Emerging fruit bud … 'BITA-3' appeared to be more comprised by cold weather when grown in sub-tropical conditions in Australia, than the synthetic hybrids 'FHIA-01', 'FHIA-18' and 'SH 3640-10'1. I have heard very good things about SH-3640 but I still haven't been able to obtain a plant. 2008. Race 1: 'SH-3640-10' is considered to be susceptible but tolerant to Foc race 1 after field evaluation trials in Australia showed that plants exhibited few external symptoms of Foc infection and produced good bunches, but the vascular tissues of the rhizomes and pseudostems were discoloured1 MGIS The Musa Germplasm Information System (MGIS) contains key information on Musa germplasm diversity, including passport data, botanical classification, morpho-taxonomic descriptors, molecular studies, plant photographs and GIS information on 6548 accessions managed in 29 collections around the world, making it the most extensive source of information on banana … 2008. The SH 3640 produced the heaviest fruits, and Bucaneiro and PV42-81 produced the longest ones. Ending Oct 27 at 11:08AM PDT 2d 12h. I pull them out when they’re about knee-high – or prior if they are becoming invasive. Search on Musapedia page names (e.g. The pseudo-stem height at budding is about 4’ 10". Compared to Grand Nain Israel, Goldfinger (FHIA 1) showed a yield reduction of 28% (P-R2 cycle), while SH 3640/10 (High Noon) showed a yield reduction of 21% (P+R1 cycle). This one has real potential!! The fresh female flowers are completely beige. [A] selection from the FHIA (Fundación Hondureña de Investigacion Agrícola) … : Here’s what turns out to be a mutant SH-3640 banana plant I obtained last year. It is moving right along! The taste and color of other cultivars were generally rated inferior ( SH-3640/10 > Kikundi > Yangambi Km5 > FHIA-17 > FHIA-23 > FHIA-25 ). I had lots of practice in selecting pups for summer ripening when I lived in zone 9b. SH-3640 DESCRIPTION: A dessert type, producing a sweet, full sized fruit. TYPE The unique super dwarf qualities of this banana plant allow for practical in-home or patio enjoyment.,Super Dwarf Banana Buy Them Both! Continuing the discussion from Who is growing bananas for fruit? Explore Banana Diversity. The Pisang Awak varieties (e.g., Dwarf Namwah, plus what is typically sold as "Ice Cream" and … *READ my descriptions! Banana (Musa spp.) SH-3640 | ProMusa is a project to improve the understanding of banana and to inform discussions on this atypical crop. 2001. SH 3640 is a dessert type hybrid cultivar de veloped in Honduras, a hybrid between Dwarf Prata and SH 3393. One of them will remain though for the follow-on crop but I’ve yet to decide which. Edible raw but mainly cooked. COVID-19 impact on MGIS and ITC. How many banana trees do you have room for in your beds, Richard? Available for distribution: ... SH-3640 : Collecting … $69.99 + $16.99 shipping . Can’t seem to get the timing right. 2) Tall Burro - Common banana growing all over Florida mainly in the tall form. male bud with wide shoulders SH-3640 Ovoid male bud with intermediate-sized shoulders. Names, growing & interesting info; SH 3640 is a select hybrid out of the FHIA breeding program. This website uses cookies to enhance your user experience. Bananas out of the … Uses 'BITA-3' is primarily used as a cooking banana 2 and it is also made into banana … Passport Data. A dessert type, producing a sweet, creamy full sized fruit. The SH 3640 produced the heaviest fruits, and Bucaneiro and PV42-81 produced the longest ones. Three further trials showed no … Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Similarly SH-3640 was found to have good post-harvest quality and acceptability in terms of aroma and palatability with consumers in southern Mozambique, whereas less than 50% indicated a … Organoleptic qualities of the fruit of hybrids SH-3640 and CRBP-39 S. Coulibaly et C. Djédji 27 Focus on wild Musa 31 Focus on organic bananas 32 In memory of Georges F. Wilson 34 Thesis 35 MusaNews 38 Forum 44 The mission of the International Network for the Improvement of Banana … Prices have been updated. SH 3640 2016-05.jpg 720×540 477 KB. To find out more about cookies, see our. $16.99 shipping. 0 bids. Race 4: 'SH-3640-10' is considered to be resistant to Foc race 4 after field evaluation trials in Australia showed that very few plants had vascular discolouration of the rhizome and pseudostem1 Grows rapidly, fruits early. ROSE banana… Very RARE SH 3640 banana READ my description Largest collection for sale on Ebay. Home › SH-3640; Accession Search. You are here. The other genotypes were susceptible to R. similis although the male parents SH-3386 and SH-3640… Infant fruit. Richard 2017-11-03 00:17:25 UTC #2. $69.99. Have about six more that may be ready in Spring if winter isn’t to harsh. The hybrid, ‘SH 3640’ produced the largest bunch but this was not significantly different from that of ‘Grand Naine’ the local check used in the trials. SH 3640 1307 Honduras FHIA AAAB Dessert banana Prata Aña (AAB) SH-3393 (AA) Grand Nainc e Puerto Rico Local selection AAA Dessert/Cavendish Selection Maricongoc e Puerto Rico Local … SH-3565 AABB FHIA-18 SH-3480 High Noon (in error) AAAB (FHIA) High Noon SH-3640.105 AAAB Golden Aromatic Go San Heong AAA Golden Pillow (as yet unconfirmed presence in Hawai'i) AB … ,syn, Dwarf Hog, Dwarf Orinoco syn, Dwarf Horse Banana, Dwarf Orinoco syn, Dwarf SH-3640 10.0 Super Dwarf Cavendish 3.0,Banana … It is moving right along! Different growth and yield parameters were collected for the first, second and third crop cycles. SH-3640 Small Date Sumatra X "Cross" Super Dwarf Cavendish Sweetheart FHIA-3 - getting close Thousand Fingers - Blooming as of 08/08/2004 Tomoc Tuu Ghia Valery - Blooming as of 08/08/2004 … It is one of the most destructive diseases of this crop, and has a relatively wide host range. ... SH-3640 … back to Catalog … PV42-85 and ST42-08 showed high resistance to fruit drop, with no statistical difference from 'Pacovan'. Displaying 0 accession(s) . SH 3436-9 31 SH 3640 33 TMBx 1378 35 TMBx 5295-1 37 Williams (Cavendish) 39 Yangambi Km 5 41 Local cultivars Buñgulan 45 Cardaba (Saba Sub-Group) 47 Saba (Saba Sub-Group) 49 Grand Naine (Cavendish) 51 Cuarenta Dias 53 Lagkitan 55 Lakatan 57 Latundan 59 Guide to common banana diseases 61 Guide to common banana … All prices are … Many of the FHIA hybrids are very good, too (e.g., FHIA-1 [AKA Goldfinger], FHIA-18, SH-3640). Country of origin: PDCIm Score: 7.37. You are here. This means it was selected out of a group of seeding bananas to be evaluated farther. Moderate resistance was shown by TC plants of SH-3624 and Co plants of SH-3437, the female parent Pelipita and the hybrids FHIA-18 and FHIA-23. I have a Dwarf Brazilian with inflorescence, but way too late for my climate. Banana flowers), The ProMusa website is licensed under the, Introduction and evaluation of improved banana cultivars for agronomic and yield characteristics in Kenya, Agronomic performance of introduced banana varieties in lowlands of Rwanda, To browse accession-level information on 'SH-3640', Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT. Please be aware that only accessions of the current page whose collecting site's GPS coordinates are … This one has real potential. Grows about 12 ft. tall. production in Mozambique is largely confined to the Cavendish variety that is eaten as a dessert. Fusarium wilt, which is also known as Panama disease, is caused by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Yes, although not unheard of for a first time transplant. $78.99. I have four different hybrids growing in a total of two planter beds. Abstract : Banana (Musa spp.) Time from planting to harvest / crop cycle (days). SH 3640 - Another FHIA Research Station hybrid. Now I’m relearning it … this one and my Namwa flowered 4 months earlier than expected. Home; ITC1307 - SH-3640 .