Later it appeared to mean the same type: “variant”. Register, renew, transfer, search, and download LEIs with Bloomberg today. Any interested party can easily access and search the complete Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) data pool using the web-based search tool developed by GLEIF. It's confusing. The name Mackenzie is a very popular and cute girl name, but it actually means "son of." Welcome to Baby Names Pedia - the online name dictionary and encyclopedia. Baby Names • Meaning of Names. Around the time C++17 was being standardized I saw magical terms like “discriminated union”, “type-safe union” or “sum type” floating around. Let’s see how this brand new std::variant type from C++17 works and where it might be useful. Dictionary and radical features. CJKI’s Database of Chinese Personal Name Variants (CNV) includes Chinese first names and last names in all the standard romanization systems. Include other fields like color, size, material or pattern to differentiate each variant. It was originally a derogatory term for men with hawk-like, predatory characteristics. 3.5. Bloomberg provides clients with Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) services and solutions. A T-shirt (TS1234) is produced in three sizes (S, M, L), four colors (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow), and two styles (Polo, V). Example. One baby name to highlight is the sweet Kaia (pronounced KIY-ə), which flows with beauty and wonder.A variant of the Hawaiian Kai that means "sea," this baby name will have parents dreaming of sandy shores and tranquility. You can add up to 800 variants per group with a data feed, but you'll see a … Every baby name comes with concise name meanings, origins, pronunciation, list of famous bearers, popularity trends, variant popularity charts, and more. More specifically, on the basis of terminology dictionaries (e.g. It's a variant form of the English name Anthony. CNV also includes classification codes, frequency of occurrence statistics, and gender codes. Therefore, 24 product variants are possible (= 3 × 4 × 2). Search or browse your favorite names below! Each variant still needs its own unique content ID in the id field. Akoni: ah-KOW-Niy: Akoni is frequently used in Hawaii, but it comes from Latin. So many precious names come from the state often associated with paradise (we're still talking about Hawaii here) that it's hard to choose. Name Meaning and/or Origin: Akamu: UH-ku-mah: This name means "of the earth." The name Taylor can be for a girl or a boy, but Gary is strictly a name for a man. The Global LEI Index is the only global online source for open, standardized and high quality legal entity reference data. PRINCETON - Bloomberg Finance LP is an accredited issuer of the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI). Ekewaka: eh-keh-WAH-kah: This name means "protector or guardian of riches or wealth." Search Baby Names and Meaning of Names We propose a post-processed way to use dictionary information. Refer to the example below to edit these fields in your data feed. In this case, the product variants that belong to the product master will be assigned product variant numbers and names according to the nomenclatures. ASTOR: French and German name derived from Occitan astor, meaning "goshawk," itself from Latin acceptor, a variant of accipiter, meaning "hawk."