The startling feature of this thigh tat is that the vixen is performed in an admired geometric style. The denotation of the tac discloses Chinese traditions as for the fox as a sign of transformation and longevity. A stunning piece of a tribal ink extends from the left shoulder to the neck, the chest of the animal is white and the whole body is gray. The lovable black and white figure is on the ankle. A tattoo on the hand shows a fox with a scary grin, this figure is done in orange, gray, yellow and turquoise colors. An eye-catching tribal ink is the best decoration for a human, the pattern looks like a filigree work due to beautiful curved lines. A tattoo of a red fox on a background of green pines is observed on the lower half sleeve. 81. The tattoo reveals Indian idea of a fox image as the embodiment of a family and strong family values. A simple tribal pattern here looks stunning. For Tswana people, the fox was a noble creature, which has always fulfilled its dreams. This pose says about a person’s desire to escape from danger or unpleasant memories, the aspiration for warmth and coziness. Tattoo Designs Tattoo Ideas. The meaning of the tattoo is an individual with an iron will. This geometric pattern is the symbol of a noble person, who always goes to his dreams. A magnificent design on the hip looks vintage, a colorful vixen is enclosed in a black and white frame. The chip of the ink is an unusual depiction of a fox – it wears a blue hat, a golden is around the neck and two purple flowers complement the whole picture. 1.2M Followers 29K Followers 30.2k Followers 10.5K Followers. The pattern is associated with a wise, intelligent and sagacious person. A red vixen on the wrist wants to reach to its tail. A little pup here looks lonely, but the figure itself is alluring. An elegant tattoo of a red vixen on the lower arm adds attractiveness to this cutie. The tac may be a sign of a little trickster. A geometric fox in bright colors is about a human with a rational thinking. A great piece of a neo-traditional tattoo decorates the half sleeve. Oct 30, 2020 - Geometric tattoos often are used as sacred rituals because their intended goal is to show you a path to understanding. An attractive small trickster with brown ears and paws looks surprised. Animal tattoos. The pattern will fit risky people. The meaning of the tat discloses Celtic traditions about this animal as the embodiment of a wise person, who can smooth any conflict. An unusual pattern on the hip depicts a fox head, these vivid colors combine well, at the bottom there are acorns and dragonflies of a khaki color. This realistic image with vivid colors looks fantastic! A rather large geometric tattoo of a cunning fox. A beautiful female ink adorns the hip, a fox head is combined with green leaves and a flower, performed in purple and turquoise colors. The most common geometric fox tattoo material is fabric. A luxurious pattern on the half sleeve is done in warm tones. A rainbow vixen is performed in a fast-paced tattoo style and is observed on the back. The ink may be a symbol of a foxy woman. This geometric vixen with a turquoise and burgundy lush tail emphasizes the roundness of the body and the femininity of the woman. A distinctive tattoo embellishes the ribs, the picture itself is extraordinary. Die Bedeutung von geometrischen Tattoo … The image indicates a potent man. An awe-inspiring tribal tac adorns the half sleeve, the fox looks aggressive and its tail reminds of spurts of flame, at the top of the tattoo there is a triangle. A simple monochrome ink on the lower arm shows a cute picture – a little fox in a jump with an apple and two small stars. A geometric style is a developing trend in the tattoo industry that attracts with innovative solutions at times of traditional patterns. A gray fox with black paws and a beautiful lush tail is on the half sleeve, even in a gray color the ink looks magnificent. A human expresses his creative potential with the ink. A colorful fox with green leaves is combined with two black circles, they look like an exquisite lace with a complex pattern. The image says about a noble and magnanimous person. The picture spells out the idea of a cyclical nature of life. DIY Black Wolf Lion Temporary Tattoos Sticker For Men Boys Adult … So whether you’re a science nerd, a spiritual type, or just someone who wants a cool tattoo, geometry is there to give you the perfect design. A brutal image is on the hand, the tat is done in a neo-traditional style. This beautiful tac looks cute and it may symbolize a naive person. For this man, the tac symbolizes the ability to adapt and solve all the problems. Pin. Moon and Sun Tattoos. These technologies are used for things like interest based Etsy ads. All rainbow colors are united in this dope tattoo on the wrist. This tac emphasizes the femininity and delicacy. The ink may carry a philosophical denotation. 19. The person with the tac isn’t afraid of showing the character. A simple geometric pattern on the lower arm is very stylish, clear lines make up a holistic image of a fox. The striking feature is the geometric style of the tac, which gives a special vision of a sought-after animal design. The tattoo on the lower leg expresses man’s courage and determination.An extremely dope picture embellishes the hip. The ankle is adorned with a monochrome ink, a little fox is combined with flowers, it is a typical female tattoo. A picture on the lower half sleeve reveals a courageous nature of an individual. It’s not your every day tattoo and there’s a certain degree of perfection … The tac itself is the reminder of the transience of life. This is a mark of an extravagant personality. The signification of the tat is a mental fortitude of a person to withstand any challenge. The tac implies a person with a rational approach to life. This tat is a sign of a lonely person. See more ideas about Geometric fox, Geometric, Geometric animals. For Celts, this image denoted wisdom, this animal was revered due to its ability to see the land of Fairies. A little cunning animal has curled up and closed its eyes, around the figure there are crimson flower petals and an inscription. The design denotes a duplicitous personality. Etsy uses cookies and similar technologies to give you a better experience, enabling things like: Detailed information can be found in Etsy’s Cookies & Similar Technologies Policy and our Privacy Policy. The denotation here is a cunning and prudent woman – manipulator. 1.2M Followers 29K Followers 30.2k Followers 10.5K Followers. This tattoo is the mark of an extraordinary person. A lovely creature here is the reflection of a female nature – sly, supple and sensitive. The person with this tac used not to regret the past and move forward. The half sleeve is covered with the image of a cunning animal, which is wearing a mask and is carrying a bag over the shoulder. Lines are clear but very rough, however, it does not spoil the overall picture. Geometric Fox Tattoo. DIY Geometric Animals Fox Plant Temporary Tattoo Women Sexy Waterproof Disposable Black Tatoos Body Art Painting Tattoo Stickers. A monochrome pattern on the lower leg shows a fox that is sneaking, all details of the pattern are performed professionally. A picture on the lower leg expresses belligerence, aggression, determination since the black fox is depicted in a jump. It is unattainable to take eyes off this charming tattoo on a woman’s thigh. The image says about the desire to separate from the world and to protect loved ones. A tac on the lower half sleeve shows a red vixen on a green background, it has curled up. A geometric vixen tattoo adorns the side. A watercolor piece of art is on the half sleeve. Geometric Fox Tattoo. A colorful geometric vixen combines well with a turquoise circle with an intricate pattern and emphasizes the sexuality of a female. The basic geometric design is complemented by bright colored paint, the pattern is an attribute of a romantic nature. Aug 5, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Perfect Tattoos. A lovely fiery tattoo on the half sleeve looks a little sloppy, but therein lies its charm. This little tribal ink on the half sleeve looks stylish. A tac, done in a neo-traditional style, is on the lower leg. In Peru, a fox was a fierce warrior, which had a mental fortitude to withstand any challenge. It is a sign of a foxy woman. A zero cool image is the adornment of the wrist. Discover (and save!) Bild Tattoos. A little red cunning creature on the side looks a little bit shy. The image of a fox in a jump, surrounded by flowers and leaves, is on the hip, this ornament is extremely vivid. The ink extends from the neck to the back, the picture is fascinating. A red-white sly beast is holding a lamp in the mouth and at the bottom, there are red roses. Watch Queue Queue. White or transparent. I’m a big fan of the green. An elegant image of a vivid fox with a lush tail is done in a geometric technique and it looks fantastic. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about geometric fox tattoo? your own Pins on Pinterest The tat spells out the idea of a sly woman, who knows what she wants from life. This appealing cunning trickster on the half sleeve indicates a wild essence of a man. An aggressive fox with a scary grin looks fantastic here. A dope geometric image extends from the shoulder to the chest. The image of a fox perfectly interacts with geometric figures, the picture is holistic. For Egyptians, the fox was a sign of deceit, depravity, and hypocrisy. 100 Fox Tattoos For Men. Fox Tattoo – Variations and Meanings for Men and Women. Set where you live, what language you speak and the currency you use. If you are looking for an animal tattoo of your own, the below list will be your perfect guide.