A hot concrete patio radiates heat back to your home’s walls and into the house through uncovered windows. Choose lighter colours that won’t trap heat. As of June 2011, Mortex's top-of-the-line Kool Deck offering, Kool Deck Elite, retails for a market price of $28.99 per 50-lb. Consider using a cream or white-coloured duvet to line your hammock or bed. Cool is also easy to apply. The Mortex Keystone Kool deck system is a colored cement topping used most often near pools and patio areas to keep the cement surface cooler in temperature and to provide easy cleaning for your deck. Kool Deck, manufactured by Mortex, provides a cool, textured surface that bonds with any concrete surface. But you have one problem: your deck or patio doesn’t have any shade, which means any time in the sun leads to heat and sunburn. Hanging plants also cool the area to make outdoor life more enjoyable. ... 3 Ways To Cool Your Deck Or Patio. No longer do you have to dread walking on a super hot deck any longer. On an 80° day, that could mean a deck surface temperature of more than 150°. These are waterproof rugs that can be used on pool decks and patios. High temperatures are a big concern while applying the stain. You’ll have to spend more money on energy costs throughout the summer—as well as spend more money on deck maintenance costs as the sun fades the wood. The shaded areas, depending on what time of day it is, remains cool to the touch. Then, lift up part of the deck, letting the rest of the cards slide down into your hand below. Providing Shade Will Keep Your Pool Deck Cool When dealing with hot pool decking, a low-cost alternative is to create a way to shade part or all of the deck area. Kool Deck comes in various colors – ranging from Aqua to Aztec Gold to Mauve – but prices do not vary per color. Shade can be created using a number of permanent and non-permanant additions. ft. – 1 coat. Same goes for those who are installing a brand new pool deck. This increases the air-conditioning load. Coats required: 2 Orders received by 12 PM usually ship same day! Just make sure to use a material that also does not heat up when exposed to long hours of sun. Smarten up your balcony, deck, garden or courtyard with some shade. They also work alongside your patio’s roof to keep heat away from your home and prevent it from seeping through the windows. If you have a wood deck or patio, the summer sun can quickly heat the surface, which can scorch bare feet. Building a deck to help shade your house makes a lot of sense. Cool is applied with an ordinary paint roller and dries in minutes. It is water and temperature resistant, so it protects the area around the pool from becoming damaged as a result of excess water exposure, and it also prevents you from burning your hands and feet when stepping out of the pool on a hot day. Dark ones tend to absorb more heat, whereas light hues reflect heat back. Set up patio umbrellas. Cincinnati Concrete Artisans. If you have a concrete deck or patio, consider painting it. Lifestyle Patios would like to assure all valued customers that amid the COVID-19 crisis. Needless to say, nothing is worse than stepping out on your deck in the middle of July, only to be met with a scorching surface. A layer of sprayed acrylic concrete coating can be an aesthetic makeover or a pool deck repair method, which makes it ideal for both new and old decks. In the sun it can be well over 40 degrees Celsius on a hot summers day, rendering more than half of most properties unusable. damper is fully open to the hot deck. To shuffle a deck of playing cards, try doing the overhand shuffle. Here are some simple ways to do that. It has double 2 x 12 on each side and then a 2 x 12 joist at 16' oc. It helps to keep concrete pool decks cool to the touch even on the hottest days. Outdoor rugs are getting popular nowadays as a means of extending the living space outdoors. Saturday, July 15, 2017. Cincinnati Concrete Artisans is a proud member of the Cincinnati community. Read more articles from Lifestyle Patios. Standard Kool Deck, known as Keystone Kool Deck, comes at a slightly lower cost. Unfortunately, the sun’s scorching rays can also make some backyard decks and patios unbearably hot. The heat on a some summer days is so intense that hot pavers can make spending time on the patio unbearable. Available in a number of colors, the deck treatment complements any landscaping around the pool.