Flower clusters start with pink buds that open to reveal white blossoms. 21701 Lawson Road, Little Rock, Arkansas 72210. Water Requirements: Average Water Needs; Water regularly; do not overwater. Viburnum plicatum 'PIIVIB-II' Opening Day™ Doublefile Viburnum Compact plants are covered with baseball size, snowball-like flowers that open with a tinge of green and quickly mature to pure white $37.00 Get Notified SOLD OUT . VIBURNUM … Lawn & Garden Care; Landscape Rock; Mulches & Soils; Native Plants; Trees & Shrubs; Tropical Plants; Wild Bird; Bulk Mulch; Events; Contact Us; Shop Online. LAWN CARE; Landscape Design; Events; Gift Cards; Flowers Vegetables; Delivery; Resources; Account . $75.00 Add to … VIBURNUM MARIESII. Viburnum, Opening Day, 3g: Viburnum plicatum 'Opening Day'/ Deciduous/ Partial Sun (would like some afternoon shade)/ Mature at 5-8' tall and wide/ Zo × Sign In. We also recommend adding mulch to the base of the plant to help retain moisture and protect the roots … The dark green foliage turns to a cabernet color in Fall. Color: White Shades Height: 5-10 Feet Spread: 5-8 Feet Zone: 5-8 What is my zone? Plus it requires little maintenance other than a slow release acid fertilizer in the spring. Flower Color: White Hardiness Zone: 5-8 Height: 5-10 ft … ... to commercial grade irrigation parts and supplies. The compact plant is covered with green-tinted flowers, maturing to white. Viburnum plicatum 'PIIVIB-II PP28958. Pruning Red Balloon Viburnum is not necessary unless trimming dead or broken … Variety: Opening Day™ Doublefile Viburnum PP28958. only in this category . Patent … Reaching a mature size of 5'-10', Viburnum Opening Day™ offers 3 seasons of interest. Every April, Opening Day™ is covered with huge flower heads that look like sisters to Hydrangea blooms. Hydrangeas will begin to wilt if there is a lack of water, but an established Viburnum will keep going strong through the heat. How to Deadhead Viburnum. forgot your password? In most environments, the plant typically grows 12 to 24 inches per year until it reaches maturity. It was previously included in the honeysuckle family Caprifoliaceae. The green foliage develops a burgundy-red fall color. It grows at a medium rate, and under ideal conditions can be expected to live for 40 years or more. Your basket is empty. When growing viburnum in containers, it’s best to pick a small variety that will be more manageable. Facebook 0 Tweet 0 Pin 0 Email 0. This is normally done for shaping purposes and to remove dead, diseased or broken branches from the viburnum shrub. Printer Friendly Version. Viburnum plicatum Opening Day™ ('PIIvib-II') Opening Day™ Doublefile Viburnum: PPAF. Mar 14, 2020 - Imposing deciduous Doublefile Viburnum with rounded white bloom clusters and maroon-to-bronze fall foliage.. . Cart 0. Viburnum Opening Day™ Viburnum Opening Day™ at Wayside Gardens. Its current classification is based on molecular phylogeny. You just need one branch in a bud vase to unleash the perfume indoors, but cut a few stems for a stunning bouquet. Doublefile Viburnum Shrubs Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Mariesii' Doublefile Viburnum Shrubs are a medium-sized, deciduous flowering shrub that have levels of horizontal branches that display the magnificent, large, white, lacecap flower clusters in spring. Search . Its round, corrugated foliage turns a deep red-purple in fall. Viburnum plicatum 'Opening Day™' PP28958. Search. It’s followed by the appearance of deeply pleated green leaves, which in fall change to vivid tones of burgundy red. Viburnum plicatum 'Opening Day™' Produces perfectly round,baseball-sized, pon-pon flowers about the time its namesake sport opens its season. If the soil doesn't drain well, you can notice by looking at the base of the plant after a good rain. Hardy from U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 10, sweet viburnum grows fastest in its southernmost growing zones. see more; Family Adoxaceae . Red to black berries appear in … Ideally sized for mixed borders, foundation plantings, and medium-size hedges. Insects and diseases don’t seem to bother it and the deer don’t find it delectable. Japanese snowball viburnum has, as the name … Search. Related Articles. It does best in average to evenly moist conditions, but will not tolerate standing … Purchase OPENING DAY™ DOUBLEFILE VIBURNUM Online Jumbo gallon Potted SKU: 12888 (4.04 qrts / 3.82 liters) (0 units available now) Standard Package FE. Tight habit; Baseball sized balls of white flowers; Selected by Dr. Michael Dirr; Play Ball! Viburnum plicatum. Since this is a larger plant that grows 6-8 ft. wide and tall, drama is the word of the day. Viburnum plicatum. Sweet viburnum (Viburnum odoratissimum) responds to proper care and appropriate conditions with steady, moderate growth. Large white round flowers in April. Read more about Viburnum. If you want an exceptional shrub near the house, consider a viburnum with fragrant flowers. 'PIIVIB-II' PP 28,958 See more ideas about viburnum, shrubs, plants. This is a relatively low maintenance shrub, and should only be pruned after flowering to avoid removing any of the current season's … Lantanaphyllum Viburnum (V. x rhytidophylloides): This semi-evergreen to evergreen viburnum is similar in appearance to leatherleaf viburnum. Opening Day™ Viburnum. New Customer? First Editions Opening Day Doublefile Viburnum will grow to be about 10 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 8 feet. Saved from waysidegardens.com. Seasonal Note: Many deciduous plants have started to go dormant for the season. If there are puddles, that is a good indication that you should add more dirt around the shrub creating a mound. links. Full Sun. This should help. Doublefile viburnum question by cinvasko: Sep 6, 2020 1:13 PM: 2: What cultivar Viburnum? Open the window on a spring day when one of these viburnums is in bloom and the fragrance will waft through the house. Fetured Item "Hypericum" Featured Item "Hydrangea" Featured Item "Crape Myrtle" Featured Item "Seven Sons Flower" Featured Item Encore Azalea; Featured Item Upright Juniper; Featured Item "Physocarpus Summer Wine" Featured Item "Hydrangea Limelight" Featured Item "Weigela Sonic Bloom" About Us. This shrub does best in full sun to partial shade. Viburnum is a genus of about 150–175 species of flowering plants in the moschatel family Adoxaceae. … Print Add To My Library Create Sample. Water Usage: Average. Sun Exposure: Full Sun. 0 . Features: Opening Day™ bears baseball size spheres of flowers that bloom with a hint of green and quickly mature to pure white. In spring, "Opening Day" is covered with, baseball size, snowball-like flowers that … The blossoms are 2 to 3 inches across and fade from white to pink as they age. Showy white to soft pink ball-shaped flowers are characteristic of the viburnum shrub. 1-501-821-4770. Create Account. Soil, Light, and Heat Preferences. Sun: Full Sun. Genus Viburnum can be deciduous or evergreen shrubs with opposite, simple or palmately lobed leaves and clusters of small, often fragrant white or pink flowers, followed by red, blue or black berries . Viburnums have two major types of flower heads: flat-topped clusters of flowers that resemble lacecap hydrangeas, and snowball types, with globe- or dome-shape … This viburnum snowball bush opens white flowers in mid-spring. Average size is 5-10' tall x 5-8' wide. Family: Adoxaceae (a-dox-AY-see-ee) Genus: Viburnum (vy-BUR-num) Species: plicatum (ply-KAY-tum) Cultivar: Opening Day: Additional cultivar information: (aka Opening Day™, PIIVIB-II) Category: Shrubs. Sun to … Attracts Wildlife • Attracts … Departments ; FLOWERING SHRUBS ; VIBURNUM ; VIBURNUM ; VIBURNUM, OPENING DAY 3-5 GALLON; View additional images. Home Page. Viburnum plicatum tomentosum 'Mariesii' Sku #7406 The broadly rounded form on this medium-sized deciduous shrub supports tiered horizontal branches that display the magnificent, large, white, lacecap flower clusters, creating a stunning show in spring. Spring’s dazzling flower show begins with greenish white flowers that mature to white. USDA Zones 5-8. Fall leaf color features shades of burgundy and purplish red. The dark, leathery leaves have a pronounced wooly, light gray underside. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery . These are the same look and feel as the big, round flowers that you love on Hydrangeas but Viburnum loves the sun and handles drought far better. Cooler climates result in slower annual … Early blooming. Skip to the end of the images gallery . Creamy white flowers in 3 to 4 inch clusters appear in April. This deciduous plant has a tightly compact habit and is the perfect addition to any landscape. First Editions® Opening Day™ Doublefile Viburnum is a multi-stemmed deciduous shrub with an upright spreading habit of growth. Jan 12, 2020 - Explore Lakeland Yard and Garden's board "VIBURNUM", followed by 1216 people on Pinterest. Planting viburnum can lend year-round color and interest to your lawn or garden and learning to care for them properly will ensure that your viburnum look their finest from first bloom to fall blush. The doublefile viburnum (Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Mariesii') is a medium-sized deciduous shrub (8 to 16 feet in height) that blooms with white flowers from April to May. Genus Species: Viburnum plicatum. Compact variety; Large clusters of white flowers; Blooms in spring; Dark red foliage in fall; Height: 5-10 ft Spread: 5-8 ft Hardiness Zone: 5-8 Item Size Price Avail Qty; WOVIPOD03G 3G/10.85L Sign In for Ordering: WOVIPOD07G 7G/21.94L Sign In for Ordering: Characteristics & Attributes. VIBURNUM – OPENING DAY™ Doublefile Viburnum Viburnum plicatum 'PIIVIB-II' (FE) Common Name: VIBURNUM - OPENING DAY™ Doublefile Viburnum Type: SHRUBS Zone 5-8 Height: 5-10' Spread: 5-8' Bloom: April-May Sun Needs: Full Sun Description: First Editions® Compact habit, baseball sized snowball like white flowers open with a tinge of green, dark green foliage is deep red in the fall. VIBURNUM, OPENING DAY 3-5 GALLON. Its average texture blends into the landscape, but can be balanced by one or two finer or coarser trees or shrubs for an effective composition. … Korean spice viburnum is beloved for its wonderful fragrance that can perfume an entire yard in mid-spring. Most Viburnum will grow in full sun or part shade. 3 gallon Potted SKU: 13719 (2.90 gallons / 11.0 liters) (283 units available now - G) Standard Package FE. A First Editions® variety. Most viburnum grow best in moist and well-drained soils and typically prefer slightly acid soil conditions, with a pH between 5.5 and 6.6. Photo by: BaileyNurseries.com BaileyNurseries.com. Plant this viburnum in moist, well-drained soil. The flowers form in flat clusters, two to four inches wide, giving way to small, red, egg-shaped … Details 'Mariesii' is a large deciduous shrub with wide-spreading, tiered branches and prominently veined, dark green, ovate leaves, purple in autumn. Video As such, you may need to amend your native soil … Viburnums are relatively problem free. Contact Us; Compare () Sign In ; Create an Account (585) 924-2274. Morning sun with afternoon shade is fine. This article was last updated on 04/30/19. Mapleleaf viburnum is a good choice, as it grows slowly and usually tops out at 6 feet (2 m.) tall and 4 feet (1 m.) wide. It is a robust plant, growing 8 to 10 feet tall or more, with an upright, spreading habit. Red Balloon Viburnum Care. Opening Day™ Doublefile Viburnum from First Editions® New introduction for 2017. Creating a new account is quick and easy. Viburnum, Doublefile Viburnum, Japanese Snowball Bush 'Opening Day' Viburnum plicatum. For best flowering provide at least 4 to 5 hours of direct sunlight or all-day lightly filtered sun. You may experience yellow, spotted and … It has a low canopy, and is suitable for planting under power lines. Viburnum plicatum Opening Day™ Home; Contact Us; Blog; 618-248-5194. WEIGELA SONIC BLOOM PINK. … Share it with your friends! The David viburnum stays at 3 to 5 feet (1-1.5 m.) tall and 4 to 5 feet (1-1.5 m.) wide. Explore Home … Opening Day Doublefile Viburnum . Morning shade with afternoon sun is fine. Saved by Wayside Gardens. Nice fall color; Produces perfectly round,baseball-sized, pon-pon flowers about the time its namesake sport opens its season. Advanced Search . Viburnum plicatum Opening Day™ PP#28958 Opening Day™ Viburnum - 'PIIVIB-II' PP#28958. The member species are evergreen or deciduous shrubs or (in a few cases) small trees native throughout the temperate Northern Hemisphere, with a few species extending into tropical … The compact plant is … But don’t forget the flowers . Next > Did you find this helpful? Planting and Care Instruction brochure. Large lacecap heads of … Chinese Snowball Viburnum Care. Username: Password: Sign In. In addition, pruning the shrub should be included with viburnum care. Common: “Doublefile Viburnum” Baseball size snowball-like flowers in April: Flowers open with a tinge of green maturing to pure white: Dark green foliage turns shades of cabernet in fall: GardenCenterMarketing.com does not sell/broker plants or provide gardening advice. 0 . The dark green leaves on this dense, multi-stemmed shrub are toothed and oval in shape, turning an attractive burgundy red in autumn. Skip to Content Toggle Nav.