At the head of the bay, Atz Sr. & Bonnie team up with Atz Lee and Jane to stockpile salmon for the upcoming winter. Otto Kilcher from “Alaska: Last Frontier”: Wiki and Age. Atz Kilcher Biography – Atz Kilcher Wiki. Jane, Otto and Charlotte mend the damages to their hay barn; Atz Lee and Atz Sr. collect lumber for building their new homestead; Bonnie builds a new greenhouse. The members of the Kilcher family film themselves crafting inventive homemade gifts for their first-ever "Couples Secret Santa" during the Christmas holiday in the remote area of the state of Alaska where they thrive off the land. Eivin is married to his childhood friend Eve Matkins. [CLIP SHOW] For the Kilchers, each day presents new conflicts from Mother Nature and one another. Atz Lee's return to the Hunter's Cabin is rudely interrupted, and he turns to a veteran homesteader for help. Apart from his profession he is also part of the Kilcher family show Alaska: The Last Frontier. Otto confronts a predator killing calves from inside his herd. Viewer questions are answered & Atz Sr. & Atz Lee perform the premiere of a song chronicling their family. Otto, August & Eve, Charlotte and Eivin harvest a sterile cow to stock up on meat for winter, repurposing its byproducts to make homesteader soap, and tanning its hide for building corrals. Their union bore fruit to a chain of the family, making the Kilcher family tree one to talk about. Included: Eivin scales treacherous peaks to fill his freezer; Otto helps with Shane's cabin build, while it takes a perilous turn; and for Atz Lee, one fateful step leads to catastrophe. A bear menaces from the edge and a wolf invades the herd. Otto risks his recovery to help save a paralyzed cow. While searching for berries, Atz Sr. & Bonnie encounter a black bear of their own. Atz Lee enlists his father, Atz, on an early spring black bear hunt, hoping to redeem his failed hunt last fall. The Kilcher family celebrate the arrival of Eivin and Eve's baby. Atz Lee, Sr., and Jane work on Atz Lee’s new cabin, but Jane still has doubts. And Otto and Eivin fight to save the Kilchers' prized Octagon cabin from destruction. Meanwhile, Atz Lee and Jane build a new smokehouse. i. [CLIP SHOW] On the homestead, a strong partnership is key. In this behind-the-scenes episode, the Kilcher men share the importance of communication between fathers and sons, especially in the face of danger. Born in 1913, Kilcher left Europe in the mid-1930s as the Nazis were rising in power. The ninth season premiered on October 6, 2019. A desperate search for a newborn calf and its mother forces Otto's wife Charlotte and their son August into a night of deep snow while Otto is away helping Atz Lee cut down a tree. Atz and his family carefully jack up and move an old abandoned cabin. Otto refuses to admit defeat and will use all the. Atz tracks down predators killing the herd. The ancestor of the Kilcher family, Yule is the sole reason as to why the Kilcher family live in Alaska. Eivin Kilcher is born to Otto Kilcher and his second wife Sharon Mackie. Otto is the father of three Eivin, Levi, and August Kilcher. Cattleman Otto Kilcher sees life a little differently. [4], The ninth season premiered on October 6, 2019. Atz Lee, Atz Sr., and Jane go on a horseback hunt in the foothills; Eivin fabricates a unique motorized cart for Findlay; Otto, Charlotte and August hurry to make repairs to a fence breach subsequent to their cattle making an escape. Shane & Kelli break ground on their cabin. The first storm of winter approaches as the family races to finish preparing for the next eight months; Atz herds cattle across flooded glacial rivers. The family faces the fallout from a warm Alaskan winter; an emergency mission to supply and secure hunting cabins; Charlotte and Jane search for a missing newborn calf. Meet the Kilcher Family Tree Wiki. Otto Kilcher is not the head of the family. Atz Lee and Jane catch and smoke salmon in their secret fish camp. [CLIP SHOW] Every Kilcher man relies on the unique knowledge of his father. Atz Kilcher has three children (Shane, Atz Lee, and Jewel Kilcher) from his first wife, Lenedra Carroll. Eivin and Eve launch a risky clean-up operation to clear a tangle of old nets endangering fish in a nearby river. Eivin and Atz Sr. get tangled as the tide comes in. Atz Lee and Jane reunite after a month apart when he brings her to his new homestead for the very first time. Tensions flare between Otto and August in their last mission before August leaves for college. The Kilcher family are relatives of the singer Jewel, who has appeared on the show. As spring draws to a close, Otto and August dig into a monumental plumbing project. Kilcher family tree. Eivin Kilcher was born on March 6, 1984. From ex-spouse, Atz has a son, Etienne Kilcher and Jane has a daughter, Piper. Tis the season on the homestead for the Kilchers to create homemade gifts for their significant others. Raising Cattle, Hunting, Fishing, etc. The island is so thick with trees there is little visibility and the Kilcher cousins must try to walk as quietly as possible so they can sneak up on their prey. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. She is married to Atz Lee Kilcher who is also cast of the show. The Kilchers race through the last few days of fall before winter finally hits, prepping the hunter and cattleman cabins, winterizing the bee hive, sorting the root cellar, bottling raspberry mead, and creating a new field with an excavator and barge. Atz Sr gives Atz Lee & Eivin lessons in how to ride the range. The Kilcher family brace for summer on the homestead; Atz Lee treks to forbidding Perl Island for an emergency crash course in wilderness survival; and Jane fights with creatures from the deep for food. With winter ending early, the Kilchers spring into action. Atz Sr and Bonnie brave the backcountry to salvage vital resources. With bear season nearly over, the pressure is on Jane & Atz as they set out for their last hunt of the year. Other Kilchers struggle while preparing for the big event. The Kilcher family keeps the children's lives private and rarely features them in their reality TV series. Together the couple gave birth to eight children. The extended Kilcher family struggle to get through a record-breaking harsh winter. Half the herd returns early from the summer grazing grounds so the Kilchers drive the rest home across icy rivers. The Kilchers are determined the storm won't ruin their Christmas plans. Atz begins his summer range riding season to protect Otto's cattle herd. Atz Lee gathers lumps of coal--for the nice--as his gift. Shane and Kelli brace for unexpected news about her health. The family bands together on a massive mission to rescue a tractor, but the pressure is on Otto to get it going before the ice road melts. [CLIP SHOW] Eivin and Atz Lee acquire meat on Shuyak Island; Otto and Eivin use the excavator; Eivin undertakes a construction job in order to supply water to Eve. Their union bore fruit to a chain of the family, making the Kilcher family tree … Will not miss it. With another brutal winter approaching, and bears having killed two of the family's cattle, they are forced to pin all of their hopes of surviving the winter on one last hunting trip. The Kilcher family, choose to live a simple life as homesteaders, using many traditional methods to help "make ends meet". A behind the scenes episode relives the most memorable moments with previously-unseen footage, proving that they're not crazy- they're Kilchers. After his injury, Shane spends Christmas in the hospital. Is this your ancestor? His major source of earning is from his mechanic career and his appearance in their family clan show named Alaska: The Last Frontier. He is “Jack of all trades” like his mechanic father, Otto Kilcher. In this MEGA episode the Kilchers face their biggest challenges yet. Atz Kilcher Family Tree. Not just any usual lifestyle Kilchers are homesteaders and hardship is their way of life. Well, Apple did not fall far from the tree. [CLIP SHOW] Highlights of the series are presented, including a fishing trip in freezing weather; a mission to the bay in Spring; and a fall hunt. i. Thanks to family property which makes most of Otto’s net worth. Atz Lee fabricates a bridge and encounters a predator while spending some time in the backcountry; Otto's hay season almost comes to an abrupt end due to a broken tractor; Eivin, Eve and Bonnie bring crops to Atz Sr's floating homestead. For the Kilcher family, life in Alaska means facing danger at every turn. Included: Atz and Atz Lee attempt to tame wild stallions at the head of the bay; at the same time, Otto, Eivin, Charlotte and Jane must innovate to protect their calves and overcome threats to their herd. Eivin and Eve take the new boat on a maiden fishing journey. Otto Kilcher was born to parents Yule Kilcher and Ruth Kilcher on April 19, 1952, in Alaska, USA. Otto was raised in a small log cabin along with his six siblings, Azt Kilcher… The family owns 613 Acres of Land which is estimated to have a value of $3.6 million. Eivin and Jane go on a trip to hunt for deer In the meantime Otto and Mark bring the bulls back from the head of the bay. Eivin builds a survival motorcycle. Atz Lee makes art with fire, Eivin tries to avoid blowing himself up, Atz Sr. jams out with a shovel and Jane wraps coal for someone special. It's Thanksgiving on the homestead and the Kilchers gather for dinner at the old Family Barn. Her first child stepped in the earth on 24th November 2013 and named the cute baby-boy Findlay Farenorth Kilcher. To heat the family's cabin, Otto, Charlotte, August and Shane must transform more than 1000 pounds of metal pipe into a working chimney. Upon arrival, the two got married. During World War 2, Yule left Switzerland in search of a new home for his family and friends that was far from European conflict. Discover your family history in millions of family trees and more than a billion birth, marriage, death, census, and military records. In preparation for the spring cattle drive, Atz Lee, Otto and August survey the homestead for signs of bear and employ modern surveillance to track their movement. Otto is forced to the edge after a chimney fire threatens to destroy his cabin. The history of Kilcher family in Alaska started with Yule Kilcher born in 1913 in Switzerland. Then, they extended their family tree when they welcomed a second child Sparrow Rose Kilcher on 24th September 2015. While Charlotte waits, Jane is left to take care of the farm and delivers her first calf alone. Jewel takes the music reputation of the family to a whole new level, she has received four Grammy Award nominations and has sold over 30 million albums worldwide. Join the Kilcher family as they celebrate Thanksgiving with the friends who helped prepare the homestead for winter. With another brutal winter approaching, and bears having killed two of the family's cattle, they are forced to pin all of their hopes of surviving the winter on one last hunting trip. From the relationship, she has a son Kase Townes Murray. They have two children, the first chid, Etienne is 15 years old, and the girl Piper. Atz Lee and Nikos test their firearm skills using a custom made gun range. The members of the Kilcher family celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday on the Yuletide, Atz Sr.'s floating homestead, and each person brings a special item to share, ranging from homestead dishes to the dinner table itself. Gardening is one of many survival skills keeping the Kilcher family afloat in Homer, Alaska. The family owns a large building that serves as a venue for weddings, craft and hobby workshops, a starting point for hiking or even wild mushroom hunting. Otto is now married to his third wife Charlotte Kilcher, together they have a son  August Kilcher. Eivin builds an outhouse. And it's not just the Kilcher men who have to be tough and resourceful. Otto Kilcher was born in 1952 as the 6th child of Yule and Ruth Kilcher. Attila Kuno "Atz" Kilcher. The information on Nikos’s mother is not existent however we can tell Linda was in Atz’s Life before current wife Bonnie Dupree. With gifts ranging from artillery to explosives this Christmas special is filled with surprises! Otto and Eivin fight to douse a raging coal seam fire on Kilcher beach; Atz Sr. attempts the most unconventional bear hunt of his life; and Jane and Charlotte take a girl's day adventure clamming. Atz deals with cows on ice to bring a friend's herd home. Levi is an explorer, scientist working for NREL’s ocean energy resource assessment and site characterization activities. They were Swiss and decided to settle down as immigrants in Alaska, United States of America. The Kilchers take on some of the biggest jobs in homestead history as one team tries to pick up the historic Octagon building & move it to safety while another strives to finish Shane's multi-year cabin build before winter once again stops them cold. As Thanksgiving approaches, the Kilchers prepare for a feast. Attila's immediate relatives including parents, siblings, partnerships and children in the Kilcher family tree. Together the couple is blessed with four kids; Keena Tarik, Jareth, Reid, and Jenna Kilcher. The Kilchers are back, & with the family legacy in jeopardy, they kick off a complete homestead overhaul. [CLIP SHOW] For the Kilcher family, life in Alaska is a series of epic adventures. [14] but eventually the charges against the Kilchers themselves were dismissed, while production company Wilma TV was fined $17,500. Atz Kilcher has four Shane, Atz Lee, Jewel, and Nikos Kilcher while Otto has three Eivin, Levi, and August Kilcher. Eivin builds a shelter for his trusty horse to protect it from the freeze. Two sons: Atz Kilcher, Otto Kilcher and six daughters Wurtilla Hepp, Fay Graham, Catkin Kilcher Burton, Stellavera Kilcher, Mossy Kilcher, and Sunrise Sjoeberg. 131: 8 To Live or Die on Perl Island November 25, 2018 ( No surprise he mastered fixing machinery at a young age. Eivin Kilcher born on March 06, 1983, and raised in Alaska. Otto gets creative to beat the frozen soil when he realizes he must move the outhouse, now! He grew up on a homestead where butchering cattle and other animals is the norm. Jane and Charlotte are put to the test as they lead the Kilchers' first ever all female cattle drive. Atz Lee takes a trip to Perl Island to fabricate a homestead for a friend in need; Otto, Eivin, and Levi work to move an old workshop cabin to Otto's property and tempers flare; Tela builds a horse fence for her children. If you do not know, We have prepared this article about details of Otto Kilcher’s short biography-wiki, career, professional life, personal life, today’s … Learn how your comment data is processed. The pair have a son, Chandra Love Kilcher, born on 22nd April 2019. Atz Sr. ventures into the untamed Alaskan backcountry to hunt spring black bear. Otto, Charlotte, and Eivin travel to rescue a family relic.