Upon reaching Novice Job Level 10, go the town of Izlude, south west from the City of Prontera. (If you want to play Crusader learn Sword Mastery or not both) Then learn . While it's easy to learn the skills of a Swordsman, it's very difficult to master the Way of the Sword. Two-Handed Sword Mastery. Thursday, 5 May 2016. Increases Physical Attack Strength towards Demi-Human monsters by 75%. There are probably many other variations, but this is just a guide to get you started! There are three platinum skills available for the Swordsman class: Fatal Blow; Auto Berserk; Moving HP Recovery; This guide will help you learn about all of them. Author's Note 2. Swordsman Platinum Skills. If you look at the map of Izlude like a clock, it is in the 9 o'clock position. Knight 5. Indestructible Swordsman to Knight 4. Talk to the "Test Guide " to read about the swordsman job test.5. Name Possible Slots Level Attack Weight Element Required Level Additonal Notes Brave Gladiator Blade: 0: 3: 115: 0: Neutral: 80: Binding Account. Lvl 10 Bash – Your main attacking skill. For swordsman … อ . The first thing you should decide on when making any character is which second job you will be making. Bash Swordsman / Knight / Lord Knight. Swordsman Job Quest. The Swordsman Guild is located at the farthest west islet of Izlude. You must be a Novice at job level 10 to change job. Novice 4b. Talk to the Swordsman NPC and apply to become a Swordsman. Read on and pave the way to becoming a spectacular Swordsman in Ragnarok Online. Talking to the "Test Hall Staff " will initiate the test.6. Then learn other skills. To begin, simply talk to the Master Swordsman who is inside the Swordsman Guild in Izlude (coordinates: izlude_in 74, 172). The Build – Bash Swordsman. Swordsman 4c. Basic Skills/ Comodo Skills 4a. For Ragnarok Online on the PC, GameFAQs has 88 guides and walkthroughs. Lvl 10 Sword Mastery – Equip Sword for increased Physical ATK (passive) Swordman Leveling Guide Swordman Leveling Guide Writen by xiao Trust [Contents] +Leveling-Novice leveling-Swordman leveling(vit)-Swordman leveling(agi) … STR + 1, DEX + 1 MATK + 74. Swordsman job classes are disciples and masters of the sword, which is their namesake. Inside the building, talk to "Master Swordsman " to begin the quest.4. He will then direct you to the NPC to the left. The Stats. Talk with the Test Guide to prepare for your first test. Bash Swordsman / Crusader / Paladin. Hello everyone, I make a guide to help you build swordman class in Raknarok Online 2. First,Swordman have a Good Atk, Can be a TANK in entire party, High HP and High Def but have Low Hit, depend on weapon/armor sometimes. Max this first. Choose this if you want to dish out incredibly high damage with some sustainability. This paladin has more survivability than Lord Knight and is less taxing on your wallet. Go to the Swordsman Guild (52,138). Increase HP Recovery for optimize potion. Job Changing 3a. Ragnarok Online Swordsman/Knight Guide Version 3.0 Created by: jygting This FAQ can be ONLY found at: GamerHelp (www.gamehelp.com) 1. Go to Izlude and head towards the right-most building across the bridge.. 3. Starting Status on your Novice 3. STR 99 VIT 70 DEX 20. 2. STR 80 to 99 VIT 30 to 50 DEX 0 to 40. The Stats. Jobchange Guide Edit. Lvl 10 Sword Mastery – Increase PATK by 40 1. Ragnarok Online 2 Swordsman Basic Guide by LordLDF. They are known to be able to take large amounts of damage without being defeated too easily. Novice to Swordsman 3b. This is a basic guide to Swordsmen to try and give people a better idea of what they will be getting into. My Life in Ragnarok My gameplay moments in Ragnarok. The Build – Bash Swordsman.