POKEMON DIAMOND, PEARL AND PLATINUM GAME MAPS. Click on a map to enlarge it. Then go east a bit and head south until you hit the southern end again. How To Catch GIBLE in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/PlatinumSteps: 1.Fly to Eterna City and go downwards to Cycling road/Fly to Oreburgh and go upwards.2. Getting through this cave can be a bit of a pain because there's a lot of rocks in the way, some that can be destroyed and others that can't. Use small ramps on the floor to jump over obstacles. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. Pokemon Platinum Walkthrough - Wayward Cave walkthrough, tips and guide. Near the southernmost end, the path divides into two smaller paths for a short distance. The Wayward Cave is a location in Pokemon Platinum underneath the Cycling Road spanning southward from Eterna City. Im about to go into wayward cave and having it would make it easier. Mira, a Pokemon trainer lost in Wayward Cave, asks you to take her outside. You can find Ponyta north of Oreburgh. platinum; wayward-cave; asked Jan 16, 2011 by MJH. In the western part of the cave, you can catch Gible. A pink-haired girl named Mira is lost at the far right of main level near the top right corner, and will follow the player to the exit. Wayward Cave is just as the name suggests; it is very easy to get lost in. Come to the western section of Wayward Cave via the hidden opening. Mount your Bicycle, change into the fourth gear, then gather enough speed and run over the slope to jump and get over the rocks that block the way. Tends to use Rock, Ground, or Steel-type Pokemon, Appears in the wilderness. There are actually five new Pokémon you can get in the city. You have to cut some trees at the southern end of the Road to get to this area. How do you get to the exit of the wayward cave usual area? Gible will appear every so often. Female counterpart of Camper. Firstly, Wayward Cave is underneath Cycling Road. Zerhackerman 11 years ago #1. Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum Wiki Guide, Route 209, Solaceon Town & The Solaceon Ruins, Veilstone City - Getting the Cobble Badge, Route 213 to Pastoria City - Getting the Fen Badge, Snowpoint City - Getting the Icicle Badge, Route 222 to Sunyshore City - Getting the Beacon Badge, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Keep in mind that to break through the "breakable" stones in the area, Rock Smash must be used. Dragon Quest 5 Hand of the Heavenly Bride Walkthrough, Dragon Quest 9 Sentinels of the Starry Skies Walkthrough, Walk in cave (Found only in western section), Appears in the wilderness. It reads: The second room has only Unown of the "F" variety, the third has "R" and so on, spelling out the word "friend". The dead-end rooms (reached by not following the Unown alphabet instructions) house the other twenty varieties of Unown. The last room holds four items and an inscription written in Unown scri… There are two entrances you'll find into the Wayward Cave here. Relevance. This entrance is near the north end of Route 206, but you can't see the entrance because the upper cycling road cover it. The cave is very dark, so Flash is needed to light the path. A dawn stone can be found on Route 225, Mt. Go east a little, then again head north to find a chamber. Coronet, Route 212 (it's not visible so you need to use the Drowsing App). Im about to go into wayward cave and having it would make it … It's at this point that Mira will bid you adieu, and you will be able to head back to the overworld, back to Route 206. Wayward Cave is located underneath Route 206 in the Sinnoh region. Mira leaves Wayward Cave. I think i missed it somewhere. You will come to some trees and will need to use a Pokemon to chop them down and carry on. There are gible in there if you look hard enough. Later, she can join the player in competition at Sinnoh's Battle Tower. Coronet | Snowpoint Temple | Stark Mountain | Victory Road | Wayward Cave. On Route 206, behind one of the poles is a secret entrance to Wayward Cave. Wayward Cave is located under the Cycling Road in Route 206. With all of the Pokemon slain and the items gathered, you can then work your way back to the entrance. If you have found the other entrance, this part goes to a different part of Wayward Cave. Also, if you have a pokemon with pickup that is level 31-40, it may obtain it. You will notice a path and continue upwards. Pokemon Platinum Version; Wayward Cave Secret leve - cant make the last jump; User Info: Zerhackerman. The reason for this is simple enough to comprehend -- a partner trainer that will temporarily join your party, name Mira, can be found in the northeast corner of the cave. Once you have that badge, you can get a Bicycle and use it to head down the road. She and her Kadabra will join the party and make the fighting that much easier, and the experience that much more plentiful (since her Pokemon won't take a cut of the experience, but will draw in an extra enemy Pokemon per battle). Continuing westward, you should also run into a Revive to add to your inventory at some point. User Info: NYfoRevA1475 Choose which generation of games you're playing to see the Pokémon and capture methods. The path is sloped in a way that allows riders to coast southward on it with no effort. This cave has two entrances. She seems to admire the player, saying that she wants to be like the player when she grows up. She first appears in the Wayward Cave. lnknprkrckr666 9 years ago #1. Hey, her services were great while they lasted, right? Hope this helps. Use small ramps on the floor to jump over obstacles. On your right after cutting through the saplings, there's an obscured item on your right behind another sapling. 5,746 views. In the visible entrance, you will encounter the trainer Mira who would like your help to get out of the cave. I seem to be going around in circles and I can't find the exit. Answer Save. However, this cave doesn't last forever. Getting around is easy in premise, but will take some practice, especially because of all of the enemy encounters (expect to run into a new Pokemon down here, as well, a creature called Gible). To get to the secret entrance to wayward cave start at the normal entrance then take 1 step right, 8 steps down,12 steps left, and 5 steps up. To find it, begin in Eternal City and use a bike to cycle down the road. She also tends to refer to herself in the third person; usin… You find TM26 Earthquake in the deepest chamber. Most of the cave's features are the same and are repeated at every twist and turn. Mira says she prefers using support moves like Flash. giratina the Pokemon that's in platinum is found in wayward cave In Pokemon platinum where is wayward cave? You may experience this odd sensation you might be walking the same path over and over. Male counterpart of Picnicker, Appears in the wilderness. She got lost inside looking for Pokémon and needs to be escorted out. The Cycling Road necessitates the use of a bicycle to traverse, and connects Eterna City with the brief Route 207 (while towering over Route 206). From there, getting a Gible will be a cinch and you can even get an Earthquake TM there. I got all the way to the last jump in the secret level in wayward cave. Between the two gates, all travelers must ride a bicycle at all times. If you explore the area thoroughly, you'll find four items in total -- a Max Ether, a Grip Claw, a Rare Candy, and TM26, which can teach an eligible Pokemon the move Earthquake. To get anywhere, you need Strength. Pokemon Platinum Version; End of Wayward cave basement question. 8 Answers. More tricks, tips and cheats for this game are right here - Pokemon Platinum cheats South Exit: Route 206. Head north till you find the entrance to Wayward Cave. At the end of the road, you'll have to head rightward, use Cut to get through some saplings, and then penetrate the terrain of the brief Route 206. You should have found Flash earlier, so make sure to have a Pokemon with you that can learn it (we brought our Luxio with us, since he learned the move). This route is located underneath the bridge at the northernmost section of Route 206, underneath the left side of the bridge. Pokemon Platinum I'm stuck in the wayward cave trying to guide a little girl to the exit. This cave is dark, and will necessitate the use of Flash to see your way around. Spheal lv. Cut through the sapling to grab the Full Heal that sits there. The first DS chapter of the continuing saga of Nintendo's "collect 'em all" RPG series, Pokemon Diamond/Pearl offer a number of exciting new features. From the Route 207 end of the road, head up the right side, using Cut to get past the trees blocking the way. South of Oreburgh in the house above the mine, you'll encounter a familiar face. To get to B1F go to the south exit of Cycling Road, and head right until you're in front of the Cut bushes. It is a cave bathed in complete darkness, but can be lit by using the TM Flash. Trying to gety to earthquake, and on the little slope thing I can't make it over all the way, I only have two steps between the wall and the slope and I need to make it over a open area and a rock. Find more about Pokemon Pt at Walkthrough Wiki! You won't need Flash here, except for the very small entry area, which you can find your way through easily. She kept your Pokemon fully healed after each battle! I don'ty think they connect. Keep trying to walk against the wall and eventually you will be able to walk a little further and eventually into Wayward Cave. Wayward cave is located underneath Cycling Road on route 206. However, nothing should be too overwhelming for you, but if you need help, be sure to consult our list of trainers and their Pokemon to see what you should expect upon any given battle's start. In pokemon platinum, where do u find flash? You will then cross a bridge and see a hiker. It is on the very top part of the route, so I suggest just keep pressing up on every part of the wall beneath the cycling road until you enter the cave. The dungeon has many intersections all of which look the same. With those four items acquired, backtrack out of the cave and head through the primary entrance at the northeast of the area. Cut down the bushes and head north until you get to the entrance. Near Lass Cassidy and her cute Buneary, TM32 can be found, a technical machine that will teach a Pokemon the skill Double Team. Since you need a bike to traverse the road over it, thus gaining access to it, you'll need to have acquired the Forest Badge. Instead of entering the cave, go under the bridge and keeping trying to head up, moving across each time. In Wayward Cave, it's easy to get lost. Wayward Cave is located under the Bicycling Path on Route 206. The upper portion of the route is a straight, narrow, sloped path, with several Trainers on it; this is the part known as Cycling Road. Gible can be found on the B1F of the Wayward Cave, 15% chance of finding it. The Wayward Cave This area has two entrances: one visible in the top portion of route 206, which is below the Cycling Path and the other hidden underneath the Cycling Path. On the east side of the cave, you can find an Escape Rope, and plenty of trainers to fight. The first room has a plaque/inscription in the Unown alphabet that indicates which exits to take to get to the last room. We'll leave it up to you guys to find a specific way through the cave, but we'll give you these tips. i heard u can get it in the oreburgh city. To access the hidden area of Wayward Cave, start just south of the top right pillar that supports the Cycling Road, walk 9 steps west, and then go north until you reach the entrance. This entrance is near the north end of. Near Camper Diego, a Rare Candy can be found. A dusk stone can be found on Route 224, the Galactic Headquarters in Veilstone, and the Wayward cave. 44 --> Walrein. Near wayward cave, underneath bike path there is a hidden cave. If you have difficulty finding the cave, the GTS is an alternative and very viable option. Just keep going north and you'll find the northern side of the cave. 32 --> Sealeo lv. Come to the western section of Wayward Cave via the hidden opening. How to get into Wayward Cave; The secret entrance to the 'Wayward Cave' in 'Pokemon Platinum' is under the bike path in route 206. Find the Wayward Cave entrance. Click on one of the maps to enlarge them. User Info: lnknprkrckr666. Bring Mira to the exit of the cave. First, let's go through the hidden route. Mira is one of five Trainers who can join with the main character during an event in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Head right to the back of the route where you will see the cave to Wayward cave. From the visible enterance to Wayward Cave, walk under the nearest section of Cycling Road. Walk all the way up the right side to find the main cave entrance. As far as items are concerned, two more can be found apart from the aforementioned Escape Rope. walk into the hidden cave's basement and it's wayward basement. You can get this TM from Oreburgh Gate. What do? Ignore this entrance; you'll need to find the secret entrance to find a Gible. Fuego Ironworks | Iron Island | Mt. In Pokémon Platinum, the Cycling Road goes through slight design changes: a blue transparent archway is added to the divided part of the road, and l… To really explore this area, you need TM 70 Flash and HM 06 Rock Smash. The Wayward Cave is a location in Pokemon Platinum underneath the Cycling Road spanning southward from Eterna City. During the time she's with the player, she will heal his/her Pokémon after every battle. You won't see where you're going, but press upward once under the bridge, and you'll stumble across the hidden entrance one way or another. Then, break out your bicycle, because you're going to need it to get around and over the various ramp obstacles present down here. But there isnt enough room to get over it in high gear on the bike and clear the rocks to get to the last section. Wayward Cave, Sinnoh (location) This is the Pokémon Location guide for Wayward Cave in Sinnoh . You can access Route 206 from the south end of Bicycling Path. Wayward Cave Wayward Cave 1F In the second house going from the northwest of the city, you'll find a girl who wants to trade you a Ponyta for a Spheal. One is hidden, the other not. While you and Mira are together, every battle becomes Tag Battle, in which Mira uses a Lv26 Kadabra. She will join you and activate double trainer and wild battles. In the western part of the cave, you can catch Gible. Speaking of trainers, most of the conflicts in this cave (but not all) will happen as double team attacks, especially if you've found Mira and are helping her navigate her way out of the cave. Head down the stairs in the initial small room, and once in the next larger room, use Flash once more. First of all, you'll want to concentrate on the right side of the cave first. Mira heals your Pokemon after every battle. 2 votes . Once she's acquired, we can then start to explore. Thanks, Mira! This map is the same in Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum versions. The enterance is hidden.