Company Summary Taking care of our customers, our communities and each other. Internships & Opportunities The College of Liberal Arts encourages undergraduate students to participate in internships to prepare for their future careers. It has certainly been said that a liberal arts degree is impractical for this economic climate. But the rumors are only partly true. Here's advice on career options for liberal arts majors, connecting your major to careers, and how to make the most out of your liberal arts degree. Liberal Arts majors are encouraged to visit the Liberal Arts Career Enrichment Network website for more information about internship opportunities, career-related activities, and professional development events. The amount of credit varies English majors and minors can earn 1-4 credits for ENG 491: Internship in Writing and Publishing. According to the company website : “As part of an Evercore team, you will participate in financial modeling and quantitative analysis, valuation issues, industry analysis and markets research, due diligence, as well as preparation for and attendance at client meetings.” Some of the most common internships for literature majors are: Publishing intern Whether you’re working for an independent publisher or a big publishing house, a publishing internship helps you get a sense of everything involved in putting out a book or putting together a peer-reviewed journal. Description: Students who participate in an internship with Arthuriana will learn about the exciting world of medieval academic scholarship, acquire important professional … Selecting a major at Middlebury is an exciting point in your academic career, but it may also feel like a big decision. May 4, 2020 Finding ways to connect students with internship experiences in a pandemic. Through the Network, Liberal Arts majors are able to: search and apply for internships and full-time positions through our web-based system called Nittany Lion Careers; receive feedback on resumes, cover letters, and other Internships & Opportunities The College of Liberal Arts encourages undergraduate students to participate in internships to prepare for their future careers. Within the subjects, students may focus on a particular discipline, such as geography. Liberal Arts does not refer to some specific form of knowledge that you can acquire--it means growing and transforming into a new person as you gather new knowledge. Internships are graded S/U. Liberal arts majors are often organized by subject, such as social sciences. does not require relocation, but does require excellent writing skills). A liberal arts education prepares students for a wide range of occupations rather than for one specific career path. A student may earn up to 6 hours of Cinematic Arts internship credit. If you're willing to be flexible in your search and smart about branding yourself, you can find there are many opportunities. The most important thing for liberal arts students to get a job at one of these companies is to have some kind of experience, she concludes. Academics College of Sciences and Humanities School of Humanities School of Humanities Undergraduate Programs Liberal Studies (B.A.) If your An ENG 491 internship counts toward your required six hours of Engaged Learning Experiences. Some have argued that technical degrees are the path towards finding work after college. Internships count toward your Engaged Learning Experiences. 10 Career Ideas for Liberal Arts Majors Graduates of liberal arts programs are well-suited for a diverse slate of professional roles. Dickinson: Dickinson offers a major in International Business and Management, an interdisciplinary program in which students study economics, business, management, and three courses beyond an intermediate level of a foreign language. Internships & Careers Internships & Careers Liberal Studies and the Center for Career Services That’s the Travelers Promise. INTERNSHIPS FOR HISTORY MAJORS History internships are an excellent opportunity for qualified students to acquire skills and job experience outside the classroom with professional guidance and for academic credit! Sometimes liberal-arts majors struggle a bit more than other majors when launching their careers, but the evidence shows that they tend to advance farther and be more sought out by CEOs for high-level jobs than non-liberal-arts Internships offer experience in Internet journalism, editing, or graphics, and the work is done online (i.e. Majors & Minors Undergraduate Majors and Minors Areas of Focus Arts Business Health Science Pre-law Applying to Law School Bar Associations Careers in Law Law Schools Preparing for LSAT STEM and the Liberal Arts Only 3 hours of internship credit will count within the 33 hour minimum for the Cinematic Arts majors. As a liberal arts student, you have a wide range of majors and career options open to you. For these careers, one of But some schools offer a major in liberal arts or liberal studies, which provides an … Arthuriana Arthuriana is poised on the cutting edge of current debates in Arthurian studies. The Liberal Arts Bridge (LAB) and Career and Professional Development Services (CPDS) can help! Career services offices help navigate the changing landscape of summer internships. Mixing creativity, communication and analytical skills, marketing and public relations can be a wonderful fit for liberal arts majors. If you're planning on majoring in it or already are, click here for a few liberal arts scholarships. Join us on Thursday, October 29, 2020 from 5:00 - 6:30 PM for our workshop: “Internships and the Liberal Arts.” Yes, the median annual income for liberal arts majors … Contributors to the journal include the top scholars in the field who br ing fresh perspectives to Arthurian literature. Taking advantage of great internships for accounting majors can have a huge impact on employment opportunities. Internships can be found in businesses ranging from small mom and pop shops to larger businesses and can Majors & Minors Undergraduate Majors and Minors Areas of Focus Arts Business Health Science Pre-law Applying to Law School Bar Associations Careers in Law Law Schools Preparing for LSAT STEM and the Liberal Arts Most schools provide their liberal arts students with internship opportunities that are local and beneficial. Liberal arts majors are strong communicators, who bring creativity and critical thinking to the table. Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center (Skokie, IL) Interns help the Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center fulfill our mission of promoting human rights and working against genocide. While there is an emphasis on liberal arts, the catalog of management, marketing, accounting, and finance courses is impressive. Well, a recent survey of 225 employers issued by Millennial Branding and Experience Inc. finds employers are seeking out liberal arts majors almost as much as engineering students. Evercore also ranks highly in their internships for business majors, according to Forbes and Business Insider. Internships are approved for 2 credits during the academic semester or 1–2 credits during summer. Leading niche job board for college and university students searching for internships, part-time employment, and seasonal work and recent graduates hunting for … Here are 10 jobs for liberal arts majors that pay $55,000 or more: 1. LAB, as the program is known, was also a response to the realization that often “it’s bumpy” for liberal-arts majors entering the professional world, … Read to find out what these are. Liberal arts is one of the most popular majors. Liberal arts majors have a huge pool of internships they can apply for college credit, stipends or simply for experience. Liberal Arts and Human Sciences Building, 200 Stanger Street, Blacksburg, VA 24061, Phone: 540-231-6779, Fax: 540-231-7157, Contact Departments and Schools Contact College Administration Student Support Contacts Liberal arts studies, in general, get a bad rap when it comes to career utility. However, there are some jobs that draw liberal arts majors in large numbers. Despite the unfair reputation surrounding liberal arts degrees and their practical use, there are countless opportunities available to liberal arts graduates as they start their careers. April 27, 2020 Liberal arts skills highly valued by Studying liberal arts leads many students to a career in Marketing or PR. “Internships … For fieldwork seminar guidelines, procedures, and forms, visit the Internship Guidelines page.