? KANSAS CITY, Mo. She sued the district for racial discrimination. In St. Louis, two people were killed and 17 people were injured in weekend shootings. WDAF - Kansas City. We want to be responsible to our students and our community.”. Black Lee’s Summit students shared a litany of stories via the hashtag #OurstruggleLSR7, such as being called racial slurs by schoolmates and told to go to the back of the bus while on field trips. Kansas City Chiefs' Frank Clark shared his thoughts on the Jacob Blake police shooting during a recent press conference. This past week, administrators also said they are reviewing the district’s curriculum, which many parents have argued lacks adequate Black history lessons and the representation of authors of color. Since Fulton arrived, the district hired its first-ever diversity and inclusion coordinator, and it requires faculty to be trained to better understand other cultures. And Merrigan said Blue Valley is revising its curriculum and adding reading materials that shed light on racism. 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Missouri protests continued over the death of George Floyd and police treatment of African Americans, with gatherings in Kansas City, St. Louis and Jefferson City. Broadnax argued that efforts will not be successful unless the district has faculty members of color lead recruitment efforts. Connect with friends faster than ever with the new Facebook app. Kansas City police arrest a protester Saturday at the Country Club Plaza during a protest to bring awareness to the death of George Floyd who died in the custody of Minneapolis police. “It’s not common to be able to go out and hire that many additional educators. Stacy Shaw began to lead Black Lives Matter protests in Kansas City following the killing of George Floyd. Protests move to Kansas City's suburbs as residents tell schools to act on racism. In Shawnee Mission, out of more than 2,000 teachers, about 80 — or 4% — were people of color, compared to 36% of students, according to 2019 data provided to the state department of education. But even as districts make commitments to diversity, critics say some of the efforts seem superficial. He was a sophomore at Lee’s Summit High School when he posted his political viewpoints on social media. He reported the incident to school leaders. In Blue Springs, of the 991 teachers, 3% are people of color, compared to 29% of students. Jackson and others have been pushing for the district to hire a more diverse administrative team, pointing out the majority-white leadership in schools. The co-founder of a new Kansas City organization on why protesters are camped out at city hall, Missouri voters face two big issues on the November ballot, and how listening to an opera a day changed one Kansas Citian. Interim Superintendent Emily Miller said in a message to the community that the district’s priority is to make sure students and staff feel safe. They argue changes can be made that don’t require the implementation of a five-year strategic plan. The stay-at-home orders set to expire next week have now been extended in both Kansas and Missouri until May 3, angering some. The message was met with dozens of comments telling the district to take action and hire more people of color. But I gained a lot, and not just with my kids. — 10:15 p.m. | The eighth straight night of protests near the Country Club Plaza is winding to a close with no reported clashes with police. In Kansas City, two people died in separate shootings Sunday night, including one just blocks away from the protest site. For many, it's photos and video of catastrophic events that stick with us most — not the facts. In Lee’s Summit, of the 1,302 teachers, 40 — or 3% — are people of color compared to about 25% of students. Racial inequity has long plagued schools across the country. This story is updated regularly. This past school year, Blue Springs established a diversity committee to focus on training, support and recruitment, including a program to help prepare some students to eventually become teachers in the district. In Lee’s Summit, more than 100 students, teachers and residents gathered for a rally at the administration building, saying they were “fed up” with as lack of response to complaints of racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia. But activists say now is the time for districts to move past the planning phase.They want districts to examine why they struggle to retain teachers, plus immediately hire teachers of color, and create a pipeline for promoting more diverse educators to administrative positions. “Mr. ... GIVE TODAY. Protests Reportedly Planned in Kansas City Against Kansas, Missouri Stay-at-Home Orders. After the protests raged on the Country Club Plaza over police brutality, suburban students and parents last week staged their own demonstrations on or near school property. In response, district leaders issued a second statement saying, “We hear you and we are seeking to understand your experiences.