Schmetz #1776 - Twin Needle - 6mm contains 1 twin needle:130/705H ZWI 6/100. We pay the store, you get the goods, nothing to pay today. Quantity: Add to Cart . Available needle sizes. Schmetz Sewing Machine Needle Reference Sheet . $10.40. $6.48 / Each . PRODUCT. These can be accepted or rejected. Choose from our extensive range of Schmetz needles. PRODUCT DETAILS × VIP SAVE. Denim/Jeans Needle —Modified medium ball point and reinforced blade. We also recommend the Jeans Needle when applying a hem seam to your jeans. Schmetz Twin Machine Needle Size 4.0mm/80 1ct. Login to view Price . 1.6mm/70, 2mm/80 & … Schmetz Domestic Needles. PRODUCT. Microtex/Sharp Needle — Sharp point for straight stitches on delicate and microfiber fabrics. Sold by The Ironing Press Company. Part Number: D2-ST. Schmetz Needles - Embroidery. Qty: In Stock. For the best results, we recommend using a Jeans Needle. 3 Twin needle Pack in 1.6/70, 2.0/80, 3.0/90 Sizes. Sewing Machine Needles Schmetz - HLx5 (High Speed Professional Quilting), Assorted Sizes 75/11 & 90/14, (3 Packets for The Price of 2!) Add to Cart. Schmetz Extra Wide Sewing Machine Twin Needle - 8.0/100. Available sizes: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, Assorted, Twin. Lets Sew with Schmetz Kids Needle pamphlet. FREE large WB1 needle threader! $5.35. • Colour Code: Size only • Feature: Slightly rounded point. Special features Eye slotted laterally. System: 130/705 H-S ZWI. Schmetz Domestic Needles - Ballpoint/Jersey. Schmetz Topstitch Needles - 100/16. PRODUCT. PRODUCT. Free UK delivery. Schmetz Super Nonstick Needle 5ct, Size 80/12. Jersey/Ball Point NeedleChrome Jersey/Ball Point NeedleBulk Jersey/Ball Point Needle. $3.78 / Each . $10.99. Jersey / Ball Point Needle — Designed for sewing on knits and some stretch fabrics. Available sizes: 70/10, 80/12, 90/14, 100/16, 110/18, Assorted, Twin. Schmetz Sewing Machine Needles - Stretch Twin Needle, Size: 2.5/75 Euro-Notions Stretch Twin Machine Needle-Size 4.0/75 1/Pkg, Other, Multicoloured, 2.3 x 7.71 x 11.52 cm 9 Pieces Twin Needle Stretch Machine Needles Universal Double Needle with 3 Pieces Groove Pintuck Presser Foot for Most Sewing Machines, 3 Sizes with 2.0/90, 3.0/90, 4.0/90 For more information about our industrial range click here. Orders placed on Friday after 3pm, Saturday, or Sunday are processed on Monday. $16.98. Schmetz Stretch Twin Needle Size 4.0/75. PRODUCT. PRODUCT . Schmetz is the most common and readily available sewing machine needle brand. The Double Eye Needle with its two eyes and the Quick Threading Needle with its small slot on the side of the eye are both easy to identify. from 0 to 21 . SCHMETZ Sewing Machine Needles Universal (Regular/Standard), Assorted Sizes 70/10, 80/12 & 90/14 (Pack of 10) 4.8 out of 5 stars 953 £5.80 9 Pieces Twin Needle Stretch Machine Needles Universal Double Needle with 3 Pieces Groove Pintuck Presser Foot for … Purchase 20 or more for the best possible price. ©2020 PRODUCT. The SCHMETZ needle range includes several Twin and Triple Needles in different types, needle sizes and needle spacing. STRETCH TWIN NEEDLES Twin needles for stretchy knit fabric are usually thinner (size 75) and produced in two types: with an inter-needle distance of 2.5 or 4mm. $8.50. A great general purpose needle. Ajour, cotton knitwear, bouclé, lycra, knitted fabrics, corsetry fabrics, sweatshirt fabric, faux fur ; Gauze, jersey, tulle; Imitation fur (funfur), reversible, knitted fabric . PRODUCT. *For use ONLY on zig-zag machines with transversal hook* 1 (twin) needle per package Schmetz brand. Schmetz … 604-873-4641 or 1-800-663-6142 Fax: 604-873-4644 or 1-800-355-4644 3188 Thunderbird Cres cent Burnaby BC V5A 3G4 $9.99. Stretch Twin. Schmetz Universal Needles. The two needles are attached to a cross bar which goes into a single shank. Use two spools of thread and one bobbin thread.Universal Twin Sizes: 1.6/70, 1.6/80, 2.0/80, 2.5/80, 3.0/90, 4.0/80, 4.0/90, 4.0100, 6.0/100, 8.0/100, Assorted.Double Hemstitch Size: 2.5/100 ; Feature: Two Stretch needles mounted on one shank create two rows of stitches simultaneously. Shadow embroidery anyone? Sold by The Ironing Press Company. Stretch Twin. PRODUCT. Schmetz Double Machine Embroidery Machine Needle Size 2.0/75. Good for decorative stitching. Many household sewing machines have both a zigzag stitch and an overlock stitch for overlocking the material. For penetrating extra thick woven fabrics, denims, or quilts with minimum needle deflection, reduced risk of needle breakage and skipped stitches. Schmetz Stretch Twin Needles - Size 4.0 75/11 . Data protection Fabric Uses: Numerous – woven and knits. Denim Needle/Twin Denim Needle. PRODUCT. Shop our extensive selection of 14:25 16x231 Schmetz Needles from College Sewing Machine Parts Ltd. SCHMETZ Twin Machine Needle Size 6.0mm/100 1ct 4.7 out of 5 stars 52 $8.61 Only 13 left in stock - order soon.