For Stax pieces I will hit the big few to look at. Choose to put it back on top of your library or pay 4 life to keep it. During his time, humans still ruled the Sultai Brood Tasigur was a young, pampered heir to the Sultai fortune who indulged in cruel pleasures and spared no thought for ruling his realm. Have several mana rocks and mana dorks. Too many of these will make casting or recasting Tasigur too much of a burden and will remove too many key cards from the deck. If you are on a budget this is a concession that can be made but in the long run, you want to avoid this card. Feb. 17, 2018, Dropping Hulk. Sorcery speed cantrips (Preordain, Ponder, etc) are a mainstay of almost every Competitive EDH deck. IF your 8th card is Sol Ring, you could swap Demonic Consultation for Tainted Pact. Flash Hulk into Phyrexian Delver/Body Double and Viscera Seer. The big things, for us and Tasigur's game plan, are persistent graveyard hate, persistent mana denial, or overwhelming card disadvantage - an opponent drawing too many cards or us losing too many cards. I played Mikaeus on turn 3, and an Emeria Angel on turn 5 with 2 land fall triggers. Tasigur Combo-Control cEDH by Sparkill Report Deck Name $ 4,853.74. This guy can go infinite with itself and lots of lands, specifically a Cabal Coffers tapping for at least eight black mana, five lands that can tap for blue and at least one green land. Fetching for basics proactively is something you will want to do against most red decks. Jace, Wielder of Mysteries Mayo 30, 2017, Hulk mods — You then switch to Reality Shift and start exiling beasts and manifesting cards. Choosing who to attack with Tasigur and sticking to a single target until they are gone is surprisingly effective. Most other control decks are running a combo win condition. If you can land this and a Sensei's Divining Top you can gain an incredible amount of advantage in both preventing cards from being played and from countering things for little to no ongoing card advantage. Control Take a look at the boardstate and decide which route you prefer. Aetherflux Reservoir was included in Tasigur as a means to address the amount of life that is lost throughout a normal game. A very well put together list of counterspells. It is six turns of combat damage before we can general damage someone out but it is also a reasonable creature to pressure life totals of people playing Ad Nauseam and Doomsday. As such, this deck is not designed to deal with them. Unsubstantiate - While this can interact with spells, it is only a temporary solution. If you fear Trickbind, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself yourself. With both of these you can use combo pieces such as Beast Within to destroy them. If we can successfully make each turn for the combo player shift from a 1v1v1v1 setting to a 1v3 setting, then we are doing well and should be able to pull through. For an opening hand, you want to see two to three mana sources, one to two pieces of card draw and the rest as interaction that can be used with the mana in hand. The video didn’t work on mobile. These may be more relevant in slower metas or less powerful metas. If you also happen to run Aetherflux Reservoir, you can use it as your wincondition instead. This usually comes down to four cards we get from our deck: Isochron Scepter, Dramatic Reversal, Mana Crypt and a coloured mana rock such as Mox Opal/Mox Diamond. There are very few pieces of hate that we actively need to answer, so usually we like stax elements on the table. Mayo 5, 2017, Good Night Sweet Prince — Dan and Cameron walk through Cameron's Seasons Past Tasigur deck. Dic. Dropped Freed from the Real Combo Personally, I'm of the opinion that there's no reason to run that tasigur as oppose to CST, and I run a hermit druid tasigur. Random discards and the late game ability to destroy their entire hand makes this a very potent spell. Tasigur, the Golden Fang and Lazav, The Multifarious are perfect strangers in this Commander/EDH deck tech. We have several different methods to win, luckily most of them work with each other. This card has one of the highest blowout potentials of anything you can do at instant speed. Cards like Lion's Eye Diamond, Gush, and Laboratory Maniac are all typical inclusions when dealing with Doomsday but are not on plan for a control deck. Part of Chain's high price tag also brings a discussion about alternatives for those who cannot afford it. Lab Maniacs – S3 Episode 1: Gitrog Combo vs Tasigur Control vs Chain Veil Teferi vs Shimmer Zur cEDH Gameplay April 1, 2019 by Community Spotlight The Labmaniacs are back with another gameplay episode for the start of the third season of Competitive EDH Gameplay. vs . What possibilities for disruption are on the board? What is this all about? If there is no other Blue player behind you, most likely you will need to answer this on the stack. As a majority of non-competitive EDH decks fall into a somewhat stompy shell, Tasigur can reasonably be played in a non competitive environment while still giving the non-competitive decks a decent chance at victory. In other situations it is our board that is being hit the hardest and we need to protect our lead. Like Ad Nauseam, this is more of a combo route than a control route to take the deck. This is a tricky situation. Having Life from the Loam online will help with recovering for yourself. The Sultai Brood is a decadent and merciless clan which lurks in ancient palaces in the steaming jungles of Tarkir. Competitive It can be used as a win condition with infinite mana but can also protect your permanents from removal. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. It is a secondary measure, not a staple and can fill a flex slot in a deck to tailor it to the local meta and your needs. If this is fast mana that you can deploy in a turn or two it can be worth keeping. Choosing one player (preferably one that is running. This site is unaffiliated. As in the section above, you are using multiple mana positive rocks to bounce each other, generating infinite mana, then using a non-mana postive rock to filter the colorless mana into usable colored mana for Tasigur activations. Additionally if Gilded Drake’s ability does trigger but does not change control, then Gilded Drake will die. When fighting other control decks there will always be some jockeying for position. You have a few routes to go for this but mostly you are looking at either adding more Counter Spells, Hand Distruption, or Stax pieces. Mar. The upside of this card is faced by a rather big downside, early game this card is a very bad card to see in your hand. 21, 2017, We move further from Reanimator. Because the deck is all singleton, you can actually exile all librairy or you could play the spell as a tutor if the situation need it. Mind Twist - This targeted spell can destroy a combo player. Demonic Consultation If they haven’t interacted much and have open mana, passing priority to them may force them to deal with this threat for you. This site © 2020, LLC We can include cycling lands (Barren Moor, Tranquil Thicket, and Lonely Sandbar) in the deck. They do not count towards the in built decks count shown in your inventory. The most compact of infinite mana outlets. TappedOut.js Blog Widget, Karn, the Great Creator + Mycosynth Lattice. Repeal - Bounce and draw but potentially not always usable. deck:$1500 Budget Tasigur Control, deck:$750 Budget Tasigur Control,deck:$400 Budget Tasigur Control, $200 Budget Tasigur Control. -2 to pickup Mycosynth Lattice from the sideboard. Tasigur and Thrasios are far better than Oona here since they add an extra color (or two) so it's up to us to see which one we will go with. It has its place but not everywhere. Discord Server | 1,280 years in the past, the clan was still ruled by humans but due to the actions of their khan at the tim… Having lots of non-land mana sources makes this more powerful and allows you to dig more with Tasigur for useful spells to keep chaining. Cavern of Souls - While this can assist with control match ups, the lack of colored mana is the deal breaker here. If you are consistently in counter wars over your creatures, it could see play but politics may be a better resolution to it than compromising your mana base. If you target a Forest that is enchanted with a Utopia Sprawl (that named blue when it entered play), then you can generate infinite Green mana in the same way. This broken spell 100% deserves its spot on the casual EDH ban list. Tasaketh - Tasigur deck based on Razaketh the Foulblooded by cEDH_Stu. The one that hurts us the most is being behind on mana. Tasigur control, Yuriko prison, Locust God combo, ShaperSavant’s First Sliver Food Chain. Capsize - One of the more useful spells available though you are paying the price in mana. Merchant Scroll - While a tutor, this one just doesn't get enough for us. With all those answer cards as backup, he can guarantee a successful Torment of Hailfire, or else just retrieve … Nov. 20, 2018, LftL discussion expanded — There used to be a diverse set of decks specifically aimed and getting infinite mana for Tasigur and comboing out for a win. This is somewhat of a meat and bones topic for a primer. Tasigur, the Golden Fang is usually a control deck that does not include the combo. Below I have listed several cards that can be close to what you want but not as functional as really needed. I’ve been playing attrition style control and value engine based decks for the majority of that time. 2nd - Jace, Wielder of Mysteries If you choose to go with a reanimation package, adding in Show and Tell hedges your game plan. With multiple methods to cheat Razaketh into play, either Reanimation or Eldritch Evolution, we can use him as an engine to push for an immediate win. A complete list of the top tier 1 Commander decks updated to December 2020, ideal for cEDH deckbuilders. They can still Trickbind Razaketh at this point, countering a single activation and preventing you from activating it again for the rest of the turn, but you will still have multiple other Razaketh activations on the stack. Leovold, Emissary of Trest did this job very well but has since been banned. Tasigur is a legendary creature with the powerful Delve ability, allowing him to be played early in the game. Some notes about this Deck Tech video. Have they used any interaction recently? Adding more board clears and mass removal is your primary option here. One tutor gets Seasons Past, the other tutors get what ever you want from your deck. Your opponent will choose the most opportune moment for them, usually the most exposed moment for you. . This allows us to reuse the same answer again and again. This allows us to abuse both Life from the Loam and Tasigur to get asymmetrical card advantage against our opponents. To generate infinite mana you are using a pair of mana positive mana rocks (Sol Ring, Mana Vault, Mana Crypt, or Grim Monolith) and a colored mana rock to filter colorless mana into colored mana. The primary methods of cheating Tidespout into play are reanimation, Eldritch Evolution, and Oath of Druids. Can we look at an alternative way to interact here? Aimed at using Eldritch Evolution as the combo enabler to bring Razaketh into play. This is a special calling, not everyone’s cup of tea. Additionally you can find a few videos of Buildingadeck’s budget version of Tasigur Control on his youtube channel. Mission Briefing The Baron explores why these two legendary creatures have synergy up the wazoo in this episode of Aristocards. Ad Nauseam Land Combo - Another Ad Nauseam approach to Tasigur. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site. Contact | Windfall - Often considered a draw spell, this can also be considered hand disruption. The majority of the time when people are searching a library they have already expended resources. 2/13 - added several decklists to the decklist section, added notes to the dech tech video about its current inaccuracies. This is a pretty honorous set of requirements for Competitive EDH, but is possible. However we may have a way to do this. This is one of the least played but most powerful cards in Competitive EDH primarily due to its strategy and price tag. Thassa's Oracle, Laboratory Maniac, Jace, Wielder of Mysteries, Demonic Consultation, Tainted Pact. However, after a few games it was found that once we are no longer constrained by mana, Seasons Past will get us our entire deck into our hand, allowing us to cast any spell we wish to. The original purpose for it was endless card advantage through self recursion. This deck forgoes several elements of control for a lower mana curve and aims to draw as many cards as possible from Ad Nauseam in order combo off with Dramatic Reversal immediately after resolving Ad Nauseam. Either way, you get infinite Green mana and can then go infinite with Tasigur. However it can push us over fifty hitpoints fairly easily and then can turn into a win condition on its own. This pile is made of EDH staples. I am Cameron from the Laboratory Maniacs. Are we before or after the other blue players in the priority order? The longer the stalemate goes the better off we are. Well, first off, he’s cheap. If it has to be answered on the stack, what is the priority order? Praetor's Grasp can be substituted for both Beast Within and Reality shift in this combo with some up and down sides. You don't have enough Life left to go for a win If there are multiple pieces of the combo in exile, you can bounce Riftsweeper and recast him to get the remaining missing pieces. One tutor can grab another which can then grab Seasons Past. One note of caution with Stax elements, you should always reconsider previous deck building choices when determining which stax pieces to put in a deck. Evolve Tasigur into Razaketh and grab an Aetherflux Reservoir. He was usually carried about the palace on an ornate platform borne by zombies. Life from the Loam is one of the single best cards for Tasigur. DMCA requests | All of the other pieces are mana accelerators and are great to deploy early. This is aimed at a higher land counter using more utility lands and making for a more reliable Ad Nauseam. Null Rod - The other great equalizer. Its too much of a mana investment for too little of a return. Of note, most stax strategies prevalent in cEDH are hatebears style decks. Brainstorm is on its own level for cantrips and has earned its spot in most Tasigur decks. There are better options to look at first such as Transmute options or other to-hand tutors. Art by Chris Rahn. I've been playing combo in EDH for a several years and I'm always looking up for the best cards and combos available. Thought Vessel is the only one I have personally included and it is very close to being cut. Phantasmal Image makes for the most compact additional card to speed up the infinite mana combo. Trinisphere - the great equalizer. Adding Omniscience to your Show and Tell package can add an additional infinite mana pair for Palinchron. Against control Tasigur does very well. Tidespout Tasigur - Alternative take on control Tasigur by AdmiralFisticuffs. Who can complain? Due to timing, these combo pieces will not be exiled. There is a discussion to have regarding cantrips in Tasigur. We will play control early in the game, setting up a powerful board presence to eventually combo out our opponents when the timing is right! Simic Charm - One of the most versatile of spells, it can protect Tasigur from a Toxic Deluge, can give your permanents Hexproof and can interact with an opponent's game plan by bouncing creatures. If I'm not around many others with experience in Tasigur join in and assist. This would be an ideal hand for sitting down at a table with people you have never played with before. Does this threat need to be answered on the Stack or on the Battlefield? Search for Azcanta If your opponents are familiar with the deck it will be at one of a few different points in the chain. Through either Reanimation, Eldritch Evolution or Show and Tell, cheating things into play gets us a massive tempo advantage. However Razaketh has one additional vulnerability (though it is so rare it is almost irrelevant) Angel of Jubilation. From that decision you tailor your deck to support either Tidespout or Razaketh and if you are not in a position to go off with that card, you can EE into a card advantage engine. This route is usually chosen as a method of infinite mana generation when dealing with a budgetary concern. Our primary game plan is slow and steady. As Tasigur requires blue or green mana this adds an additional layer of complexity for our infinite mana options and, as such, we have fewer routes to take towards generating infinite colored mana. Again be careful when putting this in your deck that you do not lock yourself out of your own win. They will not assist you in controlling the board. It is welcome to anyone to join and ask questions. If you are unable to get this, then prioritize mana and interaction over card draw. Aetherflux Reservoir can gain back that life passively after the initial mana investment. Articles and comments are user-submitted and do not represent official endorsements of this site.