Good work…unique site and interesting too… keep it up…looking forward for more updates. Snappers are a schooling fish so once located, large catches can be common. One of the best flathead fishing in the bay, One of the best snapper fishing in the bay. Download GPS files of fishing spots. Best baits are mussels, squids, pippies and sand worms. The annual snapper migration into Port Phillip Bay, known among local fishing enthusiasts as the Crimson Tide, places the Bay on the map as the best snapper fishery in Australia.Covering 1,950 km2 in area with 264 km of coastline, Port Phillip Bay is the largest, almost enclosed “inland sea” in the Southern Hemisphere. Werribee River can be fished on the east side for big bream, as well as whiting and mullet. Squid & Whiting Fishing Charters Port Phillip Bay Victoria. Customer Steve fished in his annual whiting comp out from Corinella over the weekend and was out done by grandson William with his best fish weighing 887g, with Steve's best weighing 800g. Finding an area that was weedy and around 4 meters deep. Best baits for snapper are squids, silver whitings, cuttlefish, octopus, pilchards, barracoutas and salmons. Snappers can be caught by land-based anglers at St Leonard Pier after a strong northerly wind. can someone tell me what format was used for the gps coordinates, Decimal Degrees:just go to, GPS Coordinate Conversionit should help you out…. Now, let us move clockwise from Altona along the shores of Port Phillip Bay. Welcome to the Port Phillip Bay Fishing Guide. In Port Phillip Bay, the more popular whiting grounds tend to be in the southern region around Mud Island and its adjacent channels, St Leonards, Queenscliff, Portsea, Sorrento, Blairgowrie, Rye, Rosebud, Mornington as well as north of the Bay at Beaumauris Bay, Sandringham and Williamstown. Snapper Fishing Charters on Port Phillip Bay Covering an impressive 2000 square kilometres, the bay is more than an entrance to Melbourne’s busiest port: it’s an angling enthusiast’s haven. Snappers are caught in Port Phillip Bay all year round. Fishing is an increasingly regulated sport and in many places permits are required before wetting the line, so check with tourist, local government or national parks authorities. We provide a download of fishing spots that you can simply add to your SD card (or other types of memory cards) and plug it right into your GPS unit. Thanks. Find out where the snapper, gummy shark, tuna, squid, whiting, mako sharks, cuttlefish, swordfish and … I will first begin the journey from Altona where I live. Copyright © 2020 Beautiful Altona | Designed by Anthony Ang. However, there is insufficient evidence from egg and larvae surveys that significant bay spawning has occurred and this remains another mystery of these enigmatic fish. The map below shows the fishing hotspots in Port Phillip Bay. Trevallies, flatheads, barracoutas & slimly mackerels are regularly caught by land-based anglers at Cunningham Pier. There have been fish caught all over the bay from Brighton all the way down to Portsea. Big flatheads, spotted lings, snappers & gummy sharks are regularly caught at Geelong Grammar School Lagoon. Snapper Fishing In Port Phillip Bay Gps Marks Tips Snapper Fishing In port Phillip bay , there is nothing worse then going out to catch a snapper in port phillip and coming back empty-handed . A nice reef just off the far end. If you are looking for GPS coordinates of fishing spots for your GPS Unit, you have come to the right place. Westernport Bay in Southern Victoria and South East of Melbourne offers unique fishing locations around French island and Phillip island. Fishing Port Phillip Bay Port Philip Bay is Victoria’s largest body of water and the state’s most popular recreational fishing playground has a well-deserved reputation for turning on some brilliant fishing for species such as snapper, flathead, King George whiting, garfish and squid with fine bream in the neighbouring rivers and estuaries. Fishing Status is the world's largest provider of fishing spots and data for the fishing community. 12 or 13 hook baited with silver fish, maggots, pipies or fish pieces. Rarely exceed 800g; 1 kg fish possible from Dec-Apr. Most common during the warmer months as they follow the migrations of snappers into the bay and are generally caught with snappers. Port Phillip Bay is a superb fishing destination, offering a great variety of fish species. Port Phillip bay's Whiting/Squid Fishing Charters - how to book?When Booking your Whiting/Squid Fishing Charters simply go to our Book Online Button on the Top right-hand side of the page, if you are an Individual or if you would like to book the boat for your Whiting/Squid Charter experience it's this simple. The peak period in terms of consistency and numbers is October to mid-December. This area is easily accessed from Port Arlington Boat Ramp. Hi, how can I save all these spot to my google map? Use a float, a No. Whether you’re fishing from a boat, sand, timber or stones, whiting are a viable catch for anglers of all levels of experience. Download GPS Files Download over 1180+ fishing spots in Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, AU.We have the best Port Phillip Bay fishing spots. Mornington and Mt Martha are popular with anglers. Whitings, squids, flatheads and pikes are caught all year round while snappers, sharks, garfish and salmons are abundant in the warmer months. Whiting can be caught right through both waterways. Whiting respond well to light tackle. Peak season is during the warmer months of November to April when there are abundant snappers, squids, whitings and yellowtails. Occasionally mix into the salmon school so are sometimes encountered when fishing for salmons. We support the following navigational units: Yours is not listed? Summer and Autumn are the best times of the year. 3 and 5. Let us know and we will see if we can export to the necessary format. Found throughout the bay during the warmer months, over the same sort of seabeds as whitings or out deep in the channels frequented by snappers.  Email: There’s gummy shark, mulloway and garfish, flathead, trevally and bream, along with more squid than you can poke a jig at. After a strong wind has stirred up the seabed and made the water murky, land-based anglers can do well, particularly at piers and rock walls of places such as Point Lonsdale, St Leonards and Mornington. Good snapper fishing can be found 3 km north of Port Richards channel, particularly between Beacon No. Found in the Rip and along the Lonsdale wall. The whiting fishing around the bay has been good for the land based angler - all be it that most of the fish are caught around or after dark. Queenscliff Head to Queenscliff, one of Victoria’s oldest fishing ports, to target squid, yellow-eye mullet, salmon, flathead, silver trevally, garfish or King George whiting. Our hotspots are based on known fishing spots (buoys, reefs, wrecks, ledges, myths, lies, and hearsay from retired captains. Yet the majority of the larger fish are caught between October and April. As of October 2019 boat ramp launching and car parking is free at Altona. Read More, Support: Fishing Status Support .fukyocouch span { display: none; } It’s the largest bay in the state of Victoria spanning 2,000 square kilometres. Catches will be reported from Queenscliff, Mt Martha and Mornington. We also provide a KML file to open the spots in Google Earth. subscribe to Professional version of Fishing Status, imported into many of the popular boat and car navigation units. The channels off St Leonard are home to both snappers and flatheads. Hence, there is plenty of room for everybody to catch and there is always a location where the wind is blowing offshore. Most popularly caught by use of prawn or Yo-Zuri squid jigs which are cast and retrieved in a slow jerking and sinking manner. How to read a Tide Chart with Diagram Best Time to Fish for Whiting Fishing Port Phillip bay. Pinkies are ferocious feeders and move about in large schools. The town of Queenscliff holds many attractions for families, tourists and holiday … Larger fish are encountered in southern parts of Port Phillip Bay and can range from 500 g to 800 g. Along open coastal areas KGW can exceed 1 kg. Port Phillip Bay is a world-class fishing location famous for its annual snapper run between October and March. Sorrento Pier provides land-based anglers with productive catches of squids, whitings and leatherjackets. While Pinkies are caught throughout the year, the peak time to chase them is from December to April. The card is also available for downloading: Lets go fishing card - King George whiting (PDF - 1.4 MB) Top tips. In this Gps Guide of Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing .click and use the map to find Locations for GPS Data on each location or GPS sport. This is in keeping with the Victorian Government’s fee-free boat ramps policy.. By next month, they will be schooling off Carrum, Seaford, St Kilda, Williamstown, Altona and Corio Bay. Beginning from early Spring each year, tens of thousands of snappers make their way into Port Phillip Bay through the Rip. The snapper season is almost upon us, and it looks like it will be a cracker, Development of 302-330 Millers Road, Altona North,, Woolworths Millers Junction, Altona North, Melbourne Metro 2 – Rail Tunnel from Newport to the City, Red marker between the Stick & Altona Pier. Port Phillip Bay whiting rarely exceed eight hundred grams, yet for those anglers fishing the months between December and April a fish in the one kilo range is always a chance. We strive to provide the latest and most accurate fishing information available to our users. The movement starts with a drip that becomes a trickle, then a flood like a crimson tide. While large snappers are normally caught in deep waters, smaller juvenile fish known locally as Pinkies are often caught over the same shallow broken grounds that whitings haunt. Point Richards off Portarlington is a hotspot for whitings especially during the warmer months. Our files contain artificial and natural reefs, buoys, ledges, rocks, shipwrecks, and many other types of structures that hold fish, in a 100 miles radius of Port Phillip Bay. Finding reliable grounds can be difficult but not impossible. Re: GPS MArks ... ↳ Melbourne Fishing Reports - Port Phillip Bay and Mornington Peninsula ↳ Melbourne CBD & Docklands area ... ↳ Whiting Fishing ↳ Squid Fishing ↳ Shark Fishing ↳ Bream Fishing ↳ Flathead fishing Migrate into the bay each year around October to spawn. Seven-gill sharks are the most commonly caught sharks. Snappers and sharks can be caught in the shipping channel, particularly around the Shark Hole just north of Sorrento. Finding reliable grounds can be difficult but not impossible. Heavier line may need to be used if fishing in reefy areas. Port Phillip Bay Whiting Alan Bonnici ventured of from Werribee boat ramp and headed towards Corio bay. Bait jigs are very effective on larger squids. Tired of fishing the same spots? Hopefully these come in handy for other fisherman out there. Altona Bay has shallow water with whiting, and snapper in Oct/Nov. Best spots tend to be over grass beds, patchy reef or any area of broken ground. Port Phillip Bay is the largest enclosed sea in the southern hemisphere, it is bordered for most of its coastline by Melbourne and its suburbs and because it is relatively sheltered, provides a great location for a day's boat fishing. Squids and whitings are abundant both inside and outside the Mussel Farm above the extensive grass beds and reef off Safety Beach. Clifton Springs has a boat ramp that gives good access to Curlewis Bank where whitings abound. Point Nepean is an excellent fishing location for squids, whitings, snappers, sharks, kingfish and flatheads. Best baits are oily, bloody fish flesh like tuna, trevally, salmon and pilchards.  Web: Contact Form WHITING. The smaller salmon is also known locally as Bay Trout. Mc Loughlins Beach Offshore . It is speculated that the snappers navigate by chemical signatures present in minute quantities in the ocean currents.  Phone: (252) 515-0574 Waters between Frankston and Mt Martha are notable as the bay’s best snapper grounds. Fishing spots Melbourne. Queenscliff Pier. Anglers can catch large amounts of snappers from November to Christmas, particularly just before sunrise and sunset. Land-based anglers do well at Nepean Bay and at the piers of Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale. The port has been producing some quality whiting fishing in all corners. 3 kg and above in the southern end of the bay, 200-400 g in other parts of the bay. Point Wilson fishes well in the region of the long pier. Possible to catch 20 fish in an hour from a school of whiting. Their wintering sites are still unknown but come Spring, vast schools of snappers will follow their primordial instincts on invisible marine trails back to Port Phillip Bay. The following table shows the fish variety available around Altona. Charter locations will be messaged prior to your trip to give you the best chance of catching your dream fish. 4 long shank hooks and a running sinker rig. We have over 400,000 fishing spots in our database. Winter in Port Phillip Bay throws many options. Your email address will not be published. The Cunningham Pier is one of the best in Port Phillip Bay because it provides easy access to the deep water, and therefore the fish. Soft plastics is the preferred method of fishing though bait still works well. King George whiting are predominantly a summer species to target in both Western Port and Port Phillip Bay, however they can be targeted all year round. Land-based whiting are also a highly targeted species in Port Phillip Bay, but rarely targeted from the land. Portarlington is located just on the within Corio Bay, which is a part of Port Phillip Bay and not that far from Port Phillip Heads. One of Australia’s best tasting fish, with a delicate flavour and firm white flesh. Rarely found in water deeper than 10m. Click here to learn more. ... Whiting 3818152 14439445 Eliza wreck Kings salmon snaps 3817639 14438461 Heads kings slack water to flood 3816823 14440053 3817503 14438461 Garfish are also common especially when the snappers are running. Move freely around the bay in schools, which are easily identified from birds diving for baits herded by the salmons. Southern End and Entrance of Port Phillip Bay. Location: Somewhere in the East Likes received: 2 times. Fishing Status is the world's largest provider of fishing spots and data for the fishing community. Lakes Entrance gps marks . Phillip island the home of the Australian grand pre racing track and the world-renowned penguin parade. Within days, the snapper will be running along the eastern seaboard. When it comes to fishing on Port Phillip Bay, the world’s your oyster. Ideal locations are flat reef with good weed cover in 3-4m of water. Good water depth. Downloadable We strive to provide the latest and most accurate fishing information available to our users. any spot for spearfishing in altona who knows ? We provide GPS files that can easily be imported into many of the popular boat and car navigation units. Caught throughout the bay over most grass beds and reefs. Southern End and Entrance of Port Phillip Bay. Anglers often encounter resident mulloways. In the early stages of the migration, the snappers follow a predictable path. Launching from Altona boat ramp gives you access to the Yarra estuary, Hobson’s Bay as well as the wider Port Phillip area.. Plan your trip so that you fish around high tide and during the first two hours of the run-out tide. The Gps Mark has information for each individual GPS mark on the clickable Map .including Recommend, Time to fish / Bait to fish / Tide to fish / Rig to fish. The most popular fish in Port Phillip include snapper, flathead, whiting, bream, gummy shark, squid and garfish. The entrance of Port Phillip Bay leads out into the bass straight. He anchored up and then started berleying up using berley pellets, pilchard chunks and tuna oil. While many of the beaches in Port Phillip Bay will find a decent cast rest in around 1m of water, you have to look at locations … Found throughout the bay. Deep water off the Cape is home to flatheads, snappers and sharks. The Hotties or Warmies is a channel, 20 m wide by 200 m long, where hot water is pumped by Newport Power Station into the bay. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. A boat is not required as shore-based fishing regularly produces good catches of salmons, whitings and snappers. Best baits are konaheads, rubber squids and minnow styles. Not surprisingly, the author of the above information says that one will not be disappointed as fishing around Altona is very rarely a fishless exercise. At Nepean Bay, anglers regularly target yellowtail king fish 600m out on an outgoing tide. Fishing techniques and tackle. Use light spinning rod and reel, line lighter than 4 kg, No. Best catching areas at Queenscliff, Point Lonsdale and Point Nepean. Required fields are marked *. When warm water flows, bream, tailor and mulloway are regularly caught by anglers using both hard-bodied and soft plastic lures. Yes, it is now. Weekly fishing report for Western Port, Port Phillip Bay and beyond for March 12th 2020. Snappers feed in deeper water of 15-20m during the day and in shallower water of 8-15m at night. Lake Eildon gps marks . Large mussel beds are located off Aspendale, Edithvale and Chelsea and are home to snappers of all sizes in the warmer months. Some of Australia’s big names in seafood, including red snapper and King George whiting, lurk in these waters. Fishing Reports for Victoria, Westernport and Port Phillip Bay. Grass beds and reefs of Sorrento and Blairgowrie are famous for their whitings & squids. Featured Listings for your fishing business. There are good spots less than 500 metres from the Altona Boat Ramp, which is possibly the finest large boating facility in Victoria. Don't see your area? Whitings, flatheads and leatherjackets are regularly caught by land-based anglers at Portarlington Pier during summer. Click a placemark to view the GPS coordinates and fish found in a particular location. Corio Bay is a good location for catching snappers in winter. GPS fishing coordinates in Port Phillip Bay. However, if the snappers are around, the flatheads will disappear and vice-versa. You can only see half of the fishing spots on our Fishing Spots Map. The ramp is well maintained and there are plenty of facilities nearby. Fish for Australian Salmon, Flathead, Pinkies and Snapper. Try to fish the Big tide Tides For Whiting in winter and summer the image below show’s the different stages in the Tides. anyone knows any spot for spearfishing in altona or werribe. Avalon is a regular hotspot for whitings, best fished between the channel markers inside the old channel. Suitable for both land-based and boat angling. A soft longer rod with a matching reel and 2-4 kg line is recommended. The best locations to bag a brace include Clifton Springs, Williamstown, St Kilda, Mornington and Sorrento, try baits of squid, pilchards and mussels. It was originally believed that snappers return to Port Phillip Bay in Spring to breed. Prime locations for King George Whiting are between St Leonard & Prince George Banks, particularly at Grassy Point and Governor Reefs. Peak season is during the warmer months of November to April when there are abundant snappers, squids, whitings and yellowtails. Your email address will not be published. This bay at the top of Port Phillip, between Williamstown and Port Melbourne, produces beam, mullet, whiting, flathead, leatherjacket, snapper and occasionally mulloway. Below is a list of GPS coordinates for fishing spots which i stumbled upon on Facebook a while back. What are people saying about Julia Gillard?, Last updated on 11/22/2020 2:53:38 AM • Views 23317. Land-based whiting are also a highly targeted species in Port Phillip Bay, but rarely targeted from the land. Fishing Tips Tricks Fishing Reviews and Blogs By port Phillip bay snapper & snatcher. I like fishing a big run in tide for whiting but whiting can be caught on both tides. Point Nepean is an excellent fishing location for squids, whitings, snappers, sharks, kingfish and flatheads. Waters off Seaford and Frankston produce large amount of snappers from November to April while whitings and squids inhabit the shallower waters. Apart from being a delicacy, squids are also one of the best baits, used in catching snappers, whitings, flatheads, gummy sharks and other fish. This is home to whitings, snappers & flatheads. Fishing predictions w/ future date & location. Altona Pier produces mainly flathead. While many of the beaches in Port Phillip Bay will find a decent cast rest in around 1m of water, you have to look at locations where deeper water exists. Portarlington Pier is a comfortable pier to fish. Thanks. Range from 200 g to over 4 kg. Find out where the snapper, gummy shark, tuna, squid, whiting, mako sharks, cuttlefish, swordfish and more are hiding. Squid, whiting, pinkie snapper,salmon and flathead are abundant around the shallow reefs and gummy and seven gill sharks patrol the channels. Offering some of the best fishing in Victoria, this expanse of water is home to a wide range of marine species that appreciate its varying depths. Hi, can someone tell me how to save all these spots to google map? Altona and the western seaboard are popular areas for recreational fishing. This mass migration is a spectacular event, filled with mystery and speculation. The Whiting’s preference of habitat makes them an ideal target for both land based and boat anglers alike. Any area of scattered reef around sand … Create Custom Maps of fishing spots. Many locals fish for them by slowly trawling with strong handlines with squid baits. Mornington Pier and many rocky platforms provide land-based anglers with consistent catches of squids, whitings, snappers, salmons, flatheads and barracoutas. Weekly fishing report for Western Port, Port Phillip Bay and beyond for November 26th 2020. Point Cook jetty has good whiting fishing nearby for boaters. Tend to stay close to shore and prefer a bottom with patchy reef. Saltwater Trolling lures Massive Range game fishing Teaser’s Baits, soft Plastic Baits Snapper fishing rod combo Rig Packs Bulk fishing gear .Latest technology in micro jigs Slow Pitch jigging japanase egi style squid jig range ,Fishing Tips Tricks Fishing. Including Android, iOS (Apple), Fugawi, Magellan, TomTom and others.