Then exchange them with the rewards from the NPC. The Int-AoE Billposter is a fun and fast way to level in FlyFF. I know this is a question that gets asked a lot, but I'd like to bring the math into question as well, as many others haven't. There are two Strength based AoE skills and one Intelligence based … Objective: Collect 10 Crystallized Soul 2020 and 10 Seed 2020 and exchange it to 1 pc Summer Box 2020. Sell Full Equipped Billposter Account on United Flyff. The “Oh, so AWESOME Hybrid Build” STR XXX(put your stats here) STA 40 or more DEX 33 or more Hybrid Blades can come in many different packages based on your needs. Recommended build 1: Keep in mind that you will need a Ringmaster/Billposter with maxed buffs for this build. The Build; Lv15-60 (Methods of Leveling) FS: Levels 15-70; AoE: Levels 28-70; The Intelligence Area of Effect Billposter. They will get an AoE skill at lvl 80 which allow them to go AoE and kill for themselves. Or, put more directly: it was designed specifically for the Filipino version. One PRO for this build is that you don’t need to have a highly upgraded set – a +3 will do, if you have the budget go for a +5. (Fresh Server - 01 Nov 2020)[30x Exp, 45x Drop, 65x Penya] Alpha Centaury Flyff is a community Driven server, we started with a vanilla server and over the last year have added new features/systems that players have wanted. Player will always start out as a beginner class called the Vagrant class. Sell Full Equipped Billposter Account on United Flyff You last visited: Today at 22:15. A BillPoster (BP for short) is one of the eight third-job-classes in flyff, and one of the two third-job-class choices for the assist. With this build and maxed Cannon Ball you will reach the first Axe speed break at 53 DEX. Assistant -> Billposter. The suffix _PH_2020 signals an affiliation with the Filipino version. There, the ‘Summer Box 2020’ also received its own suffix for Thailand (TH). Level: Level 15+ character Quest Type: Repeatable Server/s: Rhisis and Lord Pang Event Period: April 1 – May 13, 2020 … Everything should be fine until you reach level 60 even without maxed buffs, but you really need the buffs after that. The same phenomenon can be observed within the Thai version. Without … With training, players can level up their characters and advance to the first job at level 15 and go to a second job at level 60 then when you get to 120 you will have to do a quest … Advertisement. Welcome to . Another build can also be a (full) STA build, since Ringmasters are capable to AoE at higher lvls. A legendary server returning to the players with a nostalgic but competitive experience that you expect to see from Eclipse. After 7 years, this is the veritable product of our successes and failures. Hey guys, I asked this question earlier today on the webzen forums, but nobody's answered yet so I figured I'd ask here too. Quest Location: Flaris NPC: Woods Manager Requirement: Collect the quest items in the collecting area. Best skill for AoE billposter? They tend to AoE around lvl 95-105+. Please register to post and access all features, it's quick, easy and FREE! The other being an RM, which is mostly a Support or AoE class, but does have [inferior] 1v1 capabilities. As a Billposter, you have arguably the highest build potential. The Intelligence AoE Billposter is one of the three AoE Classes for a Billposter. In Flyff, there are a total of 21 classes to play as and 3 unrealeased classes. Name Guild Level Class Playtime Created at; 1 Damon Invictus 121 Hero Billposter Advertise with us!