Module #2: Stress and the Power of our Brains, Module #3: Resilient Leaders Build Resilient Communities. Continued learning and development is key to providing an environment of growth and discovery for students. What’s Inhibiting White Individuals in Race Conversations? Exploring your Anti-Racism Journey. Assessment and Research Budget & HR Business Process & Technology Marketing & Communications Professional Development Request VP Gonzales. Join Kathy for these brief professional development sessions and learn from some leading leadership scholars and practitioners. These opportunities integrate staff into the division, strengthen sense of community, encourage cross-departmental collaboration, and recognize exemplary work while enhancing the division … The transition to online learning and reduced campus operations during the Spring 2020 semester served to remind us that a significant portion of our SIUE community relies on the University to meet basic needs for shelter, food, healthcare, technology access, employment, and more. Through professional opportunities, staff are expected to develop competencies that adhere to our core values and align with the UC Core Competencies. In this session, participants will get an overview of the international students who come to SIUE and gain a deeper understanding of the unique challenges and concerns these students may face. Faculty/Staff Referral Guide; Professional Development. The VCSA Student Affairs Professional Development Committee is excited to present our newest initiative to help support staff professional development: Triton Time! The mission of the Professional Development Work Group (PDWG) is to provide comprehensive professional development resources and opportunities for staff members, including graduate assistants, from which they can create their own plans for enrichment for their careers within Student Affairs. In the midst of social distancing, providing accessible spaces and content is more important than ever. American College Personnel Association - ACPA. Kintsugi: A "Golden Repair" and Sign of Resilience, Mindfulness Meditation: Relating to Your Experience with Kindness, Dr. Jessica Harris, Interim Assistant Provost for Academic Equity and Inclusive Excellence and Associate Professor in the Department of History, Nick Niemerg, Assistant Director of Constituent Relations and Dr. Jennifer Hernandez, Assistant Professor of Education, Gaby Renteria-Poepsel, International Student Programming Advisor and Amy Nusser, Lead Immigration Specialist, Lindy Wagner, Director, Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, Dr. Scott Belobrajdic, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Kara Shustrin, Dean of Students, Lindy Wagner, Director, Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion and Tarsha Moore, Assistant Director, Center for Student Diversity and Inclusion, Courtney R. Boddie, Ph.D., Director, Counseling Services, Jim Boyle, ACCESS Assistant Director and Andy Koch, ACCESS Coordinator for Instructional Accessibility, Philipp Leyerer, Campus Recreation Coordinator for Club Sports and Keith Becherer, Director of Campus Recreation, School of Education, Health and Human Behavior, Oversee the development and implementation of the Student Affairs kickoff, holiday celebration, and end of the year celebration, Oversee the development and implementation of the awards process, Develop and implement the mentorship program, Provide professional development opportunities for staff, Develop a professional development day for the entire division, The work of anti-racism is complex and will require much fortitude and patience. Division Grant. Triton Time is a weekly opportunity to engage with colleagues across campus and continue learning together. The Staff Development Committee is comprised of the Professional Development Committee & the Staff Engagement Committee and is responsible for developing and implementing an annual series of programs and activities for exempt and bi-weekly staff in the Division of Student Affairs. The Division of Student Affairs Staff Development Team facilitates a variety of professional development opportunities and topics the first Wednesday of each month, through the fall and spring semesters. Dr. Susan Komives, Professor Emerita from University of Maryland, College Park, also a two-time alumnus of FSU … If you would like to nominate more than one person you will need to complete an additional form. In late spring, the U.S. Department of Education made funding available through the CARES Act to support college students and cover expenses related to the disruption of campus operations due to coronavirus. "Advancing Student Affairs, Engaging Students" are the central parts of being student affairs educator and member of ACPA-College Student Educators International. Create a professional development librarywith books and journals from student affairs and departmental focus areas. The Student Affairs Professional Development Plan will include the following areas: Career Mentoring, Divisional Meetings, I ndividual Development Plan, In-Service Training/Monthly Workshops, New Employee Orientation, Professional Development Retreats, Student Affairs Blog, and Team Building. The Resilience program is designed to help individuals spend time thinking about how they can face adversity and come back stronger than before. This session will illuminate pathways to clarify how to centralize well-being in everyday life at SIUE. This overview should also lay the foundation for more purposeful interactions with students and colleagues. Contact Miriam Roccia at with any questions. Professional Development Tools The Division of Student Affairs is committed to helping staff members build capacity for 21st century leadership. It is estimated that esports will outpace traditional sports by the year 2022. As you progress in your career, you need to keep abreast of current issues, trends and research in this field. Southern Association for College Student Affairs - SACSA Division of Student Affairs; Staff & Professional Development; Personal Development; Personal Development. For Student Affairs Staff; Staff Development; Staff Development Committee; Staff Development Committee Professional Development Committee. What is my role in the SIUE wellness ecosystem in the age of COVID-19? Safe Zone is a committee working to provide resources for LGBTQAI+ students and the faculty, students, and families that support them. Esports doesn’t fit neatly into any of the existing definitions of a sport, but that’s only the beginning of the esports debate. Here at the University of Illinois, our Student Affairs staff are nationally known for innovation and excellence - and professional development programs are part of the reason why! development theory was useful in the study of professional development in student affairs. The following professional development resources have been designed based on Division feedback and industry trends. The mission of the Student Affairs Staff Development Committee is to provide opportunities for the Student Affairs staff to facilitate the development of professional and personal growth. 2020 Virtual Student Affairs Mini-Conference, From Lukewarm Acceptance to Unapologetic Anti-Racism, Serving International Students: Insights from the 6 cultural dimensions of Geert Hofstede, Equity & Inclusion 101: Understanding Key Concepts, COVID-19 and emergency funding for SIUE students, Where do I fit? For Student Affairs Staff. The program will help staff improve and maintain excellent client relations, as well as build leadership skills and a sense of community among the Student Affairs staff. Learning and professional development opportunities equip our talented staff with the knowledge, tools and resources to perform assigned job responsibilities successfully, develop skills to aid in career advancement, and support of the division's mission to serve students. Participants will gain knowledge and empowerment to position themselves in the fight for anti-racism and cultural awareness. Engage in meaningful, transparent, and inclusive dialogue with members of the Student Affairs book club. Learn more about the upcoming division program. Join us for an introductory presentation on what esports are and learn more about this phenomena that is taking over college campuses, as well as some insight on what SIUE is doing in regards to competitive video gaming. Copyright © 2020 Regents of the University of California. For more information on the committee or its efforts, please contact Kirby Knipp. Goal: The program is intended to provide Student Affairs staff opportunities for ongoing education and training. Linda Markowitz. Namaste in My Chair (seated yoga)Alexis Young, Vive Yoga, Kintsugi: A "Golden Repair" and Sign of ResilienceLisa Thompson-Gibson, Mindfulness Meditation: Relating to Your Experience with KindnessDr. Professional Development. All rights reserved. Triton Time is a platform created for employees to engage with colleagues across campus and continue learning together every week right at home. Professional Development Resources. The Division will also inform team members of opportunities that are The Professional Development Committee is a working group within Student Affairs. Use this form to nominate Student Affairs staff members for this award. Division Professional Development. Supporting Staff Success and Retention. This session will be for participants to explore the language of anti-racism and identify preliminary action steps to engage in anti-racism work. The Professional Development Committee sponsors a number of learning opportunities each year - and several of our departments invite colleagues from across the Division to take part in their professional development … Student Affairs Learning and Strategic Initiatives is committed to providing unique staff development opportunities that improve organizational and staff effectiveness, facilitate learning and build community. The program offers 3 live sessions with LeaderShape facilitators. Staff Development opportunities in UGA Student Affairs range from large scale to small scale, workshop style to conferences. Leadership Chat with Dr. Kathy Guthrie. Implications for navigating these concerns in digital spaces will be discussed. These opportunities integrate staff into the division, strengthen sense of community, encourage cross-departmental collaboration, and recognize exemplary work while enhancing the division and the University. In line with the Division's strategic goal of cultivating organizational effectiveness, professional development is promoted and encouraged for all staff members. Professional Development Day provides staff with an opportunity to engage, learn, and practice their skills in personal and professional settings. The Division of Student Affairs promotes and celebrates the personal professional development of all employees. The division of Student Life employs 900+ full-time staff with a diverse range of talents. Through professional opportunities, staff are expected to develop competencies that adhere to our core values and align with the UC Core Competencies. The consultant team is also available as a resource to faculty and staff as they work to enhance the overall student experience at CMU. Career consultants are available year-round and aligned to specific schools/colleges. If you have a suggestion for something to be included, please email our staff development committee.. Division of Student Affairs; Staff & Professional Development Virtual Staff & Professional Development. An introductory into the phenomena of competitive video gaming. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. Do you have an idea for a future career development workshop or program? We will provide free resources, webinars, and time to connect. 2019-2020 Members Please join us to learn how SIUE is supporting students financially during this challenging time. Salute to Student Affairs Awards; Holiday and Summer Pot Luck; Social Opportunities - include off-campus happy hours and other outings (sporting events, etc.) The mission of the Staff Development Committee is to plan ongoing professional development and network opportunities for staff in the Division of Student Affairs. Create a strong emphasis of professional developmentthroughout the division, so that supervisors are encouraging and/or requiring this from their staff members. Student Affairs supports learning and professional development at every level. This session provides an overview of words and concepts associated with equity and inclusion to make further conversations much easier. Each summer the Profession Development Committee plans a mini-conference for staff to learn about new topics. National Association of Student Personnel Administrators - NASPA. Module #1: What is Resilience and What is Needed to Start Building a Resilient Leader? General Information . As SIUE works to establish anti-racism as a core value and institutional norm, it is imperative that. UC San Diego 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093 (858) 534-2230, UC San Diego Student Affairs and other student services job listings, UC San Diego Employee Performance Development. Staff Presentations & Publications . Student Affairs Staff - Please submit your professional development activities. This language and action step reflection will aid participants in dismantling racist systems. To support that learning, the Division of Student Affairs and Academic Support offers a professional development program designed to give you the latest information on higher education trends and issues and the tools you need for your individual growth and development. Scholarships, academic majors, studios, arenas, competitions, and broadcast opportunities are appearing on an increasing number of college campuses. UC San Diego 9500 Gilman Dr. La Jolla, CA 92093 (858) 534-2230 This presentation will include resources for creating inclusive environments for all students. Our mission is to connect Student Affairs employees to professional development opportunities at Carolina that align with the NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education and ACPA - College Student Educators International professional competencies. Your input and suggestions are appreciated! In addition, presenters will discuss common cultural differences based on the 6 cultural dimensions of Geert Hofstede, which can help participants develop strategies for working effectively with students from a range of cultural backgrounds. Student Affairs Professional Development Program . These programs and activities are aligned with the Division's strategic priorities, consider the professional development … We encourage you to review the nomination rubric before you begin your nomination. Staff development initiatives created and facilitated by Student Affairs Staff Development are designed to: provide staff with resources to … Sessions will be recorded and made available throughout December, January, and February for asynchronous learning. ACCESS staff will help you proactively ensure your office is considering and including all current and prospective students and their needs, whether you are Zooming, meeting in-person, planning campus activities, or even just updating your office materials/website. For 2020, this conference is being held virtually and open to anyone in the division. Events and projects to be developed and implemented by the committee include, but are not limited to, the following: Student Affairs will be making the LeaderShape program, RESILIENCE, available to all Student Affairs staff, including graduate assistants. The CPDC Career Consultant Advising Team supports students in their overall career and professional development. Southern Illinois University Edwardsville is authorized to operate as a postsecondary educational institution by the Illinois Board of Higher Education. The SIUE Foundation and Student Affairs also worked together to support students who aren’t eligible for CARES Act funding through grants from the Student Emergency Assistance Fund. As you can see, Florida State University is proud of the many accomplishments of our staff… Often when equity and inclusion are discussed a variety of words are tossed around; diversity, social justice, microaggressions and so many more. The Professional Development Committee plans and implements programs and activities for bi-weekly and exempt staff that increase professional knowledge, skills and competencies. Student Affairs supports learning and professional development at every level. Each month we will recognize a Student Affairs Employee as the division's Employee of the Month. Florida State University's Division of Student Affairs maintains, expands and protects the University's focus on students. Kentucky College Personnel Association – CPAK. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected our students dramatically. The Professional Development Grant Program is designed to support access to education and training opportunities for Student Affairs staff. As student affairs professionals, we are lifelong learners. The Professional Development Committee was developed to support and communicate the professional development opportunities for Student Affairs staff. The Division accomplishes these tasks through utilizing best practices as identified by international higher education professional organizations to … The mission of the Student Affairs Staff Development Committee is to provide opportunities for the Student Affairs staff to facilitate the development of professional and personal growth. The chairs of the SIUE Safe Zone Committee will be presenting information about using and respecting gender inclusive language. Staff may also choose a hybrid, completing one or more sessions in the live format. Supporting Staff Development and Increasing Retention of Entry Level Staff Members Dr. Steven Hood & Dr. Matthew Kerch Attend this webinar to learn more about areas that can be developed to provide entry-level staff with multiple layers of support, opportunities for advancement, and detail strategies that can be used to retain staff at a higher rate. The Professional Development Committee is composed of dedicated members who believe in providing the best opportunity for professional development for all staff in the Division of Student Affairs. This site provides information about upcoming events, programs, conferences, and much more to help you continue to grow as a professional. Student Affair’s commitment to continued professional and personal development aims … Organizations. Professional Staff Development. Professional Development. Dr. Jeffery Waple and your Student Affairs colleagues acknowledge what we've overcome and "fill your cup" for the year ahead. Esports - The Fastest Growing Sport In The World And You May Have Never Heard Of It. The Division of Student Affairs invites you to attend a professional development opportunity with Dr. George McClellan, an internationally recognized author and noted expert in student affairs, finance, and change management in higher education. Staff members from various professional fields and backgrounds work together to promote and implement the division’s principles of student learning, leadership development, inclusion, stewardship and unity on campus. Student Affairs departments collaborate with students, faculty, staff, and external communities to promote engagement, encourage wellness, and support persistence to graduation, as well as the realization of educational and professional aspirations for students and alumni. Our campus can only be well if (1) oppressive structures are dismantled, (2) personnel understand and operationalize their role in supporting student well-being, and (3) personnel have the capacity to care for themselves.