30 cm total length for silver trevally and a recreational bag limit of 20 for all trevallies. Bigeye Trevally juveniles live among the tentacles of jellyfish, and often enter estuaries and have even been known to venture into freshwater. In these estuaries, the giant trevally is known from both highly turbid, dirty water to clean, high visibility waters, however in most cases the species prefers the turbid waters. The bluefin trevally is widely distributed, occupying the tropical and subtropical waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, ranging along the coasts of four continents and hundreds of smaller islands and archipelagos. Personally, I love them as a table fish, preferring them to snapper. These fishes are strong beasts, so you need a strong instrument to make the catch. Such large quantities of fish don't go unnoticed by other predators, and trevally are one of them. Tailor Time - How to Catch Tailor By Daniel Hutchinson. They tend to move into the shallow waters of many estuaries of spring and move back out into deep water in late summer. Gearing Up: This will make the lure appear as an easy meal that the fish won't have to work as hard for. Silver Trevally are an important recreational fishery. This is where soft-baiting is particularly effective. Trevs are a relatively common catch on baits. ... Large trevally love mooching around shellfish beds and a huge variety of baitfish also take shelter in the quiet waters of an estuary. We used a 300-size Savage Gear Black Spinning Reel, 10-pound braid and a bag of Savage Slim Minows. I reckon that trevally are close to the perfect inshore opponent: you can have your sport – and eat it too! Tailor boost the activity levels of all of the environments that they pass through and are often a sign that something bigger will be hanging around. ... Zman Crusteaz First Bream Mission! In turn, this ‘softly, softly’ approach helps avoid pulling hooks on this soft-mouthed species and provides a very satisfying fight. This article is reproduced with permission of    Having a decent growth potential, these hard-fighting, goodlooking and tasty fish often take a bit of finesse to beat. Occasionally massive schools of trevally enter estuaries without the guidance of tailor. For that reason, the silver is a very popular sportfish in the southern states. A handline is the cheapest way to get started. Like most predators, giant trevally react to movement, so surface action and splash will surely draw their attention. $('#loadingmessage').show(); // show the loading message. It's all about getting the lure in front of their face. They make themselves available year round and can be found around inshore shallow reef areas and inside estuaries which is small boat and land based fisho friendly. $("form#caldata").submit(); Sub-surface lures can sometimes flick the switch to make a lazy predator attack a lure, along with deeper slow presentations such as soft plastics, if the fish are really off the chew or feeding deeper in the water column. Some estuary fish are giants, like mulloway. The popping baits you use on the surface create a strike bigger than anything I’ve ever seen, but you’re making hundreds if not thousands of casts per day. They get that broad silver flank side-on and slug down to the obstruction. Absolutely! $("#major3").html(" " + data[1].major1); It's always important, for any target species, that you understand how they are going to eat your lure. In the estuaries, they can be found hitting the surface of the water in large schools … Bigeye Trevally put up a serious fight, grabbing at any lure or bait that comes their way and tearing off with it in a scream of drag. Pretty regularly this results in a trevally hooked fairly in the mouth. Many fish and shellfish are spawned in estuaries. The average catch is in the 6–8 lb range, but monsters double or even triple that size show up from time to time. var timezone = jstz.determine(); No one said you can’t use both methods! Trevally. Diamond Trevally do the same and 90% of the time they will eat a stationary lure of the bottom and start running off with it. A four-inch grub or five-inch paddle tail in ‘natural’ colours fished along the bottom is a good place to start. There are not many surface schools of big, old, hump-headed trevally around these days, with commercial pressure resulting in these groupings being mostly smaller, younger fish, but one of the more dependable assemblies of these old warriors is at White Island, where many of the national record captures have been made. They can be caught using handlines or rod-and-line methods. var daym=mydate.getDate(); This can flip a day of fishing on its head if the chosen technique isn't suited to the conditions and fish activity. The species you can typically expect to catch whilst legering during the summer months are Bass, Eels and a variety of flatfish, although in some estuaries you can catch other species, such as dogfish and rays. Fishing for trevally in winter can provide some great mixed bag sessions, consisting of tailor, queenfish and an assortment of trevally species. How to Catch Golden Trevally Rigs and Techniques Although their mouth appears to be largely designed for bottom feeding, golden trevally are a very aggressive predator that will hit a large range of baits and lures. Tailor in such vast numbers need to find sufficient food sources along their journey and this is also what the trevally are after. Correct presentation of a very small lure is the trick if spin fishing. Trevally can be caught out of feeding tailor schools or often sit below the feeding frenzy, picking off the scraps. June 2016 - By Sam Mossman TT Lures DemonZ Jigheads, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5, 2020 But, then again, many overseas anglers rave about the quality of our fishing, so I guess we can’t grumble too much. For example golden trevally have no teeth and blubbery lips that allow them to feed on crustaceans and prey that is hiding on the bottom. You don’t always need a boat to chase these fish, because there are many options for you to choose where they might be. if (year < 1000){ The estuaries in all their forms carry a huge range of fish in a very diversified spread of habitats, so many of which are easily accessible to vast numbers of people. They are often found in caves in bays, coastal reefs and estuaries of tropical waters. The rucksack can be hung under the tripod to keep it out of the mud, etc. Shorter days and lower temperatures effect the feeding habits of trevally, along with many other species. Finesse fishing really comes into its own on cold days. Starting around 1970 and going through to about 1983, net boats hit trevally hard. data : dataString, All site content is owned by Tackle Tactics Pty Ltd.⊕, Selecting a HeadlockZ jighead for your ZMan plastic, Selecting a TT Lures Weedless Jighead for your ZMan Plastic. Younger fish apparently actively seek out turbid waters, and when no estuaries are present, they live in the … Juvenile to sub-adult giant trevally are known to enter and inhabit estuaries, the upper reaches of rivers and coastal lakes.