The rush of skiing replenished us, and we were all a lot more peppy and positive as we changed back into our hiking boots. When comparing the photos from almost 100 years ago, they are just a reminder of what the “glacier” used to be.Interestingly, according to the TERT, there was another crevasse or pit that opened up in the late 1990's or early 2000's. Only if you climb a ways up the couloir will you see any crevasses (and they are small, but are in ice rather than snow). As skiing quickly became popular, they built a 50-meter ski jump and raced on the Mt. Though it’s steep towards the top of the glacier, it’s a pretty tame slope otherwise, and the spring-like snow conditions are not too tricky to master, even if you’re on some desert-dry bases. Also, while this is technically “out of bounds skiing,” a backcountry set-up is not required, and alpine bindings are more than adequate, they’re preferred. He was game, so we broke the skis out of storage and dusted off the ski boots. Sadly, one of my major 2012 goals, the “Zironman”, didn’t happen this year due to my injured (Buzz) and recently ill (Ryan) partners. Anthony C Lund rests near the peak of Mt Timpanogos in 1912, the glacier can be seen in the background. An article that touches on Barbara Stewart Anderson skiing the Mount Timpanogos Glacier with skis adapted by her father, Raymond Briggs Stewart, is displayed in … Timpanogos glacier… There are still July's that look like the July of 1940 - although they are probably much less likely now, unfortunately. Ski in the morning & sunbathe in the afternoon. For those new to this, you basically create a triangle over you. According to Stewart Olsen, his branch of the Stewarts […] Timpanogos Ridge & Mount Nebo Me on-top of the middle summit of Mt. Skiing quickly became popular, and they soon built a 50-meter ski jump and they raced on the Mt. Alternatively, you can hike to the summit and drop into the glacier from that way — but honestly, it’s much easier and faster to just bootback the glacier. Just remember to put some wide (powder) baskets on! Snowfall in Salt Lake City was less than 41% of normal for the season.Notice that much of the surface snow has melted, which was unusual for the time period. ↠ Learn more: Instead of regurgitating information as if it were my own, I’ll let the Timpanogos people tell their own story — History of the Timpanogos Nation. If you don’t have a ski strap lying around, you can probably MacGuyver one with rope or bungee cord. Instagram is actually a great way to find snow to ski — I browse places I think might have snow patches, like ski resorts or mountain ranges, or search through recent posts that use: “#skiallyear,” “#skiyearround,” “#summerskiing,” and similar hashtags. Mt. Well, sort of. I was on TERT in 1993 [sic-actually 1994?] All the Also of interest, a possible glacier, mostly covered in rocks, but with a visible crevasse in the ice was discovered hidden on a remote area Lone Peak, just to the north of Timpanogos. I am in the process of descending in the opposite direction along the summit ridge on my way to dropping down to the so-called Mt. I am curious, where did you learn about the crevasse that opened up in 1994? Skiing in autumn on the glacier Skiing in autumn on the glacier open from 17 to 29 october 2020 COVID-19 : Closure from 30 october to at least 1 st december Get back on your Skis... before everyone else! The Dust Bowl Drought of the 1930s took a heavy toll on the Timpanogos Glacier, and much of the surface ice melted. Timpanogos Wilderness Area. A ski area later opened as Timp Haven If you’re uncomfortable walking on snow at an angle, bring some crampons or traction devices like YakTrax to guarantee your stability and safety. Great pictures and text. If you choose to hike Timp via the Timpooneke Trail on a summer weekend, be prepared to add an extra 1 to 4 miles to your hike, just to get to the trailhead — parking is a nightmare. Geologists actually consider both ice-cemented rocks and rock-covered glaciers to be rock glaciers. In 1948, famed skier and Olympic coach Alf Engen set the Giant Slalom course on the Timpanogos Summer Stashes: Mt. All Rights Reserved. Only the 1942, 1946, and 1994 crevasses were reported after the Drought. I have been on Timp nearly every year for 20 years, and I have long thought that there was glacial ice below the talus. Unless you don’t mind a core shot or two on your sticks, this is a good time to put that old pair of skis collecting dust in the corner of your closet to use. Timpanogos (there are several variations) or Timpanogos Glacier on Instagram’s Places (or Location) tab, and browse through recent posts to get an idea of the current conditions before you go. But leave it to skiing to inspire you to do the crazy shit you said you would never do. Apparently, since 1994 at least, test on the ice in the crevasse, show that this is probably a rock-covered glacier. A crevasse on the normally buried Timpanogos Glacier in 1994. This is probably the least amount of snow/ice present on Timpanogos any time in the early 1900s or anytime before the Dust Bowl Droughts of the 1930s. The man in this photo is actually standing on some rocks that fell and got wedged in, the actual bottom was reported to be at least forty feet down. Other arguments to support that we're on the verge of another ice age say that we're disrupting ocean currents to the point where it will cause an ice age in the northern hemisphere( Adventures are often endurance and elevation … He will assume his new responsibilities in April. To summit Timpanogos, it is best to ascend the glacier and then walk the ridge to the summit. One of the eastern or back part of Timpanogos and the other of a large ice crevice. At that time there were probably three glaciers on Timpanogos: this one, another below the north face, and one in the Cascade Cirque. The second tallest peak in the Wasatch, Timpanogos offers hikers sparkling alpine lakes, a remnant glacier, a herd of mountain goats, and magnificent views in all directions. It begins at the bottom of the steep snowfield and covers roughly a third of the whole glacier. Skiing the Chamonix valley is amazing! I am curious, where did you learn about the crevasse that opened up in 1994? The earth naturally fluctuates in temperature over thousands of years. In fact, one might consider even ice-cemented rock glaciers to be true glaciers, since they form in much the same way except with a lot more debris involved. January and February snowfall was way below normal. Timpanogos is iconic in these parts — and its distinct look attracts hikers from all around Utah. Timpanogos glacier in the summer. The Timpanogos "Glacier" Several weeks ago, one of you asked for a discussion of the Timpanogos (a.k.a. Also notice the hanging ice on the north face. Timpanogos from the Aspen Grove trailhead near Sundance Ski Area. ... but the story is the same everywhere all over the world, In one century a real glacier with crevasses melted completely and this happens everywhere. Thanks for the compliment! On that note, please allot yourself a full day to do this — even if you are confident in the amount of miles you can hike within an hour; between hauling skis, bootpacking through snow, heat and sun exposure, and the elevation gain, your expected completion time can be impacted in significant ways. This is the Timpanogos Glacier as it appeared in 1907 (normal snow year). For now, it appears the glacier survives and is protected under the talus. Aspen Grove is highly exposed and the sun’s powerful rays bounce off the glacier, so sun protection is highly important. In 1948, famed skier and Olympic coach Alf Engen set the Giant Slalom course on the Timpanogos The uppermost one is on the left side of the glacier when facing toward it. Looking over the ridge provided a view of Provo and Utah Lake about 7000 feet below. It’s lightweight, compact, and easy to use. The highlight of the walk is the sight of the silvery Enjoy a break at glacier-fed Emerald Lake and check out the rustic Timpanogos Shelter built in 1959. The second tallest peak in the Wasatch, Timpanogos offers hikers sparkling alpine lakes, a remnant glacier, a herd of mountain goats, and magnificent views in all directions. By most definitions, Timpanogos Glacier is not really a glacier at all, but rather a snowfield. Bring a filter as a back-up, in case you run out of the water you packed. Some skiers and hikers will also opt to backpack Aspen Grove or Timpooneke, to break this trip up over two days. If you fell in, you'd be 30th-century archaeological curiosity. Mount Timpanogos: East Ridge Yesterday was one of those rare days this year when safe travel conditions lined up with a brief weather window and a short amount of time off work. During the 1940's, ski races were held on the glacier; Ray Stewart Photo. Mt. Actor Robert Redford acquired the area Glacier Slide at 1:00. I think it goes without saying that you’re not going to find primo snow here, at this time of year, unless you get lucky with one of those surprise mid-autumn snowstorms the day before your hike. Adams over five years ago, so this is a somewhat new experience for me. USGS Photo. It was filled with opaque milky water and had a small amount of exposed glacial ice by the water's edge. Again, I'm not saying that we're not having an impact, just that this is also part of a very complex cycle. On September 3 of 2016, one of the authors of this article found a meltwater pit in the uppermost flow lobe of the rock glacier, around where BYU is said to have dug for ice. Definitely a vivid demonstration of glacial retreat. While the top of the glacier is not the top of Timp, it’s pretty darn close — and we enjoyed similar views of Provo, Salt Lake, and the Deer Creek Reservoir. His turns at Timpanogos marks 22 consecutive months of skiing, and Tuura recently made it 23 during a Labor Day trip to Colorado’s Skyscraper Glacier. Timpanogos glacier… Jaguar Prowl 197 views 0:27 OPTAVIA FUELING HACKS! About the 10100' level. There is some controversy over the Wheeler rock glacier you mention as well. This photo would have to be taken before 1956 as from 1956 and after, all annual Timp Hikes made the ascent up the new trail and came down the glacier, rather than ascended the glacier. Her skiing triumphs during the late 1940s established her as one of the finest female skiers in the country: The Snow Cup, Knudsen Cup and Glacier (Mt. View 100 Years on the Timpanogos Glacier Image Gallery - 23 Images. Someone threw a rock in and it bounced once off the side and took 2.7 seconds (if the volunteer's memory is correct) to reach the bottom. Notice the crevasse in the photo. Well, here it is, but keep in mind I'm an atmospheric scientist, not a geophysicist. For wear in town and on the pistes, for an ultra-trendy look. From what I can see it looks to be a rock glacier, much like the one on Nevada's Wheeler Peak. However, if you’re planning on a September, October, or November visit, your odds might be a little better. Alpine skiing began on the site in 1944. I agree. To say the truth, the summer of 2007 in Utah is about as far from a nice snow season as possible. Notice in this photo from September 2003, that the surface ice and perpetual snowfield has once again melted almost completely. Unfortunately, geologists believe this was probably a meltwater channel and not a true crevasse. Unfortunately, we didn’t have our trusty K9 Sportsack with us, and we had to take breaks in the shade and carry him parts of the way, to give him a break from the scorching ground. Look out, the sky is falling! Mt. If the hike to the summit seems too intimidating, test the waters with a short hike to the Timpanogos Falls. However, it’s a pretty popular thing here in Utah, and it’s not uncommon to have friends who are on the hunt for snow year-round and have been skiing 12, 24, 48, even 100 months in a row. Timp) Glacier. As always, I recommend the Sawyer Squeeze. My preferred chew is Clif Bar’s Clif Shot Bloks. At that time, the normal route up the mountain was right up the glacier and there were apparently a series of crevasses to walk around. The 1940s provided a welcome relief from the drought and average or above-average precipitation returned for several years. Snacks, snacks, and more snacks — we made the mistake of only packing two Clif Bars for the day, and with the elevation gain and heat, we were burning much more than we were consuming. Even in the past 1000 years there have been warmer periods than we're currently experiencing(see here: We combined forces and began the bootpack up the snowfield. One trip report from 1912 makes the statement that the glacier had “a series of beautiful crevasses” to pass on route to the summit. Even so it was a remarkable and valuable look into this interesting feature. Gjagiels' Photo from August 9, 2005 in a very heavy snow year. A portion of the Stewart family story began in the Ulster region of Ireland in the 1600s. Timpanogos Glacier as it appears in August 1907. If you are interested, here is a litte more on rock glaciers: In true glacier fashion the mass of snow that had collected in the magnificent amphitheater below, had moved several feet and left a number of deep beautiful crevices. All the As skiing quickly became popular, they built a 50-meter ski jump and raced on the Mt. BYU Photo archives; John C. Swensen. Mount Timpanogos is one of the premier mountain hikes in Utah. I first climbed Timpanogos at age 7 in 1981, so those would be the earliest photos I personally could have. For an interesting read about the crevasses that used to exist, try finding the 1912 trip report of an ascent of Timpanogos. I’ve only hiked my skis once before — when I skied Mt. For the majority of the Aspen Grove Trail, you are acquiring serious elevation, and it was only slightly alleviated with the cool temps of the early morning. Our SUN Glacier sunglasses are designed for skiing and mountaineering enthusiasts (men and women). The Timpanogos Glacier is right out the front door, providing perhaps the deepest late season snowpack in Utah. The top is moonlike and intimidating. Photos from this time period are hard to find and it's hard to tell what is going on here from the few photos available. Meager winter snowfall, hot spring, 100+ degrees temps for like over a week in a row now. Timp is by far my favorte mountain of them all. Ski boots — just my daily drivers, nothin’ fancy. No one knows for sure what the future holds for this unique feature in Utah. For now. Skis you don’t mind trashing — between the rocks and a dusting of dirt, this is not Grade-A snow. He will assume his new responsibilities in April. They also apparently tried to study the crystal morphology (shape) of the ice, but either the results were inconclusive or they obtained no meaningful data. A perhaps little known fact is that the glacier reportedly used to have some distinct (by Rockies standards) and visible crevasses before the "Dust Bowl Drought" of the 1930s. TIMPANOGOS LOOP HIKE: See route section for a description. The Timpanogos "Glacier" Several weeks ago, one of you asked for a discussion of the Timpanogos (a.k.a. During the 1940s several mid-summer ski races were held, usually in late July. Hiking to the top of Mount Timpanogos is a very popular activity in Utah. The glacier is situated on the north slope of Mount Timpanogos (11,749 feet or 3,581 metres). Timpooneke is not as exposed as Aspen Grove, and this may not be an issue for September and October hikers. This was a fairly normal snow year, but with a wet spring. - Duration: 13:27. First real glimpse of Mt. However, backpacks designed specifically for skiing aren’t the only ones that can carry skis comfortably… Take a look at the backpack(s) you have and see if you can rig it to accommodate a ski on each side — packs with adjustable straps on each side can usually hold some skis, i.e. I had no idea that our glacier had such a history. Today, the Timpanogos Glacier is what geologists call a "rock glacier," which is a glacier-covered with rocky debris, a pile of rocky debris cemented by ice, or anything in between. Thankfully we brought a water filter to get us through the homestretch. formed from snowfall and not permafrost. Timp was the first mountain I summited in Utah, so you’d think it would hold a special place in my heart… But it’s honestly not a place I actively seek out. It was eery--deep blue ice, 40 feet thick at least. It is defiantly as sad story though. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. The glacier took on the appearance of a perpetual snowfield, more than a true glacier. I had been to the north summit in the winter to ski Cold Fusion with Steve in April, and Kyle, Riley, Justin and I had been skiing on the glacier … Glen Meyer, the TERT director, got a glaciology team from Washington State to assay the ice. At the cirque headwall, above the rock glacier, there is a really big Y-couloir that contains a glacierette/small glacier/icefield. Also after the Dust Bowl Drought, the glacier was thought to be more of a perpetual snowfield over a rock glacier until the surface snow completely (or almost completely) melted for the first time in the drought of 1994. If you’re doing this in late summer or early fall, you don’t need backcountry or mountaineering equipment or experience. After a fruitful winter, you can expect the Timp Glacier to extend 40 to 50 feet. If you have any photographs from the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, or 1980s, please add them to the article. However, if you’re pulling this in the summer months, it’s unavoidable. Suba sa yelo ang Timpanogos Glacier sa Tinipong Bansa. While it would be better to use photos all from the same month of the year, I haven't any (or I would have used them). BENEATH MOUNT TIMPANOGOS A portion of the Stewart family story began in the Ulster region of Ireland in the 1600s. Ski races began on the Mount Timpanogos Glacier during the annual Timp hike in July 1941. Their results were inconclusive as to whether it was truly glacial. Even though the feature has been referred to a glacier for a long time, most photos of any time period (especially after the 1930s) give it the appearance of a permanent snowfield or rock glacier than a large glacier in places like Washington or Alaska. Mt. There are also very recent terminal and lateral moraines below the permanent icefield in the Cascade Cirque. Denis Davis has been selected as the new superintendent at Timpanogos Cave National Monument.