The present range comprises four models; even the smallest, the $9100/pair Uno, is large, standing almost 5' high, with a wide-range mid-horn almost 2' in diameter. Can you prove that those things you listed are anything but mental concepts? With or without it you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. Please explain?Actually, I don't necessarily believe the supernatural has a role in any of this at all. I prefer to find life somewhere among the shades of grey - those are also the most interesting people to me if I were to speak of a preference.BTW, I use the word "respect" as defined by "due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others" rather than a "feeling of deep admiration". Possibly some of the best specifications world-wide for a series production loudspeaker. Image outlines were tightly focused in space with excellent palpability.” (FI MAGAZINE, D. Olsher, USA), Read more … SUPERB ABILITY TO UNLEASH EMOTIONAL CONTENT, “The way the UNOs reproduce music is so exciting and full of life that soon I forget the loudspeaker and just enjoy the musical event. Remember guys, nobody said objectivism towards audiophile matters need apply to all of life! Consequently, when the midrange is combined with the high frequency horn, the speakers render not only imaging to die for, but also allow an enunciated perspective of a musical performance.” (INNER EAR, Ernie Fisher, CANADA), Read more … AN ENUNCIATED PERSPECTIVE OF MUSICAL PERFORMANCE, “The UNO PICCO sound quality is simply unbelievable.” (HI-FI AND HI-VI MONTHLY, Editor, TAIWAN), Read more … SOUND QUALITY IS SIMPLY UNBELIEVABLE, “The spreading airiness and natural expression of this speaker is exceptional. Which realms? I don't think that being open to grander ideas about the mysteries of the mind, metaphysics, and the Universe needs taint a reasonable appreciation of the scientific principles of audio gear. Whether my beliefs are true is of no concern, what matters most is how believing benefits me. No doubt the approvals were from the religious “audio objectivists” and/or fellow hypocritical panderers.There are no special categories or differing scientific standards in your examples above. Good point about the polar response and DSP correction. The entry into the cosmos of our classic horn loudspeaker designs, and yet already a statement that knows only few competition. HiFi & Records (Germany), issue 2016-01: Editor in chief, Olaf Sturm is thoroughly impressed: "...and when David Gilmore starts singing, it's immediately clear that this was recorded in a large hall. Pandering and coddling is a sign of disrespect. And indeed, I have many friends who hold those world views that I respect.” —ArchimagoWow, Arch! The dynamic range of the DUO is huge, and the presentation is highly sensitive and precise. HiFi & Records, Heft 2016-01: Chefredakteur Olaf Sturm begeistert sich nachhaltig für die UNO XD: "...wenn dann David Gilmour singt, ist klar, dass dies in einer großen Halle aufgezeichnet wurde. Seriously rethinking a matter always starts with the most difficult of questions, the question "Why?" "When I was in my early 20'es I was walking down some road a couple of miles from where I lived. Already the massive and incredible controlled bass of the first track (Timbaland “Shock Value”) made us simply smile. I have had a lot of speakers through my room and they still like the JBL's the best. I wrote a couple of Technical Applications Notes on these two topics if one scrolls down a bit.I have used the moving mic measurement technique (does work good! And why I seriously question JVS' post (or should I say, most likely, observations informed by held beliefs).Horns are certainly a matter of taste, for sure. Opposites are simply fascinating us: A compact horn speaker with a capital sound performance. However, your examples were not subjective claims, they were objective existence/causal claims about the nature of reality.“Yes, this could be considered "sloppy" intellectually, but I think it's simply real life, and I would not be honest if I portrayed life as anything but incorporating elements of ideas which can appear/be inconsistent.”You’ve just advocated for the audiophile inconsistency of “things are there, but can’t be measured.”This compromise in standards of consistency only seems to apply to religious, supernatural believing friends? In the Avantgarde speakers, the fortissimo of instruments, the lucidity in vocals and every minute detail filled … The inheritance of the famous house is quickly found in the genes of this speaker. If I hadn't already experienced this many times, it would have improved my understanding of how we can fool ourselves far too easily. minimum phase response)... One should note that all DSP/DRC eq systems are not created equal. You’re being ridiculous, Arch. Whereas yours truly is relegated to the basement and spare guest room ;-). Continued...“While we all have our flaws, if I take the most respectable parts of someone like Mother Theresa or Martin Luther King Jr., is there anything wrong with appreciating (and respecting) their faith and how those beliefs shape their being? As you would imagine, these horns are very sensitive transducers. How can´t you get touched by the Uno. Therefore our team creates products of unforeseen uniqueness and elegance, in both their visual appearance and convincing sound performance. The specifications speak for themselves: Unique 18 Ohm high-impedance voice coil design, combined with a breathtaking efficiency of 107 dB. Starting with the principle that “It’s about the music”, the horns are designed to provide exceptionally even dispersion and wide frequency response. Wow, Arch. re Seattle: If interested in used gear, there is Seattle's classic Hawthorne Stereo, smallish cramped full but they also have some listening rooms. You didn’t put any thought into this at all. The Avantgarde Acoustic Duo 2.0 replaced my reference Avantgarde Acoustic lower line Uno 2.0. Hand crafted in best German traditions, developed and voiced with a strong affection for music. Behind the left speaker by the curtains, hidden from view, is a large 100lb, (C) 2012-2020 Archimago.. Ethereal theme. Props to that man's wife. Metaphysical/supernatural claims are untestable and unfalsifiable claims, yet you rule it out in the audio realm, based on the fact that the “gear was developed by engineering and science.” That logic doesn’t follow, Arch. (I reviewed the Uno 2.0 in Stereophile in August 2000, Vol.23 No.8, and the Uno 3.0 in August 2002, Vol.25 No.8.) A reminder that Hi-Rez exists & Goodbye to the 2010's... Bextrene is a plastic used back in the day, lateral and vertical responses are also superior with the LS50, good example would be polarity / "absolute phase", Hi-Rez Audio Distinguished in Blind Testing. Watch out – highest risk of becoming addicted!” (IMAGE HIFI, U. Ratai, GERMANY), "Germans have some unusual ideas about speakers, not least a love for the aforementioned horns, and it was a treat to hear the familiar Avantgarde Acoustic horns sounding positively luscious with a new range of beautifully made solid-state amps." This way the room effects are not interfering with the equalized response as they are not used in the correction calculation. I’m trying to get you to see that your thinking is sloppy and illogical, and didn’t think I’d have to explain further.“Philosophically, there are things which are metaphysical and outside of what we know about physics and science in general - God/gods/The Creator/spirits/angels & demons/Heaven/Hell/Nirvana would/could/should belong in this category IMO.” —ArchPhilosophically those “things” you listed are concepts that we can conceive of, not actual things, as you seem to suggest. There are very few things I trust my hearing to tell me unless it is confirmed by an objective test; in this case, quantity is perceived as quality due to a myriad of subconscious factors. Avantgarde Acoustic UNO XD Loudspeaker. I am not. It simply is the best UNO ever" (AUDIOTECHIQUE, Editor, HONGKONG), “The most formidable horns ever built! But as you've observed earlier, the pundits are not interested in "fidelity" but the colorations/distortions that make them happy. I’m more than prepared to disavow any erroneously held preconceptions and petition for forgiveness. I do not believe that a fully objective view of the world is necessary or the "best". Just because I can "respect" someone for their beliefs, it doesn't mean I acknowledge they're true... One more thing etanea,I'd love to hear from you what your view is around audio and life... Not quotes from others but a little bit about what you hope the audio hobby could look like if more hobbyists followed in the philosophical direction / vision you're seeking. Thanks for continuing the battle to show measurements, even of old and respected gear!I am sure the featured system sounds fine, but having heard all the classic horn systems (Klipschorn, Altec, E-V, etc.) Don't confuse object and subject. It makes them tending towards "polite" sounding. Differences of a foot or so in position cause major swings in frequency response, and you simply can't correct most of them. The sound from each driver blends very well, and the sound of this system is highly balanced across the entire frequency range. Of course the accompanying piano was impressively portrayed. Such posts do nothing for your image. Not sure if some of this is sentimental or familiarity towards older speakers, or actual hearing differences.I'm getting close to 50 now so I will take no offense if my kids tell me the "old man" is "missing something" in his hearing, so I'm not saying this out of some kind of ageist attitude towards the older audiophiles... Rather, this is what I have seen and we do know that men generally will roll-off high-frequencies with age more severely than women. Avantgarde Acoustic UNO XD Loudspeaker Ridzuan April 14, 2020 Featured , News , Reviews High-end horn loudspeakers tend to be quirky and eccentric, but the Avantgarde Acoustic UNO XD is more room- and user-friendly than most, thanks in no small part, to the adaptable active bass system with its custom DSP. I'm not convinced it's even theoretically audible, what with the downstream components like loudspeakers mangling the response further. Don’t confuse the two. "I have always been open to anythingm so I stopped, and a split second later, a large potted plant with a porcelain bowl hammered into the sidewalk about a foot in front of me, being crushed into a thousand pieces. Isn't it both? And not sure whether those thoughts need affect how we assess audiophile products.If some are religious and hold on to beliefs that could result in a pro-social, altruistic life, strive in the face of hardship and propels one to make this world a better place, then pragmatically I have no issues with that. I went "WOW! Awarded world wide for excellence in sound and design. demonstrably false, it’s an appeal to utility fallacy. I can move around a little without affecting the frequency balance, even though the individual points vary significantly. Avantgarde XD's are also a great speaker for those with difficult rooms (like mine at home!). Avantgarde Acoustic™ ´s Uno speaker system is honored with the RECOMMENDED COMPONENT AWARD 2004 by the STEREOPHILE magazine, USA. And if using "constant directivity" devices, like I do, the corrected on axis sound will behave correctly off axis. Hear hear on the sinus congestion part.In the winter season, blowing one's nose before listening to hi-fi gear could probably change subjective impression! Could a person have done good despite the belief (you assume the belief is the sole reason for action).Bad example, Arch. But also to audiophiles of younger generation, who has never experienced horn speakers. Folks should know that DSP/DRC does not "ruin" the sound off axis. If anything, it seems to me to be a grossly narcissistic pursuit! The really good ones, like the one Arch is using for example, also offer "partial correction" where correction is only applied below Schroeder or the rooms transition frequency. Interesting to see how little fundament change there has been in box speakers but more finesse - to use a car analogy; similar cars but much better mileage.How audible to you were the differences between the speakers?Happy Christmas Arch. Etanea asked Arch this question in one of his replies: "Any evidence that supernatural is a possible candidate explanation for anything? Horn: !!!getHornColorLabel(hornColorChoice)!!! (MONDO AUDIO, Ken Kessler, USA), Read more … THE AVANTGARDE HORNS SOUNDING POSITIVELY LUSCIOUS, "The trumpets of the kudos. I simply seek to be a reasonably rational audiophile and provide evidence and arguments when I feel I can make them. Agreed! That is the UNO. According to Nikos Mendrinos, our Greek distributor, the editors were so amazed that it resulted in a cover story. And here the UNO is simply the best choice. Which realms? The midrange horn isn’t less impressive as it handles voices on a breath-taking, well-elevated sound stage. I agree. (WHAT HIFI, editorial staff, SERBIA), "Las cajas Avantgarde fueron las estrellas de la audición. Did you A/B test the experience? We pointed the speak-ers directly to … It will fit in any living-room producing a breath-taking efficiency of 107 dB, with an active sealed bass module is able to generate a wide and deep soundstage. Horn colorations have definately been excorcised. Of that I'll go to bat on! An open 3rd story window had it's curtains flapping wildly out of the window, which I assumed was caused by a hefty draft, and which had turned over the plant, and let it drop out of the window.I might have died if that plant had landed on my head.Now what would you call this experience, if not supernatural? God of the gaps. All the above with neutrality, tonal balance, ultimaterhythm, timing and microdynamics. Its swing is implacable, its rythm diabolic. No surprise about the step (timing) response uncorrected, but looks real good corrected. Do not look any further for the ideal partner for your triode amplifier. Hione of the best website this one from archimago.Archimago hits the nail on the head. ), averaging, beamforming, and other quasi anechoic techniques, but found the best results with these top end DSP packages, like the one Arch is using. ;-)Merry Christmas! See John Adams quote above. But whether all of life, our perspectives, our personal philosophies needs be fully consistent or scientific or devoid of the "supernatural" / spiritual / religious, I'll leave for you and the readers to find...Yes, happy 2020. Remember, existence and causality are objective claims. That's why Tooles and Olives research on what makes for a good sounding speaker all the more important - a "good sounding loudspeaker" will have a smooth on and off axis response. I've certainly experienced this in myself with changes in opinions based on other factors affecting my own psychology and mood. Arch,I appreciate what you do, but sometimes your thinking is just plain sloppy, and embarrassingly so. But I'm also not going to be closed to the idea that the universe can give us surprises beyond current science. "The Uno is a really great speaker that you must listen to fully understand. Read more … THE MOST FORMIDABLE HORNS EVER BUILD! Opposites are simply fascinating Avantgarde: A compact horn speaker with a capital sound performance. Just a movement of head position or perhaps sinus congestion could alter our hearing and subjective impressions enough to change an opinion about what we thought we heard. Hmmm. As in life, I like those who are moderate. I never die and live for eternity in paradise. There’s a strange, nagging familiarity about their sound that those who listen mainly to hi-fi might take time to place; it’s the sound of life …” (HIFI+, Roy Gregory, UK), “Horn loudspeakers are not only a synonym for extremely high sensitivity. How they managed this we don´t know. The UNO`s are that good! Now the UNO competes in the category below. NEW from May 2018: Subwoofer cabinets available in Piano Black or Piano White finish! ... What the Uno speakers seemed to add, or should i say reveal, was the very small inflections within her singing. +49 (0)6254 306 100, LAS CAJAS FUERON LAS ESTRELLAS DE LA AUDICIÓN, TRULY DYNAMIC, HIGH FIDELITY PRESENTATION, IMPRESSIVE SENSE OF IMMEDIANCY AND DYNAMIC RANGE, SEPARATION BETWEEN INSTRUMENTS IS SPECTACULAR, AN ENUNCIATED PERSPECTIVE OF MUSICAL PERFORMANCE, NOTHING LESS THAN THE CHIEF AMONG THE CHIEFS, CREATED AN ILLUSION OF LIVENESS BETTER THAN ANY OTHERS, THE UNO RIVALS THE BEST I HAVE COME ACROSS, INSTRUMENTS FILL THE ROOM AS IF IT MIGHT IN LIFE, THE AVANTGARDE HORNS SOUNDING POSITIVELY LUSCIOUS, THE UNO´S SWING IS IMPLACABLE, ITS RYTHM DIABOLIC, SUPERB ABILITY TO UNLEASH EMOTIONAL CONTENT, CDC (Controlled Dispersion Characteristic), 4 custom made spike cones with precision adjusting mechanism, Threaded connection for midrange and tweeter horns, 18 Ohm drivers with double-ferrite magnets, Up to 27 Ohm drivers, with Strontium ferrite magnets, 27 Ohm drivers with Strontium ferrite magnets, Output power CLASS AB-Mode: 2 x 120 Watt (@ 4 Ohm), 3-channel precision potentiometer with conductive plastic, LC filter stages for primary & secondary voltages, Individualised front parts: silver/black anodized, lacquered, veneered. Readers familiar with that review may recall that I liked the speakers so much that I decided to buy them... As good as the Avantgarde Uno is - it was named Stereophile´s “Joint Loudspeaker of the year 2000 - the Uno represents an improvement in just about every aspect of performance that contributes to the realistic reproduction of music.” (STEREOPHILE, R. Deutsch, USA), Read more … STEREOPHILES LOUDSPEAKER OF THE YEAR, “Duke Jordan’s “No Problem” drew me to the closest seat to him in a jazz club. Mellow, Dynamic and Efficient equals Avantgarde’s Uno Nano Loudspeakers by Ernie Fisher. Replace the word “religious” with the word “subjectivist audiophiles” and you’ll see where your thinking fails. The equipment list is updated every few weeks Seems like yesterday, but it was about two years ago that I received the Avantgarde UNO loudspeakers for review. I hope someone will stop me...!” (NIXOS, Editorial staff, GREECE), “I found the UNO highs to be a smooth as the best I have heard in the past. Thanks to its cabinet-less design, the mid and high frequency is clean and pure making me feel like a crystal stream. If that’s the case, it might be best to refrain from posting forum comments like those I objected to in my opening. In this sense, the UNO Fino Edition is designed as a concentrate, using the essence of the UNO line of speakers to accomplish a new entry point for the 'classic' horn speakers series of Avantgarde Acoustic. Become a member today and benefit:- get exclusive information- communicate with like-minded people- get invited to exclusive events and promotions. I then pulled out a Viva Sintesi integrated 15 watt SET amp and was amazed. The Avantgarde speakers feature a spherical horn construction, which is said to yield exceptional uniformity and integration of the response in the vertical and horizontal planes. Item: Avantgarde Acoustic UNO speakers Location: Bexley NSW Price: $8,500 ONO. Interesting etanea,Well, you put a lot of thought into this topic and that's cool. Alas, I didn't have a chance for a good listen to those particular Spendors that day but based on previous experience, there is significance difference.Depends quite a bit on the kind of music and where in the spectrum the energy is. Complex is another way of saying mysterious. But I can believe that the complexity of this universe is not within our grasp in the natural sciences and phenomena happen in ways we cannot anticipate.”Wow, sloppy. Since we're already on the topic of religion, this is also what I see of the politics in the US these days between the ridiculous "right" and just as nonsensical "left". Unknown or complex does not justify any proposed supernatural explanation.“Mystery is made a convenient excuse for absurdity.” —John Adams“Depending on one's station in this world, what is wise sometimes demands that we find a place of "moderation”…”I fully allow for subjective preference. Any witnesses? Continued…“It is morally as bad not to care whether a thing is true or not, so long as it makes you feel good, as it is not to care how you got your money as long as you have got it.” —Edwin Way Teale“The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one. All of a sudden I felt (not heard) a voice inside me: "STOP! 107 dB efficiency. Last we spoke, he's looking at ways to best implement the convolution filtering into the system since his main streaming device is the Linn. Will scoot over if I have a chance! But as you see, I am biased ;-) Merry Xmas! And you can play loud!” (DLM, Editorial Staff, GERMANY), Read more … THE FIRST TRACK MADE US SMILE, “Decor Avantgarde! To placate implies you believe the person lacks basic level intelligence to engage and/or lacks a certain level of honesty/integrity.Happy 2020! Not only do they look radical, they are majestic to the truest sense. Seguro que disfrutar de una audición como la que nosotros realizamos puede ayudarle a decidirse." Or is the belief used as a manipulation tool for monetary gain, etc.? After meeting up in person a few months back, I paid one of these local audiophiles (who shall remain anonymous :-) a visit at home to check out his main system: As you can see, he's got quite the pair of speakers and clearly his wife is highly accommodating to his audiophile "needs" ;-). The happiness of credulity is a cheap and dangerous quality of happiness, and by no means a necessity of life.” —George Bernard Shaw“Religion is an insult to human dignity. The entry into the cosmos of Avantgardes classic horn loudspeaker designs, and yet already a statement that knows only few competition. Grab your chance. Please don’t compromise your integrity and/or potentially jeopardize any well earned reputation. Avantgarde Acoustic™ s Uno speaker system is honored with the RECOMMENDED COMPONENT CLASS A AWARD 2000 by the STEREOPHILE magazine, USA. and even some modern ones, I have personally never been able to enjoy the sound of horn-based transducers. One more thing Greg...Yeah, I don't think it's much of a "battle" at all regarding measurements. Despite this tiny difference, I felt that the louder one sounded "better" no matter which one it was (multiple tests!). It seems to be incomplete when evaluation of a product is purely subjective. The Audio Research equipment is wonderful, just not with the Avantgarde speakers. UNO XD. Do you respect the audiophile “believer” world view, as well? Heart-throbbing appeal and energy together with microscopic details – it is the gift of the Avantgarde UNO.” (AUDIO, Lee Jong Hak, KOREA), Read more … HEARTTHROBBING APPEAL AND ENERGY, “A reference level speaker. To me, it's just a natural part of learning about the products we buy and use. Additionally, the perceived good attributed to a belief is a subjective assessment, hence you have no grounds for dismissing one over the other based on your subjective assessment of good outcome. Perhaps also when reading enthusiastic expressions from customers and experts. Believed and accepted without insight.Snake-oil/salesmanship: Selling promises of health, wealth, safety, security, good fortune, immortality, and exploits/promotes every known human bias to ensure the sale. The mix of bass drum and timbal had an incredible punch and rythmic precision. Avantgarde Acoustic™ s Uno speaker system is honored with the HOT 100 PRODUCT AWARD 2000 by the HIFI NEWS magazine, England. Yet they aren't always audible; the brain does a lot of post-processing and things which stand out clearly on a graph may or may not affect the balance of a system, depending on the frequency band and relative magnitude of the errors.I had a good laugh at the second part of the article, though; the self-serving audiobabble from the high-end press and their lackeys just continues to deviate from sanity. But there's actually more bass power than this in his setup! From contrabass to violin, every string instruments shine brightly and I was drawn into the music. But there are as well the prejudices of horn colorations. A true thoroughbred, the Uno XD is that rarest of things, a performance speaker that combines pristine beauty with exhilarating intensity. Die ganze Zeit fühlte ich mich, als wäre ich an einer positiven Energie Quelle angeschlossen, die mir Kraft gab.” (AUDIO, A. Kisiel, POLEN), Read more … SCHNELL, KORREKT UND SCHLAGARTIG, “Leaving their looks aside, which I love but others might not find so appealing, it’s the sound that matters and it’s here that the Avantgardes really score. Avantgarde Duo XD. The imaging is sharply-defined and clear.” (STEREO SOUND, Issue #156, editoral staff, JAPAN), Read more … THE REALITY OF BRASS IS AMONG THE BEST, “With its basshorn Avantgarde Acoustic has already set standards in the audiophile upper class.