It's especially bad if they try and speak with the English pattern of speech i.e. 55. Why does my voice sound so different when it is recorded and played back? English, Frisian and Dutch all sound very similar to me, as opposed to German (native English speaker, German L2); the only real difference I can hear when I avoid understanding is that English has a lot more /s/ and Dutch a lot more /x/. This has always bothered me so much. They all spoke ‘old German’. Drinking wine from 3-liter bottles . If you eat it twice a week for several months, it doesn't taste as good to you. 5 big reasons why US and UK English sound so different. Lv 7. Some Dutch names sound plain funny in the English language. Why does English sound so fancy and beautiful while my own language sounds boring and weird? Sort of like eating something you really like. Italian is beautiful. The men always have really deep voices. The Dutch sound is also found in German (e.g. Why does everything sound so 'weird'? Other than that, they seem pretty much the same, even avoiding differences in … Mitchell Akiyama’s Sound Art – Is it music? It can be everything from an angry stop word to a suggestive come on (and more). My headphones sound great at home, terrible on the subway. On first arriving in the Netherlands, I allowed myself a little smile at the ‘quirky Dutch’ for having Wim Kok as prime minister (1994–2002). in "Dach" = "roof")[1] To pronounce the 'g' like a native Dutch speaker, you should try make a sound as if you were gargling. So, when English people are abroad, everything is foreign exept themselves…. What’s going on here? Bet You’ll Never Guess Why This Volkswagen Sounds So Weird! Relevance. Why does the song “Don’t fear the reaper” sound so weird when high. It's a 100-unit apartment complex, 10 separate buildings with 10 apartments each. Up to Table of Contents. People don't understand why we would make a sauce out of mint, but we say: Why wouldn't you make a sauce out of mint when it goes so bloody well … 2 Answers. These days nobody sounds like that. German Jewry began in c. 400AD. 6 réponses. Reason behind semantic satiation. 27. This video is unavailable. It can be used to communicate a wide range of thoughts, feelings and emotions. Good example in this post: if a Dutch child wants to spread its wings …., that will only happen in an Anglophone country!! image: Ekaterina Chapiro. Tony R. Lv 7. Why does Kevin Spacey's accent in House of Cards sound so 'weird'? The long "ū" sound of Old English came to be spelled "ou/ow" in the Middle English period by historical accident; this caused it to be spelled the same way as some other unrelated sounds, such as the "ow" sound in words like crow. So when you hear your recorded voice without these frequencies, it sounds higher – and different. In old movies from the 60s and before the voices sound really weird. The Dutch word ‘dus’ (which mean ‘so’ in English) is very flexable. Ancient Japanese Gagaku ; Animal Collective – Did You See the Words; Is it really Only 4 Minutes and 33 Seconds of Silence? Why Do Prescription Drugs Have Such Weird Names? Why does the Turkish language sound so weird? ''Without music, life would be an error"- Friedrich Nietzsche. 4 years ago. Robbie Gonzalez . When you hear, read or speak a word, your brain isn’t really listening to its sound; rather, it’s translating those sounds into an idea. Why Do Our Recorded Voices Sound Weird to Us? Troel Brun Folmann and his Honey Bees; Notes on the World. %0D %0D %0D I hate to say it but Americans sound weird and pretentious if they try and use too much broad vocabulary.