Report Ad. As mentioned above, we do use a cubic metre rate based on the following; length x width x thickness x cubic metre rate. Wood species cut into slabs are black walnut, ash, cherry, hickory, american elm, honey locust and more. Put simply, we Recycle Your Tree. There is a very good reason why our customers say that our staff is some of the “nicest human beings on planet Earth”. If you are looking for quality wood slabs, look no further than Forest Products Supply, Inc. Our team has a huge selection of live-edge wood slabs cut from a variety of different tree types. Firstly, carefully place the paving slab back in position. Wood slabs for sale. We sell most of our unfinished Live Edge Wood Slabs at an average price of $20 per board foot, which is considered to be wholesale price by market standards. All slabs are sanded to a fine smooth finish. It will extend up the wall for about 2 to 3 inches, creating a “bowl” where your wood floor stays … Live Edge Oak Wood Slabs. Our Brands; Global Store. Krugersdorp, West Rand. In this photo a Monkey Pod log is being milled. 0 Search . For more information, visit our Dundee, Illinois slab showroom or contact our … All slabs have a live edge. Use the filters to narrow down your search by species, length, width, and more. 5 out of 5 stars (935) 935 reviews. 99 $45.99 $45.99. Price. For your convenience, you can use this calculator below which uses the first formula to figure out the cost of Live Edge Wood Slabs for your project. Some of which are Sycamores, Maples, Oaks, Walnuts, Elms, Cherry, Poplars, Guanacasta & Hickory. We are a division of Great Spirit Hardwoods LLC and sell only the finest hardwoods and live edge slabs. From finishing to selling live edge slabs for your own projects we do it all, and at affordable prices. Here, we should start by pointing out that there is a difference between how to calculate the pricing for Lumber vs Live Edge Wood Slabs. We can supply you with the slab(s) for self fabrication, or we can deal directly with your general contractor who will fabricate one for you. For example, let’s say that we have a Live Edge Slab measuring: Length 10 ft (120 in) x Width 1.5 ft (18 in) x Thickness (2 in). Selections; Subscription Option. Kiln-Dried Wood Slabs Adding slabs to our online marketplace has been a long time coming and we're excited to announce the first phase. You can buy the slab and build your own piece of furniture or ask us about our value ad service whereby you choose the slab and we make your custom furniture or fittings for you. Transitions into a rounded edge. The trend of incorporating live edge wood products into interior décor was also vigorous in Japan during the 1940s. Slab splitters. They can be used as a longer alternative to Stairs, as a Player and mobs automatically walk on the top of half-blocks without jumping. If slab wood did bring in these internet prices there would be many many more people selling slabs. Now that you have the number of board feet in the wood slab, you can use the price per board foot to calculate your cost; meaning that if the wood seller offers the wood at $20/bf, based on the above calculations, your cost would be: 30 bf x $20/bf = $600 for the wood slab. As a result we have a huge variety of species available and due to the nature of our timber (ie: not being from plantation log) it is rich in character and … FREE SHIPPING for orders of $49 or more / $6.95 flat rate shipping for Contiguous USA 48 states details. Watch as we demonstrate the process in a few simple steps! Price reduced, rare knobthorn wood for sale. cherry slabs 896-3&4 simulation, approx. A single board foot measures one square foot (1ft length x 1ft width) x 1″ thick (rough-cut thickness, not the finish-planed thickness). Includes slopes and curves. Woodcraft has an ever changing selection of wood slabs, or live edge wood as they are commonly referred by at unbelievably low prices! Slabs need to be dried under controlled environments – racked out correctly, strapped down, on flat ground, sheltered from the elements  (you don’t want too much sun or rain), with just the right amount of ventilation. Now that you have the number of board feet in the wood slab, you can use the price per board foot to calculate your cost; meaning that if the wood seller offers the wood at $20/bf, based on the above calculations, your cost would be: 30 bf x $20/bf = $600 for the wood slab. Our prices average $20 / per Board Foot (For locally reclaimed and unfinished wood slab); and $25 / board foot (exotic, imported slabs). Following are three different ways to calculate the board foot amount of a piece of wood slab: • Length (in) x Width (in) x Thickness (in) ÷ 144 Wood slabs are ideal for counter tops, bar tops, tabletops, benches and more! Perfect for furniture and wood, epoxy projects! Last 30 days; Last 90 days; International Shipping. No mappable items found ... LIVE EDGE Wood Slabs, Rounds, Hobby wood & More discounted Material !! Here our large mill is cutting a Eucalyptus Log. Wood Slab Pictures Our Small mill cutting logs up to 36″. This normally takes approximately 3 weeks in the kiln – after air-drying for 12-18 months prior. Each of our beautiful wood slabs is handcrafted from carefully chosen hardwood and cut-to-order by our team of Shelfologists in Rexburg, Idaho, USA. Then you want to put each small piece of wood into the gaps around the paving slab, ensuring that the spacing is even with the surrounding slabs. Air Dried European Oak (also known as English Oak or Common Oak). Buy this slab and work on it at your own risk. New; Used; New Arrivals. If you have experience in grinding and polishing stones for use in jewelry, you can create some pretty amazing-looking pendants using petrified wood slabs. Slabs for dining tables, counters, bar tops, head boards, shelves, mantels, and so much more. Scottburgh, Kzn South Coast. R 2 000 . Wood Slab Supplier in Maplewood, MN Contact us. Depending on large the slab is, you might be able to make dozen or more different pendants. 85 $107.00 $107.00 "wood side table" BAMEOS Side Table Modern Nightstand Round Side End Accent Coffee Table for Living Room Bedroom Balcony Family and Office (15.7inx23.4in) 4.7 out of 5 stars 945. Slabs are decorative blocks that can make houses or structures look better. It’s not a quick, easy or guaranteed process. It’s a bit like asking, how long is a piece of string? According to the above formulas, the calculations would look something like this: • (120 in) x (18 in) x (2 in) = 4320 in ÷ 144 = 30 bf Length: up to 3m (10ft) Width: from 20cm (1ft) to 90cm (3ft) Thickness: 4,8cm - 5.5cm (2in) From o £35. Natural Poplar Wood. The projects from this post are all about the wood slabs we created after a storm came through our neighborhood. If you ever come across a “cheap” slab you are most probably dealing with a slab that is not dry, buyer beware. Shop Our Eucalyptus Lumber » Here is a Eucalyptus Wood Slab. Price Lists; Wood Slabs; Countertops; Gallery; Contact; Wood Slabs. $100 . Many of our slabs come from locally harvested urban logs that were removed from homes, streets, or industrial areas needing space. Our slabs have a story, we collect each & every log with our crane truck, we know why the tree is being removed and in most cases how long it has been there for. Sale Price $38.25 $ 38.25 $ 45.00 Original Price $45.00 (15% off) FREE shipping Favorite Add … The Wood Project salvage logs and mill them to produce an amazing array of sustainable timber slabs (see below for our extensive and ever changing range of timbers). We at® pride ourselves on being manufactures of sustainable wood, and our live-edge slabs are no exception. Our large mill cutting logs up to 67″. (Board Foot Calculator using all the dimensions in inches (Length x Width x Thickness) ÷ 144. • Length (ft) x Width (in) x Thickness (in) ÷ 12 (Please specify if you … Check Price. Starts at $10/linear foot: Ogee : An elegant edge. Dec 4, 2018 - Knowing how to level a wood slab is a useful skill for a number of woodworking projects. American Wood Importers takes pride in everything wood. Price: $239.95 & FREE Shipping: ALL SLAB ORDERS WILL TAKE BETWEEN 14-30 DAYS TO BE MADE, EXACT TIME FRAME DEPENDS ON THE SIZE OF YOUR SLAB AND IF IT HAS LEGS ADDED TO YOUR ORDER OR NOT. The previous Texture used to have knots in the wood however, the new one does not. Typically, it is sheets of plastic laid on the slab and taped at the seams with waterproof tape. $40.85 $ 40. Big Wood Slabs is the premier marketplace for purchasing exotic and domestic wood slabs or hardwood lumber to compliment any design. There are several types available, including electrically-powered and hydraulic versions, but the most common is a simple lever press that squeezes the paver between an upper and lower blade until it snaps. Remember when a slab is first milled it is “green” that is, its full of water, it needs to dry for at least 2 years (that’s based on 55mm thick slab) before you can even consider doing anything with it. At TWP we sell all of our slabs “Dressed” (see this blog on our page for more info) we prefer to sell our slabs dressed, as this way you know exactly what you are getting in terms of thickness – once sanded and flattened through our industrial wide belt drum sander  all the “hard” work is done and you are ready to finish your slab. We have many species of hardwood slabs to choose from. • Length (ft) x Width (ft) x Thickness (in). At The Wood Project all of our timber slabs are from salvaged logs. Put simply, we Recycle Your Tree. The real pros will use large slab splitters for cutting slabs, and, thanks to tool hire businesses, you can use them too. Live Edge Hardwood Slab is calculated using a unit of board foot, which is a measure of the volume of wood and not just the surface area. When pricing a slab, there are a few things you need to take into consideration, we use a cubic metre rate as a starting point for our pricing, however each slab is priced individually on its own merit with the below factors taken into consideration: When milling a log you obviously try and yield as much from the log as possible, the 2 slabs either side of the heart slabs are normally the best slabs out of the log and sometimes they are the only slabs that are worth anything  – you can use the other slabs of course, however they will require a fair amount of additional work commonly the heart slabs are split right through the middle and they will need to be buzzed and rejoined etc  the end product is still amazing however in this day and age most people want their completed piece to be made out of one slab and one slab only – hence these large slabs can fetch a pretty penny. • (10 ft) x (1.5 ft) x (2 in)  = 30 bf. Also once dressed you can really get an idea of the beautiful grains and feature throughout the timber. Live Edge Wood Slabs are often ripped or cut in random widths and random lengths, which calls for the adaptation of some math and better grasp of the calculations. 30+ days ago. Surfaced Flat- Included in each description is the cost of surfacing each slab flat. Home Decor Linens Fresh Arrivals Protective Gear Orange Weddings Tables Indoors Curtains Concerning COVID-19. A green slab will warp, crack and move beyond belief, once its done its drying you will be left with firewood at best – this mostly being due to it not being racked out and drying flat under controlled conditions. $0 (pdx > BMR Sherwood) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. R 4 000. These slabs are only available for in-store pickup and purchase in our showroom. Our mission is to encourage people to get interested in woodworking and use their creativity to built masterpieces of art from our inventory of reclaimed urban wood ready to be re-purposed and enjoyed for years to come. How to use slab in a sentence. Copyright © 2019 Ponderosa Woodslabs (A Division Of Ponderosa Millworks) – All rights reserved. The Wood Project supply timber slabs from salvaged log, kiln dried at our factory on the Mornington Peninsula. Lowest price in 30 days "natural wood table" Winsome 82218 Wood Claire Accent Table, Natural 18 inches. Slabs can be stained to your color preference (pic above for color choices) or left natural. As a result we have a huge variety of species available and due to the nature of our timber (ie: not being from plantation log) it is rich in character and grain feature, unlike anything you can buy commercially. Shop Our Eucalyptus Wood Slabs » Indian Rosewood Slabs Monkey Pod Wood Slabs Our vacuum kiln with wood slabs about to be dried. I wish you luck J S 929 in your marketing and selling, going to be tough but there are always some individuals who make it to the top of heap and make the big bucks, maybe that will be you. 1947 Frankston - Flinders Road Service Road, (see this blog on our page for more info). Wood slabs can come in two forms, live edge slabs and straight edge slabs. We treat everyone with the utmost respect and highest civility to make sure that their experience is informative, enjoyable and memorable. While your typical lumber (at a Lumber or Home Supply Store) is usually sold in one of three ways: by the piece, by the lineal inch, or by the square foot dimensions, a Live Edge Hardwood Slab is calculated using a unit of board foot, which is a measure of the volume of wood and not just the surface area. See more ideas about wood slab, wood, live edge furniture. 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,237. Included in slab price: Bullnose: Rounded edge. Subscribe & Save; Condition. Before installing any wood floor over concrete, you’ll need a moisture barrier. And rightly so. Either half or full. Horizontal edges are cut off at an angle. • (10 ft) x (18 in) x (2 in) = 360 ÷ 12 = 30 bf For example: our dressed cypress slabs  have a cubic metre rate of $8500, if we were pricing a cypress slab of 3000mm x 400mm x 50mm the sum would be as follows: 3 x .04 x .005 x 8500 = $510 this would be an approximate price with the above considerations factored in. To get an idea, head to our slab page, we have a handful of our slabs here with pricing ☺, How To VideosTimber Slabs Price GuideFAQsSustainability. Arising as part of the Arts and Crafts movement in America, live edge wood made its entrance with a bang between the 1880s and the 1910s. Wood Slabs is your direct from the mill supplier of exotic hardwood slabs and thick lumber. price ↑ price ↓ displaying ... postings << << < prev < prev 1 - 103 / 103 next > next > see in map view. We kiln dry our timber down to 10% moisture content, this is the optimum moisture content in Melbourne, you can not get a slab at this moisture content without a kiln. Lots can go wrong and often does. Live edge slabs - in raw slab form or professionally finished live edge furniture form. Sale Price $18.90 $ 18.90 $ 31.50 Original Price $31.50 (40% off) ... Picture Wood Slab Decor, Mid Century German Country Side Wood Slab Picture, KLOSTER ANDECHA Wood Slab German Art Scene, Wood Slab Decor, MER BeautyMeetsTheEye. Under £15; £15 - £50; £50 - £100; £100 - £200; £200 - £500; Over £500 £ £ Go From Our Brands. When we make you a piece of furniture we can tell you the history of your furniture, its an amazing tale you will be repeating with pride for years to come. We have a creek at the end of our street and recently, we had a pretty big tree fall down there after a storm. $39.99 $ 39. Another factor associated with the pricing of our slabs is that they are kiln dried. Petrified wood slabs can also be used to create jewelry and pendants. size 1.75″ x 50″ x 12′ Both Rough Slabs $1850 Cherry Slabs 896-7&8 to make 56″+ x 12′ Top $1950 added April 2020 At The Wood Project all of our timber slabs are from salvaged logs. This calculation method would be simple and easy to determine if all wood pieces measure 12″ x 12″ x 1″ inch; however, that is not the case. Sep 29, 2020 - Ideas for using unique wood. Crafted from all natural poplar wood and cut into unique size slices, the genuineness of these wood slabs is evident from natural blemishes and cracks that only add to their authenticity. Our slabs generally start at 55mm thick, once sanded and flattened you will then have your final thickness (normally around 48-50mm) so you will know exactly what you are working with. From shop BeautyMeetsTheEye . The prices have been drstically reduced, need to move this timber but all offers will be seriously considered.Three large slabs of rare knobwood ideal for... 3. . Slab definition is - a thick plate or slice (as of stone, wood, or bread): such as. Wood slabs are in every store and are made for all kinds of different things; from centerpieces to chargers and stands to wall art. Wait 24 hours for the mortar beneath the slab to set – if it looks like it might rain, cover the slab with a plastic sheet or bin bag. Kiln dried slabs are the best for furniture making as they are as stable as you can get – in terms of timber – remembering it is organic matter and it will always contain some moisture. And when you select one of our slabs, you should be proud, proud that you have selected to have something 100% Australian made and sustainable. Some of the slabs came from our own backyard when we cleared land for new buildings. $10-20/linear foot: Bevel: Either the top, bottom, or both. Wooden Slabs are a half-block made entirely of any kind of Wood (match type). Decorate your Nature-theme Party with our Natural Wood Slabs, Wood Planters, Wood Coasters, Wood Pots, and Burlap Range! Prices Of Wood Slabs - Global Stone Prices Center - Stonecontact.Com, Stone Suppliers Publish Stone Prices in Global Stone Price Center. $20-30/linear foot: DuPont: A slight square edge.