Elderberries make a wonderfully tasty remedy. I’ve also seen people just whack the clusters against the sides of a bucket, which should release only the ripest berries and leave everything else. Please consult them for more information and a licensed professional for personalized recommendations. It tastes fantastic while giving you a dose of elderberry. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; As you probably already know, elderberries have long been a popular folk remedy for colds and flu, and several small studies of human subjects have found that elderberry can shorten the duration and severity of a cold or flu. There’s so much better things to do with elderberries than to eat them raw. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; If you want to read more about the toxicity of elderberries we’ve written bottle, I make my own. The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. Elderberries are a somewhat bitter blue-black fruit produced by a group of shrubs in the Sambucus genus, relatives of the honeysuckle. Elderberry is the first thing I reach for when I feel like I might be fighting off a virus, and often I never seem to actually come down with anything. No fresh berries? Bring to boil and gently simmer for 20 minutes until pan is full of juice. The flowers can be used to flavor a variety of fizz recipes, such as elderberry champagne. A variety of recipes are available can turn elderberries into delicious wine with only about six months of fermentation. I have always wanted to do more with elderberries, but they aren’t always easy to find. Elderberries are full of antioxidants (carotenoids and flavonoids,) as well as rutin, and vitamins A, B and C. Elderberries have traditionally been used in the following ways: to lower cholesterol Combining elderberries with apples (or crab apples) or adding apple pectin helps to make sure the jelly will set since the elderberries themselves are low in pectin. An excellent "adults-only" tincture can be made from steeping mashed elderberries in vodka or another spirit, then straining it. Elderberries have long been used in traditional medicines in Hungary and farmers have harvested wild clumps. If you choose to do this, make sure you collect only ripe berries. Here’s more on how to use elderflower. Elderberries pair really well with apple, peach, and rhubarb, adding a rich flavor to all kinds of fruit desserts. You can never have too much of this delectable treat. The edible quality of elderberries varies by species, so consult with local experts for recommendations on which elderberries are best for forage-gathering. They carry dried elderberries and elderflowers, as well as extracts and many other useful herbs at competitive prices. And if you’ve harvested a lot, room in the freezer can prove challenging unless you have plenty of space in a chest freezer. Pear - a mild flavor, the elderberry can easily overwhelm, add elderberry sparingly if you want to keep any of the pear flavor. They are medicinal magic! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Elderberry syrup is good taken by the teaspoon as a medicine by itself or in warm water for chest colds, coughs, congestion, sinus discomforts and the flu every 2 - 3 hours. Start, « 35+ Delicious Herbs to Grow in Shadier Gardens, Dehydrating Peaches and Nectarines into Delicious Chewy Treats ». When you buy from partners below, HealthyGreenSavvy earns a small commission AT NO COST TO YOU. What do I do with all these??”. One of the best places to find high-quality herbal products is Mountain Rose Herbs. In addition to having plenty of elderberries for making homemade elderberry syrup, you’ll have loads left over for all sorts of fun kitchen projects. It can be used medicinally or as a delicious add-in to drinks, smoothies, and many other recipes. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Apr 4, 2017 - Wondering what to do with elderberries? There are almost endless ways that you can use elderberries. Read our, How to Freeze Elderberries for Storage and Stemming, 10 New Pie Cookbooks Every Baker Should Get This Fall, What Are Dandelions? Filed Under: Health & Natural Remedies Tagged With: elderberry, natural remedies. What are your favorite uses for elderberries? They’re a real pain to pick off with your fingers, and making sure you don’t get any pieces of stem mixed in is important, as stems are more likely to contain the compounds that can make you sick. Apple and Elderberry Jelly Elderberries are excellent additions to a range of preserves. Here are a bunch of ideas for putting them to use-- including the basics of finding, harvesting, and prepping! For longer shelf life, you’ll need to add a lot more sweetener or some alcohol. I love to use elderberry vinegar on salads, especially my go-to wild rice salad. A vendor at the farmer's market had elderberries for sale on Sunday, and I've always wanted to try them, so I bought a small bag - only now I don't know what to do with them! Because they taste so good and are so abundant in our area, I’ve also found plenty of other ways to use elderberries, as well as the elderflowers that precede them. Elderberry hand pies will put most packaged snacks to shame. One of the most efficient ways to destem elderberries is to rub berry clusters gently on hardware cloth over a bucket. HealthyGreenSavvy is committed to protecting your privacy. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; Elderberries can be used to make a liqueur in the same way as sloe gin. I’m not saying elderberry makes you virus-proof, but lab studies suggest that compounds in elderberries interfere with viral replication, so viral load may be lessened by consumption of elderberry. The resulting tincture is said to be good medicine for colds or digestive ailments 1 —not to mention its benefit as a nighttime cordial. Making wine is an age-old method of food preservation. If you’re new to the world of herbal remedies, Herbal Academy has several online courses worth checking out. The resulting tincture is said to be good medicine for colds or digestive ailments—not to mention its benefit as a nighttime cordial. 1 cup dried Elderberries or 2 cups of fresh elderberries 4 cups cold filtered water 2-3 tsp ground ginger or a handful of fresh chopped ginger. Therefore, it’s a good idea to install elderberry companion plants at the same time you plant the shrubs. Elderberry syrup can be used to flavor gummies, smoothies, popsicles, and numerous delicious drinks. When elderberries become ripe it's only the seeds inside the berries that are toxic. Elderberry decoction or syrup can be added to fruit juice or lemonade for a tasty, antioxidant-rich summer treat. How long is homemade elderberry syrup good for? Late summer is an exciting time for foragers, when the elderberries come in by the bucketful. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. Here’s how to make a tincture from Herbal Academy. Elderberry season is also the perfect time to make your first batch of fresh elderberry syrup, as the season change can often prove challenging to our immune systems. A Delightful Fruit: Elderberry Recipes The elderberry must be cooked to come into its own, but afterward, you’ll have one tasty ingredient on your hands! Here’s what to know about dehydrating food. I just finished making a batch of elderberry syrup and was searching for something to do with the elderberries before tossing them in the compost pile. One example is apple and elderberry jelly. bring to a boil and simmer for 10 mins, mashing with a potato masher. Read on for more details. Elderberries may be dried on a dehydrator, or if you live in a dry climate on a drying screen, which will also be helpful for drying other herbs you harvest. Remember, leave enough flowers on the bush so that berries can form later in the season. Elderberries are also one of the richest sources of anthocyanins, plant compounds known for their anti-inflammatory abilities, helping your body fight oxidative stress, which may lower disease risk. Keep it in the back of the refrigerator, for those times you want to make cough drops or even lollipops. Here are a bunch of ideas for putting them to use-- including the basics of … The dried ones are almost entirely imported from Europe, where the native variety is Sambucus nigra. Simmer until reduced and syrupy You tend to find all sorts of creepy crawlies on the berries from spiders to ants. Fresh elderberries are what you want for this recipe. Need some simple, practical solutions for living healthier and greener? Adding moderate amounts of elderberry to our diets may help support our immune function and has other benefits as well. Strip the elderberries from the stalks and wash well Put into a fermenting bin and crush, either using gloved hands or a potato masher Pour on 4 pints of water Add 1 Campden tablet, crushed and dissolved in a little warm water to kill off any wild yeasts You've come to the right place! Syrup made from fresh elderberries skips the step of dehydrating, so more of their juice winds up in your syrup than if you use purchased dry berries. An excellent "adults-only" tincture can be made from steeping mashed elderberries in vodka or another spirit, then straining it. Measure and return to clean saucepan Here’s my research-backed homemade elderberry syrup recipe. What's not to love about homemade pie? amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "healthycom0f-20"; Some species of elderberry are toxic until they are ripe, so if you are harvesting berries, harvest them only after the berries are plump, slightly soft to the touch, and fully darkened. amzn_assoc_asins = "B07PY5M579,1510754008,B07BNB7FLM,B00ZDO9GD0"; Susannah is a proud garden geek and energy nerd who loves healthy food and natural remedies. But health benefits aside, if you’ve tried elderberry syrup, then you know elderberries are absolutely delicious. Her first book, Everything Elderberry, released in September 2020 and has been a #1 new release in holistic medicine, naturopathy, herb gardening, and other categories. Your email address will not be published. Always make sure your source for elderberries is reliable and you aren’t getting unripe berries. In North America the Sambucus variety we have is Sambucus canadensis, which research has found to be lower in the compounds that cause many people to label these berries “toxic.” If your stomach hasn’t been happy with the dried elderberries you’ve purchased, you may fare better with your local foraged berries. 2018;23(10)  doi:10.3390/molecules23102566. Content on this website is intended for informational purposes only and is not meant to provide personalized medical advice. You can find more details about the different varieties as well as growing tips from the top producers of elderberries in the country in my book. You’ll find recipes for all of these, plus wine, liqueur, sangria, kombucha, and lots more in my book, along with information on getting the most out of your elderberries, whether foraged or purchased dry. In many regions, wild elderberries are virtually free for the taking. Pin to save these uses for elderberry for later! (Taraxacum Officinale). A Comprehensive Study on the Biological Activity of Elderberry Extract and Cyanidin 3--Glucoside and Their Interactions with Membranes and Human Serum Albumin. Here’s more on the health benefits of elderberries. When prepared properly and stored in a glass container in the fridge, homemade elderberry syrup should be good for 3 months. I think elderberry oxymel tastes a lot like balsamic vinegar and can be used anywhere you’d use balsamic. Be sure to sort through the berries you purchase and pull out pieces of stem and twig that may have gotten mixed in. It makes a nice homemade Christmas gift for the berry aficionado. I draw on numerous health sources, some of which are linked above. Keep on the lookout for elderberries as they come into bloom. There are some poisonous plants that some people mistake for elderberries, so it’s important you know what you’re doing before you start plucking berries from nearby bushes. But what do they look like and how do they look compared to Pokeberry! If you are harvesting wild elderberries, make sure to do your research. Check out these fantastic uses for elderberry, whether you’ve got fresh, frozen, or dried. Your email address will not be published. Steep 225g elderberries and 115g sugar in 600ml gin or vodka, with a twist of lemon peel. The more readily available types known for better flavor include York and Bob Gordon, but there are many options available online worth checking out. Elderberry flowers are beautifully fragrant. The berries can also be used to make a fruity jam or even a delicious pie. Nov 14, 2014 - Wondering what to do with elderberries? Please see our privacy policy for more details. So, I was very excited when somebody we know let us come and pick from their elderberry bushes. Find more recommended products here. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Her work has appeared in Mother Earth Living, Ensia, Northern Gardener, Sierra, and on numerous websites. Once you have a syrup, you can use it medicinally, or for all sorts of other delicious concoctions, like gummies, popsicles, cocktails, ice cream or sorbet, smoothies, or spritzers and teas. Elderberries! Let's … HealthyGreenSavvy is all about shortcuts to a healthier, greener life. It involved months of research, dozens of interviews, and a ton of kitchen experiments. Pick flowers from the heaviest laden bushes, and even then only take about 25 percent, leaving half of the flowers for the wildlife and another 25 percent for later berry harvest. Thank you for this post. ground cinnamon 1 cup raw, local honey (or maple syrup or for an Grab the downloadable guide to using elderberries safely and effectively by using the form below. Plum - a heavy flavor that is brightened by elderberry. Yes, elderberries are wonderful for soooooooo much more than syrup! amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Seal tightly and leave for about 3-4 months before drinking. There are plenty more herbs that may help support your immune system. Elderberry syrup is wonderful for flavoring teas and herbal remedies for children. More research is needed to satisfy the stringent requirements for scientific validity, but that doesn’t mean elderberry doesn’t work either. The Spruce Eats uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. You do not have to worry about elderberries getting old. Hi, I'm Susannah, a garden geek, energy nerd, and fan of healthy food and natural remedies. Elderberry pie is a nostalgic classic, harkening back to the old-fashioned pies that grandma once made. To find out more about what research tells us about elderberry’s effect on health, expert growing advice, plus 62 delicious recipes for using elderberries and elderflowers, pick up a copy of my new book, Everything Elderberry, available for preorder now. amzn_assoc_asins = "B07PY5M579,1510754008,B07BNB7FLM,B00ZDO9GD0"; Pop a cup or two of fresh berries into your next batch of pancakes, muffins or zucchini bread, bake them into oatmeal, or toss them into a fruit crisp or crumble. Elderflower cordial is a particularly delicious concoction that can be made by boiling the flowers for half an hour, straining out the particulates, and adding an equal volume of sugar to the remaining water. I … Making jelly is a great way to introduce elderberry to your family. Strain and add 100g sugar to every 100ml of liquid. One of the best ways to use elderberries is to make them into a syrup or cordial, to make delicious fruity drinks and cocktails (such as this Elderberry Kir Royale). However you choose to destem, submerging them in water when you’re done should bring the bugs, unripe berries, and stem bits to the top, where you can skim them off easily. Now that your elderberries are ready to use, let’s go over some options for what to do with them. Sweetly effervescent, what's not to love about elderflower fizz? Elderberries do respond well to pruning, but different plants fruit on different year’s growth (typically first or third), and with wild plants you can’t be sure what you’ve got. What Are Lingonberries, and How Are They Used? Do you think it’s a coincidence that cascades of elderberries have grown ripe just as the season changes to fall– right before cold and flu season? Popsicles made with elderberry are also wonderful for soothing a sore throat any time of year. Elderberries have been used medicinally for hundreds of years and may have a measurable effect in treating flu, allergies, and helping with respiratory health. Dry some for winter, when you’ll appreciate having the ability to whip up some elderberry syrup whenever you feel like you need a little extra support against viruses. An additional word about flavor: The wild black elderberries growing in my area were not the most flavorful, and didn’t add much to the baked goods I used them in. They are prolific for a short period of time, so be on the lookout in order to harvest them during the peak period. The seeds are plentiful and very noticeable in the finished product. Since not every year is a big one for elderberries, it is prudent to not over-harvest the flowers. Alternatively, add elderberries to fruit pies such as apple pie or steamed sponges such as plum sponge. amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; Peach - peach is quite a strong flavor but when paired with elderberry the elderberry hits you first with the familiar peach ending. Dried elderberries will work in a pinch, but it will take you a lot longer to make your … You can use them fresh or dried to make a sweet elderberry syrup or a semi-sweet tincture. To make, simply add a little decoction to your favorite juice to taste and pour into popsicle molds. Tip: To dry elderberries, place them in a dehydrator or bake them lightly in the oven. I don’t recommend whole elderberries for smoothies, by the way. Many elderberry foragers suggest freezing the berries before destemming, but this method can result in more stem pieces getting mixed in, and it’s harder to tell the ripe berries apart from the less ripe ones. Disclaimer: I’m a health enthusiast, not a medical professional. Winemaking can be as simple or complex as you want to make it, but a good elderberry wine is well worth any effort you can put in. Use syrup in your smoothies instead. Required fields are marked *. For instance, fresh elderberries can be used in muffins, pancakes, oatmeal, fruit crisps, pie, or jam. It contains information on elderberries and elderflowers you won’t find anywhere else. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0"; Use it in ice pops and, of course, over ice cream. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "healthycom0f-20"; But if you’re in the US it’s likely they’re canadensis, which I For a nice change, try making hand pies for tucking into lunch boxes, or keep them on hand for whenever those cravings for sweets arise. Clean your elderberries: The first job you need to do is to give them a thorough wash, this is far easier done before you strip the berries from the stems. Elderberry wines tend to be a bit tart, but quite dry and delicious, especially when allowed to age beyond the six-month minimum fermentation period. Making elderberry jelly from a simple mixture of elderberry juice and sugar is a great way for your kids to learn about wildcrafting and self-sufficiency. As noted above, do not forage for elderberries and especially do not eat them raw. amzn_assoc_title = "My Amazon Picks"; You can freeze some of your elderberries as well, but research has shown that the compounds in elderberries degrade over time in the freezer. Why not harvest as many elderberries as you can this year, and stash them in the freezer to make pie all winter? 8 whole cloves 1 tsp. Amy Jeanroy is an herbalist and professional gardener with several years of experience. Aim to use them within the first three months if possible. Dozens of different species grow in the wild across most of North America, but the species most commonly sold as a landscape plant is Sambucus canadensis, the North American black elderberry. Read on for more details. Even the name evokes a sense of fun. To make a syrup – put elderberries in a pan and cover with water. More about me and my green projects here. Elderberry jelly can also be melted down to create a glaze between the layers of a cake. 5. Foraging expert Samuel Thayer, however, reports that their flavor is far superior, so if you’re lucky enough to have cerulea growing near you, be sure to enjoy plenty of them fresh. Learn how your comment data is processed. Take elderberries from stalks and put in saucepan with spices and water. For instance, fresh elderberries can be used in muffins, pancakes, oatmeal, fruit crisps, pie, or jam. You can also steep your berries in vinegar to make a delicious (and medicinal) elderberry vinegar. Sieve and squeeze out all the juice you can. We have come a long way from the days of throwing together a recipe and hoping for the best. This recipe for immune-supporting elderberry overnight oats uses elderberry syrup for flavor and can be topped with fresh elderberries. You may find great berries growing wild near you, but if you don’t and you’re eager to have fresh elderberries at your disposal, I strongly recommend adding some to your edible landscape. One of the many, many things I learned about elderberries over the course of my research is that if you’re foraging your local elderberries in North America, you’re likely getting a different fruit than if you buy dried elderberries online. The fruit of the North American black elderberry is excellent for a variety of uses; it can be found growing wild in many areas, as well as in landscapes. Want some super-simple ways to live healthier now? Tinctures extract different compounds from elderberries than simmering in water and they keep far longer. Remember that elderberries do not like their roots disturbed once they are established. Elderberry fruit is not commonly sold in grocery stores because of low demand, but if you are lucky enough to live in an area where elderberry grows wild, or if you have a shrub in your landscape or know someone who does, there are a variety of wonderful wines, juices, jams, and jellies you can make from this plucky little berry. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; I hope you’re inspired by some of these uses for elderberry! You can use it warmed by poking holes in a single layer vanilla cake and pouring a jar of melted jelly over the cake. Find out more and grab your copy here. You can use any vinegar you prefer, and like a tincture, elderberry vinegar keeps a very long time. Therefore, it’s a good idea to install elderberry companion plants at the same time you plant the shrubs. Strugała P, Loi S, Bażanów B, et al. If you’re new to foraging elderberries, please read this post on elderberry identification so you’re sure you have the right plant. amzn_assoc_linkid = "9579964dd121c050b63c6ce783644bc3"; Here are sources for cuttings if you’re interested in planting your own: Elderberries are so easy to pick, you now likely have a giant bucket of them and are thinking, “Yikes! A Comprehensive Study on the Biological Activity of Elderberry Extract and Cyanidin 3--Glucoside and Their Interactions with Membranes and Human Serum Albumin. Molecules. You might be surprised at how small the berries are. If you’re sensitive to the compounds in the dried elderberries or pre-made syrups you’ve bought, syrup made from fresh canadensis berries may sit better with you. Click the banner below to learn more. Since jellies can be canned in a simple hot water bath, they are a great beginning recipe for anyone who wants to explore the art of canning without learning the art of pressure-canning. Purchased dried elderberries can sometimes contain a decent amount of stem material, which you don’t want to eat. Cooked into syrup and jam, however, they had all the rich deliciousness you’d expect. You can also enjoy it with pancakes, yogurt, … Freeze the syrup and store it until you need it. Allowing your berries to soak in alcohol (like high-proof vodka) for several weeks yields another medicinal option for your home apothecary. Here’s herbalist Tieraona Low Dog on making your own elderberry syrup. Make elderberry syrup by the quart, and keep it on hand for the entire year. I’ve always bought my elderberries online, as I haven’t found a reliable First of all, let’s save you some time de-stemming these little jewels. (source:Wikipedia) Instead of buying the elderberry syrup at the health food stores at the rate of $20 for a 4oz. The resulting cordial can be added to beverages or mixed into desserts, where it imparts an amazing fragrance. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; Elderberry season is here! amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Do not confuse elderberry with American Elder, Elderflower, or Dwarf Elder. Uses for elderberry are worth getting to know just for their yummy flavor, whether you’re working with fresh berries you foraged yourself or with dried ones you bought in bulk. The best elderberries for medicinal tinctures are black elderberry (Sambucus nigra) and American black elderberry (Sambucus canadensis). Elderberry syrup can be used to flavor gummies, smoothies, popsicles, and numerous delicious drinks. Another easy option is something called an oxymel, a mix of honey and vinegar, for a more shelf-stable alternative to syrup. amzn_assoc_region = "US"; You could also use them for making syrup. Elderberry has a long history as a folk remedy. Most homemade elderberry syrups are meant to be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of months, so you don’t want to make more than you can use. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Wondering what to do with all those beautiful elderberries you found on your foraging expedition? To the best of my knowledge, no one has done the same kind of analysis on the elderberries that grow in the west, Sambucus cerulea, so I can’t speak to the levels of these compounds in the berries you may find growing in the West. While some the uses (syrups and jams mostly) have reduced health benefits, all of the uses for something to Do it this way and you will get 3+ pints of elderberry syrup from 3 pounds of elderberries, as opposed to 2 pints from 2 pounds of elderberries with … You can also leave the berries to infuse their flavour into spirits – Elderberry gin is particularly tasty. As an Amazon Associate I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can also take a spoonful of oxymel rather than syrup when you’re feeling a cold coming on. amzn_assoc_linkid = "9579964dd121c050b63c6ce783644bc3"; Check out this post on immune-boosting herbs for some top picks from renowned herbalists. shorten the duration and severity of a cold or flu, DIY Bath Salts ~ Absurdly Easy Homemade Gift, Uses for Lemon Balm, a Delicious Medicinal Herb. Elderberry has a long history as a folk remedy. You can make your own elderberry syrup from dried elderberries as well. Frozen elderberries can be used as you would fresh berries in muffins, quick breads, crisps, and other baked goods. It takes a large bowlful to make enough juice for a batch of jelly.