Apparently, synchronized voices have a way of uniting otherwise anti-social groups. Is there anything else you want to share about your experience working on this film? Voices combining is actually like pulling people together and teaching them to harmonize, not only at the moment but also afterward. The film required a lot of different sounds because it takes place in several countries around the world – all the way from Moscow to China, even all around the U.S. – and we needed specific sounds for all these different environments. Just thinking about being so precise with your sounds and really thinking about every sound is telling a story. The equipment in the film is the actual equipment, all the different things you see like the cameras and so on, it is all rerecorded and cut in. 2. The shoppers changed. According to Martin Marks, a musicologist, original scores existed as far back as 1890 at the very beginning of cinema but became standardised within US cinema from 1908 onwards. But Lauren really, I mean she brings a strong production sound. It was a very different approach from other documentaries because of all these still images. I feel that the way documentaries often approach storytelling and the way they approach the visual part of the film gives sound a lot of opportunities. Soft music can help convey the maternal sense of an elephant mother and calf on the African Sahara, while a fast paced piece might convey the sense of danger in the daring rescue of a … It's great when things are done properly from the very beginning. The film Bigger, Stronger, Faster is about the use of steroids and composer Dave Porter had little knowledge of the topic when he signed on to compose the film, but noted, “I was quickly fascinated by all of the moral and ethical questions the filmmakers were raising, and that fed me creatively while scoring it.”, Jeff Beal, who composed the music for Blackfish and The Queen of Versailles, added, “I believe good musical scores (documentary and narrative) most often come from a place of empathy and truth. The role of music is so important that names like John Williams, composer of such scores as "Star Wars," "Raiders of the Lost Ark," "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" and "Superman," are as well-known as those of the movies' directors. Sherman explained, “What was important to me was to stay true to the time period in the film, and be as authentic as possible to the music itself. 10. The Importance of Sound in Film. The Importance of Music in Your Life. Regardless of the subject, documentary films are a great way to connect to an audience and teach them about certain issues, moments, and people. A big part of how documentaries are able to do this is through the music. It is not only helpful but essential for any director/producer to keep the music in mind when planning/shooting the movie. Music should add to the feeling and emotion, but not take it over. Why Documentary Films Are So Important. It was a process where we were comfortably developing things. As Sherman explained, “I wanted the score for the film to feel like a walk through the store. I found myself affecting the music more and more so that it felt in line with the recording process of the era and in turn, felt like the other music in the film.”. Many filmmakers are realizing this, choosing to delve into nonfiction narratives and bringing them to both the big and small screen. Sometimes we have personal connections in that way, reading about someone, and sometimes we may identify with the subject matter.”, When it comes to historical events and people, it is easy to find a way to tap into the emotion, but even something as innocuous as a documentary about coffee can create a connection. The importance of music and movement with relation to physical development. Typically music videos are produced and released in the early stage of a song’s release cycle, intended to drive exposure through additional channels for fans to consume whether they’re shown on TV, streamed or played in a public area. It has a lot of different sound effects pumping it up in a way. We also collaborated on Lauren's previous future length doc, The Queen of Versailles, so it was really nice doing it again and working at the Skywalker Ranch to mix. Jeff Beal, who was the composer of the film, wrote a really great score which I then built my sounds around. He lists a number of ways in which music serves the screen: “1. There was once a time when movies didn't include any audio, only music! documentary Annette Dasch: That is why music is the most important thing Portrait of the German soprano Annette Dasch Portrait of the German soprano Annette Dasch. A film like The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is such a real life drama, almost like an action movie in certain spots. Charlie Chaplin was one silent film actor whose name and work you may find familiar. There is often no avoiding these necessary “data dump” moments, but compelling music can certainly be a big help in those scenes.” With Barista, Gabriel remembered a particular scene of someone creating a cup of coffee that tastes and smells better than any other cup ever made. It was a really wonderful collaboration and the trust that Lauren has is terrific and very inspiring. Sound is important for her. Gabriel, admitted, “I am a huge coffee fiend and it really was inspiring creating music for a film about the very thing that fuels me to create music.”, However a personal connection to a documentary is not always necessary ‐ sometimes it is simply the content of the story and the passion of those creating the documentary that become the draw. Sometimes I was the only person in the room who was alive when Robert Kennedy was shot and for my generation, this had a huge impact.”, Composer Joel Goodman had a similar experience with an episode he scored of American Experience focusing on Walt Disney, explaining, “Prior to getting the call to score this film, I had read books and articles about Walt and was very familiar with his personal story. Classical and meditation music offer the greatest mood-boosting benefits, while heavy metal and techno music are ineffective and even detrimental. Music plays a crucial part in 2001, and not only because of the relatively sparse dialogue. So, you might not think about the effects of singing together as being all that circumstantial to the brainpower of music, but it is. We had the chance to catch up with Peter about his recent work as sound designer and supervising sound editor on the new documentary from Amazon Studios, Generation Wealth. Overall Themes. It is such a beautiful place with a lot of brilliant people. There are some more classic interviews and there is some archived video material but there are also a lot of still images that we needed to figure out how to create a sonic identity. Indeed, sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction—and often more interesting. All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records is not simply a documentary about a record store ‐ it is the story of a special place where music fans (and the musicians themselves) were equals and bonded over the sound of the time. Music plays an important role in our daily lives and is woven into the fabric of society. It was a really … When trying to string all the music (both popular and original) together, I was focused on the overall sound quality as I was on the actual music itself. Offered by Universiteit Leiden. It is also important to note that different instruments and different colors of music create “that certain feeling.” As noted by Aaron Copland, there is no question that a musical score can be of enormous help to a film. When you have these small Foley sounds, they make you come closer to the characters. Music represents an enjoyable activity in and of itself, but its influence goes beyond simple amusement. In Generation Wealth, we had to pick and choose sounds and then make sure that every sound was right for the moment. How would you describe the sound elements that you provided for this documentary? Academic research … One of the great things about music in general, and in particular concert music, is that playing it opens up a whole new world of experience that further enhances the mind, physical coordination, and expression. Thanks to Vinny Alfano for conducting this interview, and to Peter Albrechtsen for participating! One of the most challenging types of documentaries to score are ones about the music industry because in these, music becomes the subject matter, not just an accompaniment to the film. The Importance of Music provides a flexible template for high quality music provision throughout a pupil’s education. There are actually a lot of layers of sounds in. The same is true for the composers that sign on to create the sound of these films. While music can certainly have an impact on mood, the type of music is also important. Music Can Improve Endurance and Performance . Sounds and dialogue must perfectly sync with the actions in a film without delay and must sound the way they … How important is sound in films, music production, and gaming? Annette Dasch: That is why music is the most important thing Portrait of the German soprano Annette Dasch. He explained, “Since we can’t smell or taste the coffee, this could easily be boring if handled wrong. The audience followed the action on screen as it was accompanied by music and periodic subtitles that described the action. The mixer was Pete Horner from Skywalker so we were in good hands (we also mixed at Skywalker). Sound is important for her. Music and sound are very closely integrated in this film. What was your approach for the mix of this film? The Art of Listening is a documentary film about the journey music takes to reach a listener’s ear, from the intent of an instrument maker and composer, to the producers and engineers who capture and preserve an artist’s voice. The vibe changed. Not that I have been working on the film for six consecutive months, but it was slowly developing. In the mix, she is also super focused about the sound and diving into small details. While well-crafted sound design and sound effects are so very necessary in the creation of a film, music touches the emotion, the psyche, and the things you cannot see. There is no sound, and for something like that we needed to create the whole soundtrack. What is it that we really do? Before talkies, or movies where audiences actually heard the characters' spoken words, there were ''silent'' films. We spent a lot of time on getting some great recordings that are fresh for the film and feels right for the story. There is quite a lot of sound in this film. There are some more classic interviews and there is some archived video material but there are also a lot of still images that we needed to figure out how to create a sonic identity. It's great when things are done properly from the very beginning. The greatest minds and thinkers like Albert Einstein, Mozart, and Frank Lloyd Wright all had something in common in that they were constantly exploring their imagination and creativity. Fortunately Rock [Baijnauth, the film’s writer and director] has an impeccable sense of style and captured these moments in the most interesting and exciting ways possible. This also meant that we had time to record a lot of different sounds and also get a hold of a lot of different sound libraries. Films are produced using three types of sounds: human voices, music and sound effects. It’s not always as cut and dry when you’re dealing with real people.”. But affording the latest track by a well-known musician (or even parts of the song) can cost the amount you have budgeted for all the music - and it's just one song! I am usually involved with these projects very early on, so I always try to record sounds for each movie that I do. We listen to music while alone or in company, in a dance club or at home, through simple headphones or via high-end speakers, as background or as foreground, after we get up or before we go to bed. Without music it would be much more difficult to follow the emotional ups and downs of a film. Having a very close collaboration with a director who is really interested in sound is also a privilege. Docs manipulate reality, over-relying on effects such as music. Why is music important in groups? Music is an important part of any film, but with documentaries, the music becomes all the more important because it is reflecting real world issues and not just a works of fiction. Goodman explained, “Documentaries tend to be more subtle, allowing the audience to draw their own conclusions from a particular scene.” Gabriel added, “Maybe it’s the case of a subject who is a little guarded in the presence of cameras, thus leading to a more ambiguous emotional charge. This is all the more important when it comes to documentaries, as Cutler says, “I think that in a documentary it’s more obvious if music is used in a manipulative way, and this could create a distrust by the audience.”, Because documentaries feature real people and not actors following a script, the emotion being conveyed is not always obvious and a composer has to work to make sure the music is not taking a stand the person being featured is not actually making. 06/28/2010 02:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011 Last week I attended the Sunnyside Documentary market in gorgeous, sunny La Rochelle, France. Music can serve several purposes that are either important on the emotional side of the movie or help/enhance the storytelling. Academic Research Papers. The key is how to pick the right music for your narrative. This article is dedicated to pinpoint some importance of music. For Dunkirk, I recorded some boat sounds that [Sound Designer & Supervising Sound Editor] Richard King was not able to record in the U.S. because these boats do not exist anymore. Peter Albrechtsen is a Copenhagen-based sound artist with an impressive list of credits for both feature films and documentaries including the 2017 Academy Award®-winner for Best Sound Mixing, Dunkirk (sound effects recording mixer), The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (sound effects editor), and The Last Race (re-recording mixer, sound designer, supervising sound editor) which premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. They not only shine a light on important issues and people, but they do so in a way that captures viewer’s hearts and minds. The idea is to make the sound feel very natural and subtle and really underscore the storytelling. Sometimes when people shoot a documentary, they just put a mic on whoever is talking and then just set up the camera and… you get a little bit of rustling around (laughs). The possibilities are endless. Some documentarians may only want the music that is already in their scenes cleared quickly and efficiently, at the lowest cost possible. Creating a more convincing atmosphere of time and place. Music for a documentary can be one of the most powerful emotional tools at a directors disposal. But Lauren really, I mean she brings a strong production sound. Peter Albrechtsen: For me there is not much of a difference between a fiction film and a documentary film. It really enhances the images and it really drives the film in many ways. Just like music can guide the emotion queues of the audience in a fictional film, so too can it guide the emotions of a non-fiction documentary audience. Generation Wealth is a much more subtle film, and it has a much more real feel. Plus, you need to make sure that it's music you're licensed to use, the way you want to use it. Barista tells the story of those behind the counter making our complicated coffee orders and the film’s composer, C.A. Whoever was working the jazz section wasn’t also working the classical section.” A film score is always a dance between what is happening on screen and the music itself, but that is never more true than in a film about music. It took a lot of experimentation, trying out things and finding the balance of how much sound to add for the photos and also finding the right style. While documentary sound tracks typically include voice-over, dialogue, music, and effects, the hierarchy and distribution of these sounds differ in important ways from classical Hollywood conventions. That took a lot of experimentation and playing around with sounds. Follow Peter Albrechtsen:Twitter: @lydrummet, Follow Vinny Alfano:Twitter: @VinnyAlfanoWebsite:, © 2018 Pro Sound Effects - All Rights Reserved, The importance of sound in documentaries with Peter Albrechtsen. Even if a character is “unlikable” or of questionable moral character, it’s not the music’s role judge or mock their point of view. A good music supervisor will first want to understand what the director's goals are with the music in the film. The rule of thumb is to think about the tone of the script and match accordingly, e.g. Henrik Sorensen / Getty Images . Sometimes when people shoot a documentary, they just put a mic on whoever is talking and then just set up the camera and… you get a little bit of rustling around (laughs). According to Nancy Carlsson-Paige, a professor emerita of early childhood education at Lesley University and the Author of Taking back childhood, “If you walk into a good kindergarten (Pre-School) class, everyone is moving. How did this process compare to other projects of yours like Dunkirk or The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo? And though I am already a huge fan of documentary film, I came away after three days realizing how essential these works are to improving our world, our minds, out common future, than ever before. In this respect, 2001 harks back to the central power that music had in the … Try watching this video on, or enable JavaScript if it is disabled in your browser. They aren't really journalistic at all. Do you find yourself going to different sound libraries for a documentary versus something more cinematic? The reason many people seek out certain documentaries is because they have a personal connection to the subject matter or an interest in gaining greater insight. This can be especially important with documentaries, where a subject might have granted to access to some painful or embarrassing situation “caught” by the documentary camera. Although documentaries are mainly about showing and discussing factual event, a documentary is more entertaining, less bland, when music is used to help convey the mood of the topic being addressed. The film’s composer, Bill Sherman, created a score that helped underline the emotion of the film while working around the popular songs placed throughout it. Documentary research can develop undiscovered plot lines, help you find new characters, and uncover secrets. The argument is as old as the documentary, and it goes like this. Underlining psychological refinements—the unspoken thoughts of a character … As you went from aisle to aisle, classical to jazz, Beatles to Stones, you could feel how the music changed. Let’s take at things we need to keep in mind to do just that. I feel we are much more closely connected in the sound community which enables us to help each other out. When young people make music together, they work toward a common goal that has the potential to change lives profoundly for the better. That also really helps when cutting the film, sound effects, and dialogue. One of the ways Sherman achieved this was making sure the score reflected the music featured in the film itself. The teacher is moving. Extremely important. Music helps bring these subjects to life, but does so in a way that also lets the subjects stand on their own. In that sense it is so great working with him. For that reason, music can easily be used as instrument of peace when there is chaos between people of different … It can be a score (orchestral music played over the action), songs performed as part of the film (such as in a musical) or songs heard by characters in the background (such as on the radio in their cars or in the restaurant where they eat). Others may want to use music creatively in a scene to enhance the mood or tone of the film, and need assistance with music … One of the best ways to find an “in” for the score in a film about music is to understand how the music is being reflected in it. Music Draw People Together To Uplift Them Emotionally. Indeed, due to the power of music in the heart and bone marrow of human being, it can draw millions of people from different parts of the world and uplift them emotionally. Generation Wealth has several layers going on but it also has a way of feeling so natural and homogeneous and keeping a very organic flow. We approached the sound in a very musical way and tried to give the film a very musical flow. Learn how he used sound to complement the film's unique visual approach and why he thinks precision helps spotlight the story. Image via Andrzej Sowa. Music documentaries have a rich history too: films like Jonathan Demme’s Stop Making Sense (1984) and D.A. I pitched my sound effects and cut them into rhythms so they fit with his music. Let’s find out! Music also - and this is important - allows us to feel nearly or possibly all emotions that we experience in our lives. In moments where someone is making a cup of coffee or explaining information, it becomes the job of a composer to make these scenes more entertaining. Porter explained, “One struggle that many documentary filmmakers have is how to present necessary background information and statistics in a way that isn’t dull. That kind of detail is something that I really like. It is a very personal film for Lauren Greenfield, so I went to her own photo library/lab in L.A. and recorded the equipment there. Pennebaker’s Don’t Look Back (1967) are rightly considered as documentary classics, one filming a live concert performance and the other following a full concert tour. Documentary filmmakers often choose subject matter they are passionate about, and a great documentary can be about any non-fiction, real-world subject. 1. What is your philosophy for mixing documentaries? That took a lot of experimentation and playing around with sounds. Sound design and effects don’t do this nearly as efficiently and naturally. Or perhaps a scene takes more of an informative approach and it becomes the job of the composer simply to make it more entertaining.” In many ways, it is the job of a composer to sit back and allow for that audience interpretation. So much of this film is based on [Director] Lauren Greenfield's amazing still photography, but it is still photography. An effectively researched documentary can provide a narrative that is captivating and informative. A Disaster Finds Devastating New Life in Our Pick of the Week, What’s New to Stream on Hulu for December 2020, ‘Zodiac’ and Setting the Scene for a Serial Killer. There is no sound, and for something like that we needed to create the whole soundtrack. Then I went back home, did some more editing, and I came back for the mix which was a little more than a week. Now and then I actually think about the old rule of only using two or three sounds at a time. Discover how Peter Albrechtsen took a subtle yet detailed approach to craft the sound of the new documentary, Images from film courtesy of Amazon Studios, So much of this film is based on [Director], 's amazing still photography, but it is still photography. It cannot be overstated just how important the right piece of music is to the finished production. That sound permeates the entire film as it spans decades and different musical styles. Music is one of the most universal ways of expression in human life. I can give the example of Queen Of Versailles where we were very careful to tell the story of those protagonists, but also to show them as three dimensional people when possible, with their inherent complexities and motives.”, The one thing a composer must always strive to do, whether working on a fictional film or a documentary, is keep the music from overly influencing what is happening on screen. Music is then the next step in making this seemingly mundane task seem hip and cool and profound.”. Music is the Key to Creativity. Music is an important part of any film and can be especially important for a documentary. It's important for Lauren, the director, that that sound is supporting the photos and she is really into all the details. why music videos are important to artists Music videos help artists in two big ways: exposure and revenue. Music is an important part of any film, but with documentaries, the music becomes all the more important because it is reflecting real world issues and not just a works of fiction. That also really helps when cutting the film, sound effects, and dialogue. Music Manipulates Emotions. Documentaries have become some of the movie industry’s most compelling and emotional films. All the Horror You Need to Stream in December 2020, 23 Things We Learned from the ’22 Jump Street’ Commentary, What’s New to Stream on Netflix for December 2020, ‘They Made Me a Criminal’ and the Persecution of an Innocent Star. We spent some time in Copenhagen and then came to L.A. for a week and a half being with Lauren and going through the music together with the sounds and all the elements of the mix. I mean, she, as a still photographer, is amazing. Gabriel noted, “I think in a narrative feature there is more often a clearer sense of what the emotion of the scene is. That whole idea of being very precise about every detail...I mean coming from thousands of miles away to record a boat? Music is present in the everyday lives of people of all ages and from all cultures around the world. When is it Fair Use to Show a Trademark in a Film or TV Show? I spent a lot of time just getting a hold of different recordings from around the globe, but it has become so much easier now with the internet. In fact, we are in the … A Creative mind has the ability to make discoveries and create innovations. There are actually a lot of layers of sounds in Generation Wealth, but hopefully the viewer will not think of it like that when they watch. Music in Documentaries Director & Composer Relationship Scholarly and Theoretical Literature: Sounds Real: Music and Documentary Composer John Keltonic: John Corner Intends to look at the ways it can be restrained to cue mood and how themes can be explored -Ex: Michael Rabiger's It’s often more obvious how the characters feel and where and when to compliment or supplement that emotion. Pick the right track, and you’ll have the audience in tears, pick the wrong one and you’ll have them reaching for their ear plugs. From very early on in production, Kubrick decided that he wanted the film to be a primarily non-verbal experience, one that did not rely on the traditional techniques of narrative cinema, and in which music would play a vital role in evoking particular moods. Below we’ll detail some of the resources you can use to effectively research your own documentary film project. Pete is just like me – he has a musical background. Where exactly did you go to record or collect sounds? Pete did a dialogue premix for a week, and then we finally mixed for a week together at the Ranch. Making that possible was one great thing about this film – being able to mix it there was really a privilege. For Generation Wealth, I started recording sounds about half a year before we were mixing, so it was a long process. For example collages that practically don’t work at all without film music can have a fantastic effect later with the appropriate music. Composer Miriam Cutler reflected on her work on the film Ethel, which tells the story of Ethel Kennedy, saying, “I often found myself overwhelmed by my own feelings about the Kennedy family and their place in American history. , but hopefully the viewer will not think of it like that when they watch. The movie soundtrack typically refers to the music recorded for a film. There is quite a lot of Foley in the film where we accentuated small details to give a sense of intimacy. It really means a lot for a film like this because the whole thing comes alive in a really great way. In fact, Hollywood's standard division of sound into discrete tracks obscures the extent to which these are integral parts of documentary sound. Music fuels the mind and thus fuels our creativity. Download Spectrogram Phone Wallpapers from CORE 2, Sound Editing Automation with Keyboard Maestro, Understanding Loudness and Why It Matters, Introducing CORE 2: Now Updated with Our Newest Releases, General Libraries I can use on any project, A Specific Single Sound I can download now, Roundtable: 2020 Retrospective with award-winning sound artists, Jurassic Park Sound Design Explained by Gary Rydstrom. About. It is amazing working with the people at the Skywalker Ranch. These three types of sounds are crucial for a film to feel realistic for the audience. She has this wonderful eye for all these visual details. Music was an invaluable aspect of silent cinema since the audience had to purely rely on sound and images in the film to tell a story as opposed to dialogue between characters.