It is a great alternative to some other Caulerpa species which can go sexual as it is a very hardie caulerpa … Caulerpa Prolifera is a prolific green macro algae that looks great but can sometimes spread to quickly and overrun your tank without proper trimming. Gracilaria is a red branching macro algae with cylindrical shaped branches. Caulerpa Prolifera is a strong nutrient exporter that grows exceptionally fast. Not only did I get a large quantity of the Caulerpa it had little suprises in it too! It is easily cared for, doing well in low light. Clean macro algae. Macroalgae. Just inspect everything closely as you would any order to avoid a mess later on. Coloration: Beautiful bright green color makes … The city of San Diego took the ban one step further, banning the possession, sale, and transport of all Caulerpa species within city limits. This product CAN be sent to California. It might have pods, snails, brittles, etc. The Money Plant is a calcified member of the popular Halimeda family, and is a green macroalgae. They are often highly … This is for a minimum 1/4 cup of Caulerpa Mexicana aka Fern Caulerpa. All Rights Reserved. Grape Caulerpa. The bags are filled with great quality caulerpa. Aquacultured Caulerpa Prolifera also known as Leaf Caulerpa algae is an excellent way to lower nitrates and phosphates in the aquarium. Halimeda Monile is a calcified member of the popular Halimeda family, and is a green macro algae. Caulerpa Lentillifera is a sea weed. Caulerpa taxifolia was officially eradicated from southern California in 2006. This is the species we offer. Resembling a red saltwater version of the popular baby's breath flower, it is difficult to keep. Beautiful and unique macro algae for sale for your refugium, sump or tank. Fern Caulerpa is an fish edible green macroalgae that looks great but can sometimes spread too quickly without proper trimming. When you place an order, what you will receive is a six inch bag of feather caulerpa, that's a big handfull. The aquarium strain of Caulerpa taxifolia is an extremely invasive seaweed … Posted by on 10th May 2019. lycopodium was also sold as "Grape Caulerpa". They also consume nitrate and phosphate robbing nuisance algae of much needed sustenance. My tangs are loving this plant and to my surprise, a small little sea horse came with it and didn't notice him until one night he was swimming in the tank. Similar laws exist in states where Caulerpa has already become … MSRP: $15.71 Add to Cart. Looks beautiful in the aquarium! This bright green Feather Caulerpa is a hardy algae that is used for tank filtration and is great for eliminating phosphates and nitrates from your tank. offers a huge selection of quality saltwater livestock for sale in the USA. Had to throw it all out. It is also known as Pine cone Algae. Chaeto is one of … It's a warm water algae … Feather Caulerpa For Sale This bright green Feather Caulerpa is a hardy algae that is used for tank filtration and is great for eliminating phosphates and nitrates from your tank. Caution: Members of caulerpa species of macro have the ability to go ‘sexual’ if they are not pruned often to keep them under control. AlgaeBarn, LLC offers promotional free shipping on all purchases (excluding items that require overnight shipping such as live fish, live clams, or frozen foods) that subtotal exceeds $40 (not including taxes or … And, at least in the aquarium hobby, the genus name is also used as their common name. Very healthy and comes from my refugium. Looking for Saltwater livestock for sale? Hydroids are BAD news. The green alga Caulerpa sp, photographed at San Sebastao, Brazil (3076847844).jpg 1,024 × 672; 287 KB The green alga, Caulerpa for sale in a Fiji market (3088402787).jpg 1,376 × 934; … Among them are caulerpa, Fern, Chaetomorpha, gracilaria. Cactus Caulerpa is a prolific green macroalgae that looks great and grows slower than other members of the Caulerpa family. It's a warm water algae that requires temperatures between 76 - 82 degrees. This product is for flat branched species and variations of Gracilaria species. It gets its name from the thick carpeting growth pattern it features. Chaeto is a green macro algae for refugiums, and is widely regarded for its filtering capabilities. $35.00. Add to Cart. There are many variations of C. Racemosa found worldwide. I think there were a couple of small fan worms included in the caulerpa. It has created waves in the … Later dates available by request. CAULERPA SPECIES IDENTIFICATION KEY United States Law: It is illegal to import or transport Caulerpa taxifolia aquarium strain across state lines including internet sale (Federal Noxious Weed Act, 1999; and Federal Plant Protection Act, 2000). Flame Algae is a red bushy macroalgae with small flame shaped branchlets. $16.00. While some people believe that Grape Caulerpa can go int a reproductive state and produce noxious compounds, I have personally never … I bought two bags as I didn't know what to expect as far as quality and amount.