Here are our top 10: More than 90% of the University of New England’s students receive financial aid, and the university encourages students to search for outside scholarships. Average Net Price: $12,021 The one year online MSW programs mirrors the same on-campus programs that students enroll in. As a generalist social workers can work and support in a vast array of professions including psychology, public health, education, business and medicine. Their online Master of Social Work focuses heavily on working with Indigenous and rural communities. The program, which is part of the university’s College of Social and Behavioral Sciences, follows a cohort model, and most of the classes are asynchronous. Social work advisors help students use university resources and clarify their career goals. Graduation Rate: 48% Students of the advanced standing program can complete in as little as 15 months, one of the fastest programs in the country. offers one of the few MSW programs that is solely structured around advanced generalist practice. Although the program is online, it is only available to Arkansas residents, and field placements must be completed in-person in Arkansas. PayScale ROI: $380,000. Most online social work schools only accept students in restricted geographic areas, and many offer limited specialties. Like many other schools there are two pathways offered, a traditional 62 credit hour program for those with a bachelor’s degree in another field, and an advanced standing program that is 32 credit hours for those holding a bachelor’s degree in social work. Students are admitted to the online MSW program three times a year. The School of Social Work Field Education office helps students find internship opportunities in their area that fit the university’s requirements. Their online students specialize in clinical and community practice. They even offer a concentration in advanced direct practice in rural settings. The top-ranked fully Online MSW Cohort Program at The University of Texas at Arlington offers a web-based instruction by prominent national and international scholars. PayScale ROI: $287,000. Portland State University’s online Master of Social Work program is offered part-time and completed over three years. Most Affordable Online MSW Programs. Check out the best programs to study Math and Statistics to become an Actuary in 2020 read more . 3. Average Net Price: $17,359 If you have the passion, ambition, and endurance to confront the broken systems that oppress and target vulnerable populations, then you have what it takes to earn an intensive but rewarding Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from one of these top universities. Retention Rate: 86% PayScale ROI: $424,000. The university also offers employment-based internships so that students can stay with their current employers through their practicum. is an advertising-supported site. There are currently two pathways to consider when enrolling in Humboldts’s online MSW, one part-time path that takes students 3 and a half years to complete and is meant for those who do not have a bachelor’s degree in social work but hold a bachelor’s degree in another field. Wichita State University is the #1 school on the … The University of Texas is a public university, known for its high academic standards. West Virginia University only offers part-time, online Master of Social Work programs. The University includes students in its internal governance. PayScale ROI: $95,100. Graduates are able to work with individuals, families, communities and other groups of people across various settings. Students concentrate on advanced practice leadership. With a myriad of social work programs to choose from, picking a program that aligns with your needs is important. They post recordings of their online classes for students to study and review. The second option is a three year, six semester program, that works great for students that are needing to remain employed in their career while they earn an advanced degree. In addition to completing their program, masters students at the University of Texas at Arlington have the option to participate in and present research. Average Net Price: $18,792 Students participate in group work and can use the online platform to talk between classes. Last Updated: May 22, 2020 Those with a desire to help vulnerable people navigate all kinds of personal, economic, and familial struggles may find a career in social work especially rewarding. Widener University is a private university in Pennsylvania, and its social work program is housed under its School of Human Service Professions. The scholarship is offered by the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services/Division for Children, Youth, and Families in collaboration with the University of New Hampshire Department of Social Work. Beginning in Summer 2020, the traditional program will be 81 credits and the advanced standing program will be 54 credits with a cost of $1086 per credit hour. 4. #1 New Mexico State University 2850 Weddell … 2. Also, students may choose an emphasis on program and agency administration along with either concentration. Advanced Standing MSW Programs. Graduation Rate: 44% Those in the dynamic profession of Social Work can advance their career with an MSW degree that can be earned entirely online at. Many fall under the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) 16 categories of social work , including child welfare, mental health and substance abuse, justice and corrections, and administration and management. Those holding a bachelor’s degree in another field can enroll and will take foundational social work courses, this path requires 60 credit hours. 10 Best Online MSW Degrees and Programs for 2020. Students may take courses in another concentration as long as the course complements their primary concentration. Appalachian State University requires high academic performance. In addition, students receive a LinkedIn Premium Career membership, which includes career-building resources. Both tracks emphasize interacting with at-risk Latino communities in the Texas-Mexico border region. Students are responsible for finding their fieldwork placements, but the university facilitates and contracts with the agency. Along with four semesters of a field placement, students attend a concurrent field seminar to integrate academic theory into social work practice. The university does not offer specialties because social workers with an advanced generalist concentration graduate with a wider array of career options. Students can attend fully online in one of two formats, a two year accelerated format or a three year part-time format. Full-time students complete the program in two years, and part-time students complete the program in three years. Retention Rate: 72% Graduation Rate: 81% Retention Rate: 69% PayScale ROI: $343,000. To finance living and education costs, some students receive stipends through the university or their field placement. ... Baylor’s online social work doctoral program prepares students for positions in higher education, leadership in government and private agencies, and academic research. Retention Rate: 58% Students may also perform teaching and research assistantships in exchange for a tuition waiver and health insurance. Advanced Social Workers can be employed in a wide array of settings including community mental health agencies, nursing homes, hospitals, schools, employee assistance programs, family service agencies, and community service agencies. They help underfunded human services agencies and vulnerable adults and offer internships to social work students at the university. Graduation Rate: 55% Professors often offer online office hours. Colorado State University’s Master of Social Work program offers online and in-person blended instruction. For those seeking to advance their career in one to three years, an online MSW degree will prepare graduates to be leaders in social work across the nation. 12 Cheapest Online Masters Program in Canada 2020 Latest Canada Scholarships for Undergraduates, Masters & Ph.D. Programs 2020-2021 Applying for a 1 Year Masters Degree Programs … While the full program … Students perform an average of 21.5 hours of fieldwork a day at Boise State University, which is a bit more than the usual requirements. Students with significant undergraduate work in the social work field can enter the School of Social Work’s advanced standing track and skip the first semester of instruction or 15 credit hours. Despite the diverse topics available to online students at the University of Arizona’s online campus, the program does not offer specialization. The University of Kentucky’s Master of Social Work program serves students in western and southern Kentucky and nearby areas. Students may complete their Master of Social Work online program full-time in 16 to 24 months or part-time in three or four years. You will have ample opportunity to talk about vital social work concepts and practice. Graduation Rate: 59% The classes run for seven weeks each, with only one class per term. The university houses a Children and Family Services Training Center that serves students, practitioners, and the community. Each student must attend online … All students complete two fieldwork placements: one generalist placement and one advanced placement in the student’s specialty. Currently, California State University-Northridge offers its Master of Social Work exclusively online. Students complete a comprehensive exam at the end of their course of study as a graduation requirement. In addition, students can get their certificate in aging studies online as part of a dual degree program. Each one of these schools and online MSW programs is fully accredited. It has one relevant program: an online or online-hybrid Master of Social Work (MSW), accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and delivered by UMaine’s School of Social Work. This prepares social workers to be more capable and versatile to meet the challenges and opportunities in their careers. All students must complete either a two-semester practicum or a full-time block practicum. Graduation Rate: 39% The university helps students find field placements near their homes. Most Affordable Online Ph.D. in Social Work Programs 2020. As a substitute for specialization classes, and at the discretion of the department director, students may take classes from the University of Northern Iowa departments outside of social work. Students can earn their MSW through two different pathways; the standard path is for students that hold a bachelor’s degree but not in the field or social work. Average Net Price: $14,351 Retention Rate: 91% Graduation Rate: 79% PayScale ROI: $414,000. Note: Due to state licensure requirements the online MSW program at UCF is only available for residents of Florida at this time. The university prioritizes distance learning and ensures that all its faculty are properly trained in online learning platforms. 2020 Most Affordable Online MSW Programs #1 Saint Leo University Online. Its graduates’ ASWB Clinical Exam pass rate is 81%, well above the average pass rate for all exam takers. Graduation Rate: 67% At Indiana University, students will find a suite of cheap online social work degrees, including the MSW Direct. The tradition path is 60 credit hours, while the advanced path is 36 credit hours. The program prepares students to become CSWs or LCSWs and focuses heavily on social justice and community building. It's important, however, to look beyond the cheapest online MSN programs in terms of tuition and fees. Graduation Rate: 59% Graduation Rate: 72% The university is a public university in Boone, North Carolina. The first area is Social Work Practice in Mental Health Services. The first takes about three years to complete while the second can be completed in two years or less. With greater need to serve the underserved and minority populations, students will have opportunities to make a profound difference in the lives of those they work with. The program emphasizes social justice, and the university encourages its students to be politically engaged through its grassroots advocacy network. Average Net Price: $15,545 Students complete 15 credit hours of electives, choosing between interesting topics like military social work and tele-behavioral health. The program is modeled on the requirements of the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE), the national accrediting body for social work programs. Retention Rate: 80% PayScale ROI: $608,000. The online MSW meets the standards for accreditation by the Council on Social Work Education. The MSW program at California State University at San Bernardino is fully accredited and meets the standards set by the Council on Social Work Education. Online MSW programs have become the best way to advance careers in a variety of fields while maintaining employment or meeting other personal obligations. The Perfect Dream Job: Binge Watch Friends and Get Paid! Arizona State University-Tempe. We found over 60 MSW degrees with online learning components. Help Those in Need. Retention Rate: 56% Like many other MSW programs there are two pathways for students to earn their MSW. Retention Rate: 88% The one year online MSW programs mirrors the same on-campus programs that students enroll in. The University of Alabama offers full-time, part-time, and advanced standing tracks for their Master of Social Work. Online MSW graduate programs that offer field placement teams to specifically meet the needs of online students across the country take priority in our list over those programs that do not. This model allows for collaboration, discussion, and networking while students can maintain the flexibility of the online delivery format. As a Christian institution, the university has high expectations for its students’ behavior, including off-campus. Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis is the first university to offer a certificate in e-social work, and the program offers a free introductory course for interested students or professionals. Graduates of the MSW program possess the competencies needed to engage, assess, intervene and evaluate individuals, families, treatment groups, organizations and communities. What is a Project Management Professional Certification (PMP). As a generalist social workers can work and support in a vast array of professions including psychology, public health, education, business and medicine. fully Online MSW Cohort Program. 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Average Net Price: $5,703 The University of Texas Arlington provides a comprehensive award winning cohort style online MSW program where students enroll in cohorts and complete courses as such. Earning a Master’s degree, as opposed to a Bachelor’s degree, allows you to get to the next step of social work, which is in the clinical field. Students who pursue the Regular Standing degree plan option through the online program begin the program in the fall semester and complete the degree the summer after their third year in classes. Annual Tuition: $7,720 #3 West Virginia … Students take courses on practice, human behavior, and policy in a sequential design that builds concepts upon one another.