If you see those black particles, you’ll need to have a mold remediation specialist…. I wasn't too worried about the foam, just concerned about the odor emanating from the vents when the fan is on but the AC off. The duct work for your heater tubes under the dash have foam in them where they connect. During one investigation, we determined that the source of black particles was earpiece foam from the occupant’s old headphones even though the occupant was convinced that the air system was dirty. I’d just ignore it, and pick up the little chunks when they blow out. So request you all to keep the car in recirculation mode when parking. A couple of weeks ago, the day after a completely shampooed, vacuumed, and wiped down the interior, after a quick trip to the grocery store and back, with AC running, I found a little piece of a black foam gasket on the front passenger seat. Joined Sep ... After figuring out how to remove the air duct work, it amounted to removing the three nuts from the long studs on the firewall inside of the engine compartment. mskkride. civic. The foam is greasy if squished? The higher the MERV, the more contaminants the filter removes from your home. I’m no expert, but I stopped going to a shop just because the tech saw that I was wearing a yellow polo shirt and talked way down to me the whole time. If the duct liner is the source of the black dust, it should be replaced right away, as the particles could be dangerous if … Peter _____ I tried activating the footwell vents (together with the main vents) which seem to reduce the air coming out of the top vents to a minimum. Why Does The Air From My Air Conditioning Smell Bad? Black mold has a distinctive unpleasant, musty smell. Need an air conditioning repair right away? Breathing in mold spores causes harmful side effects like…. Most homes have leaks or holes in their ducts, which means that dust and dirt can easily get sucked into the ductwork and blown into your home. Black Dust Around Air Vents. Why Is There A Burning Smell Coming From My Home’s AC Vents? Foam coming out A/C vents. I've literally cleaned my vents where there is nothing visible in them and I turn on the a/c and more comes out, but not as much. Clair. ... What causes the Air conditioner to blow black greasy foam out of the vents? tg -- Also, if your heater core is leaking that could also be the source of your greasiness and deterioration. Not sure where your AC filter is located? A technician can tell you if the problem is the duct liner. Perhaps someone will have an idea. I was just there for tires. Condensation forms in the coils and ducts as cool air circulates through the system, creating a … Thanks. Just to reiterate, I very well may have read too much into that statement, or maybe the shop’s words were being paraphrased into a different context. We removed all the vent covers and the filter covers. Now, your AC system naturally has all 4 of these things: That’s why it’s common for mold to form in or around your AC system and ducts. The foam they state is coming from the doors inside of the ac system and suggested that I ignore it. There are bits of foam blowing out of the ac vents on my chevy pickup. Registered. How old is this pickup? The A/C works fine except that it now blows black greasy foam out of the vents everytime it is in use. George Brazil Air Conditioning and Heating provides the Phoenix area with, see the MERV on the side of the air filter, Most homes have leaks or holes in their ducts, 3 Sure-Fire Signs You Should Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned. Take some 3M spray adhesive and apply it to the flat side of one of the acoustic foam pieces. Whether you need a duct repair or you need help choosing the right air filter we’ll help you get rid of those tiny black flakes. You see, most homeowners use air filters with 8–10 MERV ratings, but these filters don’t catch smaller contaminants like smoke or soot particles. to jam some of the hvac doors harleydrifter Just wanted to make sure this foam wasn't some kinda air filter. You can usually see the MERV on the side of the air filter. Any info on what the problem is and how to fix it … Leaky air ducts like the one pictured above allow dark dust to enter your home. I have to agree with the shop on this one. Thanks. It looks like mold to me, however when we had our maintenance guy look at it, he informed us that it was lint that was drying within the unit and flaking off and blowing out, and … And since your AC system is constantly sucking in air from your home, cooling it, then blowing it back into your home, some of that soot inevitably gets pulled into your ductwork and pushed back out of your air vents. No foam on that door anymore. I looked closer inside the vents with a flashlight and I do believe they are correct from what I saw. I’m sure the next sentence was that we can disassemble the dash and duct system for $800 to replace the 50 cent strip of foam if you want. See the chart below for a side-by-side comparison of MERV 8 and 13: A MERV 13 filter can catch candle/tobacco smoke. Never seen it myself, but I learn something new every day. We’d be happy to provide some recommendations. Bits if Black Foam Gasket Blowing Through Air Vents! If you notice black dust around your air vents, this could be a sign of black mold growing within. Asked by JMike in Mount Pleasant, SC on . So here's the next step: Find your air filter and see what MERV you’re already using. Took it to the shop. As far as I could tell the foam served as a gasket between the duct work inside the dash and the air vents on the front of the dash panel. You may be paraphrasing the shop’s words unfairly here, but if a shop told me “They checked it over and said that the AC is functioning properly no problems with the system. MJ88. Looks like the foam surround that goes around the blower motors and AC doors is deteriorating and blowing out the vents. Read our related articles: If you need help choosing an air filter, give us a call. Might be a little rough on the shop.