save. hide . Switch to search results. Paralegal Job Description Explained. report. Often, students will have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through an internship during their education. Possible Jobs for History Majors +In the Private Sector: *Business Analyst Every successful business relies on employees who can use their research and analysis skills to review proposals, write corporate reports, manage employees. When you are looking into legal studies jobs or jobs as a paralegal, you want to identify the options that fit your situation. History is one of the best undergraduate majors for law school, due to the skills it teaches students. Every year, the federal government surveys 3,000,000 people. Enter Your Email Address Send Me Jobs Email me Monster job opportunities and updates related to career and education. That's because the line from a history education to a career isn't linear. When a paralegal enters the job market, they want their salary to reflect the value they bring to their position. Most paralegals begin their career with just an associate’s degree, since that is usually the standard for a paralegal certification in most states. Political science and paralegal studies can be easily combined as a double major or a major and a minor, if a college offers undergraduate degree programs in both subjects. With ... Generally speaking, a paralegal’s job is to assist lawyers with the day-to-day duties that keep a practice running smoothly. Using resume information from our database of over 7 million resumes, we looked at all resumes that listed paralegal under their work history. Jobs for history majors aren't as elusive as you may think. The amount of time it will take to prepare for a career as a paralegal varies. Employers like people who can think ³outside the box´. As a paralegal major, you’ll take a class in legal research and writing. Sign up for a Monster account, and we'll send jobs and job-search advice right to your inbox. Whether you want to take a history program or have already completed one, you've likely been asked what you can do with a history degree. 100% Upvoted. By taking the skills you learned as a history major and applying them to a job as a paralegal, you can find enjoyable work that uses the skill set you built in college. Paralegals are found in all types of organizations, but most work for law firms, government agencies, or corporate legal departments. Any history majors here? You can then apply for jobs in that sector. Resources with Ideas for Careers and Places of Employment Careers Reported by Art History Majors on the American Community Survey. Since there are so many teachers with history majors looking for jobs, I think it would be unlikely that you could get one. Competitive salary. Unfortunately, few employers need historical research, and the job market for history-specific jobs is tight. Paralegal / Legal Assistant $53,100 Marketing Manager $73,100 Operations Manager $72,500 Inside Sales Representative $50,600 Non-Profit Organization Executive Director $65,100 Restaurant General Manager $56,600 Data Analyst $57,200 Legal Secretary $52,200 Human Resources Manager $70,300 Insurance Claims Adjuster $56,200 Intelligence Analyst $80,200 check more here: Jobs for History Majors … Paralegal Manager $104,775. Working as a paralegal is the next best thing! If you find a potential paralegal program that offers specific opportunities to network with current paralegals (and others in the legal field,) or job placement assistance, this program should likely move to the top of your list. In addition to gaining in-depth knowledge about the past, you will acquire the soft skills that many employers value. Students also learn the computer skills they will need for their future jobs, including how to research, organize and update files and write reports, legal documents and correspondence. Hello all, I'm a recent college grad with a BA in History. Then we looked at which jobs showed up on their work histories following their stints as a paralegal, sorting them by their most frequent. Political science and government is the preferred degree in this field compared to psychology and criminal justice and corrections. You'll learn how to use the resources of a law library, including legal journals, digests (case summaries), and government documents. Full-time, temporary, and part-time jobs. While much has changed in the paralegal profession in recent years, some paralegal jobs pay more than others. They perform a variety of tasks which include maintaining and organizing files, drafting documents and conducting legal research. Paralegal Companies & Industries . A master’s degree in paralegal studies is the highest level of education paralegal majors can pursue. they look into the facts of a case, conduct prison studies, assist draft documents, preserve and hold case documents, draft correspondences and assist attorneys during trials. For instance, the paralegal jobs in Dover Delaware are in demand because the area has a great deal of law firms. paralegal majors paralegals paintings on both facets of the aisle and in crook in addition to civil courts. There is no clear-cut career path for History majors. Search and apply for the latest Paralegal manager jobs in California. Traditionally, probably the single biggest post-graduation destination for history majors is law school. Below the paralegal job description and the skills that will be necessary to perform best in his position. Entry Level Jobs Well-Suited for History Majors. This tremendous increase is the result of the rapid growth in the number of paralegal jobs and the need for well-trained professionals. Paralegal degrees provide the student with entry level paralegal jobs to graduates. The first paralegal courses in the U.S. were offered in 1968 and by 1971 only eleven paralegal training programs existed. The main duties of a paralegal are to investigate and gather facts of cases, conduct research on laws and policies created by governments, and draft legal documents or contracts for lawyers or clients. That's because familiarity with the American legal system can be an asset in a wide variety of job environments. Well, jobs in history and, more specifically, jobs for historians, vary widely. Some may need to keep in contact of witnesses or other members associated to a particular case. Today, it is estimated that over 650 programs are operating in the United States. About 57% of historians in the United States work in government positions. It's not uncommon for a paralegal to establish a specialty or an area of expertise after joining a firm in an entry-level capacity. One example is the University of Louisville's bachelor's degree in political science with a concentration in paralegal studies. The position is sometimes used as preparation for qualifying as a solicitor. Paralegal. I'm seriously considering becoming a paralegal and wanted to see if there were any other History graduates who became paralegals here for advice or how their experience went. Despite the low number of current online job postings for art history majors, the projected growth rate for related jobs is actually above average. Verified employers. Delaware paralegal jobs, both entry level paralegal jobs in Delaware and ones for people with more experience, are plentiful in certain areas. Internships or relevant part-time jobs may be a prerequisite to finding employment. She might become proficient in certain areas through on-the-job training. While most paralegal studies majors go on to become paralegals, they have other career options as well. The following list of job titles was generated from American Community Survey data. In the end, it can come down to what interests you and what type of law and duties you're most comfortable with. Get Paralegal jobs as soon as they're posted Close. Earning a bachelor's degree in history will provide a lot of career choices. Job email alerts. Like other majors, history has an in-depth and thorough amount of reading, writing, and research that is required to complete the degree. 6 comments. It might, however, be possible for you to get a job as a paralegal. Additionally, paralegal jobs in Wilmington Delaware are also plentiful because of the numerous law firms in the city. However, that also signifies that History majors can graduate and enter into many different possible areas of work. Networking Opportunities & Paralegal Job Placement Assistance. You'll play an important role within a legal team and your tasks will often mirror the work of a trainee - or at times even a recently qualified solicitor. It’s perfect for graduates who have the desire to work in law, but might not want to invest the resources in going to school to practice law. There are plenty of jobs for history majors. How We Determined the Most Common Jobs of Former Paralegals. Paralegal studies masters programs generally take about two years to complete and many programs require that the student complete an independent project. That is the long answer, and it is pretty diverse. Here are the 30 highest paying paralegal jobs: 1. Most paralegal jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree. Here are 6 jobs that you pursue with a legal studies degree: 1. You'll also learn how to use the online legal database LEXIS/NEXIS. This is, of course, one of the most obvious choices. They might manage history departments at public colleges or universities, perform governmental research to learn more about the past, or have many other responsibilities. share. Paralegal … A paralegal is someone who performs delegated legal work for which a lawyer is ultimately responsible. Careers for Political Science majors Fastest Growing Careers For People With A Bachelor's Degree In History High Paying Careers For History Majors That Are Growing Quickly Becoming a paralegal seems like a much more manageable move. As a paralegal, you may work in a variety of law firms, chambers and private, public sector and not-for-profit organisations. Free, fast and easy way find a job of 1.402.000+ postings in California and other big cities in USA. According to the Occupational Outlook Handbook published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Most paralegals and legal assistants have an associate’s degree or a certificate in paralegal studies. So history majors DO get jobs; the question is more accurately: What jobs? English language and literature majors are also more prevalent than history majors.