GM Ecotec Cam Phaser Retainer / Camshaft Actuator Locking Tool OEM. 1-855-298-2687. Cheers. TL001 Special tool, A 20120, dial gauge support for cam timing test . Skip to the end of the images gallery . 5.0. Description Description. Do not use power tools. GAS Cam Locking Block Set for the BMW/Land Rover M62-M62tu Engine. Harley Davidson Driver Handle Race Bearing Instal Tool. Price: $572.46. If anything goes wrong with your 4/0 Camlock Cable 100' Rental, we guarantee a working replacement on-site within hours. It was my first time to do TB job on any cars, and I was bit worried. Whether you're an occasional tinkerer, a weekend warrior or a professional mechanic, tools from Pep Boys make car repair simple. Manufacturers #: VWA1425. $79.99. Cam & Pinion Gear Locking Tool for Harley Davidson® quantity. Rent 4/0 Camlock Cable 100' with confidence from Sunbelt Rentals. 1 x Camshaft Locking Tool - Inlet; 1 x Camshaft Locking Tool - Exhaust; 1 x Camshaft Alignment Clamp; 1 x Crankshaft locking pin; 4 x M6 Setscrews; 1 x Timing chain tensioner; 1 x Red carrying case; Return Form. Mobile Elevating Work Platforms Ford Timing Chain Locking Wedge Tool (4.6/5.4 3V Engines) • For 2005-14 5.4L and 4.6L 3V • OE Type Tool • Allows for Easy Cam Changes without Removing the Timing Cover SKU 012647 1999 24207 This Kit is a True, Long Term Repair for Ford Cam Phaser Noise. Qty. SKU: 320520 Category: 99-06 T/ Cam Engine. View Product. This cam & pinion gear locking tool is designed to lock both gears so you can to properly remove, install and torque the bolts. Camshaft Positioning Tool, Ford, Mercury, Passenger Car, Pickup, SUV, Van, Ford V6, 3.0/4.0L, Each. Camshaft Assembly Tool Dyna Twin Cam 2006* to Present. Valvetronic Tool - Valvetronic Torsion Lever - N62/N62TU V8 - 119480. Harley Davidson Twin Cam Performance Lifter Magnet Tools. Timing Tool Supreme Master set for Ford EcoBoost, Ti-VCT, Duratec, Zetec Timing Belt Camshaft Sprocket Engine 1.6 Alignment Mazda Focus Fiesta C-Max B-Max Fuzion Mondeo Transit RS Locking Eco Boost TiVCT 2.0 1.4 1.8 Cam 1.6L 2.0L 1.4L 1.8L Duratec Zetec tensioner Peg Pin Bar Flywheel Locking Marks 303-1097 303-748 303-1550 303-1552 303-1054 303-1059 303-735 303-1552 303-393A 303 … Specialized tools for cam alignment and installation on Valvetronic V8 and V12 engines. Add to Cart. $ 245.99 Sunbelt Rentals equipment is maintained to ensure it's ready for your job. $14.99. Our Inner Cam Bearing tool kit is a shop grade tool set that both removes & installs inner cam bearings easily, quickly, and accurately in H-D Milwaukee-8 engines. ... GAS Master Cam Timing Tool Kit Rental for the BMW M52tu-M54 Engines $60.00 (Includes $139.95 Security Deposit) $199.95. Ford Cam Phaser Noise Kit 4.6/5.4 3V with Tuning SKU 597001• 79999 Year Make Model Engine Tool Decription OTC PN OE PN GM NorthStar V8 Cam Tool Set Required tools to service camshaft timing on 2001-2003 4.0L and 1993-2006 4.6L V8 engines. It features a heavy duty, tool steel plate which attaches directly to the engine cases with 4 thumb screws. Breakage due to use of power tools voids your warranty. Rental Protection Plan Coverage for your rentals. *To minimize the tools necessary to service Chrysler Group vehicles, this usage information is subject to change as vehicles and components are released or updated. Add to cart. 5. Equipment. ToolFlex One price, all the tools you need. Silica Dust Safety Protect your workers from exposure. $15.49. Made from 3/8 inch anodized aluminum plate with 3/16 inch dowel pins spaced for placement in between the intake and exhaust cam gears.