and 600 lbs., respectively. Elk is a ruminant animal: even-toed, cud-chewing, hoofed and horned mammal and has a stomach which is divided into four compartments. Fact 1 It is part of the Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Roseville Metropolitan Statistical Area. 1. Posted May 8, 2019 by JACO Outfitters. 5 Surprising Facts About Elk Antlers. Elks mark their territory by stripping bark from nearby trees. JACO Outfitters offers guided elk hunts in New Mexico at various times of the year. Often male Elk will challenge one another during fall. Elk begin breeding in the fall, or the "rut." A mature bull will weigh about 700 pounds and stand 5 feet tall at the shoulder. Male elk is called bull, whereas the female is known as cow. As sociable and gentle herbivores, elk typically live near forest habitats in herds, feeding on grass, plants and leaves. and 900 lbs., and 300 lbs. 5) An Elk Stomach Has Chambers. With the rut in its very early stages, the timing is perfect for showing off a few of the reasons the antlers make the bull elk so impressive. Its legs and neck are often darker than its body color. 1. A bull (male) elk's antlers may reach 4 feet above its head, so that the animal towers 9 feet tall. Ten fun facts about Elk Grove. During breeding season, male Elk make loud calls to attract a mate. We bring you some more interesting facts and amazing information on elks, in the lines below. This week’s featured animal is the elk. Elk live among terrain that’s physically demanding for hunters to navigate, so if you’re going to hunt elk, it’s best if you’re “in shape.” Elk are related to deer but are much larger than most of their relatives. Interesting And Fun Facts About Elk Elks inhabit the mountain meadow and forests of different parts of North America and Asia and being herbivores, feed on grass, bushes, and saplings. An elk's stomach has four chambers; the first stores food, and the other three digest it. Some of these may surprise you. Tom said there are a lot of interesting facts about elk that hunters may have missed, and I have included some of them below. Elk (also known as wapiti) are one of the largest mammals in North America and Eastern Asia. The body color of an elk varies from deep copper brown to light tan. Facts about Elk: Facts About: Description of Elk The Elk (Cervus elaphus) is described as a large northern Deer with huge flattened antlers in the male. But there are so many fun facts about this local favorite that I’ll narrow it down to just the antlers of the bull elk. Fun, strange, weird and interesting facts about Elk. Elk have feet like cows. Fact 3 It is the second-largest city in Sacramento County. The antlers of the elk are the fastest growing bone of any mammal, growing as much as 1 inch per day during the summer. Male Elk have large antlers that they shed each year. Interesting Facts About Elk Hunting. Fact 2 Elk Grove earned the title of the fastest growing city in the U.S between July 1, 2004 and July 1, 2005. The Elk is an Artiodactyl ruminant mammal of the family Cervidae. Before the rut, bull elk live peacefully among other bulls. Posted on October 10, 2017 by wapiti - Dogs, Elk Antler Chews. Elk Facts & Trivia for kids Elk are one of the largest species of deer. Tule and Roosevelt elk bulls and cows weigh an average of 400 lbs. Male elk can lose up to 200 pounds, or 20% of body weight, during the rut. American Elk Facts & Trivia.