Just wondering about which is the better solo class - a knight or a blade? And how do i build my stats for both of em? The AoE Knight is a very good AoE Class for Beginners. A well-geared Hero Knight can get up to 60k HP without a Pet. The AoE Knight is considered as one of the best, and definitely one of the easiest to control AoE Classes in Flyff. The 1-100 knight guide was pretty useful i guess, but I could use a few pointers or more. Yo-yo’s. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Press J to jump to the feed. ---Acrobat The most “unique” class in Flyff, even though all of the classes are essentially a little plain. Using a 1v1 build with Rody/Rodey set and HKnuckle with Attack speed awakening would be the best if you want to solo-giant, else get a Critical/Critical damage awakened shield and a RM. 3. X_X Thanks in advance. In Flyff Legacy there are currently 3 available classes to choose from when starting your character: Acrobat, Mage, and Mercenary. They are a ranged class which can use either bows or yo-yo’s. You can skip all trash mobs if they don't need to be killed. Acro’s are the fastest leveling class through 15-60 if they decide to take the Bow-Jester route. Because of his tremendous HP and Defense, he can take up loads of mobs and won't die with proper gear. Keep Stonehand always casted and always have some Red and Gold pills just in case. r/FlyFF: A place for FlyFF players to discuss anything FlyFF related! Vagrant>Mercenary>Blade – that is the job tree to becoming a blade. Billposters are good for beginners also because they can effectively solo giants for quick money.If what you mean by best class is the best class for an experienced player, a Blade would dominate 1v1. As a Gianter, you'll want to get the best damage over time as possible. Fan Art Fan Class Development Fan Fiction Fan Sites Fan Videos Scraps (Cute things) November 19, 2020, 23:08:51 By Karakedi Bugfu logo November 19, 2020, 22:32:32 By TaoZen Rank Online Name Guild Level Job 6 EthelBooba Exiled 160-H 7 Spectre AmongUs 160-H 8 Messiah Wicked 160-H 9 DrunkenMaster Wicked 160-H 10 Yuqi Hi im' absolutely new to flyff. Remember, I will just be posting the builds that I have tried in playing Flyff and also discuss a few PROs and CONs for it. Yes, you heard me. Assassins are the best solo class because of this factors: 1. Once you get a second job, Mages Become Elementors/Psykeepers Acrobats Become Rangers/Yoyo Jesters Mercenarya Become Knights/Blades The Secondary Job quests hit when you reach level 500. 2. Table of Contents: •Introduction •Basics •Gear Transition [Intro] The Crackshooter , the 3rd Job Attainment of Acrobat > Ranger > Crackshooter , a class that utilizes Ranged Attacks aswel as Ranged Skill Based Projectile Attacks and relys on a single stat for its defense and its offense , truly the best class to start out with , add to that it only uses one weapon. Permahide prevents you to take any damage by the boss itself while you beat the shit out of him. I haven't found a blade guide yet. Their DPS is the best out of all classes.