Transferable job skills are essential for getting into any top industry position. Free insights into industry resumes, interview questions and top careers for PhDs. Manufacturing Industry Skill Standards. It was frustrating enough to not have a prospective job, but not knowing my industry fit was even more disheartening. The programme provides an opportunity to students who have completed their education and intend to start their career in industry to acquire practical skills and experience working on projects alongside industry experts as well as an opportunity to industry … You’ve had to deal with lab politics and navigate your way through both good and bad days with your advisor. In biotech, in fact, in every aspect of your life – the only thing you can enumerate on being the same is change. In these industries, PhDs must constantly innovate and plan far in advance to make complex projects successful. Broadbelt says the first key to a successful biotech career is a solid educational foundation rooted in science-related coursework. The industry began in a few major areas such as San Francisco and Boston (the traditional homes of biotech firms), Chicago, Denver/Boulder, San Diego, Seattle, and Research Triangle Park, NC, but there are now biotech … Decision-making and strategic thinking are valuable transferable skills in any work environment. Management is all about proper planning, organizing, coordinating & Executing. Leadership is a core part of real life, of industry. Motivation and desire to acquire new skills in a fast-paced agency environment. A person who cannot get along with others or makes it difficult for the rest of the team to proceed with their jobs will not be a good fit in any biotech company or Research Lab. If you enjoy tasting versatile domains of work, then you’ll definitely fall for Biotech. As such, industry employers consider teamwork and conflict resolution as very important transferable job skills. If you have this skill, you can ride off far ahead and climb the Biotech Career ladder faster then anyone. To learn more about transitioning into industry, including instant access to our exclusive training videos, case studies, industry insider documents, transition plan, and private online network, get on the wait list for the Cheeky Scientist Association. An entrepreneurial spirit is a definite attitude and approach to thinking that actively seeks out change, rather than waiting to get adapted to a change. Like a distant achievement that you…, I’ve lost a job. Biotech is a dynamic, ever-changing industry, which means the more adaptable you are, the more likely you will swing towards success. Everyone is multitasking which we have to remember. This is particularly true in the biotechnology and biopharmaceutical industries. My efficiency and focus plummeted, I went from connection with 20 potential referrals every month, to 5 and then to none. Biotechnology is the application of biological systems to solve problems, improve processes and develop and manufacture products. Start working to cultivate this skill right away if you want an excellent career in the Biotech Sector! More than any other transferable job skills, your interpersonal skills will determine whether or not you get a job in industry. These colleges also offer certificates that focus on technical skills. Learn how to craft the perfect industry resume to attract employers. Depending on the job, technical aptitudes and equipment experience … Renowned Companies charter scientists who are not afraid and take up the initiative to speak up in a room of people and voice an opinion. 7. Life sciences and biotech. Get in the habit of researching new technologies and trends in the biotech and biopharma sectors. Many industry employers now consider emotional intelligence, or EQ, as more important than mere intelligence, or IQ. Consequently, you would like to highlight how good you are at collaborating with others. Start or enhance your biotechnology course today with Biotechnology: A Laboratory Skills Course by J. Kirk Brown. However, this field has ushered a wide variety of career opportunities ranging from research and development to sales and marketing, from manufacturing to quality control and assurance in industrial sectors such as food & beverage industry, textile industry, biological products, and pharmaceuticals. Are your Communication skills Average or Great? But a strong technical background with hands-on training experience will serve you well in any biotech company.