The JH Williams S-52A round head ratchet has an overall length of 11 5/16-Inches and has a 1/2-Inch drive. 5. Part Number: JHWS-53A. Browse our hand tools, pneumatic tools, & much more! 4. Catalog Wrenches Ca. Williams 1/2 ratchet #S-53. PicClick Insights - J.H. One wall of each notch 20 is approximately normal to a radius to the cylindrical bearing 1T or 19 of that pawl, so that when the notch , 20 is engaged over a tooth 6, as shown by the position of the pawl 16 in Fig. 2, leading to the groove 38 -to enable a toeolto be inserted -behind the ring 39 stifficienitly to pry one part of the ring 39, adjacent the split therein, sufficiently to disengage it from the groove 38. The part 65 7 may be pushed endwise and inwardly of the part I a small amount, to release pressure on the ring 39 and enable its removal when one desires to remove the inner part 7 from the outer part I. Old tool catalog with great pictures of classic american made tools. The shank has forged-in markings "Drop Forged in U.S.A." with the W-Diamond logo, with "J.H. This invention relates, to ratchet drives, and particularly to those utilized with tools. In Great Condition! stillson no. This is in good, used, workable condition. Another element. Williams S52EHFA Chrome Finish Flex Head Ratchet Product Features Buy with confidence. J H Williams S-52ARK 1/2" Drive Ratchet Repair Kit for Models S-52A, S-53A & BS-52A An object of the invention is to provide an improved-ratchet drive which can be set to drive in either direction selectively and ratchet in the other direction, in an intermediate position in which it does not ratchet in either direction and thus serves as a direct coupling drive between the driving and driven parts, and which will be relatively simple, strong, durable, compact, easily. In addition to the Williams brand from which it originated, the group includes Bahco and CDI Torque Products. Very smooth and works excellent I have lots of other JH Williams and other vintage American made tools as well . ampco w706 aluminum-beryllium open end wrench - 288o. 99 People also love these ideas This 0 exposed end of the rod 31 carries an operating handle 33, Figs. of thepart:7 and these two cut away portions Iand 12,- betweenrthem, have.a V-shaped wall.I13 with the 7apex outermost. in the barrel part or element 1, and are. Williams III, Alan Moore, Promethea (Série 1), PANINI COMICS, AMERICA'S BEST COMICS, Super Héros, 9782809403480 Williams S-53A. Check out my other Barbie & Kitchen Littles Auctions! Williams Tool Group, is a division of American hand tool manufacturer Snap-on that makes and distributes tools to industrial markets. h.d. If this item contains incorrect or inappropriate information please, Relevant 11. WILLIAMS & Co. ratchetless ratchet wrench from Aug. 1910 COMMERCIAL AMERICA. Vehicle Info Needed. Posted 2 months ago in Tools & machinery. . SUPERRATCHET TOOLS S-52 Antique. Ratchet Repair Kit S-52A& S-53A. 3/8" Drive Williams USA Black Finish Round Head Knurled Handle Ratchet #BB-52A. The edge zones or portions of the cam 30 furthest from and nearest to the rod 31 are circular, with their-centers of curvature at the longitudinal axis of the rod 31, so that 'when 'said circular edge zones of the cam 30 engages either side of the slot 29, the thrust between that side of the notch 29-and the cam 30 will not cause rotation of the cam. J H Williams S-70 1/2 Drive Ratchet Spinner J H Williams S-70 1/2 Drive Ratchet Spinner 662459220523 Each of the pawls 16 or 18 at its outer or free end is provided with a notch 20 of approximately 900 and engageable over any one of the V shaped teeth 6 aligned therewith at any time, as shown, for example, by the position of the pawl 16 in Fig. I ship USPS Priority mail and will combine shipping on multiple items. 5 and looking in the direction of the arrows; and Fig. The mechanism works very smoothly. A ratchet device comprising a barrel part having one open end, an inner part partially telescoping into said barrel part, the telescoping portions of said parts having cooperating bearing surfaces by which the parts may have relative rotation about an axis parallel to the lengths of said parts, the inner wall of said barrel part adjacent its open end having an inwardly facing shoulder, and said inner part having adjacent thereto an outwardly facing shoulder, a split ring disposed between said shoulders so as to releasably lock said parts together against endwise separation, the chamber within said barrel part having a peripherally arranged row of teeth, a pair of pawls carried by said inner part and movable individually into and out of engagement with said teeth, resilient means urging said pawls individually into engagement with said teeth, one of said pawls, by its engagement with said teeth, preventing relative rotation of parts in one direction and riding idly over the teeth in the other direction, and the other of said pawls, by its engagement with said teeth, preventing relative rotation of said parts in said other direction and riding idly over said teeth in said one direction, a motion transmitting element for shifting said pawls alternately and individually out of engagement with said teeth or releasing both of said pawls concurrently, said element having a portion accessible for operation exteriorly of said barrel part, a washer disposed between said element and the inner end of said barrel, and a spring acting between said inner end and said washer and urging the latter against said element to frictionally retard its movements in shifting said pawls, and also holding said shoulder against said ring. Williams S-52EHFA Chrome Finish Flex Head Ratchet (4.9 / 5) The Snap-On JH Williams S-52EHFA chrome finish flex head ratchet has an overall length of 14 1/4-Inches, has a 1/2-Inch drive, and high polished chrome finish.