The first trough is right along the waters edge parallel to the beach. Please select from account profile menu below. For the majority of the fishermen out there, this will be the most likely method of catching Snook since it has a minimum cost up front and takes much less preparation. This lure is especially effective at night. When sight fishing you want the Sun at your back. You can be successful with artificial lures or a fly rod, and live bait as well. Anglers can be found during the fall, winter and spring months spending sleepless nights around brides and other high structure areas trying to land a trophy Snook or slot sized meal. After a nice little run and jump I landed him. There is nothing better than the serenity and peace of fishing at night. Male and Female Snook congregate in inlets, passes, under nearby inlet bridges, and along beaches. They have one thing on there mind….making babies. Choose a battery operated light with sufficient power to allow you to see properly. Fort Pierce luremaker Tom Lewis casts a snook jig derived from a style popularized in the early 1960s. Snook, by most accounts, served as sufficient sight-fishing targets along the flats and near night dock lights last season, but beach fishermen had to adjust their expectations. Fortunately for anglers this means large schools of Snook, hungry Snook, all waiting for their next meal. It is important to take your time, look carefully, and  be patient. These are all excellent Snook bait and can be caught with a large cast net, or a small hook and small piece of shrimp. Sure you can get lucky and land one with no problems but ask any angler about a snook he caught and he will remember every run, head shake, jump or wrap around a piling or mangrove he encountered before landing one. Another popular bait is chunks of fresh dead mullet. They are a tricky fish to fish for...elusive, finicky, stealthy, powerful, hard fighters with armor plated razor sharp gills. These areas can’t be accessed during the day because of human … Linesiders On The Darkside: Fly Fishing For Snook At Night. When the conditions are right Snook can be seen cruising the beaches. Edit some articles today. And make sure to take note of any underwater structure or even the slightest change in elevation of the shoreline because even the smallest of features can be a great … is a website dedicated to fishing for snook and other species of fish along our SW Florida beaches. 4. If you are set on throwing flies or artificial lures (especially flies though) then seeing the fish is going to extremely important to getting hooked up. Walk the beach as the tide changes. Hopefully after reading this … So much comes to life as the sun goes down and the boat traffic subsides. May favorite lure is the DOA shrimp in Pearl color. Its summertime again and that means its time for big snook on the beach and in the passes as they prepare to spawn. The Fort Pierce Inlet has huge chunks of granite that causes eddies in the current for snook to wait out of the current for bait to swim by. Fishing from the beach or jettys at night can be very productive as several gamefish become very active at night like the snook, tarpon, and redfish. If there is no apparent bait around you may want to try getting in the water with a mask and seeing if you can find sand perch, whiting, or croakers. However, nothing can beat night fishing for snook on a full moon. If you are set on throwing flies or artificial lures (especially flies though) then seeing the fish is going to extremely important to getting hooked up. On the East Coast dusk is prime time for sight fishing and on the West Coast dawn is best. Because of this, light spinning rods and reels are the popular choice for most anglers. The best way to find these areas is walk the beach. This time of year Snook fishing is strictly catch and release so if a meal is what your after you will be sadly disappointed. The Best Places to Fish at Night. His passion for fishing oddly combined well with his desire to spend time with me. As far lures are concerned anything that resembles the bait in the area will work. Greatly affected by tide, moon phase, barometric pressure changes, among other things. However, for those who are  looking to bend a rod or catch the most sought after inshore game fish in Florida, then this a great time of year to target Snook. What is the moon doing while they are eating?These are all things to consider whenever you are Snook fishing.