Plastic is a non-biodegradable product (can’t break down into smaller pieces) and it can cause a great harm to our environment. Petroleum oil is not sustainable and it pollutes the air on combustion. How does plastic impact the environment? But say we just made a mountain out of it and covered it with gravel and dirt, what harm could it do then? In this Our Changing Climate environmental video essay, I look at the environmental impact of plastic bags. Particulates from chemicals like methylene chloride impair the human respiratory system and cause headaches, fatigue and skin irritation. These stats make the United States the biggest bottled water … Each is harmful to living organisms when present in significant concentrations. One of the reasons so much plastic goes to landfills is that there are so many varieties with diverse chemical compositions. Land fauna, as well as sea creatures, suffer from plastic pollution. First of all, plastic is everywhere. You can find plastic debris along trails in national parks, it clogs our cities’ drains and clutters our beaches. He is new in Content writing but having a good command of the English language and grammar. This is an especially glaring answer to the inquiry, “How does plastic affect the environment?”. Plastic can cause harm to marine life and humans in three ways. Microbeads are banned and wet wipes could be next but the plastic in your skincare routine could still be harming the oceans and environment. As documented elsewhere, these micro-plastics are swallowed by fish, birds and mammals that live in or around freshwater bodies. The most worrying thing about plastic pollution is the fact that it was so much discussed and talked about that people have become indifferent to it. According to the Water Footprint Calculator, one pound of plastic is made by using 22 gallons of water. There are significant levels of microplastics polluting the ocean, freshwater and land, and research is showing that animals including humans are eating these microplastics. For some animals, they mistake the particles as food, while others are ingesting them when they consume animals that have eaten them. Many states have banned plastic bags in stores, shops, and many places. Bisphenol A is known to affect the animals’ reproductive systems, and it makes one wonder whether humans are susceptible to it, too. Unable to free themselves and find sustenance, both deer soon died. Entanglement in plastic kills a range of marine life, including seals, turtles and sharks. In case you were unaware of this problem, we have listed the Harmful Effects of Plastic in Points below that will show how badly plastic is affecting our environment. The water bottle industry: an industry that thrived on consumerism and exceeded the boundaries of luxury by becoming an essential item in an average person's life. Plastic things, as much as you can think, are often found in large quantities in the sources of water. Burning emits toxic gases that harm the atmosphere and increase the level of VOCs in the air while landfills hold them indefinitely as part of the plastic waste problem throughout the globe. If the energy which is used in making plastic and plastic materials is supplied to a megacity it can be powered for a month non-stop. The vibrancy of marine biodiversity suffers from the abundance of plastic debris. A hungry critter can suffer from suffocation, dehydration or starvation from such an accidental occurrence. While the image might produce mirth, a raccoon or fox with the nose stuck in a jar is of serious concern. So, in the maximum sector, we use plastic. Process of Reviewing Products and FAQs. How Does Plastic Harm the Environment? Commercial fishermen will routinely discard plastic nets, fishing lines, galley utensils and other harvesting equipment. Plastic Waste: Environmental Effects of Plastic Pollution. Once you get home, you’ll throw the shopper bag in the litter outside.