View User Profile View Posts Send Message Immortal One; Location: Colorado Join Date: 3/28/2009 Posts: 6,973 Member Details; Vedalken Orrery. Sanity's_Eclipse. Replace Vedalken Orrery $34.99 for Dimir House Guard $ $0.25. Vedalken Orrery rulings: 2004-12-01: The controller of Vedalken Orrery can cast nonland artifact, creature, enchantment, and sorcery cards any time they could cast an instant. For example, this one is "M11," and last year's core set was "M10." 1x Vedalken Orrery; 1x Whispersilk Cloak; Enchantment (10) 1x Aggravated Assault; 1x Bedlam; 1x Black Market; 1x Coastal Piracy; 1x Fervor; 1x Kindred Discovery; 1x Leyline of Anticipation; 1x Phyrexian Arena; 1x Rhystic Study; 1x War Cadence; Ashlen's Admiral Beckett Brass from Game Knights #11. Myriad Landscape. Magic: the Gathering - Rhystic Study - Prophecy 4.7 out of 5 stars 26. Although artifacts are slightly more fragile than enchantments: 1) Orrery is easier to cast being colorless 2) Has synergy with Metalcraft and Affinity (more widespread than Bant Enchantress where Leylines would enjoy synergy) 3) Easier to tutor up with Tezz and Fabricate 4) Easier to recur with Academy Ruins 5) Easier … See cards from the most recent sets and discover what players just like you are saying about them. Kaarttype verdeling . Sell This Product. Rhystic Study Prophecy (C) Enchant $29.99 . Of course, one of the most immediate details of Leyline of Anticipation should be its name and corresponding ability. What other … Hallowed Fountain. So [[vedalken orrery]] is obviously a good card, an artifact that does the same thing as [[leyline of anticipation]], now i run the leyline in a few decks and it’s good sometimes but, most of the time it’s just kind of a meh thing. Alchemist's Refuge Avacyn Restored (R) Land $4.49 . Edit: I have been introduced to leyline of anticipation. report. Vedalken Orrery + WishList. All the ramp sorceries - its safe ramp but when you're playing at higher level tables the focus will be on who can be more explosive. These cards were an interesting … Flashback. Yes, I have to cast my Hymns as soon as possible, but after I've done it, and my opponent doesn't have an hand anymore, casting my hymns during his/her draw phase becomes a lot more useful. While I mentioned our interest in ramping hard, we haven’t yet talked about a subgroup of ramp spells: untappers. Vervolgens resolved de tide. We do not care about the creature as the house guard is a three mana tutor. Create New Wish List; See All Versions. It does not, for example, change when you may activate abilities that can … Vedalken Orrery from Fifth Dawn for . 2 offers from $12.14. View User Profile View Posts … Unbeknownst to some (I'm sure) there were a quintet of Leylines printed in early 2006, in a set called Guildpact. 20 days ago. 1x Vedalken Orrery; 1x Venser's Journal; Land (43) 1x Adarkar Wastes; 1x Ancient Den; 1x Azorius Chancery; 1x Command Tower; 1x Inventors' Fair; 1x Mystic Gate; 1x Nimbus Maze; 1x Reliquary Tower; 1x Seat of the Synod; 9x Snow-Covered Island; 9x Snow-Covered Plains; 1x Temple of Enlightenment; 1x Temple of the False God; 1x Tundra; 1x Urza's Factory; 1x Urza's Mine; 1x Urza's Power Plant; 1x Urza's … > No Maximum Hand Size (3): Spellbook, Thought Vessel, Reliquary Tower. share. Would you even put it in a deck, since it doesn't necessarily do anything on its own? Heavy mana investment with a low return. Island (1) Kindred Discovery. But on the other hand, letting your deck play like Draw-Go … Sell your Vedalken Orrery Switch to Foil. Leyline of Anticipation, Vedalken Orrery, Alchemist's Refuge, Emergence Zone. Mana symbolen . Oh man, that's so cool! Magic: The Gathering - Smothering Tithe - Ravnica Allegiance 4.8 out of 5 stars 26. Details | Sets & Legality | Language | Discussion; x If you're looking for a specific comment, check the other printings as well. … Other Versions. Winding Canyons Weatherlight (R) Land $32.99 (Out of stock) Rhystic Study Prophecy (C) Enchant $27.99 . Mana curve . (): Trades Pucatrade with me! Pendant of Prosperity Commentaar op Aminatou's Fateshifters … Add to folder Copy. Card Odds Draw hand. Poef, zowel de Orrery en de Leyline gaan naar je hand want die liggen beide op het veld op het … Only show me comments rated: stars. If you have this on the table at the beginning of the game you completely control the tempo of the entire game. EDH Recommendations and strategy content for Magic: the Gathering Commander New … Rhystic Study Prophecy (C) Enchant $29.99 . 1x Leyline of Anticipation; 1x Paradox Haze; 1x Vedalken Orrery; Commander (1) Manabase (36) 1x Academy Ruins; 1x Arcane Lighthouse; 1x Expedition Map; 1x Inventors' Fair; 25x Island; 1x Myriad Landscape; 1x Scavenger Grounds; 1x Sol Ring; 1x Strip Mine; 1x Thespian's Stage; 1x Tolaria West; 1x Vesuva; Protection (10) 1x Dive Down; 1x Fierce Guardianship; 1x Kira, Great Glass-Spinner; 1x Leyline … (Signature courtesy of Argetlam of Hakai Studios #16 Jun 30, 2010. These two cards will turn on the efficiency of the deck. Vedalken Orrery Fifth Dawn (R) Art $39.99 . Start hand. Gatherer is the Magic Card Database. Leyline resolved, nu liggen de Orrery en de Leyline op je veld... Maar Devastation Tide ligt nog op de stack. This includes on other players’ turns and during the upkeep step, draw step, combat phase, and end step. 2010-06-15: This applies only to casting spells. Vedalken Orrery uit Conspiracy. KPDaly16 . [M11] Previews For Thursday, July 1 -- Fauna Shaman, Leyline of Anticipation | ... New Leyline?! Start hand. @Shiny_Espeon : I think you didn't understand this card. Sensei's Divining Top Champions of Kamigawa (U) Art $49.99 . Interesting Question, i think the controling only talks about … Mystic Remora. Customers who purchased 2011 Core Set: Leyline of Anticipation also bought... Capsize Tempest (C) Instant $0.69 . 5/5 If you have this on the table at the beginning of the game you completely control the tempo of the entire game. hide. Rarity: R Card Type: Artifact Description: You may play nonland cards any time you could play an instant. 1 Leyline of Anticipation 1 Vedalken Orrery 1 Thran Dynamo 1 Thought Vessel 1 Talisman of Progress 1 Sol Ring 1 Nim Deathmantle 1 Mana Vault 1 Gilded Lotus 1 Conjurer's Closet 1 Azorius Signet 1 Ashnod's Altar 1 Arcane Signet 1 Supreme Verdict 1 Rite of Replication 1 Fabricate 1 Teferi's Protection 1 Swords to Plowshares 1 Sphinx's Revelation 1 Return to Dust 1 Path to Exile 1 Momentary Blink 1 Ghostway 1 … Leyline of Anticipation, Vedalken Orrery, Emergence Zone. Teferi Mage of Zhalfir, Leyline of Anticipation, Vedalken Orrery, Emergence Zone. 0 mana rocks/positive rocks are the way to go. Mystical Tutor. Expedition Map … Erratic Portal bounces only 1 face up card not many … Bribery is a common enough card in Commander that it's no surprise to see it, but Temporal Fissure is something of a different flavor. This thread is archived. Vedalken Orrery. save. Instead of Vedalken Orrery, I'm using Leyline of Anticipation since it basically has the same effect, and more importantly, is waaayyy cheaper than Vedalken Orrery. Magic The Gathering - Vedalken Orrery (206/210) - Conspiracy 4.4 out of 5 stars 18. Propaganda Tempest (U) Enchant $6.49 . Search for the perfect addition to your deck. Show All Versions; Customers who purchased Conspiracy: Vedalken Orrery also bought... Capsize Tempest (C) Instant $0.69 . Sell your Vedalken Orrery Switch to Foil. Portal Mage Commentaar op Naban's Iterations (Wizard Tribal, ETB, Bounce) Om te reageren op … Het grootste assortiment losse Magic: the Gathering (MtG) kaarten vind je bij Bazaar of Magic. Cards Like Leyline of Anticipation in Modern. BZ Gunshot. 15 comments. Browse through cards from Magic's entire history. Spoiler Timeline. $18.83. Replace Cloudstone Curio $29.99 with Erratic Portal $5.99. ... je reageert door Leyline of Anticipation te casten. 85% Upvoted. The guard will search for our four mana spells like Leyline of Anticipation or Erratic Portal. Last edited by McScoop: Jun 21, 2012 (): Decks. Show All Versions; Customers who purchased Fifth Dawn: Vedalken Orrery also bought... Capsize Tempest (C) Instant $0.59 . Popular Comments. Leyline of Anticipation / Vedalken Orrery - these cards are traps. Clearing away or at least slowing down everyone else a few turns is one way to give Melek more time to do his … $32.90. The interaction with Hymn to Tourach is intended for cast it during the draw step, so the opponent can't play it, if it isn't an instant. Sensei's Divining Top Champions of Kamigawa (U) Art $49.99 . Now that the core set changes its gears every summer, we as Magic players get a different three-symbol code per July. Sanity's_Eclipse. While I don't think counterspells are a complete waste in EDH, I … Decks that run Vedalken Orrery and Leyline of Anticipation. SCD Vedalken Orrery #1 Dec 10, 2011. 5/5 Kaarttype verdeling . KPDaly16. I love both of these. Leyline of Anticipation and Vedalken Orrery are classic flash enablers, and will usually be more resilient than Vivien in exchange for flexibility. Mana symbolen . > Islands + Grab Islands (14): Island (9x), Ash Barrens, Esper Panorama, Evolving Wilds, Myriad Landscape, Terramorphic Expanse. Mind's Eye Mirrodin (R) Art $8.99 . Magic The Gathering - Chromatic Lantern (233/259) - Guilds of Ravnica 4.8 out of 5 stars 29. Neither Leyline of Anticipation nor Vedalken Orrery care where the card is when you would cast it; they just allow you to cast the card as though it had flash. Vedalken-orrery style? < 1, 2, 3 > Will this allow transmute … > Discard Outlets (23): Llanowar Mentor, Trickster Mage, Silverglade Pathfinder, Dreamscape Artist, Waterfront Bouncer, Undertaker, Dawnstrider, Diplomatic Escort, Fauna Shaman, Stronghold Biologist, Stronghold Machinist, Rushwood Herbalist, Alexi Zephyr Mage, Jolrael Empress of Beasts, Medicine Bag, Null Brooch, … Player Rating: Community Rating: 4.194 / 5 (90 votes) The player rating is the overall rating for the card taking into account all player rating votes. Leyline of Anticipation 2011 Core Set (R) Enchant $7.99 . Halimar Depths Worldwake (C) Land $0.29 . Mana curve . 4 offers from $33.25. I want to love Leyline of Anticipation, but Vedalken Orrery seems strictly better. Fauna Shaman is awesome too, especially because it's cost is efficient. Decks that run a full arsenal of Mana Rocks and/or Dorks. What kind of deck would you put it in? Island (1) Reliquary Tower. Heavy mana investment with a low return. Hide Comments. Wayfarer's Bauble. Yeah this card is amazing, strictly better than Vedalken Orrery in a blue deck. Last edited by epeeguy: May 2, 2012 (): DCI Regional Judge (L3) #3 May 2, … Leyline of the Void. Hello and welcome to the first week of Magic 2011 previews! Modern R Big Red R G Mean Green G W WW Allies W B G Scavenge B G W U Venser Silence W U EDH R W Aurelia 1 vs 1 R W G W U Roon G W U G W Saffi G W #4 Jun 21, 2012. BZ Gunshot. Venser's Journal Scars of Mirrodin (R) Art $8.49 . Plains (1) Reveillark. Suggestions. Personally, I can't wait for Magic 2016, so I can uncork my cache of James Bond jokes. That is probably a much better option than orrery. Selling NM English Regular Vedalken Orrery in Conspiracy for Magic the Gathering at $37.99 Rite of Replication Zendikar (R) Sorcery $9.49 . Other Versions. Next . Ray brings up several cards we've already swapped out, but exchanging Vedalken Orrery and Leyline of Anticipation for instants or sorceries is still on theme. Just an idea, (probably an awful one) but is vedalken orrery a possibility with wilderness reclamation? Admin Regen Charts Download / Export / … $16.25 (R) Modern: 1864 Legacy: 2615 Commander: 194 Leyline of Vitality . Consecrated … It seems like there are just better options that are instants in modern, but does anyone think this might have potential? Wilderness Reclamation and Seedborn Muse will help us ensure that we have mana to spend on opposing turns, and will make our bounce … On the subject of counterspells, I've also been thinking that better cards for me to use would probably be redirecting effects such as Narset's Reversal, Redirect, and Commandeer. Leyline of Anticipation is a card I've wanted to see in modern Magic for a while now: an updated Vedalken Orrery. That permission allows you to cast your commander from the command zone as easily as it allows you to cast a card from your graveyard via flashback or your hand. Vedalken Orrery.