Today I can look back on a long standing experience in the art of falconry. Falcon Mews are a first class raptor breeder in the UK. Peregrine Falcon and Peregrine x GYR Falcon Breeder Based In The UK. Breeding large falcons, hybrid falcons, eagles and hawks. It was easily trapped without disturbing the other dozen or so falcons in the pen. We are breeders of some outstanding birds: Harris Hawks; Aplomado Falcons; Join Us for the Ultimate Falconry Experience. Mcknight falcons has supplied the above information on a best endeavours basis and in good faith. Are you a licensed falconer looking for a quality game hawk? Free Shipping to UK. Additionally you can find information of my falcons for sale. AI Equipment now available at Based in the UK we also export our falcons internationally. You are very welcome to convince yourself at our falconry. Our current Falcon breeding stock includes: Perigrines, Scottish, Continental, Brookie, Welsh, Peales/Scottish, Red Naped Shaheen, Black Shaheen, Feldeggi Lanners. Our extensive range of Falcons and Hawks allows us to produce a huge variety of specialized birds for hunting and breeding. Fox Falcons - Breeding & Stud Supplying the Royal Families of the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain for 23 years Conservation, Research and Welfare IWC (UK) Ltd is committed to a number of conservation research projects Falconry Heritage Working with UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage programme Female Gyr falcon NATURAL PAIRS Individual falcons are carefully selected and paired together in specially designed skylight and seclusion aviaries. Based in the UK we also export our falcons internationally. Below is shown a list of falcon species. Mother is a Canadian Rockies Anatum and a Utah Sky Trials winner, father is a wild taken Oregon bird. Company status Active Company type Private limited Company Incorporated on 30 … We meet some of the top names in the falconry industry, ahead of next week’s International Festival of Falconry in Abu Dhabi. 2020 Tiercel Anatum Peregrine Name: Zane Posted: 11/23/2020 Location: Utah Phone: 8014277341 State: Utah 2020 tiercel Anatum Peregrine. Specially selected blood lines allow us to produce a wide variety of high quality pure bred species and hybrids/tribrids. This site is under re-development and the subsequent pages have been temporarily disabled. McKnight Falcons only breed with high quality PURE Gyrs from excellent lines from Bryn Close, Martin Jones, Mark Richards, Gary Wall, FalconMews, Dan Konkel, Bob Berry and Steve Moroney lines. With Service and dispatch times you won't find anywhere else! Purchase Harris Hawk's for Sale Online at Mike's Falconry Supplies & Mike Syring's Breeding Project - producing excellent quality Harris Hawks since 1985 Call us toll free: 1-888-663-5601 Login We have carefully chosen breeding stock based on field performance and temperament, and have built a reputation for producing some of the finest game hawks available in the UK. We are surrounded by green fields with plenty of peace and quiet. Falcon Breeders has 3,036 members. Mcknight falcons believe that a stud book or pedigree system should exist for the breeding of birds of prey and that being able to identify lineage should be a pre-requisite in relation to the registration of stock. Aplomado is the Spanish word for lead-colored. Eggs produced by naturally breeding falcons usually have a higher percentage fertility and hatchability than those produce by AI. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Over the years we have increased our breeding stock of Falcons to now produce some of the finest high flying birds in Europe. Please find some images and information on our Gyrs. Georgia Mountain Falconry Escape Your Earthbound Existence. Hovering over each image will bring up more information on the bird and clicking on the image will expand it out to a slideshow. Our falcons have primarily been bred for hunting, but in recent times our falcons have excelled in the modern day arena of the Arabian Falcon Races. Welcome To Al Wathba Falcons! We have been specialising in the breeding of Goshawks via AI for over 25 years gaining valuable experience and knowledge in the process. On my Falconry near Melk I successfully breed gyrfalcons, gyr peregrines, saker falcons, eagles and other birds of prey. 404.538.4355 Falconry Birds.Falcon Breeders.Peregrine.Peregrine Breeders.Peregrine Breeder.Peregrine Falcons.Peregrine Hybrids Available.Peregrines Small, specialized production from quality falcons, fed on quality food ensuring a vitality that shows on the fist and a vigour that is demonstrated in the field . McKnight Falcons are pleased to offer the following birds for sale – UK VAT is charged on top of prices shown and the buyer is expected to arrange collection.. Some of the species we breed include: Harris Hawks, Redtails, Ferruginous, Steppe Eagle, Golden Eagle, Blue Chile Eagle, Bonelli Eagle. ... Old nests of other species such as ravens are used elsewhere in the world, but rarely in the UK. McKnight Falcons only breed with high quality PURE Gyrs from excellent lines from Bryn Close, Martin Jones, Mark Richards, Gary Wall, FalconMews, Dan Konkel, Bob Berry and Steve Moroney lines. Recognised by those “in the know” as one of the world’s best breeders, MJ Raptors successfully provide award winning falcons for both the UK and UAE markets. 2020 15/16 (92) Gyr x Saker Falcon Female. Falcon semen, that is, because Bryn is one of Britain's top falcon breeders. The nest itself is a slight scrape in earth or old debris on the nest ledge. Thanks again for visiting. We are now taking orders for the 2013 breeding season with our 100% parent reared Finnish , Albidus and Gabar Goshawks, parent reared 50/50 Finn x German Goshawks, Peregrine Falcons, White ¾ Gyr x Saker Falcons, Harris Hawks and Sparrow Hawks - Contact us for details. We also breed a limited number of hybrid falcons ranging from Gyr x Peregrines to 7/8th Gyr x Sakers, whatever the falconers choice of discipline or hunting style, we can provide the falcon best suited to your needs. BREEDERS OF REDTAILS AND HARRIS HAWKS BASED IN SOUTH-WEST ENGLAND I am able to help you for sure. Please find some images and information on our Gyrs. Pedigree Falcons are an established breeder of Peregrine falcons, Gyr falcons and Peregrine x Gyr falcons. We are however reliant on the individuals we purchase stock from in supplying us with complete and accurate information. RESIDENTS: Since these birds are native to North America, I can only sell to those who are licensed to possess them. People for FALCON BREEDERS LTD (SC551475) More for FALCON BREEDERS LTD (SC551475) Registered office address 26-30 Marine Place, Buckie, Scotland, AB56 1UT . The first contains the kestrels. ... Mr Davidson said a total of 120 birds were involved with 10 sold in the UK … UK Falcons birdmart specialises in birds of prey for sale, falconry equipment for sale and breeders rings. With over 30 years breeding experience, Angus Falconry Services produce a limited number of high class Falcons each year from selected lines. Remember the photo of 80 falcons sitting in economy class on their way to Saudi Arabia that went viral earlier this year? Inspired at an early age by the legendary film “Kes”, Mick was hooked on falconry and it’s now become an integral part of his life. The Breeding Facility was established in 1991 and is proud to be one of the first raptor breeding facilities of its kind in Scotland. World Class Falcons Bred for Serious Hunters! NAFA would like to provide information of current NAFA members that breed raptors. Peregrine falcon; Nest sites and breeding habits; Nest sites and breeding habits Peregrines are territorial, with each territory containing one or more nest sites. McKnight Falcons therefore accepts no liability in relation to the completeness or reliability of the information provided. 2020 Wild hacked hybrid falcon prices 1st January 2020 Early Season Special Prices Prices include Export CITES and Health Certificate and shipping to either Doha, Dubai or Bahrain Airport Gyr/Barbary (Gyr Parera) Male £2,000 Female £5,000 Special £7,000 Gyr/Red Napped Shaheen (Gyr Jabaleya) Male £2,000 Female £6,000 Special £7,500 If you can't find what you are looking for, just contact me without any obligation. phone: +49(0)4244 1309 mobil: +49(0)176 59195924 email: please use contact form homepage: Our falcons may be chosen directly at my location (our falconry). To be listed below, please email the NAFA Web Administrator with your name, phone, species your are breeding and an email address or website (if you have one). Search for: Hawks & Falcons for Sale. A Middle Eastern falcon trader wins a court order banning the export of young birds from southern Scotland. You can have some example text here if you wanted. This group is created for breeders of any species of falcon to discuss any topics related to the breeding, rearing and flying of any type of falcon. Scottish Falcon Breeders are located just outside the village of Huntly in Aberdeenshire. Captive bred here in Utah. Our purpose built facility is based in the open English countryside of Lincolnshire. Specially selected blood lines allow us to produce a wide variety of high quality pure bred species and hybrids/tribrids. Supplying the Finest in Falconry, With one of the largest ranges of High Quality items online. You must be a NAFA member to be listed. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. We have recently begun the process of diversifying our breeding stock to now produce Eagles and Hawks. You do not need a PayPal account to make a deposit, you can pay using all Major bank and credit cards and alternatively over the phone. Please contact us if you wish further details and prices.. To reserve a current or future bird, a non returnable deposit is required (returned or carried over if your choice of bird is not produced) This is a bluish-grey color similar to steel. Having spent over 25 years mastering Artificial Insemination we have been able to fine tune and refine our breeding stock to now produce some of the finest birds in Europe coming from the highest quality heritage and blood lines. Over the years we have increased our breeding stock of Falcons to now produce some of the finest high flying birds in Europe. Whilst this is not a current requirement we are careful in relation to identifying the blood-lines which we breed from and perform due diligence in relation to the stock that we purchase from other breeders. Pedigree Falcons are an established breeder of Peregrine falcons, Gyr falcons and Peregrine x Gyr falcons. If you’d like to buy a falcon, please click on the “contact” link to the left. Black Sparrow Hawk x all of the above species, Siberian Buteoides x all of the above species, Problem displaying Facebook posts.Click to show errorfunction cffShowError() { document.getElementById("cff-error-reason").style.display = "block"; document.getElementById("cff-show-error").style.display = "none"; }, 234 Bow Cottage Staplefitzpaine Taunton Somerset TA3 5BG. It is a matter of course that all our falcons feature top quality and training. We now have a large range of Goshawk species and sub-species from some of the top blood lines currently available. The falcon I chose was parent reared and then “hacked” for 33 days in Jim’s large circular flight pen. The flight stuff: the master falcon breeders of the UAE. T his list is not an exhaustive list of all breeders but of only those who have contacted NAFA to be listed. Members of the falcon familiy are roughly divisible into three or four groups. Our extensive range of Goshawks includes: Pure Albidus (parents imported directly from Kamchatka), Siberian Buteoides, Russian Buteoides. With over 25 years of breeding raptors we are confident when we say that we can deliver a falcon to be proud of. Scottish Falcon Breeders accept payments securely online via a SSL Server supplied by PayPal or alternatively by card. Aplomado falcons have a beautiful steel-grey plumage, but they have other aspects of steel, like strength, durability, malleability and when it comes to hunting, nerves of steel. There is a link on how to get started in falconry on the "contact" page. Let me take you into the mysterious world of birds of prey and the art of falconry. 4 talking about this. The second group contains slightly larger (on average) and more elegant species, the hobbies and relatives. BREEDING" natural and artificial I" Lincolnshire is very well known for its below average rain fall and above average summers allowing young falcons to develop to their full potential. Kestrels feed chiefly on terrestrial vertebrates and invertebrates of appropriate size, such as rodents, reptiles, or insects. NOTE TO U.S.