11:34it’s an it’s some sort of obstruction above 200 feet, and below 1000 feet a GL or it could be above 299 feet a GL in an urban area. And then we’ve got mas which are military operating areas. # Go to SkyVector, make your plan and when ready, copy the flightplan to clipboard using the LINK button on the upper right corner of the webpage. I’m Heather Monthie, your host for this podcast. Imagine that the last point in your flight plan is a VOR on the destination airfield. So I’m going to click on Green Bay. Check all that apply. And then there’s there’s not necessarily a controlling agency. Right click on the map at your flight area and you should see a popup appear with the first item being the closest airport. 0:26Hello, and welcome back to the Discover drones podcast. So it just gives you that information. I use Skyvector as a tool to build a better product. We are here already in episode six of the podcast. This connection will also allow you to take advantage of advanced Flight Service features such as Adverse Conditions Alerting Service (ACAS), EasyActivate, EasyClose, and other alerts and notifications provided by 1800wxbrief.com. I know how to create a VFR-route - so far so good. So we’ve got p 204 right here. > > I know how to create a VFR-route - so far so good. For things that are common, but perhaps unfamiliarly worded, we've added some explanation. If you fly in the US, you should have an ELT, so check that. Flight planning is easy on our large collection of Aeronautical Charts, including Sectional Charts, Approach Plates, IFR Enroute Charts, and Helicopter route charts. So you as a remote pilot operating up to 400 a GL, you would not be operating in that law. 7:25sectional. I also want to encourage you to download my FAA part 107 study guide, it is free, the FAA has put together all sorts of different information to help you pass the part 107 exam. It is free and does not even require an account. And it will come right up for you and then you can watch the actual video you can see what I mean about how this is this is very much sky vectors. We’ve got one here for a T bar for the space launch. Looks like about the same times, and then you know, we’ve got the VIP TFR as well. Shownotes with links and video available at: https://www.flyelectricmonarch.com/how-to-use-skyvector-for-drone-pilots, Join the Electric Monarch Drone Community on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/Part107StudyGroup/. Join us as we discover more about drone safety, urban Air Mobility, business and education. "+45." So if anybody’s thinking about flying a drone in there in the next couple of days, it’s probably not going to happen. And "I will not file flight plans for non-real flights Plus "I understand that i will face criminal penaltys if I abuse this system" So my question is can I create flight plans for msfs 2020. The Space Launch activity, you know, I don’t know that we see that too much in Green Bay, but you could see it in some of the other sectionals. u/danacan211 has made a moving map in skyvector where you can see your position on the map itself. # Open Little Navmap. It may work for you too.. if it does.. please feel free to pass the word. So you can go to fly electric monarch comm slash FAA part 107 test prep and I will We’ll link to that in the show notes. So if I come over here, and I look for and I try to find that same symbol, I find, oh, here’s a triangle looking thing with a.in it and what that means is it’s. So you as a remote pilot are operating at 400 feet a GL and below. So if we come up here and we look at the charts in each little section here, we’ve got 1900. I am Dr. Heather Monthie, an FAA certificated flight instructor, commercial pilot, remote pilot and dedicated stem educator. And so each row has a name. But we’re not going to go over that in today’s video. Similarly, if your expected times and burns are spot on, but you always land 5 minutes late, add that much to Arrival Extra Time. Today we bring you a simple tool that does something SkyVector users will absolutely love. And so what it does is it gives each of the prohibited and restricted airspace they all have a number that is affiliated with them, okay, so if I’m looking at the prohibited space number 204, it’s the altitude is two but not including 4000 feet, so it’s going to be from the surface to 3999 Feed, it’s continuous it’s all day every day. The following are necessary steps to ensure SkyVector and 1800wxbrief.com integrate properly: If you don't already have a user account on SkyVector, click here to create one. So the floor of the mall is 500 A GL. There’s a lot of information on them. Make your Flight Plan at SkyVector.com. We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. The name of the airport or RB is location identifier, okay. How to find the VFR sectional legend in Skyvector. Doesn’t matter which one you’re looking at. The PBN/ code is very important if you enjoy being cleared direct to places or like flying T and Q routes, or enjoy using RNAV and RNP procedures. So if I come over here, there’s the Volk falls mo off right here, and it’s indicated by these hash symbols right here. Questions about making 3D assets can be posted in the 3D asset design forum. Okay. So this is going to be your or our regionals. Garmin has produced a helpful spreadsheet for their popular equipment which can be very helpful in select the correct surveillance and PBN/ codes. 15:35I’ve got some restricted areas, it’s going to tell me that altitude to 23,000 feet, and the restricted area is from 800 to 1600. You can specify on the flight plan as necessary. Download your free FAA Part 107 Study Guide e-book here: https://bit.ly/FAAPart107TestPrep, Listen to more great podcast episodes at www.DiscoverDronesPodcast.com. Using the color picker, click the colors of your aircraft, in order of prominence. But this is a great way for you as a remote pilot to start to understand the Airspace System. Use the Picker to select your ICAO Equipment Code. If you know of other reference documents for other equipment send them to us and we'll link to them as well. If you type something in the route field, Press Enter to have your changes computed. But what I’m doing is I’m sharing in this podcast, I’m sharing the audio from that video, so that you can just get sort of a free preview of what is covered in that video, I do urge you to go to my website and check out the actual video I’ve given you the actual video that’s in the course, you can go to the link in the show notes at fly electric monarch comm and search for skyvector or just go to the link in the show notes. So eight for Tuesdays to Saturdays. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If desired, you can view, amend, or cancel flight plans filed on SkyVector.com by logging in to the Leidos Flight Service Web Portal at 1800wxbrief.com. This should work on Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Weather data is always current, as … Select the "Filing Info" tab to continue setting up your aircraft. This episode is a free preview of my course “Airspace and VFR Sectional Charts for Drone Pilots” available at: https://bit.ly/FAAAirspace . So you can hover over each one of these and it will give you the TAF it doesn’t decipher it for you. So I’m looking at the Green Bay chart. It puts a button in the upper toolbar inside MSFS that opens a window with SkyVector website loaded. So therefore we would like to ask you all to use the following guidelines when posting your questions: Tag FS2020 specific questions with the MSFS2020 tag. If you find that your en-route burns are accurate from point to point, but consistently behind by a gallon or two, add that much to Takeoff Extra Fuel. Either post them in the subforum of the modelling tool you use or in the general forum if they are general. by Heather Monthie, PhD, CFI | Jul 26, 2020 | Airspace, Discover Drones Podcast, FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate | 0 comments, Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Stitcher | Blubrry | RSS | More. https://www.flyelectricmonarch.com/how-to-use-skyvector-for-drone-pilots, Join the Electric Monarch Drone Community, https://www.facebook.com/groups/Part107StudyGroup/, Practical Tips for Implementing a Drone Program, Library Drone Delivery – The Library of the Future, How to Identify Class E Airspace on a VFR Sectional Chart for Remote Pilots. You can see right here I’m still on the world VFR so it’s got all the VFR sectionals just put together into one map right. If I zoom in a few more will pop up the airports throughout the country that have what’s called a terminal aerodrome forecast or a TAF and those are weather reports that essentially give an 18 to 24 hour forecast of what’s going to happen with the weather. You may want to use the same email address you used for your profile on 1800wxbrief.com. If you plan to watch my video on Programming the FMC, … If you enter inaccurate information in this form, SkyVector will compute incorrect flight plans. A moving map that connects MSFS 2020 to SkyVector. There’s just other general information in the charts, margins. 9:57and I scroll down just a little bit, I can look at Air traffic report traffic service and airspace information it gives me It tells me that a blue solid line indicates Class B airspace. This is a video based course for good reason. The values in these fields will be pre-filled into the pilot information of your flight plans. Note, you will not be able to file without a valid ETD. 9:26we’ve got different color codings for the elevation. So you’re going to want to look for the name of the MOA. And I’m going to come over here and look for Volk falls MOA. It tells me the TFR number. > I have been experimenting with Skyvector and watching tutorials on youtube > on how to use it - seems to be a great tool to create VFR-flight which can > also be used with Flightsim, the video says. So here’s the Volk falls ma right here it goes up to so the altitude indicates the floor of the MOA. So it looks like there’s probably some thunderstorms going on. It’s a visual tool. If you regularly carry a survival kit, indicated its capability by checking the region for which it was intended to function. And so it’s going to include it gives you the dates of any sort of amendments to airspace. Required fields are marked *. So we’ve got the different the different scale so we’ve got it in kilometers, statute miles and nautical miles. Those are indicated in the magenta color here. Go to. Just noticed you can now file flight plans with skyvector now. It’s got all sorts of different information on there that you need to know how to use. So you want to go through and look at all the different symbols on the legend. Open the flight planning form by clicking on the "Flight Plan" link on the home page. So greenbay approach control, we’ve got the different frequencies there. So I can see it’s Disney World right here, and I have a TFR, the TFR number. Press the "File Flight Plan" button to transmit your plan to Flight Service. SkyVector is one of the most useful websites for flight simulation, with its aeronautical charts that help plotting your flightplans and navigate around the world. The reason for it when it’s effective, the height of the altitude surface to 18,000 feet is valid until further notice. Once it is in their system you can amend or cancel it through SkyVector, over the phone with FSS, or by using the web portal at 1800wxbrief.com. So it’s a prohibited area. This is the legend for the Green Bay chart. You can get all of the different colors for all the different elevations in the FAA aeronautical chart User’s Guide. Select Flight Plan -->> New Flight Plan from Route Description (Ctrl + Shft + N) from the menu and inject your flightplan from clipboard to ' Enter flight plan route description ' box in the opened window. It gives me some information about the airports and the different symbols that are used for the airports. Refresh your browser. So I’m gonna zoom out here, and I’m going to take you up to Northeast Wisconsin, which is actually where I learned how to fly airplanes. I haven't been able to file on Garmin Pilot since the recent stuff going on. Your email address will not be published. So and then what it does is it shows me all the different VFR sectionals throughout the United States. Check all that apply. And it will tell you if the vo calls law is in use, and it’s controlling agencies Minneapolis center, those are the frequencies you can monitor those you don’t communicate on those frequencies as a remote pilot, but you can certainly monitor them. The air traffic controller will know if I say I’m over brilliant. Garmin has produced a helpful spreadsheet for their popular equipment. skyvector and some of the other tools are very visual based tools that you need to be To know how to use as a remote pilot to be able to determine if you can fly in certain types of airspace, safely and legally from the FAA perspective. So all I’m doing is I’m zooming in here a little bit I’ve got green bay airport, here at Appleton Oshkosh airport in Holstein etc. So it’s going to be the airspace in hundreds of feet. Your type may have been filled in for you if you have an American N-number. So fair warning here. Skyvector displays aviation charts, the most usable to sUAS would be the VFR Sectional chart. So there’s there’s no frequency there. IDENT/N10SV can be used if you're flying under a Flight ID. Here is Flightsimguy’s guide to flight planning using simbrief.com and skyvector.com. Only Google Chrome is being support at this time. What I’m going to do now is I’m going to switch over to the Green Bay sectional. The ticks indicate that there is fuel available on the airport. If skyvector.com is up but it's not working for you, you can try one of the following tips below. Using the color picker, click the colors of your aircraft, in order of prominence. What I did is I just put it all together into one ebook, all the different links, you need all the different documents, you need that kind of thing. And then we’ve got some more information about checkpoints. Use the mouse to pan and zoom to your flight area. skyvector is one of those tools that is it’s very visual, it’s very, it’s color coded. Releases and Download Version 0.0.3 has been released In fact i just made one because I'm going to do a night flight on Wed. Well, your prayers have been answered. Is there a Skyvector type website for Canadian charts? You can also use +N for a plan departing in N minutes, e.g. There’s a fantastic information for you. So these are things that pilots so right here we’ve got like two more pilots manned aircraft pilots can when they’re calling into use a Oshkosh tower right here. 3. So I can see that this is the Green Bay, this is the area that I’m looking for. I don’t want it to be overwhelming. Otherwise a D in PBN/ will cover arrival and departure RNAV 1 and a C will cover Enroute RNAV 2. Bruce Williams does a good job explaining this section on his website at bruceair.com. The flight planner is going to calculate your descent according to your descent speed all the way to the last waypoint and then to the airport reference point with no deceleration or maneuvering for landing. www.skyvector.com. Then press the Aircraft Icon to open the Aircraft Profile Form. And so there is a lot of really great information for you as a remote pilot, in the margins of all of these different sections. In this episode, I share the audio from my How to Use SkyVector for Drone Pilots video on my “Airspace and VFR Sectional Charts for Drone Pilots” course. October 3, 2020. So one thing you can see here is you can see the TFR that’s over washington dc I can zoom in on that I’m just using the scroll wheel on my computer on my mouse and it brings up the flight TFR for Washington DC. So there’s some weather overlay data here that we can take a look at So looks to me like there’s something probably going on in the middle part of the country here that we got a lot of convective action happening here. . In a typical piston single, 1 gallon and 3-5 minutes are sensible values to account for gradually decelerating, entering the pattern and making a couple of turns in the pattern before landing. Copy to your clipboard and paste into the textarea below (SkyVector will place conditional waypoints, e.g., D123M or TI321, that are incompatible with .fms files, so X-Planetools will attempt to remove them for you automatically) Enter a file name (extension not … If I come down here, it looks to me like there’s something happening on the Space Coast. msfs2020-skyvector. Directions for Using SkyVector: To find the distance and direction from an airport to your flight area: 1. Head over to www dot educators who drone calm now to join us today. So if I’m, you know, intending to fly in one of these areas, that might be an indicator that it might not be safe for me to fly my drone. So if you come up here. And then we’ve got some special use airspace on the Green Bay sectional chart. 15:15this is where you’re going to see some prohibited areas. SkyVector is a wonderful online tool to help real-world and simulator pilots with flight planning. Select your Wake Turbulence Category. But on this chart, we only go up to 2300 feet. Other Information" codes here. Some other miscellaneous information. So there, there’s lights on there that but there might not be running all the time. Status. So as a result, you won’t be flying your drone over Disney World. 13:38I’m going to scroll down a little bit more here. Right here, this is airport data. Join my free educators who drone online community to share ideas, collaborate and get help started with drones and STEM education. Visit her website at HeatherMonthie.com, Your email address will not be published. So I’m gonna zoom in here just a little bit, we’re going to go over these at a very high level, and I go over the individual classes of airspace in a separate video. CODE/A003FF specifies your Mode S Hex Code if you have ADSB Out. The ceiling of my class D airspace is indicated in this square right here. Okay? So right here, I see this like triangle looking thing with a.in the middle of it. And what it did was it gave me a scan or digital image of the actual printed. 0:00Discover drones is your go to resource for learning about drones, drones in business, emerging drone technology and drones in STEM education. So the military training routes may extend from the surface upwards. This is sort of the cover was so if I had this as a printed sectional and it was folded up nicely, this would be the cover to my sectional and it would tell me that I’m looking at the Green Bay sectional and it is effective, the 21st of may 2022, the third of December 2020. Let’s get started. So in this section of the sectional, then the maximum elevation would be 1900 feet so that means that there’s something that that goes up to 1900 It’s the highest known feature in that particular area. Note that climb and descent speeds are in knots in Indicated Airspeed (IAS) while cruise speeds are in true airspeed (TAS) (or Mach for Jets). So if I look over here at the RV airport, and I’m looking at one of those ticks for, I can come over here and I go, oh, okay, well, here’s an airport, this symbol looks very similar. Takeoff and Arrival Extra Time and Fuel fields are optional, and can be used to add extra time and fuel to the beginning and end of a flight. Use the Picker to select your ICAO Equipment Code. So in this chart, it goes from sea level to 2301. In this episode where I’m going to do is talk a little bit about how to use skyvector as a remote pilot. Fill in all the details that apply to your aircraft. And you know, the goal here is to get you feeling comfortable using these charts. What is Class A Airspace for Remote Pilots. A preview of it working can be found Here. So you always want to make sure you’re checking all of the available information that you have to make a decision about your flight. So you want to be able to look at any one of these symbols that you see here on the chart. – flightsim.com I have noticed occasionally that data from skyvector does not match FS9 … You cannot compare the data in FS/FSX to the real world with any hope of success. There’s a lot of information on these VFR charts, a ton of information, but you want to just get in there, look at them. This is a free website that you can use that takes all the different VFR sectionals throughout the United States and put them all together into one. If you only occasionally carry survival equipment, leave this blank. This is what I do. It’ll bring up that sectional for you. Learn more And as I hover over it, it gives me a little bit of information. Flight Planning – Using SkyVector.com Demonstrating how to use online flight planning tools such as skyvector.com. So if you just hover over it, it’ll give you a little bit of information about what’s going on. So Oh our regional o RB. Enter your departure time in either Zulu or Local. She is an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor, Commercial Pilot with an Instrument Rating, Advanced Ground Instructor, and a Remote Pilot. And also make sure to check out discover drones podcast comm to check out other episodes in this podcast. Either way use the ICAO 8643 designator for your aircraft type. If you have configured your account to authorize SkyVector as a service provider, all of your communication preferences will be in effect. skyvector is one of those tools that is it’s very visual, it’s very, it’s color coded. If the system can offer generated, recently cleared, or ATC preferred routes between your airport pair, you will have the ability to view them by clicking on "Routes". parachute jumping, we’ve seen, we’ve talked about that parachute jumping is indicated by that parachute right there. So that tells me that you know, I can’t fly in this area below 4000 feet, and that’s to protect the wildlife in that area. 15:12closer up to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota. You may know for sure that you are Mode C, but in fact many newer transponders are Mode S, so check with your manufacturer's documentation. So that’s effective. Just see what you can find. Otherwise, you can create your own route by rubber-banding with the mouse, typing in the route field, or both. NAV/ is no longer necessary in the US, unless you want to specify only departure or arrival, not both. So if you go into skyvector go skyvector comm find your area and just click on whatever city is up here. So you can look through here look at all the different symbols, what I suggest doing is going and looking at the sectional finding a symbol and you don’t know what it means any come over here and look for it. It is just a few hours old, and it is v0.0.1 as it is now. You some notes from the FAA, there some information about military training routes. Okay, so what I can do now is I am just looking around at the country and I can take just a glance at what’s going on in the country. So it’s going to tell me that the ceiling of the class Delta airspace is at 4000 feet MSL Class E airspace that extends down to the surface is going to be the magenta dotted line, the class g airspace with these transition areas are going to be indicated by sort of this magenta shaded color and then Same with the Class E airspace with for 20 1200 feet or greater above the surface is that the sort of blue shaded line. And it’s got green bay highlighted in there. So if I zoom out here a little bit, this is what it would look like if you received a printed copy of the Green Bay sectional. Check VHF or UHF if you have an emergency transceiver operating on those bands. So you can just follow that format to determine any information that you need about an airport right there. Use the picker to describe your surveillance equipment, which is transponders and ADS-B/C equipment. Look below the SkyVector logo on the left there is a link called Flight Plan click on it; this link will open the Flight Plan Box in there type KPDX, once you have type it down press enter or click add; Now we have our Takeoff AP added in the FP, In there you will notice that there is a box that sayd GS and KTS in that box type the speed that well be cruising to the next AP so we can know how much time will … The other thing you can look at here are these different weather reporting stations, these are airports throughout the country. So as a remote pilot you want to be cognizant of if you are operating on a military training route that there could be some low, low flying high speed aircraft in that area. You need to know how to read that information. LIGHT Up to and including 15,500 lbs (7,000 kg) MEDIUM 15,501 lbs - 300,000 lbs (136,000 kg) HEAVY More than 300,000 lbs (136,000 kg) ICAO Equipment Code. Troubleshooting. So you always want to make sure you’re looking at the most current sectional So if this is your past December 3 2020, this is not the most current sectional for you to be using. The point of this page is to show how to use SkyVector to get the Range/Bearing from different VORs to a desired latitude/longitude. The problem with that, is it is meant for enroute navigation, and not precision ground measurements. So we’re just going to do this at a very high level here. So this is how you can use skyvector as remote pilot. magenta line indicates Class C airspace tells me about the mode c veil that are around Class E airspace for for manned aircraft and it tells me that the specific FA are I can go look at a federal aviation regulation I can go look at Class D airspace as indicated by a blue dotted line. And so if you have a VHF receiver You can that gets into these certain frequencies, you can monitor the towers of the different control towers throughout the throughout the state. For jet aircraft, enter your climb schedule as both IAS and Mach maximum speed. So if you go to fly electric monarch comm slash FAA part 107 test prep, you can download that PDF guide. Here’s some information of our reporting chart errors, it does happen. Are you interested in collaborating with others to help bring drones to your local school, whether it’s in the classroom Or as an after school club. But how are you > supposed to use it with FSX - since you cant import your flightplan into So you have to know how to read those texts. You’ve got it you’ve got to see it but I wanted to share with you the audio that you can just have a listen learn a little bit and you just see what’s happening in that particular course and see if it’s something that you might be interested in.