I am determined to find another so glad to see someone replace one. 99 ($18.99/Count) $3.57 shipping. Search. Estate found fresh, we have some sausage stuffer parts … $22.97 $ 22. There are still Enterprise stuffers and grinders in use today, some over 100 years old! Vintage Enterprise . 2 Food Chopper 10 photo. Antique Enterprise sausage stuffer is available on HiBid. Yeah, my crockpot has awesome maple handles and an electronics knob, replacements for the crappy phenolic accouterments that cracked off after years of service. Along the bottom it says, “8 Qt. Fits most cast iron stuffers that use 2 lugs to lock on. Sold Date; Source eBay This Enterprise Manufacturing Co. fruit press / cider press / wine press / sausage stuffer has been restored and is in excellent condition. Watch ebay for several weeks to get a good sense of what I am telling you. Browse Our Products. I would be sure to check out ebay auctions for enterprise sausage stuffers and get the knowledge of the normal prices for items before I took one persons word for how much something is worth first. This item, Antique Enterprise Cast Iron Sausage Stuffer Wine and Fruit Press, is part of the online auction: Online Auction of Restaurant Equipment . Free shipping for … Sometimes identifying a maker by his or her mark is like solving a puzzle. The knob itself was some sort of material that didn't seem to be metal and it broke leaving the screw intact and some sort of washer that stayed put. Vintage L. F. & C Climax 50 Cast Iron Meat … Antique 1883 Cast Iron Enterprise 40lb Sausage Stuffer 6341 - Large . Antique Enterprise . Selling Enterprise 8 Qt solid cast iron sausage stuffer, meat press, lard/wine/fruit/apple press. 25 4 Qt Lamp. $300.00. Thanks for posting this. Great gift for hunting season for making sausage! Durable and Long-Lasting! $300.00. 8 Quart Qt No. Antique 1883 . Co., Phila. Ag Equipment - Bismarck, ND. I did much enjoy reading this, One question. Enterprise Sausage Stuffer, Fruit lard press CLEANED This is a ENTERPRISE MFG PHILA PA U.S.A. stuffer. It came from my grandparents, to my parents (who kept everything). Pricing & History. Durable and Long-Lasting! History; Contact; 1 (800) 683-5858; Select Page. There... Join tens of thousands of other collectors who receive this Free weekly email with insider tips, news, marks and other news from the Kovels. Member; Posts: 653; Old Enterprise Stuffer Restore « on: December 23, 2009, 07:08:13 AM » Picked up this old Enterprise over the summer for 15 bucks, I have one in Florida so I figured I could restore it for that … ANTIQUE PRIMITIVE #2092 Enterprise 6 Qt Lard/Fruit Press Sausage Stuffer. 100% American-Made Cast Iron Meat Grinders. $300.00. Three Stainless Steel sausage stuffing tubes for Enterprise and Chop Rite cast iron sausage stuffers. 2020-11-28 04:10:59. The results look delicious. Co. Sausage Stuffer/Fruit Press Pat. 25 4 Qt Lamp. Antique Enterprise Mfg. 7. 1876/1883 Phila. Your sausage stuffing machine is in the Kitchenalia category of collecting. History. New Old Sausage Stuffer (slight return) Q-talk. I am not sure if this is a 6 quart or an 8 quart. 8 Quart Enterprise Sausage Stuffer Large Gear Fruit Wine Lard Press Up for auction is this large gear from an Enterprise 8 quart sausage press. I think it is very interesting but always have a problem thinking about the outer stuffing being intestine just a personal quirk which is probably senseless. Fits most cast iron stuffers that use 2 lugs to lock on. The BBQ BRETHREN FORUMS. You'd also want a diamond drill bit to pop a hole in the center for a handle. Mission: To restore a rust-crusted Enterprise Sausage Stuffer and Lard Press Background: This sausage stuffer is an icon of the family sausage-making parties that took place in the cold room at my Uncle Ed’s farm in Mansura, Louisiana. Today they are valued antiques, but … 2 Photos Enterprise Sausage Stuffer/Fruit Press.