urban-think tank (U-TT) is an interdisciplinary design practice dedicated to projects that focus on social architecture and informal development. As reported in both local and international press, the Venezuelan government has struck an agreement with Chinese investors to restore the complex of buildings to their original purposes – a commercial center and office tower. Venezuelan supermarkets are increasingly being targeted by … The isolation increases the problems. In this way the design maximizes the… The evictions have been criticised by Urban-Think Tank, whose research into the repurposed office tower was awarded the Golden Lion at the 2012 Venice Biennale. The base of the structure is superimposed upon an existing community basketball court, soccer field, or vacant lot, transforming it into a multi-level sports complex that can accommodate hundreds of people at a time. Urban Think Tank, Caracas. Urban-Think Tank (U-TT) is an interdisciplinary design studio, founded in 1998 by architects Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner in Caracas, Venezuela. July 23, 2014. San Agustín is typical in South America, not just in Caracas and big cities like Quito, Bogota or La Paz. We at U-TT have been closely following recent news coverage regarding Torre David’s redevelopment. – Urban Think Tank The Metro Cable car system is integrated with the Caracas Metro system. The largest city in South America certainly offers countless opportunities for architecture to make a social and physical difference. All over Latin America housing for the poverty-stricken has developed in almost inaccessible terrain. Urban Think Tank's Hubert Klumpner and Alfredo Brillembourg. Caracas Think Tank is an NGO for urban cultural research established in 1993 by Alfredo Brillembourg and later joined by Hubert Klumpner. This one is planned for Los Teques, on … Urban-Think Tank’s Vertical Gym is a prefabricated kit of parts, adaptable to any locale. To be located in Barquisimeto, Venezuela’s fourth most populated city, ... (Tower of David), the world's tallest vertical slum, Urban-Think Tank has issued a statement. “We began by holding forums and working with community groups.”During the past 10 years, when a burgeoning economy meant that even young architecture offices could attract commissions with hefty budgets, Urban-Think Tank (U-TT) has operated somewhat differently in the barrios of Caracas, Venezuela. It has a length of 2.1 km and uses as transportation a funicular system with a capacity of 8 passengers each. Urban-Think Tank, based in Zurich, Switzerland, has created such structures before, mainly in Venezuela, and is now moving its South American office to São Paolo. A man leans on an empty shelf at a Makro supermarket in Caracas, Venezuela, on August 4, 2015. On the Future of Torre David. So architects at the Urban Think Tank decided to save space by building vertical gyms that rise above the surrounding buildings. The collective focuses on practice informed by research in diverse contexts, particularly focusing on the social and economic reality of informal development. The architects Alfredo Brillembourg and Hubert Klumpner, over the last ten years, have developed the Caracas/Venezuela based Urban-Think Tank (UTT) into an international network to face the challenges of uncontrolled urban growth in the dense informal centers of the 21st century Mega-cities.