Ran Online is a a 3D "real-life school" MMORPG from Min Communications. Time Interval/Re-spawn: 8 Hours  Map/Location: Head B Right Wall (Entrance located at HB.90F)  Time Interval/Re-spawn: Tue 9:50PM  is this something new, because I dont remember seeing that before today? ASC = Any School Campus (Phoenix, Mystic Peak or Sacred Gate). Drops: (Lux, FBurr, [Bundles], Burr, Protpot, +10 ingredients) Weapons(Sove Class/Type), Golds, NAME:Reflector Same as the activities on easy. Close. SG Hole is North of SG Campus, east of MP Hole and North of Phoenix Hole. OTP Login. NB - If any typoes are found in-game these are corrected here and the correction will be in bold. Add new page. Requires a certain amount of activity points to unlock purchase option. Home Help Search Welcome Guest. It is West of SG Hole. Honor Weapons are special weapons that have two tiers. When he ran out of ammunition, he returned to his own positions twice to reload, and attacked twice more. Category:Gear | For Honor Wiki | Fandom. All content from this video and this channel is recorded and edited only by me. Ran Online Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Acquire the stated mount. The level 35 weapons are used as the main ingredient in the level 50 crafted versions. First 500 players. Map/Location: Director Room  Defeat Boss Mutant (Saint Power Plant) 5 Times, Defeat Boss Mutant (Saint Power Plant) 10 Times, Defeat construction robot Bigfoot (Saint Power Plant) 5 Times, Defeat construction robot Bigfoot (Saint Power Plant) 10 Times. Spiritual Weapon Heavy Vambrace of Assailant (Soul), Spiritual Weapon Vital Vambrace of Assailant (Soul), Spiritual Weapon Vital Azure Sword (Soul), Spiritual Weapon General Meck's Bow (Soul), Spiritual Weapon Hermit's Aero Spear (Soul), Spiritual Weapon Staff of Soul Ravager (Soul), Spiritual Weapon Magnetic Portalgun (Soul), Acquire "Optimus" for the first time from Veno, Prepare for Most Advanced Defense Gear Enhance. Trading Hole can be accessed via all three School Holes. can't see the whole badge/activity). I'm sharing this blog for those who played ran online (and doing classic quest). These achievements are aimed at level 1 to 99 and are fairly simple to complete. Highly likely that the badge name is cut off, Ingested 500 of the stated type of Recoveries, Acquire and apply "I love USA / Japan / Canada / Indonesia / Phillipines / Malaysia / Australia / Ran World badge". Map/Location: Another World North Season 7 weapons… From Runes of Magic Wiki < Honor (Item Set) Jump to: navigation, search. Hello All, I just want to share my knowledge about bosses to those who addicted in HUNTING like me Additional rival huh!! MP Hole is North of MP Campus, which can be reached via the Marketplace using buggies for students from other schools. Your No.1 1 stop shop for CHEAP and FREE Ran Online accounts and gold. Sable to Skylock Quad are Boards, Signus to Hyper Force are bikes. Register Start a Wiki. Honor is the rune word 'Amn El Ith Tir Sol' for melee weapons in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction.. Map/Location:Laboratory 7 (Inside PTZ)  i played this night hours just to get the missing item for the Conquerer, but instead i received over and over again the same "beard" (helmet).... is there any chance to get them after the event also as loot from the caches? Pirate Ran Online. So I am a healer and I am looking at options to getting a healing 1-h/2-h club. Collect 10 of the stated Lunch Box types. And those weapons look even more amazing in real life. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? There is a thread already created for this topic but I would like to share the High Class Bosses Location and Re-spawn times. Information on totals, where applicable, will be given as: Total (Max not including player-restricted Activities (i.e. Genres : Action Although Honor doesn't offer any outstanding features, it does feature a large array of useful attributes. RAN ONLINE PHILIPPINES! It is South of SG Hole. https://ranonline.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_RAN_Online_Activities?oldid=4550, Defeat 200 Skating Masters (Trading Hole), Defeat 50 Jackson (SG Hole, Trading Hole), Defeat 200 Sacred Gate Defender (SG Hole, SG Tunnel).