This is when you can start having HP or EVA variations. r/AuraKingdom: A subreddit for the game "Aura Kingdom" I've only just started out as a Warbow, but looking at the mechanics of them, I'd say, as Hades_Demise mentioned, that you should probably max out speed and then redistribute them later, so that the charge time of skills are shortened (I think they scale, at least) as their primary source of damage is fully charging their skills. We will first . CDMG 6 / DMG 2 for high damage, bursty all out offensive build. However, in most cases they may not be necessary if you are decent leveled with good gears. See more ideas about Aura kingdom online, Aura, Mmorpg. Le Pei - Playing Aura Kingdom ﹏ 16,254 views 2:25 For masteries, you should take the Triple Shot modifier for PvE. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. ACHIEVEMENTS Recommended by Google Play in many countries 18 million downloads for Aura Kingdom Online worldwide! In PvP EVA can be some what helpful however a lot of players can stack a lot of ACC, which makes it less useful. You typically do not use this skill as it can pull the bosses and other mobs which lowers the efficiency of the melee DPS in your party. Not Now. Category rank: 13,569 aura kingdom - private server - one of the already most acclaimed games of 2014 now has a private version for all the anime-based mmorpg lovers. This is a pretty standard envoy for a PvE warbow. ... What is the best subclass for warbow? There are a couple of ways that you can build out your Aura Kingdom Warbow. Focus: SPD +5% Focus (Green): SPD +7%, obtained via Ultimate Skill Lucky Pack: Attack Spec or level 30 dungeon at 3rd boss drop. Intimidating shout (Damage -10% for 10 seconds to nearby enemies) – Used to reduce the damage of monsters attacking you. Enjoy the guides and dominate in this awesome Free To Play MMORPG!. Go for either decrease target DMG or DEF. In this guide on Aura Kingdom Stats, we will go over specific character stats mechanic in the game. The best choices are either The Best Defense for the DEF buff or Capoeira for the EVA buff. For weapons, you can either craft the level 60 Bow (Dreamer's Longbow) from the Blacksmith in Navea or get the level 65 yellow quality bow. [/td ... Eidolon Prayer System Items Overview ,Guildless Casting it costs 1 whistle of defense and raise your party member’s defense. Now, take into consideration of the HP or EVA argument, you can potentially use EVA gears at end game given that you have the proper defense and HP pool. Guardian Stats Build Guardian Gears Guardian Secret Stone Selections Guardian Skills Guardian ’s Skill Mastery Guardian Envoy’s Path Secondary Class Choices. Obtained via level 30 dungeon. Out of these builds, we recommend 30% natural speed cap / … As you can see, I also took an additional point for decreased CD on Arrow of Light. In summary: Malice generating moves such as Shield Bash and Thundercut to keep aggro. In exchange, you get a buff skill to give 30% chance to proc 50% bonus damage, lasting 25 seconds. At mid-end game: HP is better than EVA at this point because you will need the HP to have more buffers to tank the damage. Note: As you obtain stronger gears and fortify them, you can effectively have less and less def points dedicated as stats. The Best Defense (Green): 2% of DMG added to DEF. With regards to the defensive stats, I honestly don't know. And of course, your skills scale off DMG, so by building more DMG, you can pump out more consistent DPS since all of your skills have charge bonuses (120% Skill DMG, etc etc). Below we will go over these choices and their synergy effects with a tank to help you make you decision. Rings, Back and Accessory Either use accessory sets that boost HP or EVA, in general you will get the most out of ones that boost your HP. For defensive points I went even health and defense. Use either the enemy damage or defense debuff. Advertisements found in this site are to support server and related costs of maintaining this website. I am not really sure if you were looking for a PvP or PvE build, but i'll assume the latter. If you want a more Raid-oriented build, then Guardian, Grenadier, or Gunslinger would be perfect. There are numerous ways for you to pick and play the secondary classes. A guardian without proper defense gears is like a DPS using a wooden stick to deal damage. PvP Consideration: For PvP purposes, pure HP is the best as a Guardian because of your reflect damage skill. This is one of the reasons that you may not want to fully cap your defenses from stats only. Eidolons, powerful summoned spirits, are useful during battles, especially in … To be a good tank, you will have to understand several key mechanics of the game. This guide will focus on defining the different stats that can affect your game play. There are a couple of ways that you can build out your Aura Kingdom Warbow. However, generally if your party’s DPS can OT by dealing damage way over your threshold, chances are that they have decent gears to be able to take a hit or two. As a warbow, you want to prioritize capping SPD, then DMG. In Aura Kingdom, players become Envoys who were summoned by … Sounds harsh on paper, but that is basically what makes him so strong (and also wanted in parties). Splitting Air Cut: Fortify Sword Slash Target -DEF by 8% Burning Air Cut: Fortify Sword Slash Target -DMG by 8% Booming Shield Bash: Fortify Shield Bash into small AoE attack. To go along with this, the extra CC will definitely help (slows, immo, etc), as Warbows are definitely lacking in that department. With pure hp, you can tank the DoT attacks quite well too. Wind Fury as an escape move. I'd probably go for DEF, so that you can go for tanky equips which boost both SPD and DEF. I went bard for the sustain and I feel it was a good idea. For points I went to 20% speed then went full damage until i got to late 50's where i started adding crit. This effect can be triggered once every 30 seconds. Envoys who would ally with her must possess iron wills, but their tenacity will be rewarded with her command of dark magics and nefarious energies. Gears are what makes or breaks a guardian. The ability for your Guardian to take damage determines whether your are a success or failure. (grenadier or wizard) or any class want to suggest? See more of Aura Kingdom on Facebook. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, There are many ways to gear your Warbow, I am not really sure what exactly you are looking for but if you want to go for a more glass cannon build, then the obvious choice would be Revelation Head/Armor and 3 piece Lion's Roar Set (Perihelion, Leons, Dullas). AoE DPS choices: These subs work only if you are going sub DPS build with Crit + Crit damage as your secondary stats. The best choice is lightning slash since it boost your DEF. aura kingdom bard guide Bard is the supportive class of the game in Aura Kingdom, in this guide, we will discuss a little bit on everything that you need to know about building your bard in terms of stats builds, gears, eidolon, envoy’s path, secondary weapon. The 18th class, God Whip/Lasher, has not been released in the west yet. Your Ballad not being a party heal is far less of an issue then not getting 30% damage reduction from all sources. If you are able to achieve high enough of a DEF through armor fortification, you may find that the EVA boost is more useful here. Use this as a part of your rotation to lower damage. Classes are character jobs with unique abilities. Instead, I take all the 6% and only a single 1% DMG point in order to go up north for the Crit DMG. Because of the charging mechanic of Warbow, speed becomes one of the more important stats for Warbow class compared to other DPS classes in Aura Kingdom. Full Titan set is actually great for Warbow as you gain high amounts of SPD, resulting in you being able to reallocate your points into DMG. If you wish to have a different build, something that includes CRIT (which is more for PvP) then you may ask me and I can elaborate on it later. Even if you place points into critical attack, you will not have a decent amount of base damage or Crit damage to make your crits count. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts HS/Lancer/Shuri/Bow/Bard - Complete 90 PvE Gears +30 WTS > Aura Kingdom PS You can also opt for courage for the additional damage taken reduction effect. Warbow: Warbow is a decent and flexible choice for tank simply because Warbow has elements of single DPS and AoE DPS mixed. Lastly, the best special mastery would be Best Defense or Deep Blue, this would vary based on the situation. I know that some warbows prefer CRIT, but I personally like to have consistency over burst when it comes to raids. The Sorc sub class does seem to provide a lot of utility and some self-sustain, there was also talk about having Warbow/Wizards on forums as the patch to implement them was in process, though I haven't seen any of those so I can't say much for that. The DoT effect is pretty weak and the HP recovered through revitalizing wall is almost negligible if you have a bard in your party. Personally, I think HP is much more effective than either of the other two options as a Warbow's primary defensive stat. For defensive points, you want to add stats into defense when you are starting off, and when you reach end-game, you want to reallocate all those points into HP, since you can cap defense from all +20 fortifications, as I mentioned earlier. Having high HP would also work well with a Bard sub. I circumvent the 2% DMG bonuses as it is not really worth it. There is another envoy which converts your SPD into HP but I find it too difficult to reach because I would have to add defensive stats. Keep on spamming it throughout your fights. Journey throughout the … I'd rather take Bard over Guardian because a Guardian has zero ranged skills and you lose the uberskill that is Phalanx. This is simply because as a weakly geared or badly built DPS, you will just kill mobs slower. Obtained via level 50 dungeon or attack chest box. Log In. See more of Aura Kingdom on Facebook. Final End game: Once you reach high enough level of 65+ with the level cap crafted gears plus fortification. If you decide to go the path which requires Titan set, then you should opt for the 2% DMG secondary stat since you already have high defense stats. For accessories, you should use Gekasso Necklace, Saint Hale Divine Band, and Talamunds Infernal Whisper.