13. Biology 105 - Science of Biology with Lab. “What do you do when you are not... Read More, On September 8, 2020, Highland Community College, friends, local businesses and supporters... Read More, Engineering Graphics & Technologies Courses, Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Plumbing Courses, Engineering Graphics and Technologies (2 yr), Groundbreaking - Diesel Technology Center in Atchison, Kansas, The Highland Community College Foundation's Heritage Society Welcomes New Members, Kansas Board of Regents Enrollment Information, Highland Viticulture and Enology Program hosts a Field Day, Highland Community College Announces 2020 Graduates, Highland Community College's 2020 Northeast Kansas All-Star Games Canceled, © Highland Commmunity College All Rights Reserved. The focus is on contemporary issues relating to biodiversity and sustainability. This course provides a study of the structure of plants and how they live, grow, and reproduce. Biology 104 - Biology: A Human Approach. As a biology student, you'll study life and its living organisms, including cells, Syllabus for N212: Human Biology General Information, Policies and Requirements Fall 2020 You are responsible for reading and knowing the information in the syllabus. As a biology student, you'll study life and its living organisms, including cells, genes, plants, animals, and the human body, and you'll examine their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution.. BIO 150 - Biology I | Delaware Technical Community College This is a survey of the three domains of life. November 7 | 2:00pm The course will also examine political and ethical concerns, sociological consequences, and economic impacts. His seminar, "Fish reproductive biology: A journey between hormones, genes, functions, and aquaculture," is open to the college community and will be followed by a small reception. From the multiple locations of Highland Community College, you can see anywhere and begin pursuing any dream you choose. The faculty have a variety of specialty training and provide a wide range of courses. The college also exists to serve each student. Biology 1406 (020), Cellular and Molecular Biology… These courses are part of the General Education core in our associate and certificate programs. Prerequisites: BS 101 or Instructor Permission. Courses with a LIFE prefix are introductory courses offered by the LIFE core, which spans a number of departments including Biology. Co-requisite: BIO111 Principles of Biology laboratory This course is designed to give students an overview of the principles of biology that apply to living organisms. , Biology Fast Facts 50+ courses we offer in an academic year 650+ students majoring in our department 70+ publications over the past 3 years 40+ presentations over the past 3 years , CCNY faculty are on the cutting edge of research in topics as diverse as global biodiversity, genetic links between diabetes and Alzheimer's disease, or how the immune system fights pathogens. Diseases, defects, and abnormalities are covered with each system. The information posted on this site addresses the syllabus information required by Texas House Bill 2504. Our classes present material using hands-on labs, and a variety of media, pedagogies and technologies. 
785.442.6000 (P) Going on to earn a bachelor's degree in Biology can lead to a career in the following Biology 103 - Principles of Animal Biology. The course will examine human growth and development, scientific research in nutrition, and how nutrition affects human disease. COVID-19 Response: The Highland Campus is closed to the public. Delaware Tech syllabus for BIO 150 includes course objectives, course competencies, methods of instruction, catalog description, required textbooks and prerequisite courses. documents titled “Maricopa County Community College District Voluntary Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability” and “Safety Measures for Students in General Biology Classes” for details. New Policy. The course includes a brief physiological review with each system and will consist of three hours lecture and one and one half hours of laboratory work per week. At HCC you’re an integral part of an ever-expanding group that believes anything is possible. 318 Calkins Science Center. Standard methods and highly technical instrumentation will be used on board the college’s educational vessel. The department provides biology courses appropriate for students majoring in both science and non-science disciplines.Read More The mission of the Biology Department is consistent with the mission of Jefferson State Community College. Central Piedmont Community College Syllabus FALL 2020 BIO 168 – 86 Instructor Information Lecture and Lab Instructor for BIO 168- 86: Dr. Pat Alfarone CPCC Email: [email protected] Phone & Office: None. Courses with a BZ prefix are offered through the Department of Biology. This course is organized in a manner that brings the principles of pathophysiology to the forefront with a focus on the relatively few patterns of disease, rather than asking students to memorize extensive catalogs of specific diseases and this conceptual approach is more suited to these types of students. Mission Statement The Biology Department offers courses in biology. AP® Biology: Sample Syllabus 1 Syllabus Number: 876030v1 Curricular Requirements Page(s) CR1 Students and teachers use a recently published (within the last 10 years) college-level biology textbook. Please pay attention to announcements made in class and on Canvas. This interdisciplinary science course is designed to stimulate interest in environmental science, increase awareness of environmental problems, and improve understanding of environmental issues. Biology 106 - Basic Anatomy & Physiology. Graduate courses have numbers > 500; all others are undergraduate-level courses. The course consists of three hours of lecture plus three hours of laboratory work per week. 
785.442.6106 (F) Includes cell structure and function, and the metabolic processes of respiration, and photosynthesis, as well as cell reproduction and basic concepts of heredity. Highland Community College, the first college in Kansas, provides lifelong learning opportunities and contributes to economic development to enhance the quality of life in the communities we serve. Emphasis is placed on the organs forming each system, the embryonic development of the system, and the functions of the tissues and organs of each system. examine their structure, function, growth, origin, evolution and distribution. Laboratories will be used to support and supplement the information presented in lecture. Biology Syllabus Spring 2015 ... Pellissippi State Community College is committed to the educational process and student learning. You'll also have the opportunity to engage with professors who specialize in animal Program Description. Each instructor will further clarify specific criteria for grading, classroom procedures, such as ecology, agriculture, biochemistry, botany, physiology and zoology. Elgin Community College’s Biology faculty members have a wide range of interests and backgrounds to enhance your learning experience. Graduates of the biology program will be able to work in a variety of jobs such as biological science lab technicians, forest conservation technicians, and medical laboratory technicians. Nashville State Community College STEM Division Biology Program 2020 Master Course Syllabus BIOL 1120 - General Biology II (This master course syllabus template is a general guide for providing an overview of each course offered at Nashville State. biology and oceanography. The entire syllabus is posted on the Blackboard site for this site. The mission of the Biology Department is to provide a wide range of courses supporting students majoring in the biological and health sciences, while offering high quality breadth courses for the rest of the student body. 
Highland, KS 66035 My colleagues and I hope you will find many useful links to courses, faculty, and special programs. ©2020 Sussex County Community College. Our courses are structured to meet the needs of all students who are interested in a career in the broad area of the life sciences, pursuing health related professions, or fulfilling graduation requirements or transferable credits to four year colleges or universities. BIOL 150 Biology of Organisms* (5 Hours) Prerequisites : (RDG 126 or College Reading Readiness) and (BIOL 125 or BIOL 127 or BIOL 135) or department approval. It’s our goal to help you get there, and it’s up to you to begin the journey. The course topics include: calorie expenditures and the nutritional value of foods, including related calculations; human metabolism and metabolic pathways for carbohydrates, fat, and protein; methods for determining body composition, general fitness levels, and exercise intensity; nutritional health research data and statistics; and scientific data concerning the effects of nutrition on health, fitness, and sports activity. (616) 234-3592 Fax. It provides educational leadership to help each individual become a well-informed, responsible citizen and a productive member of society. This course is designed to teach basic competency in the vocabulary and comprehension of medical terms. I enrolled in this Ed2Go course as a refresher of basic biology since my last biology course was during high school back in 1972. can fulfill general education requirements. Nashville State Community College STEM Division Biology Program 2020 Master Course Syllabus BIOL 2230 - Microbiology (This master course syllabus template is a general guide for providing an overview of each course offered at Nashville State. Bergen Community College Division of Mathematics, Science and Technology Department of Biology and Horticulture Microbiology (BIO-104) General Course syllabus Course Title: Microbiology (BIO-104) Course Description: This is a laboratory science course that emphasizes the principles of biology … This course is a study of the fundamentals of human nutrition and the relationship of nutrition to health, well-being, and personal food choices. BIO111 – Gen College Biology I/Lab: SC1Credits: 5 Credits: 5 Examines the fundamental molecular, cellular and genetic principles characterizing plants and animals. Many Biology courses at NWACC carry transfer credit to four-year institutions and occupations: As a biology student, you'll study life and its living organisms, including cells, The course will focus on the relationships between the systems and the maintenance of a homeostatic condition within the body. 14. My intention is to enroll in a for-credit college level biology course/lab. The evolutionary connection between the phyla of the phylogenetic tree is covered with each phylum. Our excellent faculty teaches more than 20 different courses in Biology over four terms! Regional, Online, and Highland fall classes are ongoing. genes, plants, animals, and the human body, and you'll. Biology is the natural science that involves the study of life and living organisms. can fulfill general education requirements, Meet with an Advisor virtually or Text 479-309-5532, Student Ambassador & Government Association, Registered Student Organizations and Recreation, AAS Degrees/Certificates - Computer Information Systems. Many Biology courses at NWACC carry transfer credit to four-year institutions and This course will provide a study of food and the effect nutrition has on health, growth and development, and physical performance. Biology 111 - General College Biology I with Lab. We invite you to learn with us using technological tools and hands-on experiences in the class, field, and lab (including a full tissue culture suite). Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. Prerequisites: BS 101 or BS 105 or 5-Credit Hour Anatomy and Physiology with lab. Topics include air and water quality, global climate change, environmental toxicants, energy resources, deforestation, overfishing, and endangered species. The departments of Biology are dedicated to the study of living organisms and the processes of life. Welcome to the Biology Department at Monroe Community College. (Also listed as CON 246) View Course Syllabus