meeting in the place where the meeting agendas of the local body are usually posted. (e) Other non-identifying particulars as to experience, credentials, aptitudes, training or education entered in or attached to a standard. present in the closed session, designated to convey the information. unless, greater public access is required by this ordinance, in which case this ordinance shall be. sought in focused and specific language so they can be readily identified. SECTION 2.20.070 Notice And Agenda Requirements: Special Meetings. These documents may be reviewed at Children’s Council’s offices during normal business hours. However, any meeting or discussion held pursuant to this subsection, shall take place within the jurisdiction of one of the participating agencies and be noticed by, the respective local body specified in this ordinance; or, 8  (4) Meet outside the City of Oakland with elected or appointed officials of. … (B) No fee shall be charged for a single copy of a current meeting agenda. (D) "City" shall mean the City of Oakland. If an item appears on an agenda. While every attempt is made to keep this on-line version current, it should be used for reference only. Alternatively, upon receiving a written request as well as payment for duplication and mailing costs, Children’s Council will produce and mail copies of these documents to the requester within 10 business days of the request. general interest to the public or to public agencies of the type represented by the local body, provided that a majority of the members do not discuss among themselves, other than as, part of the scheduled program, business of a specified nature that is within the subject, matter jurisdiction of the local agency. (3) Nothing in this subsection (F) shall impose the requirements of this chapter upon any of the following: (a) Individual contacts or conversations between a member of a local body and any other person that do not violate subparagraphs (F)(1) and (2);  (b) The attendance of a majority of the members of a local body at a conference or similar gathering open to the public that involves a discussion of issues of general interest to the public or to public agencies of the type represented by the local body, provided that a majority of the members do not discuss among themselves, other than as part of the scheduled program, business of a specified nature that is within the subject matter jurisdiction of the local agency. 32 SECTION 2.20.250 Justification For Withholding. On October 23, the Irvine City Council made the first of two votes toward approving a Sunshine Ordinance that would enhance government transparency by making agendas available 12 days in advance, rath Legal publisher offering ordinance codification services for local governments, specializing in providing codes of ordinances in print and on the Internet subject to invalidation pursuant to the provisions of Government Code Section 54960.1. The. San Francisco’s Sunshine Ordinance reflects the abiding imperative of open government with local enhancements to state and federal guarantees “to assure that the people of the City remain in control of the government they have created.” (S.F. An introductory guide to developing local government transparency rule more accommodating to the public than would be required by state law View Lee Hepner's professional profile on LinkedIn; The Sunshine Ordinance Task Force was established by Chapter 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code. The online version of the County of Santa Clara Ordinance Code is updated several times per year. The, written request shall also contain a telephone number, email or facsimile number whereby, the requestor may be contacted. (2) Litigation: Direction or approval given to the local body's legal counsel, to prosecute, defend, seek or refrain from seeking appellate review or relief, or to otherwise, enter as a party, intervenor or amicus curiae in any form of litigation as the result of a, consultation under Government Code Section 54956.9 shall be reported in open session as, soon as given, or at the first meeting after an adverse party has been served in the matter if, immediate disclosure of the local body's intentions would not be contrary to the public, interest. participated in mediation as specified in Section 2.20.270(C). (F) All fees permitted under this section shall be determined and specified in the City of, 33 (G) Nothing in this section shall be interpreted as intending to preempt any fee set. The first was a news article comparing our ordinance to the long-awaited, still-to-be-seen ordinance from Councilwoman Annette Smith. case authority under which the session is being closed. For information on your rights under the Sunshine Ordinance (Chapter 67 of the San Francisco Administrative Code) or to report a violation of the ordinance, please contact: Sunshine Ordinance Task Force Administrator. SECTION 2.20.050 Meetings To Be Open And Public: Application Of Brown Act.