4. Candidates may refer this Computer Organization and Architecture study material for their GATE … DCAP206 INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTER ORGANIZATION & ARCHITECTURE Sr. No. Thanks a lot sir. sir please tell me how to crack a good score in gate exam…. What’s difference between Ping and Traceroute? Thank you so much for these notes. Your notes are really gud….Maths is quite helping..Thanks a lot for the notes…..it will surely be halpful to the gate aspirants.. truly a real help for the students ,be blessed with knowledge forever//, Hi Best Material Try to improve materaila content. Can you please send the C programming notes on my mail if das.sankar.sibendu@gmail.com, Sir, my name is rahul. Computer organization + Hardware (Microprocessor ) – 4-5 Questions Here you can download the free lecture Notes of Computer Organization Pdf Notes – CO Notes Pdf materials with multiple file links to download. Hello sir! sir. Your notes made me clear NET exam 🙂, Please upload any materials for ISRO 2015 Computer Science & Engg. A file Hello sir.I attempted gate 2014 and got 1500.It was disapointng to me.I want to attempt GATE2015 because IIT is my ultimate goal.I am doing fulltime job now and i get 2 hrs, hardly,everyday to prepare.please guide me how to utilise this time. I am Trying for gate from last 3 year but this time a got a key, Thank a lot Boss for all this any help from my side please contact. It uses a magnetization process. thank you. Is it a good idea to give Gate Exam for a different subject than your engineering subject? Firewall Your work is much appreciable. hey sir, i am in 4th year and want to crack gate 2015 … . am gonna study from these notes too, hii sir i just want guidance regarding gate… hi Ankur, hello sir ,Could you please exactly mention the important and main topics that we need to cover for GATE CSE software engineering subject. Sir please tell me how to manage the time for the preparation of Gate exam? Summary. HTML Tags I am started preparing for gate. Sir can u please suggest me a good book for data structures in c…where the syllabus for gate is covered with clear understanding too.. sir please check question no. Software Development Models, 7. 8. I m from ece background but the i m going to attempt for gate as cs-it, as a self preparing , these notes are worth for me, thanks ankur….a great deal for us…. Architecture- The entire disk is divided into platters. Software Engineering – 2 – 3 Questions XML I have already completed DSandDAA, OS and CN once-in-depth and I am currently doing DBMS, and your notes are doing great help. and they are even not opening up, sir , But I cant understand Process syncronization. Your email address will not be published. thank yoou sir much usefull notes for computer science get by your sites. It will be help for people who wants good AIR ranks. Its like a diwali gift for me. please sir guide me on that and also provided the way on how to gather the stuff to get exact path. Motivation comes from self. and what about the placements ? Thank you…. not able to download them Hope I too get a chance to share some knowledge someday.. THANK YOU Reduced Instruction Set Computer (RISC) RISC architecture is used to reduce the execution time by simplifying the instruction set of the computer. Thanking you. I just need to pass GATE for the MTech scholarship. I am currently employed and i did not have time to go to any coaching class. I also work in a company. In order to appreciate the operation of a computer, we need to answer such questions and to consider in more detail the organization … plzz help me not able to download some of ur notes, I need material regarding mechanical concepts for gate as well as ies. In 2014 gate year i got 1531 rank. Bus Structure, 5. Thanks For Your Appropriate notes Sir, Thank You Very much Sir. preparing notes for us………. Also I want to ask whether your notes will provide me a good grasp over the GATE Syllabus? But if you want a good rank, you need more than this. Lecture notes of BCS-203 COMPUTER ORGANIZATION (3-1-0 ) Text Books: 1. Can u tell me how you dealt with this problem. COA includes Machine instructions and addressing modes, ALU, Data‐path, and control unit, instruction pipelining, Memory hierarchy: cache, Main memory, Secondary storage, and I/O interface (Interrupt and DMA mode) with a weightage of 6-9 marks.. it’s really a nice approach. Thank you mr.ankur gupta. sir I got 370 in gate 2014 with 11149 rank. i am indebth to you for providing such valuable concise information. 5. How DHCP server dynamically assigns IP address to a host? hello sir, if i throughout your notes and solve previous year question papers then will i able to score good marks in GATE 2015 ? Ankur, its really very useful to go through your notes. very good initiative to serve the student community. To prepare for written test/interviews , what topics or subjects should be be prioritized? 8-units of R09 … Respect man ! Teacher is alaways a god person. NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. Sir pls send me c programming notes to my e-mail id.. Sir this notes very good and can i send the C language on my email id Please upload DBMS and OS material also. thank you soo much…its amazing to provide this notes.. great. You have done a very appreciable work after sharing your knowledge with other students. I am 2010 CS passed out with 76%… I am currently working as a software engineer… I would like to join mtech in next year by cracking Gate 2015… Can you suggest me the important topics that we have to refer first??? Thank you so much sir.These are superb notes and will help alot. First Generation: Vacuum Tubes ENIAC The ENIAC (Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer), designed and constructed at the University of Pennsylvania, … Notes are very objective. Network Security, 9. Good Evening ….I am a graduate in 2013 amd I am working for a Software Company ….but my intention is to crack a GATE Seat this time. as i want to do M.tech from renowned institute. Note :-These notes are according to the R09 Syllabus book of JNTU. Which subject should be given importance. Thank you so much for proving this information How should i prepare. How well we should be having knowledge on the subject while an interview? I want to ask one question… Hi sir, You are doing a great job.. really your notes are helpful.. Please share the notes by putting them on Google drive.People can just add folder to their drive.It will probably save lot of bandwidth for you and makes it easy to use for students also. Arithmetic and Logic Unit (ALU) –The arithmetic logic unit is that part of the CPU that handles all the calculations the CPU may need, e.g. Your notes are wonderfully prepared and covering all most complete subjects. I have downloaded 5 times but it is not opening in lap and also in mobile.. My dream is to crack Gate .i am happy that ur notes can helpe alot.Thnx alot sir, I have a doubt. My advice would be to read these notes at least once and refer to these along with your other GATE notes and study material for Computer Organization. Stacks, 8. In a computer, Memory is organized at … Changing the book will not get you anything. Could have been helpful if handwriting were a little better. Magnetic disk is a storage device that is used to write, rewrite and access data. Brilliant job. Students who want GATE Study Material for Computer Science Engineering of Class Notes Computer can download notes from the below table. Kindly reply SIr. In a computer, Memory is organized at different levels. 4. Computer Types, Functional units, Basic operational concepts, … leepockrajan@gmail.com. Thank you soooo much sir for this priceless help. 1. Thanks a lot… No one help anybody in such a selfless way.. Keep this good work up.! The notes are old and NOT USEFUL at all for today’s GATE syllabus. . Thank u Ankur for sharing your valuable notes. hello sir I have done MCA from Pune University. They have provided good examples categorized by difficulty levels, Thanks a lot Sir, for all your hard work and time. 7. Please help me out in this, Sir , please help me I am struggling with subject computer organisation and can’t find any good free source to improve my skills in this subject for gate, sir kindly upload the notes for advenced computer architecture, Hiee guyss Web Technologies – 1-2 Questions Anna University EC8552 Computer Architecture and Organization Notes are provided below. Awesome notes …………….. Im preparing for research programmer course at IISC. Array I GOVINDA RAJULU WORKING AS ASSISTANT PROFESSOR IN BTLIT BANGALORE AND I AM PREPARING FOR UGC EXAM 2014 AND I NEED MATERIAL AN COMPILER AND THEORY COMPUTATION, Sir At Present Iam doing Btech In Biotechnology,Iam in 2nd year at Nit,I want to do mtech in computer science,Is it possible for me to apper gate in computer science and do my Mtech in any IITs, Ky aapke pass me prolog programming or linear programming se related notes h. Hey hi ankur, good to see that freely u r sharing your data….