This cat gets bouts of inflammatory bowel. Expert 3: Definitely. Emotions of love, empathy And jealousy in cats. But do cats feel more complex emotions such as jealousy, compassion, and love? When Your Cat Is Sad . Cats show love through a variety of behaviours, including affectionate body contact, seeking or attempting to provide comfort, bringing presents, and grieving the loss of someone close. A cat’s emotional range may include the “higher feelings” that some people associate only with humans, such as anger, happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, and surprise. Understanding Cat Emotions. We know cats have basic feelings, such as being tired, playful, or hungry. Similarly, identifying different vocalizations, like purring or meowing, will give you insight into her emotions. For a kitty, a fear reaction may result when she is carried into the veterinary office and can surmise by the sights, smells and sounds that she's probably in for an unpleasant poking and prodding by the vet. The people who responded reported commonly observing all of the six basic emotions (anger, happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, and surprise) in both dogs and cats. Apart from anger, cats feel tiredness, playfulness, joy, hunger, and another feeling that humans have. This cat is showing some anger emotion, angry cats can lash out. “They can express different moods—happiness, sadness, rage—that let me know,” she said. Cats communicate their feelings through body language and vocalizations. View image of This cat knows your thoughts (Credit: Tambako the Jaguar, CC by 2.0) Dogs have … Cats indeed feel a variety of emotions that reflect in their actions and eyes. Love could be classed as an extension to happiness and contentment. These are harder emotions to prove exist in a cat but if you ask any cat owner I am sure they will have felt them before from their cat. These issues can also be a sign of illness. While cats certainly do have emotions, such as grieving or depression, they will never shed tears to show those feelings. Observing your cat's body, legs, ear position, tail, fur and whiskers will help you understand what she is feeling. While at a vet appointment I asked if cats cry, you know tears, and the vet says no. Common Feelings For Cats – What Emotions Kitties Feel. If you have doubts, then you can try hitting a cat, and they will tell you who the boss of anger is! The difference between dogs' and cats' responses to human emotions could be rooted in prehistory. Love. But what about real emotions like fear, anger, happiness, or grief? As a cat owner, you will have come to recognise your companion’s various moods from her body language, facial expressions, noises and the way she moves. The question whether cats feel emotion has become a much debated topic among feline behaviorists and scientists. Scientists have recently agreed that identifying the emotions of an animal can help to understand their behaviour. Of the four complex emotions … One of the hardest things for cat owners to understand is their pets’ behavior. I also believe cats have emotions. If you are concerned about your pet's emotions, look for other signs such as lethargy, withdrawal, or disinterest in food. Understanding the emotions of your cat. There is evidence that cats experience many of the same emotions humans do, though probably not the complex social permutations of those emotions. Cat therapist Carole Wilbourn said cats definitely have emotions. Truth be told, feline furballs have larger emotional capacities than you might think. Cats also have amygdalae that initiate emotional responses such as fear. I told her the cat she was looking at cry's tears..she just glared at me.