Mora took wonderful care to dye the edges and use good material. This sleek and ergonomic design is one of the many features I have always enjoyed about this company’s knives. Learning how to hunt, fish, read the land and be self-reliant was part of everyday life. But what it boils down to is this – Of all the fixed blades I’ve tested, the Garberg is the one I’d want to take with me into the wilderness. Such as hammering, scraping material for tinder, used against a fire steel or for other impact related tasks. Many outdoors people are so familiar with them that the statement of “I have a Mora,” will get you a nod of approval. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Your email address will not be published. The MORA Garberg … You said your bottom line is that of all the knives you’ve tested, the Garberg is the one you would choose to take into the wilderness. First is the main thrust of its existence – That glorious, full tang construction. If you could take only one knife into the woods (yes, a painful thought, we realize), the brawny carbon steel Garberg from Morakniv® is the obvious choice. It is the best Morakniv knife they have developed so far. Simply MORA for many. Plus, look at these ultra-fine shavings I was able to get. Welcome back to another knife review, folks! This model comes with a black handle and silver blade. Overall, the main complaint about the Garberg appears to be concerned with the price. This produced a tiny, tiny roll that I’ll try to capture below. Anyone looking to remove the bevel can do so with relative ease, given enough time at the sharpening stones. See that bit of metal peaking from the back of the pommel? There is a pommel on the butt of the knife that adds an additional metal surface for striking against a fire steel, for scraping purposes or as an impact tool. Full scandi or not, the edge gets the okay from me. Do I think it costs too much? Last Updated: July 15, 2019 An excellent review, very well written and sound on all points. The Morakniv Companion knife is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. So, let’s jump right in and see what the Garberg brings to table. I understand the reasoning (mass production, durability, lifespan, etc. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we may get a commission through purchases made through our links. Probably their most popular model, the Companion, has been used by so many due to its quality versus the price that it is the standard by which we judge many others. This is quality that I require for all of my fixed blade knifes. One knife company whose knives I had never used until 2020 is MORAKNIV. Blade: 4.3 in. Today I’m reviewing one of the best knives that I got my hands on in 2017…The Garberg by Morakniv. The style of this model’s pommel is a personal choice but I tend to like them as it gives the knife more versatility. Check out the team below and read more about us here. In standard trim, the Garberg arrives with two options – an unobtrusive leather belt loop and a MOLLE-compatible multi-mount setup. They are useful because they can be used for tasks that would otherwise damage or dull the blade. Don’t get me wrong, I am eager to get my hands on this knife and I am sure that one day I will. Mora Frosts 2000– Budget bushcraft knife. His goal was to spread positive information about this field. One important note – While most Mora’s come with a scandi edge, they’ve opted to include a tiny micro-bevel on the Garberg. Add in 4.75 for the handle, and you’re left with an overall length of 9-inches. Fallkniven F1 Review for 2020: Is This Survival Knife Worth It? But if panicked because it was dark and scary and the frikkin’ Angel of the Lord was yelling at me, and I grabbed the Garberg by mistake, I would be totally cool with that. See what he's up to on his Instagram page, @JourneywindJunk. Of course it is MOLLE compatible. Grip is great for carving and other lateral cutting, but the impact of direct thrusts could slide your finger down onto the edge. Its gentle ovoid swell fits my medium/large hand like a glove. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking reviews to Amazon. Thanks for good review .I have say it,s really nice nife. The biggest knock on the Garberg isn’t the microbevel, or the sheath, or its lack of foodprep prowess. The kit for Garberg … Filed Under: Fixed Blade Knives, Morakniv, Survival Knives Tagged With: 14c28n, clip point, Made in Sweden. Even with the microbevel, the Garberg’s edge geometry and thickness are ill suited to the kind of delicate slicing needed to produce evenly-shaved foodstuffs. I had the Terävä Jääkäripuukko 110 first, and just loved it, so I didn’t feel a strong pull to the Garberg. The range of mounting options is endless, thanks to its hook and loop, straps, holes, and notches. Please consider that buying anything through any of the links on this website helps support, and keeps the site going. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Morakniv Garberg Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with Carbon Steel Blade, 4.3-Inch, MOLLE Multi Mount System at This is a review of the MORAKNIV Garberg. The ride on the Garberg’s plastic sheath and belt loop is light and effortless. This copyrighted material may not be republished without express permission. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Details Reviews. At 9.6 ounces this knife heavy enough to get the job done while not weighing you down. All your other points… check, check, check. It has jus the right amount of materials in it to be used as a fire steel striker while at the same time providing protection from the elements. We may get paid an affiliate commission if you buy something or take an action after clicking one of the links on this web page. This post contains affiliate links. Cordage can be threaded through this in order for creating a lanyard or tool loop. And, thanks to its full tang toughness, I had no trouble batoning through small and medium sticks. This, ladies and gents, is a precision instrument. If you’ve been around here for any length of time you’ll know that the Garberg finished out the Trinity of Mora Knives for me (Eldris, Kansbol and Garberg). ), but I actually prefer the slightly softer and grippier handles on the Companions. You must flee this place now, taking with you only one thing”, I would reach for the TJP 110. … The addition of the metal pommel gives the knife a bit more versatility over other models, allowing it to be used in more tasks. A: It appears that it does. I didn’t get a chance to sample this option, but it certainly looks interesting. While most of Mora’s lower lines employ carbon blades (yes, I know you can get the Companion in stainless), the Garberg utilizes Sandvik 14C28N. I’m not crazy about the flap, but over all, its a high quality sheath. Many people agree and comment that this is the model that should have been made all along. Thoughts: the multi-mount is a piece of gimcrack nonsense; the stand-alone sheath is exactly as you say… pleasant to use but with marginal retention; the leather sheath is excellent: it puts me in mind of the leather Buck sheaths of old. Although there have been some customers who have noticed discrepancies concerning the bevels. It’s the price, plain and simple. It held up fine during a stab/pry test on wood, but the lack of a forward finger guard makes this a somewhat risky process. However, I am not sure I see enough of a difference between the Garberg and other models that I own by this company to warrant the increased price. Many people agree and comment that this is the model that should have been made all along. The Garberg is a full tang knife which makes it much more durable for heavy duty bushcraft chores like batoning and chopping. Morakniv has a reputation for producing quality tools at very affordable prices. From the moment I drew it from its sheath, I knew this was going to be a solid tool. I think that when I do it will be a nice addition to the collection. Josh Wussow is a freelance writer, reviewer, and the questionable mind behind JourneywindJunk. It’s the price, plain and simple. It’ll do the job, but it’s happier squaring off against branches as opposed to brie. Thickness: 0.13 in. This is a must when depending on knife for heavy duty outdoor tasks. While these coatings are good for protecting the underlying metal, they typically are not food prep friendly, especially if those coatings begin to flake. Overall, the Morakniv Garberg is an excellent quality Morakniv knife, designed to provide you with years of reliable service, although you will also pay a high price to get it. So, how does it perform in the field? There are a few weaknesses here, however. A: The pommel is the butt or end of the handle. If you looking for special discount you will need to searching when special time come or holidays. The Garberg is a fixed blade knife with a full tang and Scandi-grind profile. The MORAKNIV Garberg (black) and Kansbol (in olive drab green) were sent to me to field test and give my honest, no-nonsense review of both. The Morakniv Garberg will work as hard and as long as you need it to, with no problems. Truth be told, I don’t think I own a pack with MOLLE webbing, unless you count my Vanquest organizer pouch. While no one has ever accused me of being either fashionable or cool, I am a bit late to the coming-out bash for the Mora Garberg. I first got the stainless Garberg with the leather sheath. The thickness of the blade is 0.13 inches. Stainless steel for added blade protection, Metal pommel for scraping, fire starting and hammering. No need to worry about that with this stainless steel model. Blade retention is only okay, however. The included leather sheaf is very nice and a real … This review … I too was fashionably late to the Garberg. The blade was pitted, not a good sign. But in the field, far away from your bank and bills, this is an excellent knife. […] it did not bite into the wood as aggressively as an actual fixed blade bushcraft such as the Mora Garburg or Off Grid Tracker […], Your email address will not be published. SurvivalCache is here to educate. In short, it’s a Mora. The classic Scandi grind is a great edge when working with a variety of materials. Its size makes it handy for a variety of outdoor tasks while not being too big that it gets in the way. But until that day I will pass the time by continuing to use other great models by Morakniv. Q: Does the Garberg have the Scandi grind? The square-edged spine is fairly broad, with a lateral measurement of 0.12-inches. Personally, I can see where the angst comes from. The materials and craftsmanship that are put into this knife are more than worth the asking price of … It is not as contoured and is quite a bit harder. The spine of the blade is flat and unpolished allowing for it to easily be scraped against a fire steel. Let’s briefly revisit the blade or, more specifically, the tip. It’ll drill a hole, carve … I also find that a flat spine is more comfortable to use with certain cutting methods. The only argument against the Garberg is the high price (Morakniv is known for its cheaper but high-quality knives,) but given the high build quality and excellent performance, the Garberg … Overall, the main complaint about the Garberg … According to the maker’s website, this is a steel intended for situations placing “Very high demands on edge sharpness, edge stability and corrosion resistance such as chef’s knives, pocket knives, hunting and fishing knives.”. So much so that, when I got home from the woods, I left it on my belt for the rest of the day. The knife still cuts with no noticeable difference, and I’m sure I can buff this right out. The blade measures in at 4.3 inches long, with an overall length of 9 inches. The other is the Cold Steel Finn Wolf, which I jokingly referred to as the “Finn Dragon” due to its ability to draw fire from a ferro rod by essentially breathing on it. My three-word summary of the Garberg is as follows: Confidence in hand. A: Yes. Many knives only come with one kind of sheath so it nice having a few different options in which to choose from. The pommel on this model is part of the knife frame and extends past the scales/handle of the knife. I recommend purchasing the Mora Garberg at Amazon or BladeHQ. While the two knives have some “personality differences”, they’re directly comparable. Mora does offer a full leather sheath for those willing to pay a slight premium. Mora Knives Garberg High Carbon Review June 16, 2018 Mora knives are flashpoint in the knife community. Eventually he combined his passions for the outdoors, emergency preparedness, and writing. If you’re after a more traditional outdoor aesthetic, you may want to give it a go. Carving, spine scraping, and wood shaving are an absolute breeze. Slicing onions and other produce was a rather unpleasant experience, in fact. Guarantee. … There are two major differences between the Garberg and its more budget-minded cousins like the Companion. Bryan grew up in the Midwest and spent every waking moment outdoors. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … Mora Garberg Knife Review. But, when Morakniv offered to send me a sample for review, I knew I couldn’t pass up the invitation. The hard, plastic profile of the Garberg’s stock stowage fits the knife pretty well, and I enjoy the reverberating clack on the draw and return. Overall: 9.0 in. This Multi-Mount kit is the perfect way of maximizing the possibilities of your Garberg knife. Per the folks at BladeHQ, the Garberg features a “polyamide handle with textured TPE inserts.” That’s a fancy way of saying “This is a $90 knife with a plastic handle.” And I’ll be honest – That choice of materials doesn’t exactly thrill me. Morakniv did a fantastic job with the Morakniv Garberg. It’s an all-around performer from a storied company, perfect for buyers who are looking for a single, do-it-all bushcraft blade. The ergonomics, however, are just fine. The information presented here is for general educational purposes only. This party of two took me from the dry winter of New Mexico to the snows of Colorado, with food, fire, and woodworking along the way. The spine of the knife is ground to a flat surface and is left unpolished for optimal use with a fire steel. From the moment I drew it from its sheath, I knew this was going to be a solid tool. The first thing to note about the Garberg is that it is a full tang, fixed blade knife. The Garberg is the only other knife I’ve used capable of generating this sort of spark shower. But, this is a known quantity with scandi grinds. The MORAKNIV Kansbol (in olive drab green) and Garberg (black) were sent to me to field test and give my honest, no-nonsense review of both. Morakniv has dubbed the Garberg fixed blade their most robust knife to date. Best Survival Knives Q: Can this knife be used with a fire steel? Returned immediately. Steel Will and Buck make blades that are almost as good functionally, while costing substantially less. Learn how your comment data is processed. And speaking of such, the polyamide handle actually works well with gloves. Now that the festivities have faded, here are my thoughts on the Mora Garberg. Made with only the highest quality materials, the Garberg is made in … In this Mora Garberg knife review, I put it through its paces and see how it performs. Cold weather testing for knives is a relatively new thing for me (despite growing up in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin), and the Garberg performed significantly better than the Condor I tested a while back. 0 reviews Write a review Developed to handle the most challenging tasks, the Garberg is the most robust knife ever made by Morakniv. Morakniv Garberg. When rinsing the blade in the sink, I tapped its edge ever so slightly against the faucet. I have the leather sheath, and I have to say, it’s really nice. The stainless steel Garberg was unfortunately either a Chinese knock-off, or a factory second. 99-percent of the time, the Garberg’s grip is solid. This is especially true if you’re wearing gloves, because of the slight tactile buffer between the hand and handle. Schrade SCHF9 Survival Knife Review for 2020: Worth It? Manufactured at the Morakniv factory in Mora, Sweden, it's the most robust knife they've ever made. Unlike other models that have a softer rubberized grip. Part of the multi-mount system includes a leather fold-over clasp, but this slide-on accessory occupies the same space as the belt loop. Morakniv Garberg M-12642 Blade Length: 4.25, Overall Length: 9, 10% Off w/ Free Shipping 4.0 rating with 2 reviews review & rate 0 Questions & 0 Answers The Morakniv Eldris– A good neck knife. A: Yes. Our Rating: (4.7/5) Steel: 14C28N. Reviews and Ratings for Morakniv Garberg Utility Knife Fixed 4.3" 14C28N Blade, Black Polyamide Handle, Multi-Mount Sheath - 12642 While I’m not the biggest fan of the handle’s material, its shape and performance eventually won me over. For the last six months I have been using two knives from MORAKNIV from Sweden. The biggest knock on the Garberg isn’t the microbevel, or the sheath, or its lack of foodprep prowess. Others have noted that the handle is a bit out of line with many of this company’s other handles. Its full-tang, high-grade Swedish steel blade has been treated for heightened strength and durability. Thank you very much. Here’s how I would put it (and have put it elsewhere): If the Angel of the Lord appeared before me and said “The End is upon you! 0 reviews Write a review Morakniv Garberg Knife - Black Carbon This blackened Carbon full tang knife is designed to meet the long-time wishes from our most dedicated users, as well as the desires of the knife lovers that haven’t yet discovered the world of Morakniv. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. It bites into the medium being worked on and provides a safer more comfortable cutting experience. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Unlike many knives today, the Garberg stainless steel blade is not covered in a protective black coating. Mora has put 4.25-inches of Sandvik’s finest into the Garberg’s clip point blade, 4-inches of which are sharpened. Read more of Bryan's articles. A MOLLE compatible polyamide sheath, a leather sheath, or a plain polyamide sheath. mora garberg Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our … Best Mora Knife: Hands-On Morakniv Reviews. I didn’t test the more military minded option because, well, I’m not that hardcore. This option has a more substantial fold-over flap with snap closure and a belt loop. I am a longtime user of knives by this company. At first glance this knife looks like many of the other models produced by Morakniv except this one is a slightly larger. Recently, Bryan authored the book Swiss Army Knife Camping and Outdoor Survival Guide. I was really looking forward to my first Morakniv. Required fields are marked *. I wanted to share a quick review and some opinions about this model. I’m not overly concerned about this, however. Morakniv advertises the Garberg as their most powerful full tang knife. Most folks are used to paying $15-$30 for a Mora, and this model costs at least three times that. The Morakniv Garberg is a powerful full tang knife designed to perform the toughest tasks it encounters. Speaking of kitchen nightmares, I did encounter one issue with the microbevel. Wonderful! My three-word summary of the Garberg is as follows: Confidence in hand. The stainless steel blade, which has a length of just over four inches and a thickness of 0.1 inch, is highly resistant to corrosion and will have … Since 2010, the mission of is to provide the most in-depth discussions about survival prepping. This knife was a pleasure to use in the field. Before we start on the Mora Garberg here are some of the other Mora (Morakniv) knives we have reviewed. The blade's Scandi grind … Personally, I can see … It’s the idea that, by showing up to a party well after the festivities have begun, you’ll gain coolness-points by joining in just as the fun hits its stride. So, you choose one or the other. Prepping is about being ready for anything that comes your way; whether that’s a natural disaster or manmade. It’s a pleasing, medium-range design from the Swedes, weighing in at a hair under six ounces. … Knife Review: Morakniv Garberg with Leather Sheath and Multi-Mount Dedicated Morakniv users have been asking for a full tang knife, as they want a hard-use version of the much … Pros: Designed for … While I’m not the biggest fan of the handle’s material, its shape and performance eventually won me over. Best High Value Knives. Then there’s the steel. Also, In my opinion, the Scandi grind is one of the easiest edges to sharpen, especially for novices. Now, this is purely my fault. Good review on a good Knife! But if you’re using the Garberg in the wilderness, be sure your woodworking area is free of rocks. Given a medium-strength shake, it will pop out of place. The blade is made from Swedish Scandvik 14C28N stainless steel. Hi Brad, I am torn between the stainless and carbon, since you have both, which one do you suggest?I was leaning towards the stainless. As always, any and all support is greatly appreciated. But affixing the MORA to my backup kit would look a little strange. This model offers three different sheath configurations. Best Reloading Kits for Beginners: Top 4 Picks, How To Buy, Build An Earthquake Survival Kit: 15 Items to Include in 2021, Where To Keep Bug Out Bag: 2 Ideal Places, SAS Tactical Takedown Bow: The Ranger Hands-On Review, Best ACOG Clones and Alternatives: Top 4 Picks Reviewed, Food prep friendly since there is no metal coating. It’s a sound I associate with Mora as a brand, so that’s part of the charm for me. Out of the dozen or so fixed blades to come across my review table, the Garberg is one of the two best fire starting implements I’ve tested. While I’m not sure about the longevity of the leather loop (the material is a bit thin), it’s going to be great while it lasts. Most folks are used to paying $15-$30 for a Mora, and this model costs at least three times that. A tenuous alliance between noobs, hipsters, and cheapsakes praise Moras for their … At the bottom of the handle there is a small hole that goes through the frame. You’re familiar with the concept of being “fashionably late,” right? The belt loop, straps and the versatile mounting solution make it possible for you to mount the knife almost anywhere you want. Best EDC Knives Best Tactical Knives It’s an interesting departure from their usual MO, but not one that causes a whole lot of concern. Absolutely. All three sheath options appear to come in black. As good as the Garberg is at striking a cooking fire, it’s not much help when it comes time to prepare your dinner. Morakniv advertises the Garberg as their most powerful full tang knife. By all appearances the Garberg seems to be another great knife by Morakniv. Only your imagination can limit your possibilities with our Multi-Mount. Conclusion. The Mora Bushcraft Survival Knife– A true bushcraft allrounder. Morakniv Garberg VS Condor Terrasaur – KnifeCenter Reviews The full tang Mora Garberg is a great knife for Bushcraft and Camping, but the Condor Terrasaur is a new challenger you … Recently, someone gave me the carbon version with the multi-mount sheath.