Enjoy the many Costa Rica holidays and events. Costa Rica is the unsung hero of Caribbean holidays, with enough white sands and palm trees to match St Lucia, and enough soul and romance to rival Havana. It has grown into a large outdoor event in the past years attracting thousands. Generally, everthing shuts down even public transportation for a few days. Dec. 25: Christmas Day Home » Costa Rica Events » Costa Rica Holidays and Events. Nov. 2: All Soul's Day 10. The Virgen de Los Angeles is a very religious day with many starting the annual pilgrimage to Cartago almost a week before hand. But has taken off recently in small neighborhoods. Jungle Jam is an annual reggae festival. The Envision festival is full of Musical performances, Yoga, and different workshops. Costa Rica Hotel + Flights You have loads of choices when it comes to finding a place to stay in Costa Rica. Costa Rica is an extremely biodiverse and beautiful little Central American country with very strong eco credentials. Our experts, Lou and Dawn, are dedicated to all things Costa Rica. Many normally line the streets and carry the flag of Costa Rica. Costa Rica Holidays Tours and Transfers provides a private transportation services and organize tours to different places of Guanacaste province. Holidays to Costa Rica provide the enticing prospect of beautiful scenery, glorious beaches and an intoxicating variety of flora and fauna. Thanks to a natural abundance of flora and fauna, and stunning scenery of cloud forests, rivers, volcanoes and wild beaches, you can enjoy adventure, wildlife viewing and relaxation. They celebrate an Afro-Caribbean culture with dancing music and food. It has both Pacific and Caribbean coasts. Costa Rica's love for a good party is contagious. Costa Rica Important COVID-19 travel guidance From 5 November to 2 December 2020, travelling away from home, including internationally, is restricted from England except in … You will still see Christmas trees lights and family gatherings. Or simply give us a ring and we’ll be delighted to advise you on the best Costa Rica family holidays … Costa Rica surfing holidays tick just about every box - long stretches of sandy beaches, year round sunshine, warm water, friendly people, great buzz and a real sense of adventure. Naturally Costa Rica specialises in tailor-made holidays to Costa Rica from the UK. A land of outstanding natural beauty! Only flights carrying cargo and those involved in the repatriation of citizens will be allowed to operate, the government said. Easter in Costa Rica is a very sincere and religious day. “From snow-white sands to emerald-green rainforests, Guanacaste showcases the best of Costa Rica’s scenery.”. The Casado is the most traditional meal; it includes white rice, beans, plantains, picadillo, salad, and some type of meat. Wildlife Holidays in Costa Rica Costa Rica is a Central American country bordered by Nicaragua to the north and Panama to the south-east. Costa Rica Holidays Volcanos, rainforests and beaches. Enjoy the many Costa Rica holidays and events. Volcanoes, with five listed active volcanoes and … Halloween is not very popular in Costa Rica. Luxury Costa Rica Holidays 2020/2021 In its natural wonders, Costa Rica is Central America's jewel. Hotel Le Cameleon is a very comfortable modern boutique hotel on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast at Puerto Viejo, near the Panamanian border. They warmly celebrate all public holidays in Costa Rica and respect all religious events. Costa Rica Public Holidays in 2020 Costa Rica has a total of 23 holidays in 2020. Its treacle-coloured sandy beaches are winners in the looks and surf departments. Costa Rica holidays One of the jewels of Central America, Costa Rica features unique wildlife, lush rainforests and fabulous beaches. He is the National Hero of Costa Rica. here. The Fiest of the Immaculate Conception is a Religous holiday in Costa Rica. Our All Inclusive Holidays to Costa Rica have flights, hotels, food and drink included so that you can have a hassle-free holiday! From January 1st until December 31st there is a holiday for almost every week of the year. Surfing, reggae, nature and fascinating history: holidays in Costa Rica are packed with the charms of Central America - and the swinging beats of the Caribbean. Costa Rica holidays - perfect for... Birdwatching, with over 800 native species to spot. Whether it’s a family surf holiday, off the beaten From January 1st until December 31st there is a holiday for almost every week of the year. They know their stuff and you’ll not only get friendly help but the latest on-the-ground knowledge. May 1st: Labor Day 5. Pacific Ocean or Caribbean Sea resorts. We’re working from home until further notice, but remain … A boisterous celebration of Carnival festivals and parties. In the … It is a very important time in History and one all Costa Ricans look forward to each year. New years day in Costa Rica is just like any other Country. Guanacaste. April 11: Juan Santamaria Day 4. National parks, cloud forests and jungles – where zip-lining through the trees is a must. Watch out for the exotic wildlife of toucans, frogs and sloths – just to name a few. Begin your experience in San José, when you book flights to Costa Rica. A religious holiday celebrating Saint Joseph but generally families take it off for the beach and some down time. List of Costa Rica public holidays, national holiday celebrations, bank holidays, official holiday calendar, legal holidays, religious festivals for the year 2020. Discover the lush rainforests, colourful birdlife and interesting animals both large and small. Many attend special church services on this date. This is a holiday celebrated worldwide. Distances in Costa Rica are quite short, and road conditions are reasonable for the purpose of getting around on holiday with no great speed or urgency. January 1st: New Year's Day 2. Book today with First Choice. My Costa Rica (CostaRica.Org) is a Travel Agency that offers Custom Costa Rica Vacations & Packages Including Hotels, All-Inclusive Resorts and Tours. This is a list of Public holidays in Costa Rica. it also attracts large crowds and is full of reggae culture. Sept. 15: Independence Day 9. Embody the country’s ‘pura vida’ lifestyle to the full with a family adventure that lets you live the good life, discovering national parks, canopy walks, beachside lodges and … Costa Rica's food embraces a world of flavours; the unique dishes are simple but nonetheless delicious. Lots of activities are available including hiking, snorkelling, diving, surfing, mountain biking, kayaking and cultural visits to local communities. Aug. 15: Mother's Day 8. Experience Costa Rica's stunning biodiversity in this 12-day itinerary. July 25: Annexation of Guanacaste Day 6. Costa Rica Holidays Famously declared one of the happiest places in the world, Costa Rica has protected over 40% of it’s land as national parks and produces 99% of its power from clean, renewable sources. Costa Rica serves up a double helping of shorelines – the Pacific and Caribbean Coasts. Comprehensive list of National Public Holidays that are celebrated in Costa Rica during 2020 with dates and information on the origin and meaning of holidays. Where as local events are cool to see the traditional side of Costa Rica. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) and National We offer tailor made holidays to suit a wide range of tastes. Papagayo Bay. Playa Flamingo. The Costa Rican Carnival takes place for one week in the port town of Limon. It celebrates the day that Guanacaste chose to be a part of this little Country. Costa Rica’s size makes it ideal for a two-week family holiday exploring its cloud forests, beaches and colourful towns. About a quarter of the population lives in the Of the eleven days, nine are paid holidays and two are not. This Day celebrates the numerous protected areas and national parks with in Costa Rica. Taste the food, make some friends, learn the traditions and get in the spirit with any number of fiestas, horse parade, and carnivals celebrated throughout the country. Semana Santa is the one of the holiest week of the year in Costa Rica. Labor Day or May Day is the celebration of workers, generally, there are parades and many fireworks. © 1996-2020 costarica.com, Inc. All rights reserved. 1. Browse our sample Costa Rica holidays. Selfdrive holidays in Costa Rica Selfdrive is a great way to see Costa Rica if you like to go as you please and don't mind getting lost sometimes! © Copyright 2004-2021 all rights reserved. It is known for the day Christopher Columbus discoverd Latin America. Although they do have a few traditional foods at this time, for example, Tamales. This will help you decide when to Visit Costa Rica as certain times of year are extremely busy and the beaches are full and other parts of the year are not so bad. Sandwiched between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, there’s a wonderful variety of landscapes to explore from misty cloud forests and lush rainforest to soaring volcanoes and jungle fringed beaches. Antigua and Barbuda Costa Rica specific information: Argentina : Argentina has extended its entry ban as part of the national quarantine that began on March 20th. Luxury Costa Rica Holidays - Book your luxury, tailor-made Costa Rica holiday with The Ultimate Travel Company. March/April: Easter Week 3. Luxury resorts, fine dining and cultural heritage. This will help you decide when to Visit Costa Rica as certain times of year are extremely busy and the beaches are full and other parts of the year are not so bad. Costa Rica can boast more than 850 species of birds in an extremely small area, attracting birdwatchers of all levels. TravelSupermarket compares prices on a range of holidays to Costa Rica. There are 9697 hotels listed on Expedia starting at £69 a night. The former’s the front-runner in the tourism stakes. Mothers day is a very sentimental day to celebrate your mother. This is a day of recognition to the soldier Juan Santa Maria. Lastly, don’t forget to check what the weather will be like in Costa Rica at the time that you want to travel. Founded by Spanish settlers in the 16 th century, it’s now a haven for both nature lovers and extreme sports enthusiasts. A land of outstanding natural beauty! Compare the best Costa Rica holidays. Costa Rica Costa Rica holidays CLOSE Tailor-made holidays A holiday designed just for you to suit your tastes Fathers day almost everywhere is a sentimental holiday between fathers and sons or daughters. Playa Matapalo and Coco Beach are … You will see things like bullfighting, large carnivals and lots of Costa Rican Cuisine. Holidays to Papagayo Bay in Costa Rica serve up tropical forests, sugar-white beaches and big helpings of local culture. Costa Rica, straddling the tectonic plates of the Pacific and Caribbean, boasts 110 volcanoes, five of which are still active.