Who knew? This recipe for sweet potato casserole is actually Ruth’s Chris sweet potato casserole recipe and it’s … One of our favorite recipes using this beloved tuber is our Twice Baked Savory Sweet Potato Casserole. Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries come out insanely crispy with no oily mess! To ensure crispiness, make sure none of the fries are too close together. When sweet potatoes really come into their own is when they’re cut into wedges and baked into crispy fries. Toss sweet potato fries in corn starch, making sure they’re fully covered. Add sweet potatoes to a large bowl full of water and let soak for 30 minutes. Preparation . Wash your sweet potatoes and pierce with a fork or paring knife. Maybe I just didn't like the ubersweet marshmallow casserole. Also not sweet. Feel free to add a handful of fresh cranberries to the casserole to counter the sweetness. You could also use a mandolin slicer to get uniform thickness to your fries, if you have one. They have a higher carbohydrate content, so eat them in moderation. Yams are … Sheet pan: These fries are oven baked on a sheet pan so clean up is a breeze and hands on cooking time is minimal. Then turn a few planks over at a time and stack them, slicing 1/4-inch across again to create the fries. Step 3: Arrange the sweet potato fries . It’s best to freeze them after cutting them, then roasting in the oven when a fresh batch is called for! Sweet potatoes for breakfast!! Dress them up with your favorite spices and enjoy. Sweet Potato Fries are a little less formal than that casserole. It is my choice for these fries. Other Delicious Potato Recipes! But in additionContinue Reading Meanwhile, heat olive oil in a medium pot over medium-low heat. Or add some toasted pecan halves or a streusel topping to the dish for extra crunch. Slice the sweet potato into thin fries about ¼ inch thick. Then, drizzle olive oil all over the fries. Perfect as a colorful and mouthwatering side or as a scrumptiously decadent appetizer to set in the middle of the table and share, these baked sweet potato fries with chili cheese are an irresistibly fun treat! This Sweet Potato Casserole was cooked, topped with crunchy pecan crumble and baked until golden brown. 2. Search through these sweet potato recipes and find ideas for pies, casseroles, roasted sweet potatoes, fries, baked sweet potato, soups, and more. Seasoned with paprika, these fries are spiced and sweet all at once, and far healthier than the shop-bought ones. To make the sweet potato ground beef casserole: Cook potatoes in boiling water for 15 minutes, or until tender. You can even have this on its own for breakfast or snack. 1 package McCain® Sweet Potato Superfries® 2 cups of marshmallows. ADVERTISEMENT. As you might suspect, sweet potato fries, loaded baked sweet potatoes, and sweet potato casseroles are something he often requests – and our Thanksgiving dinners are now never complete without a delicious sweet potato casserole. Flip the sweet potato onto that flat side and use the same sharp knife to slice 1/4-inch planks lengthwise all the way across the sweet potato. Peel the sweet potatoes (the skins should easily slip off) and add the sweet potato flesh to a large mixing bowl. HOW TO MAKE SWEET POTATO FRIES Brown sugar, butter, nutmeg, and citrus juice make up the flavorful glaze for the sweet potatoes and apples. The convection oven makes amazingly crispy fries. These easy baked sweet potato fries are a crispy salty sweet treat that bakes up in your oven in less than 20 minutes. It’s sweetened with organic coconut sugar, … This sweet potato tots recipe is a tweak of my Sweet Potato Breakfast Casserole Cups and is a super easy, nutritious meal the whole family will love! Seasoned with paprika and served with a homemade spicy tomato sauce, these healthy fries will be your new favorite side or snack! Sweet Potato Casserole This decadent sweet potato casserole is topped with a brown sugar pecan crumble, and make the perfect easy side for your Thanksgiving table. Why you will love these baked sweet potato fries. I truly believe that everyday no matter how my day goes, there is always a reason to be … If you want a vegetable that tastes like a treat and is full of vitamins, sweet potatoes are the answer. Drain sweet potatoes and dry well. Stir in tomato flesh and bay leaf and continue cooking, stirring occasionally. Forrest is from the South, so sweet potatoes are definitely a staple down there. Directions. Ingredients. Already cooked sweet potato fries can be frozen but will be soft after thawing and reheating. To begin, use a fork to poke holes in the sweet potatoes, and then bake them at 425F. Yes, now you can enjoy them all day long with this one-dish meal. Next, add the coconut milk, maple syrup, ghee, vanilla extract, cinnamon, ground ginger, nutmeg, and egg to the mixing bowl. This is a simple candied sweet potato casserole made with layers of sweet potatoes and apples. I do know that I love sweet potato fries. Yams are more commonly found in the West as a powder or health supplement. You can add an extra splash of coconut milk if you want the potatoes to be creamier. Sweet potato casserole is a classic side dish that is typically served with a roasted turkey and all the other delicious recipes that come with turkey dinner. Plus, they’re a real favourite with the kids, so get them to help you make them, too. Sweet potatoes are used to make fries, pies, soups and casseroles. Can Sweet Potato Fries Be Frozen? A sweet potato casserole is made by mashing sweet potatoes with brown sugar and spices, then top it with marshmallows and or nuts. Ingredients. And super fast and easy for weeknight dinners because we microwave them before “frying” them in the oven! Sweet potatoes are so good for you that I really did feel guilty that I did not like the sweet potato casserole that graces so many tables at Thanksgiving. This paleo sweet potato casserole has a creamy sweet potato layer topped with a toasty, sweet and crunchy topping! This casserole will totally transform the idea of “sweet potato casserole” in your mind, as everything from the maple syrup to the oats is new, improved, and über delicious! Kid friendly: Even the pickiest of eaters don’t turn their noses up at these veggies!Serve them with a little ketchup and they are irresistible! 3. This sweet potato casserole recipe is my all time favorite way to eat sweet potatoes, aside from maybe sweet potato fries – the real sweet potato fries that are deep fried and not baked. You can eat sweet potatoes if you have diabetes. Drizzle potatoes with avocado oil and sprinkle with cornstarch, garlic powder, chili powder, and … Cheesy Bacon Ranch Potatoes – an easy casserole. Thanksgiving is one occasion that we never have in the Philippines but an occasion that I totally embraced when I moved in Canada. Why this recipe works: Uses frozen sweet potato tots for less prep time. Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries are so satisfying and so easy to make! Preparation Time: 2 minutes Cooking Time: 25 minutes Servings: 6-8 Product Used: Sweet Potato Plank Cut Fries \n"} buy now. Arrange the fries so there’s space between them. Then, season with salt and pepper before transferring the fries to the baking sheet. Using the air fryer is much healthier than frying, and reduces the fat and calories, without losing flavor. Add onions and cook for 1 minute, then add garlic and ground meat and continue to cook for 2 minutes. Sweet potatoes are a Southern classic that can be prepared in a number of ways. The flavors of this sweet potato casserole are everything you want for this tasty side dish, buttery, richly flavored sweet potato, and a nice sweet topping. No deep fryer needed means you can have a double portion guilt-free! These baked sweet potato fries are sprinkled with spices, then smothered in an easy and deliciously zesty chili and cheese topping. Sweet potato fries are topped with marshmallows and then baked to perfection, to create a fun twist on a Thanksgiving classic. Use an electric beater to beat everything until smooth and creamy.