12 June 2017. The King Clone ring is one of the oldest living organisms on Earth. 15:40 15 Oldest Living Things on Earth 1/1/2017 YouTube 4:51 The 10 OLDEST LIVING THINGS on Earth 10/2/2016 YouTube. Some Actinobacteria found in Siberia are estimated to be half a million years old. How long you live depends partly on your place in the world; your ecological niche. Many of the oldest trees on the planet have seen countless wars, uprisings, and other significant historical events. 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Related Content Posted by Pando Care Circle on December 23, 2019. Additionally, some organisms maintain the capability to reproduce through very long periods of metabolic dormancy, during which they may not be considered "alive" by certain definitions but nonetheless can resume normal metabolism afterward; it is unclear whether the dormant periods should be counted as part of the organism's lifespan. As far as I know turtules live up to 100 or even more years..but im not sure if its the oldest thing that lives on earth. 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[19], Some endoliths have extremely long lives. Some endoliths have extremely long lives. Tantalisingly, Prof Mock and Tony Kirkham agree that there's still more to hunt for; the actual oldest living organism on the planet almost certainly has not yet been found. By Marnie ChestertonBBC Radio Science Unit. This cycle can be repeated many times. close. ... Today, we are going to unravel 16 of the oldest things in the world. Under the boughs of a 300-year-old sweet chestnut tree in the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, Tony Kirkham, head of the arboretum, confirms that trees are capable of outliving animals. Share. 0 0. About sharing. Lv 4. It's hard enough to get grants for five-year projects," he jokes. In Asia, the oldest living tree is the Cypress of Abarkuh. But what is the oldest living organism on earth? Once felled, the tree could be easily aged, and was found to be 5000 years old. For a given species, such a designation may include: The definition of "longest-living" used in this article considers only the observed or estimated length of an individual organism's natural lifespan – that is, the duration of time between its birth or conception, or the earliest emergence of its identity as an individual organism, and its death – and does not consider other conceivable interpretations of "longest-living", such as the length of time between the earliest appearance of a species in the fossil record and the present (the historical "age" of the species as a whole), the time between a species' first speciation and its extinction (the phylogenetic "lifespan" of the species), or the range of possible lifespans of a species' individuals. 'Oldest living thing on earth' discovered . If you are reading this page on the BBC News app, you will need to visit the mobile version of the BBC website to submit your question.